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Comparison of Two Methods for Extracting Total RNA from Citrus Leaves

JIANG Juan,XUE Jiao-liang,XIE Ying-ping,

热带亚热带植物学报 , 2009,
Abstract: 为了简便、快速提取高质量的柑橘(Citrus reticulata Banco)叶片总RNA,采用TRlzol法,对北京天根公司RNAplant Reagent和日本TaKaRa公司RNAiso Reagent两种RNA提取试剂进行比较并适当改进.结果表明:通过琼脂糖凝胶电泳,使用TaKaRa公司试剂提取的总RNA28S和18S条带清晰,紫外分光光度计检测分析A260/A280为1,820,A260,A230为2.088,RNA的浓度为2.840 μg μl-1,用于RT-PCR反应可成功克隆柑橘β-actin看家基因228 bp片段;采用天根公司试剂,琼脂糖凝胶电泳显示RNA带型较模糊,紫外分光光度计检测分析A260/A280为1.464,A260/A230为1.603,RNA的浓度为2.020 μg μl-1,达不到RNA的标准.TaKaRa公司RNAiso Reagent试剂提取的柑橘叶RNA纯度和完整性较好,能用于Northern杂交、cDNA文库的建立及基因克隆等分子生物学实验,为柑橘的进一步分子生物学研究奠定了基础.
Entomopathogenic fungal parasites of scale insects and their potential in biological control

XIE Ying-Ping,XUE Jiao-Liang,ZHANG Zhi-Juan,LIU Wei-Min,YANG Qian,FAN Jin-Hua,

菌物学报 , 2012,
Abstract: Scale insects (Hemiptera: Coccoidea) compose a group of important plant pests of agricultural crops, forest plants, ornamental plants and fruit trees. The history of the study of entomopathogenic fungi as a biological insecticide is reviewed according to the three developmental stages: the pioneering stage, the slow development stage, and the prosperity stage. Additionally, the status of this field in China was discussed. A list including approximately 140 species within 55 genera of the recorded fungal pathogens of scale insects in the world was provided. Finally, we provide four suggestions for the development of entomopathogenic fungi in the future.
Beauveria bassiana isolated from pine sawfly and its pathogenicity

LIU Rui,XIE Ying-Ping,ZHAO Chang-Sheng,FAN Jin-Hu,LIU Wei-Min,DONG Jing,XUE Jiao-Liang,

菌物学报 , 2012,
Abstract: Beauveria bassiana strain FDB01 was isolated from naturally diseased pine sawfly, Acantholyda parki, collected from Yitong of Jilin Province in the northeast of China. Its pathogenicity was tested with conidial suspension (2×108conidia/mL) on the two species of pine sawfly, Acantholyda posticalis and Pristiphora erichsonii. The results showed that the strain FDB01 was pathogenic fungus and caused the death of A. parki. Treatment with conidial suspension the mortalities of the larvae of A. posticalis and P. erichsonii reached 94.4% and 100%, respetively in 16d. It indicated that FDB01 is a high virulent strain to pine sawflies.
Effect of MoS2 Coated with Nickel on Tribological Properties of Ni-based Coating

