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Thermal behaviors and heavy metal vaporization of phosphatized tannery sludge in incineration process

TANG Ping,ZHAO Youcai,XIA Fengyi,

环境科学学报(英文版) , 2008,
Abstract: The high concentration of heavy metal (Cu, Cr, Zn, Pb) in tannery sludge causes severe heavy metal emissions in the process of incineration. In the present investigation, the tannery sludge was treated with 85% phosphoric acid before the incineration process in the tube furnace to control the heavy metal emissions. The thermal behavior and heavy metal vaporization of pre-treated tannery sludge were investigated, and X-ray diffraction (XRD) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM) analysis were also implemente...
Incineration mechanisms of tannery sludge andcontrol of heavy metal vaporization during the incineration process

XIA Fengyi,ZHAO Youcai,TANG Ping,

环境科学学报 , 2011,
Abstract: 以制革污泥为研究对象进行焚烧处理,并对其燃烧特性进行分析.结果发现,制革污泥燃烧过程中并未出现明显的固定碳燃烧区.同时,将制革污泥与煤粉混合后焚烧,结果显示,制革污泥的比例及挥发分的析出对混合燃料的着火燃烧有显著影响,在低温段(180~450℃),制革污泥比例的增大可提高混合试样的活化性能,且燃烧程度加剧.通过添加CaO、橡胶粉等添加剂,可抑制制革污泥焚烧过程中重金属的挥发,当CaO添加量为3%时,对Zn、Pb、Cu和Cr等重金属的抑制效果最佳,其挥发率分别降低了5.23%、0.90%、5.59%和4.43%;橡胶粉的添加对于金属元素的挥发有一定的影响,但影响程度非常有限.
Accurate Solution to the Gravitational Bending of Starlight by a Massive Object  [PDF]
Fengyi Huang
Journal of Modern Physics (JMP) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/jmp.2017.811112
Abstract: An exact solution to the gravitational bending of starlight is derived without resorting to general relativity. The accurate solution can be reduced to the result as obtained by general relativity under special conditions. For objects with a larger mass and a smaller radius, the approximated result as obtained by Schwartzchild’s metric based on general relativity will be invalid. A century-long misunderstanding about the deflection of light by gravity based on the classical theory will also be clarified.
Gravitational Field of Moving Masses with Symmetrical Transformation for Relative Motion  [PDF]
Fengyi Huang
Journal of Modern Physics (JMP) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/jmp.2017.812125
Abstract: A symmetrical transformation is constructed to analyze the gravitational interactions between two fast moving masses based on the retarded potential without resorting to general relativity. The anomalous precession of the perihelion of orbital stars or planets can be explained with the same results as given by general relativity. By introducing an effective mass for photons, the gravity-induced frequency shift and light deflection in the trajectory by the gravity are derived, which can be reduced to the results based on general relativity under special conditions. The gravity-induced time delay of radar signals and gravitational radiations from binary pulsars are analyzed. The symmetrical transformation between two moving coordinates under zero gravity will also be discussed.
The Death and the Life of Beijing —the History, Present Situation and Strategy of Urban Planning in Beijing
Fengyi LI,Bing WANG
Canadian Social Science , 2011, DOI: 10.3968/j.css.1923669720110703.029
Abstract: the article focus to analysis the problems in the urban planning in Beijing via the planning history, including the protection of places interests, the traffic problems in the centre city and satellite town. Combine some cases of other countries to propose method to solve the present problem. Key words: Beijing; Urban planning; Historical and cultural relic; Traffic problems; Satellite town; Organic evacuation Résumé: L'article tente d'analyser les problèmes de la planification urbaine de la ville Pékin, y compris la protection des vestiges culturel dans les vieux quartiers, le transport aggravant au centre-ville, la déconnection entre les zones satellite et ville et des problèmes de circulation qui en découlent, à travers l'histoire de l'urbanisation de la ville de Pékin. L'auteur a proposé des solutions en étudiant les cas de l'urbanisation dans d'autres pays. Mots-clés: Pékin; Planification urbaine; Centre-ville; Vestiges historiques et culturels; Pression de transport; Satellite; évacuation
Double wavelengths ultraviolet absorption method for organic wastewater COD measurement and its instrument design

