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Preparation and Characterization of Mesoporous Iron-Oxide
XUE Hong-Tao,SHEN Shui-Fa,PAN Hai-Bo,XIE Chang-Huai
无机材料学报 , 2009, DOI: 10.3724/sp.j.1077.2009.00577
Abstract: Transition metal oxides are easy to form insoluble oligomer in reaction because of complicated oxidation states, so it is difficult to obtain the desired mesoporous structure. To resolve the problem, mesoporous iron oxide was synthesized by reacting a micellar phase of sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS) with iron polymer solution which was prepared by controlling the proportion of sodium hydroxide and ferric chloride. Crystal structure and surface structure of the mesoporous iron oxide was characterized by powder X-ray diffraction (XRD), Fourier transform a2 infrared spectroscopy (FT-IR), thermogravimetric analyse(TGA), Nitrogen adsorptiona2desorption method and so on. The results show that mesoporous | Fe2O3 can be obtained after calcining at 450 ith OH-/Fe3+ ratio of 2.0. Its surface area is 146.5m2 ¤g-1, BJH average diameter is 6.9nm, pore volume is 0.27cm3 ¤g-1. The asa2prepared mesoporous iron oxide has better thermal stability, it still has surface area of 110.2m2 ¤g-1 after calcination at 550
A Simple Method of Calculating Commutators in Hamilton System with Mathematica Software
Hong-Tao Zhang
Physics , 2002,
Abstract: As a powerful tool in scientific computation, Mathematica offers us algebraic computation, but it does not provide functions to directly calculate commutators in quantum mechanics. Different from present software packets to deal with noncommutative algebra, such as NCAlgebra and NCComAlgebra, one simple method of calculating the commutator in quantum mechanics is put forward and is demonstrated by an example calculating SO(4) dynamical symmetry in 3 dimensions Coulomb potential. This method does not need to develop software packets but rather to directly write program in Mathematica. It is based on the connection between commutator in quantum mechanics and Poisson bracket in classical mechanics to perform calculations. Both the length and the running time of this example are very short, which demonstrates that this method is simple and effective in scientific research. Moreover, this method is used to calculate any commutator in Hamilton system in principle. In the end some deficiencies and applications are discussed.
Inflammatory angiomyolipoma of the liver: a rare hepatic tumor
Yang Liu, Jian Wang, Xu-Yong Lin, Hong-Tao Xu, Xue-shan Qiu, En-Hua Wang
Diagnostic Pathology , 2012, DOI: 10.1186/1746-1596-7-122
Abstract: The virtual slide(s) for this article can be found here: http://www.diagnosticpathology.diagnomx.eu/vs/1828633072762370 webciteHepatic angiomyolipoma is a rare, benign, hepatic mesenchymal neoplasm found in both males and females, and most commonly in adult females. Angiomyolipoma occurs most commonly in the kidneys. The liver represents the second most frequent site of involvement [1]. Histologically similar to those in the kidney, hepatic AML consists of a mixture of myoid cells, adipose tissue and thick-walled vessels. They may have variable morphologic features and are positive for HMB-45, but negative for hepatocyte paraffin-1 (Hepar-1) and S100 protein [1,2]. According to the line of differentiation and predominance of tissue components, the tumors were subcategorized into mixed, lipomatous (>?=?70% fat), myomatous (<=10% fat), and angiomatous type. The most common type is the mixed type which comprises sheets of epithelioid muscle cells admixed with islands of adipocytes and abnormal vessels. The lipomatous and myomatous patterns were regarded as morphologic variations on a continuous spectrum, depending on the degree of adipose and myoid differentiation. Myomatous type was more common in the liver than in the kidney [3]. Angiomatous AML contained many large thick-walled vessels and radiologically may be misinterpreted as intrahepatic arterial aneurysm. According to the predominant component, growth pattern, cell type, and other features, the tumors were subcategorized into trabecular, pelioid and inflammatory variants. Of these, inflammatory or pelioid pattern usually presents as a focal finding within the tumor, but very rarely, they become the predominant pattern [4], creating great diagnostic confusion with other tumors such as inflammatory myofibroblastic tumor (IMT), follicular dendritc cell (FDC) tumor and other hepatic mesenchymal neoplasms. The authors herein present such a case of hepatic AML with a predominantly inflammatory pattern, also known as
The Pollution Characteristics of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Street Dust from a Typical Town in the Yangtze River Delta