PAN Jiao-liang,WANG Yin-zhen,LI Fang-po,GAO Hai-jun,

摩擦学学报 , 2008,
Abstract: 以Ni包MoS2为润滑剂,Ni60粉末为基体,利用超音速火焰喷涂技术制备镍基固体涂层,研究了Ni包MoS2对Ni60涂层和Ni60/MoS2涂层的显微组织、力学性能以其摩擦磨损性能的影响,并探讨载荷对Ni60/MoS2涂层摩擦磨损性能的影响,采用扫描电子显微镜观察涂层的磨损表面形貌并分析其磨损机制.结果表明,Ni包MoS2的加入可以降低Ni60涂层的结合强度和显微硬度,使其摩擦系数和磨损率明显降低;Ni60/MoS2涂层的摩擦系数与载荷无关,其磨损率随载荷增加而增大;Ni60涂层的磨损机制主要为疲劳磨损和黏着磨损,Ni包MoS2的加入减少了Ni60/MoS2涂层的黏着磨损.
Analysis of Material Metabolism of Eco-Economic System in Chongqing Based on the Emergy Theory  [PDF]
Xue-song Gao, Xiao-jiao Luo, Liang-ji Deng, Min Zeng
Low Carbon Economy (LCE) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/lce.2011.21006
Abstract: Based on the emergy theory proposed by H. T. Odum, the material metabolism of eco-economic system in Chongqing during 2002 ~ 2007 is analyzed. The results show that 1) the total available emergy in Chongqing is quite abundant and the economy is relatively more developed; the total metabolic output in Chongqing in 2007 was approximately 70% of its total metabolic input and both are increased, with an annual growth of 7.07% and 14.3% respectively; 2) the de- creasing trend of most emergy efficiency indexes including system emergy self-sufficiency rate, emergy waste rate and emergy yield rate show that eco-economic system in Chongqing is still a resource consumption one, that the economic development mainly relies on local non-renewable resources, that the pressure of urban development on the environ- ment keeps increasing and that the urban recycling capacity is yet to be improved; 3) the metabolic efficiency and metabolic intensity of the system are both increased, with an annual growth rate of 7.34% and 8.41% respectively; and 4) the environmental impact index of metabolism drops slowly, while the environmental loading ratio is large? fluctuating between 16.8 and 13.7. The prerequisite of achieving sound operation of the metabolic system in Chongqing lies in the regulation and control of the interactive relationship between metabolic fluxes so as to promote the coordinated symbiosis of urban metabolic emergy fluxes.
On the structure of Accretion Disks with Outflows
Cheng-Liang Jiao,Xue-Bing Wu
Physics , 2011, DOI: 10.1088/0004-637X/733/2/112
Abstract: In order to study the outflows from accretion disks, we solve the set of hydrodynamic equations for accretion disks in the spherical coordinates ($r\theta\phi$) to obtain the explicit structure along the $\theta$ direction. Using self-similar assumptions in the radial direction, we change the equations to a set of ordinary differential equations (ODEs) about the $\theta$-coordinate, which are then solved with symmetrical boundary conditions in the equatorial plane, and the velocity field is obtained. The $\alpha$ viscosity prescription is applied and an advective factor $f$ is used to simplify the energy equation.The results display thinner, quasi-Keplerian disks for Shakura-Sunyaev Disks (SSDs) and thicker, sub-Keplerian disks for Advection Dominated Accretion Flows (ADAFs) and slim disks, which are consistent with previous popular analytical models. However, an inflow region and an outflow region always exist, except when the viscosity parameter $\alpha$ is too large, which supports the results of some recent numerical simulation works. Our results indicate that the outflows should be common in various accretion disks and may be stronger in slim disks, where both advection and radiation pressure are dominant. We also present the structure dependence on the input parameters and discuss their physical meanings. The caveats of this work and possible improvements in the future are discussed.
Genome-Wide Analysis of the Complex Transcriptional Networks of Rice Developing Seeds
Liang-Jiao Xue, Jing-Jing Zhang, Hong-Wei Xue
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0031081
Abstract: Background The development of rice (Oryza sativa) seed is closely associated with assimilates storage and plant yield, and is fine controlled by complex regulatory networks. Exhaustive transcriptome analysis of developing rice embryo and endosperm will help to characterize the genes possibly involved in the regulation of seed development and provide clues of yield and quality improvement. Principal Findings Our analysis showed that genes involved in metabolism regulation, hormone response and cellular organization processes are predominantly expressed during rice development. Interestingly, 191 transcription factor (TF)-encoding genes are predominantly expressed in seed and 59 TFs are regulated during seed development, some of which are homologs of seed-specific TFs or regulators of Arabidopsis seed development. Gene co-expression network analysis showed these TFs associated with multiple cellular and metabolism pathways, indicating a complex regulation of rice seed development. Further, by employing a cold-resistant cultivar Hanfeng (HF), genome-wide analyses of seed transcriptome at normal and low temperature reveal that rice seed is sensitive to low temperature at early stage and many genes associated with seed development are down-regulated by low temperature, indicating that the delayed development of rice seed by low temperature is mainly caused by the inhibition of the development-related genes. The transcriptional response of seed and seedling to low temperature is different, and the differential expressions of genes in signaling and metabolism pathways may contribute to the chilling tolerance of HF during seed development. Conclusions These results provide informative clues and will significantly improve the understanding of rice seed development regulation and the mechanism of cold response in rice seed.