Shao Minchao,Xia Fengyi,Sheng Chenglong,Li Jinye,Liang Weijian,

环境工程学报 , 2013,
Abstract: Ultraviolet absorption method for organic wastewater COD measurement is a green nondestructive testing method, which has the advantages of no reagent application, no sample preparation, and no secondary pollution, but in practical application, the measurement results are greatly influenced by the suspended solids in organic wastewater. The operation method of double wavelengths ultraviolet absorption for COD measurement and the principle of eliminating interference of suspended solids were discussed in this paper, which based on the actual wastewater sample, and online COD measuring instrument was discussed as well which was designed based on this method. The embedded computer system was used in this instrument to collect and process the real-time data, and the COD was calculated quickly according to the effective ultraviolet absorbance which was in the condition of double wavelengths measurement of practical wastewater sample, the testing results show that the instrument has characteristics of rapid, accurate and no pollution.
Effect of Sr on the properties of Ce–Zr–La mixed oxides
Journal of the Serbian Chemical Society , 2006,
Abstract: Ce–Zr–La–Sr mixed oxides, with different Sr contents, were prepared by the sol–gel method. In a flow-system microreactor, the reduction properties and the oxygen storage capacity (OSC) of the Ce–Zr–La–Sr mixed oxides were investigated by a temperature programmed reduction (TPR) and a pulse technique. It was shown that the properties of the Ce–Zr–La mixed oxides depend on the Sr content and that the optimum Sr content in the Ce–Zr–La–Sr mixed oxide is 3 mol%. The Ce–Zr–La–Sr mixed oxides doped with 3 mol% Sr (Ce0.52Zr0.4La0.05Sr0.03O1.945) has the largest specific surface area and better reduction properties and oxygen storage capacity in comparison to the other investigated samples. The XRD results of the Ce–Zr–La–Sr mixed oxides showed that their X-ray diffraction patterns are well in agreement with that of fluorite-type CeO2 with Sr ions incorporated into the Ce–Zr–La mixed oxide structures. With increasing calcination temperature, the intensity of the X-ray diffraction peaks increased, but no new peaks were observed. All of these indicate that the synthesized samples had good thermal stability.
Neutrino Physics with Accelerator Driven Subcritical Reactors
Emilio Ciuffoli,Jarah Evslin,Fengyi Zhao
Physics , 2015,
Abstract: Accelerator driven system (ADS) subcritical nuclear reactors are under development around the world. They will be intense sources of free, 30-50 MeV antimuon decay at rest antimuon neutrinos. These ADS reactor neutrinos can provide a robust test of the LSND anomaly and a precise measurement of the leptonic CP-violating phase delta, including sign(cos(delta)). The first phase of many ADS programs includes the construction of a low energy, high intensity proton or deuteron accelerator, which can yield competitive bounds on sterile neutrinos.
The effects of microfilament and microtubule inhibitors and periodic electrical impulses on phloem transport in pea seedling
Guo Yuhai,Hua Baoguang,Yu Fengyi,Leng Qiang,Lou Chenghou
Chinese Science Bulletin , 1998, DOI: 10.1007/BF02884545
Abstract: In phloem transport, whether protoplasmic activity participates in assisting sap flow in sieve element-companion cell complcx hils long been in debate. The prcsent investigation assumcd microfilament (MF) and microtubule (MT), the two constituents of the protoplasmic cytoskeleton, as motive force, and employed germinating pea seedling suspended in moist chamber as experinental material: thc seed being the source; the elongating root, the sink.14C-labeled sucrose was added to the seed as indicator. The amount of sap transported from source to sink was measured by the increase in root elongation. The transport phloem was within the cylinder of the peclcd root in thc middle. The exposed cylinder was treated with MF inhibitor (cytochalasin B), or microtubule inhibitor (amiphosmethyl). Results showed that the sap influx into the elongating root. and the14C activity as well, was reduced by abut one half in treatrrrent with cytochaliisin B, and much less by amiphos-methyl treatment. Similar effect was shown in clcctrical impulse Ireatnimt, which scems to disrupt the MF and MT configuration.
应用于IMT-A和UWB系统的0.13μm CMOS宽带压控振荡器设计
Tang Xin,Huang Fengyi,Tang Xusheng,Shao Mingchi
半导体学报 , 2013,
Abstract: 基于TSMC 0.13μm CMOS工艺设计并实现了应用于IMT-Advanced和UWB系统的双频段宽带频率合成器中的电感电容压控振荡器(LC-VCO)。此压控振荡器的设计采用了开关电流源、开关交叉耦合对和噪声滤波等技术,以优化电路的相位噪声,功耗,振荡幅度,调谐范围等性能。为达到宽的调谐范围,核心电路采用了4比特可重构的开关电容调谐阵列。整个芯片包括焊盘面积为1.11′0.98 mm2。测试结果表明,在1.2V电源电压下,两个频段压控振荡器所消耗的电流分别为3mA和4.5mA,压控振荡器的调谐范围为3.86~5.28GHz和3.14~3.88GHz。在振荡频率3.5GHz和4.2GHz上,1MHz频偏处,压控振荡器的相位噪声分别为-123dBc/Hz与-119dBc/Hz。
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