ZHAO Hong-tao,YIN Cheng-qing,CHEN Mei-xue,

生态毒理学报 , 2009,
Abstract: 街尘是一种重要的环境介质,其携带的污染物在城镇化过程中对河网地区的水环境构成了一定的威胁.为初步探讨长江三角洲河网地区典型街尘中多环芳烃(PAHs)的污染特征,以杭嘉湖平原河网地区饮用水水源河流上游典型小城镇的街尘为研究对象,对工业区、交通干道、旧居区、新居区和商业区5种土地利用类型的15个采样点进行街尘样品采集和粒径分级,测试街尘的密度、有机质含量以及16种U.S. EPA优控PAHs含量等指标.结果表明,粒径为<63、63~125、125~250和250~900μm街尘中总多环芳烃(∑PAHs)的平均含量分别为7261、5835、4660和2909μg·kg-1,粒径越小,PAHs含量越高,其生态风险越大.不同土地利用类型的街尘中PAHs的含量顺序依次为:工业区>交通干道>旧居区>新居区>商业区. 街尘中PAHs和有机质含量存在显著正相关关系,且街尘粒径越小,有机质和PAHs的相关性越强.源解析结果表明,街尘中的PAHs多为燃烧源.
Fractal Analysis of Transport Properties in a Sinai Billiard

JIANG Guo-Hui,ZHANG Yan-Hui,BIAN Hong-Tao,XU Xue-You,

中国物理快报 , 2011,
Implementation of network processor-based content filtering

CHEN Hong-tao,CHEN De-ren,GU Xue-fei,

计算机应用 , 2005,
Abstract: 内容过滤是网络安全领域中的一个重要组成部分.它对应用层内容协议中传输的信息进行分析,并根据过滤条件控制信息的转发.网络处理器是新一代用来执行数据处理和转发的高速可编程处理器.它以其在网络数据处理方面的明显优势,成为高速网络设备中支持业务管理、安全与网络监控等网络功能必不可少的元件.根据网络处理器的优势,给出了一个基于Intel ⅨP2400网络处理器内容过滤系统的实现.
Effect of MgO content in sinter on the softening–melting behavior of mixed burden made from chromium-bearing vanadium–titanium magnetite
Zheng-gen Liu,Man-sheng Chu,Hong-tao Wang,Wei Zhao,Xiang-xin Xue
- , 2016, DOI: https://doi.org/10.1007/s12613-016-1207-2
Abstract: The effect of sinter with different MgO contents on the softening–melting behavior of mixed burden made from chromium- bearing vanadium–titanium magnetite was investigated. The results show that with increasing MgO content in the sinter, the softening interval and melting interval increased and the location of the cohesive zone shifted downward slightly and became moderately thicker. The softening–melting characteristic value was less pronounced when the MgO content in the sinter was 2.98wt%–3.40wt%. Increasing MgO content in the sinter reduced the content and recovery of V and Cr in the dripped iron. In addition, greater MgO contents in the sinter resulted in the generation of greater amounts of high-melting-point components, which adversely affected the permeability of the mixed burden. When the softening–melting behavior of the mixed burden and the recovery of valuable elements were taken into account, proper MgO contents in the sinter and slag ranged from 2.98wt% to 3.40wt% and from 11.46wt% to 12.72wt%, respectively, for the smelting of burden made from chromium-bearing vanadium–titanium magnetite in a blast furnace.
Prospect and Progress on Dunaliella salina in the area of Molecular Biology

LIU Hong-tao,FENG Shu-ying,CHEN Tao,XUE Le-xun,

中国生物工程杂志 , 2007,
Abstract: 杜氏盐藻是一种无细胞壁的单细胞双鞭毛真核藻类,是一种十分重要的藻类资源。过去对杜氏盐藻的研究多集中在形态学、耐盐机理及β-胡萝卜素等方面,近年来,随着藻类基因工程的快速发展,国内外在杜氏盐藻分子生物学方面做了大量工作,现就杜氏盐藻在这一领域的研究进展进行综述,主要是重要功能基因的克隆与分析、杜氏盐藻调控序列的研究以及杜氏盐藻作为宿主表达外源基因等。
Research Status and Application Prospect of Gene Engineering
杜氏盐藻(Dunaliella salina)基因工程的研究现状及应用前景

FENG Shu-ying,LIU Hong-tao,LI Jie,XUE Le-xun,

中国生物工程杂志 , 2007,
Abstract: Dunaliella salina(D.salina)as a new novel bioreactor has been a research hotspot of algal gene engineering.Genetic reconstruction of D.salina via gene engineering for production of foreign materials has become an important research field.A comprehensive summary of the research status of D.salina genetic engineering,especially in the current research development,including the related gene cloning;construction of cDNA library and genomic library;establishment of selectable marker and foreign gene expression were given,and a prospect of the future application of gene engineering in the research of D.salina were also given.
A Shot Clustering Based Approach for Scene Segmentation

WANG Xue-jun,DING Hong-tao,CHEN He-xin,

中国图象图形学报 , 2007,
Abstract: In this paper,a scene segmentation method utilizing both visual and motion features is presented.Not only the visual similarity but also the motion consistency of shots within a scene is considered in clustering shots into scenes.In addition,we present a method to merge the over-segmented scenes.Experimental results show the effectiveness of our algorithm.
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