Low-Dose Strontium-90 Irradiation Is Effective in Preventing the Recurrence of Pterygia: A Ten-Year Study
Xue-jiao Qin, Hong-mei Chen, Liang Guo, Yong-yuan Guo
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0043500
Abstract: Background To study the long-term effects of low-dosage strontium-90 (Sr90) irradiation on the recurrence of pterygium. Methodology/Principal Findings One hundred twenty eyes from 104 patients with primary or recurrent pterygia were treated with surgery followed by Sr90 irradiation. In brief, starting on the sixth day after surgery, patients were treated with irradiation three times every other day at a total combined dosage of 2000 cGy to 3000 cGy. Corneal topography was used to evaluate ocular surface regularity before and after treatment. Patient follow-up was performed 2 days, 5 days, 2 weeks, 1 month, 3 months, 1 year, 5 years, and 10 years after surgery. Recurrence of pterygium was not observed in any of the patients in this study. Obvious cataract progression was observed in 6 eyes, which may be due to aging. During follow-up studies, only one eye was reported with dryness and foreign-body sensation. Significant pterygium-induced astigmatism was observed in corneal topography, which decreased after surgery. Conclusions/Significance Sr90 irradiation is effective in preventing the recurrence of primary and recurrent pterygia. We recommend delivering a total combined dosage of 2000 cGy to 3000 cGy of Sr90 irradiation administered in three batches every other day starting from the sixth day after surgery. Surgery is important in the rapid recovery of the cornea from pterygium-induced astigmatism.
Non-Markovian full counting statistics in quantum dot molecules
Hai-Bin Xue,Hu-Jun Jiao,Jiu-Qing Liang,Wu-Ming Liu
Physics , 2015,
Abstract: Full counting statistics of electron transport is a powerful diagnostic tool for probing the nature of quantum transport beyond what is obtainable from the average current or conductance measurement alone. In particular, the non-Markovian dynamics of quantum dot molecule plays an important role in the nonequilibrium electron tunneling processes. It is thus necessary to understand the non-Markovian full counting statistics in a quantum dot molecule. Here we study the non-Markovian full counting statistics in two typical quantum dot molecules, namely, serially coupled and side-coupled double quantum dots with high quantum coherence in a certain parameter regime. We demonstrate that the non-Markovian effect manifests itself through the quantum coherence of the quantum dot molecule system, and has a significant impact on the full counting statistics in the high quantum-coherent quantum dot molecule system, which depends on the coupling of the quantum dot molecule system with the source and drain electrodes. The results indicated that the influence of the non-Markovian effect on the full counting statistics of electron transport, which should be considered in a high quantum-coherent quantum dot molecule system, can provide a better understanding of electron transport through quantum dot molecules.
The correlations between optical variability and physical parameters of quasars in SDSS Stripe 82
Wenwen Zuo,Xue-Bing Wu,Yi-Qing Liu,Cheng-Liang Jiao
Physics , 2012, DOI: 10.1088/0004-637X/758/2/104
Abstract: We investigate the optical variability of 7658 quasars from SDSS Stripe 82. Taking advantage of a larger sample and relatively more data points for each quasar, we estimate variability amplitudes and divide the sample into small bins of redshift, rest-frame wavelength, black hole mass, Eddington ratio and bolometric luminosity respectively, to investigate the relationships between variability and these parameters. An anti-correlation between variability and rest-frame wavelength is found. The variability amplitude of radio-quiet quasars shows almost no cosmological evolution, but that of radio-loud ones may weakly anti-correlate with redshift. In addition, variability increases as either luminosity or Eddington ratio decreases. However, the relationship between variability and black hole mass is uncertain; it is negative when the influence of Eddington ratio is excluded, but positive when the influence of luminosity is excluded. The intrinsic distribution of variability amplitudes for radio-loud and radio-quiet quasars are different. Both radio-loud and radio-quiet quasars exhibit a bluer-when-brighter chromatism. Assuming that quasar variability is caused by variations of accretion rate, the Shakura-Sunyaev disk model can reproduce the tendencies of observed correlations between variability and rest-frame wavelength, luminosity as well as Eddington ratio, supporting that changes of accretion rate plays an important role in producing the observed optical variability. However, the predicted positive correlation between variability and black hole mass seems to be inconsistent with the observed negative correlation between them in small bins of Eddington ratio, which suggests that other physical mechanisms may still need to be considered in modifying the simple accretion disk model.
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