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A consensus linkage map of common carp (Cyprinus carpio L.) to compare the distribution and variation of QTLs associated with growth traits
XianHu Zheng,YouYi Kuang,WeiHua Lv,DingChen Cao,XiaoFeng Zhang,Chao Li,CuiYun Lu,XiaoWen Sun
Science China Life Sciences , 2013, DOI: 10.1007/s11427-012-4427-3
Abstract: The ability to detect and identify quantitative trait loci (QTLs) in a single population is often limited. Analyzing multiple populations in QTL analysis improves the power of detecting QTLs and provides a better understanding of their functional allelic variation and distribution. In this study, a consensus map of the common carp was constructed, based on four populations, to compare the distribution and variation of QTLs. The consensus map spans 2371.6 cM across the 42 linkage groups and comprises 257 microsatellites and 421 SNPs, with a mean marker interval of 3.7 cM/marker. Sixty-seven QTLs affecting four growth traits from the four populations were mapped to the consensus map. Only one QTL was common to three populations, and nine QTLs were detected in two populations. However, no QTL was common to all four populations. The results of the QTL comparison suggest that the QTLs are responsible for the phenotypic variability observed for these traits in a broad array of common carp germplasms. The study also reveals the different genetic performances between major and minor genes in different populations.
Discussions on the petrogenesis of granites

WU FuYuan,LI XianHu,YANG JinHui,ZHENG YongFei,

岩石学报 , 2007,
Abstract: As a major component of continental crust,granites have been served as the most important subject in geology.Based on advancements obtained during past decades,this paper provides a comprehensive overview about the issues related to granitic formation.As for genetic types,the classifications between I-,S-and A-type granites are sometimes difficult,especially for those of highly fractionated rocks.It is stated that the concentrations of zirconium in whole-rock and titanium in zircon can be used to provided information on the temperature of partial melting and magma crystallization,but the pressure under which the source partially melted is hard to estimate.The granites are mostly occurred in the subduction zones and post-orogenic extensional settings,where the inputs of volatile and heat resulted in crustal partial melting of orogenic roots,and then the formation of granites.The traditionally used geochemical diagrams for the tectonic discrimination could not get right answer in most cases.This paper also presents a concise summary about the recent achievements of granitic study in China.Finally,potential breakthroughs for the Mesozoic granites in eastern China are explored.
Study on the removal of organic pollutants from water of Sanjiadian reservoir by sand infiltration system

XIN Xianhu,FENG Shaoyuan,ZHENG Yanxi,LIU Peibin,TANG Zejun,

环境科学学报 , 2006,
Abstract: 采用CODMn和BOD作为指标对沙渗滤系统去除三家店水库水中有机污染物的效果进行了评价.试验构建一个长约10m、宽2m、高2m的砖混结构渗滤池,渗滤池分隔为8个小渗滤池,选择3种不同的沙分别构建1m3见方的渗滤床.渗滤系统持续运行125d,经历高温的夏季和低温的冬季,试验结果表明,渗滤系统对三家店水库水中有机污染物能有效去除,CODMn去除率一般在20%~40%,BOD的去除率一般在20%~80%,CODMn、BOD的出水值分别小于4mg·L-1、3mg·L-1;渗滤层厚度的增加不能显著增加有机污染物的去除率;温度对CODMn和BOD的去除有明显的影响;3种渗滤介质对CODMn和BOD均能有效去除,建筑沙对去除有机质的效果相对好一点.
SLAF-seq: An Efficient Method of Large-Scale De Novo SNP Discovery and Genotyping Using High-Throughput Sequencing
Xiaowen Sun, Dongyuan Liu, Xiaofeng Zhang, Wenbin Li, Hui Liu, Weiguo Hong, Chuanbei Jiang, Ning Guan, Chouxian Ma, Huaping Zeng, Chunhua Xu, Jun Song, Long Huang, Chunmei Wang, Junjie Shi, Rui Wang, Xianhu Zheng, Cuiyun Lu, Xiaowu Wang, Hongkun Zheng
PLOS ONE , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0058700
Abstract: Large-scale genotyping plays an important role in genetic association studies. It has provided new opportunities for gene discovery, especially when combined with high-throughput sequencing technologies. Here, we report an efficient solution for large-scale genotyping. We call it specific-locus amplified fragment sequencing (SLAF-seq). SLAF-seq technology has several distinguishing characteristics: i) deep sequencing to ensure genotyping accuracy; ii) reduced representation strategy to reduce sequencing costs; iii) pre-designed reduced representation scheme to optimize marker efficiency; and iv) double barcode system for large populations. In this study, we tested the efficiency of SLAF-seq on rice and soybean data. Both sets of results showed strong consistency between predicted and practical SLAFs and considerable genotyping accuracy. We also report the highest density genetic map yet created for any organism without a reference genome sequence, common carp in this case, using SLAF-seq data. We detected 50,530 high-quality SLAFs with 13,291 SNPs genotyped in 211 individual carp. The genetic map contained 5,885 markers with 0.68 cM intervals on average. A comparative genomics study between common carp genetic map and zebrafish genome sequence map showed high-quality SLAF-seq genotyping results. SLAF-seq provides a high-resolution strategy for large-scale genotyping and can be generally applicable to various species and populations.

Shi Xianhu Huang Yong,

自然资源学报 , 1991,
Abstract: The deepwater coastline resources in Northern Zhejiang are situated in the central section Of the- coastline of China. It includes two parts: One is called the Ningbo-Zhoushan coastline, which is in Ningbo Municipality and Zhoushan Archipelago. The other is called the Zhapu-Dushan coastline, which is in Jiaxing Municipality.The length of the Ningbo-Zhoushan coastline is 88 km in all. The coastline surrounds an extensive sea area but leaves several deep-water sea-lanes- The sea area possesses many superior points such as deepwater, calm sea, little deposit, no freeze, and so on. In the coastal areas of China, there are few other 'deepwater coastlines as good as the Ningbo-Zhoushan coastline. Although the Zhapu-Dushan coastline has disadvantages, it is 22 km long and near Shanghai. Moreover, its sea-lanes are superior to those of the Yangtze River Mouth.The article deals with the urgency, goal, and steps of exploitation of the deepwater coastline resources, based on the analyses of the present situation and trend of international and internal economy, trade, harbour, and sea transportation.Finally, it puts forward several proposals on rational exploitation of the deepwater coastline.
Changes in soil carbon storage due to over-grazing in Leymus chinensis steppe in the Xilin River Basin of Inner Mongolia
Li Linghao,Chen Zuozhong,Wang Qibing,Liu Xianhu,Li Yonghong
环境科学学报(英文版) , 1997,
Abstract: The long—term changes in soil carbon storage due tO land—use change in Leymus chinensis steppe in the Xilin River Basin of Inner Mongolia since 1950’S was examined.The results showed that over—grazing was the most serious and wide—spread non—sustainable land—use practice in the area.an average of about 12.4%of the total carbon initially stored in soils(0—20cm soil layer)for seven major L.chinensis communities in the Xilin River Basin has been lost due to over-grazing over the 40一year period.Most carbon loss due tO over—grazing was from the active and slow soil carbon pools which had a residence time of 10’S of years.
Research on Tridimensional Ground Exploration Based on LIDAR and Hyperspectral Remote Sensing

Li Xianhu,Huang Rui,Huang Wei,

红外 , 2009,
Abstract: 将激光雷达对大气,水体的透视及对地精确测距定位的立体成像探测能力和高光谱技术相结合,发展先进的空、天基对地立体成像综合定量探测系统,是国家对大气、陆地和海洋精确立体综合定量探测的迫切需要,也是遥感技术自身发展进步的要求,激光与地面、水体和大气的相互作用及其在高光谱的遥感响应是空,天基激光雷达和高光谱对地立体成像综合定量探测的核心理论基础和关键科学问题.综述了激光雷达对地探测系统的研究现状和发展趋势.提出了新的基于激光雷达与高光谱遥感的对地立体探测系统.将激光雷达对大气、水体的透视以及对地的精确测距定位与高光谱技术相结合,介绍了该系统的原理方法和特点.从激光雷达和高光谱数字影像的广义大气修正和地形辐射改正,大气光学厚度与程辐射图像的生成,激光雷达的非均匀水体修正和水底地形改正,激光雷达和高光谱与介质以及目标的相互作用,多源数据融合等五个方面阐述了该体系的关键技术及其研究思路.
Longsheng Ophiolite

Ge Wenchun,Li Xianhu,Li Zhengxiang,Zhou Hanwen,Wang Jian,Lee Chi yu,

岩石学报 , 2000,
Abstract: 广西北部龙胜地区丹洲群广泛发育一套细碧岩和镁铁-超镁铁质岩石。细碧岩具有板内和岛弧火山岩的双重地地球化学属性,其形成时代〈820Ma。本文作者综合地质学、岩石学、地球化学和同位素年代学的资料,提出陇胜地区丹洲群火山岩及镁铁-超镁铁质岩石不属于蛇绿岩,而是新元古代(~820Ma)大陆裂谷进一步发展的产物,共形成与Rodinia超级大陆的裂解过程相联系。这一认识对华南地区前寒武纪大南构造演化研究具有生
Geochemistry characteristics of the Paleoproterozoic meta-volcanics in the Cathaysia block and it

Li Xianhu,Lee Chiyu,Liu Ying,Chen Duofu,Wang Yixian,Zhao Zhenhua,

岩石学报 , 1999,
Abstract: 根据元素地球化学特征,华夏古陆闽浙地区晚古元古代斜长角闪岩可以划分成两组。第1 组斜长角闪岩的 Nb/ Yb比值较高, L R E E富集, 具有板内玄武岩的微量元素分布特征, 类似于过渡性和碱性玄武岩, 与偏碱性的变质酸性火山岩(变粒岩) 构成板内 “双峰”式火山岩; 第2 组斜长角闪岩的 Nb/ Yb 比值较低, L R E E平坦或略亏损, 具有洋中脊玄武岩的微量元素分布特征, 类似于洋中脊拉斑玄武岩。这些变质火山岩形成的构造环境很可能类似于现代红海型的裂谷初始洋盆环境。
Demanding Model of Automobile Loan Using Stochastic Theory  [PDF]
Zheng Wang
Technology and Investment (TI) , 2010, DOI: 10.4236/ti.2010.13025
Abstract: We propose a double forecasting model using stochastic theory .The demand of automobile loan is the sum of all compound variables which indicated that automobile loan was credited to customer occurring in a certain period of time. Probability distribution of automobile loan was acquired using throughout probability theory. In view of such a fact, demand of automobile loan can be viewed as a conditional mathematic expectation. The forecasting model is proposed using growing function. Theoretical analysis and Case study shows that model based on conditional expectation is better than other model available with respect to forecasting demand of automobile loan.
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