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A Comparative Study of Amplitude and Timing Estimation in Experimental Particle Physics using Monte Carlo Simulation  [PDF]
Hongda Xu, Datao Gong, Yun Chiu
Journal of Modern Physics (JMP) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/jmp.2013.45B009

Optimal detection of liquid ionization calorimeter signal in experimental particle physics is considered. A few linear and nonlinear approaches for amplitude and arrival time estimation based on the χ2 function are compared in simulation considering the noise sample correlation introduced by the analog pulse shaper. The estimation bias of the first-order approximation, a.k.a linear optimal filtering, is studied and contrasted to those of the second-order as well as the exhaustive search. A gradient-descent technique is presented as an alternative to the exhaustive search with significantly reduced search time and computation complexity. Results from various pulse shapers including the CR-RC2, CR-RC3, and CR2-RC2 are also compared.

The calculation of information and organismal complexity
Yun Jiang, Cunshuan Xu
Biology Direct , 2010, DOI: 10.1186/1745-6150-5-59
Abstract: The results demonstrate that the calculated information correlates quite well with the intuitive organismal phenotypic complexity defined by traditional taxonomy and evolutionary theory. From viruses to human beings, the effective information gradually increases, from thousands of bits to hundreds of millions of bits. The simpler the organism is, the less the information; the more complex the organism, the more the information. About 13% of human genome is estimated as effective information or functional sequence.The effective information can be used as a quantitative measure of phenotypic complexity of living organisms and also as an estimate of functional fraction of genome.This article was reviewed by Dr. Lavanya Kannan (nominated by Dr. Arcady Mushegian), Dr. Chao Chen, and Dr. ED Rietman (nominated by Dr. Marc Vidal).Organismal complexity is difficult to define and to measure, especially quantitatively. When DNA was discovered to be the material basis of inheritance in all organisms, it was thought that the DNA content of an organism should correlate with its phenotypic complexity, but soon thereafter the C-value paradox was found. C-value refers to the amount of DNA contained within a haploid nucleus, and usually equals to genome size. Salamanders and lungfishes have the largest genomes of 120pg, while the C-value of humans is only 3.5pg [1]. C-values vary enormously among species. In animals they range more than 3,300-fold. Variation in C-values bears no relationship to the complexity of the organism. The discovery of non-coding DNA in the early 1970 s resolved the C-value paradox. Although it is still unclear why some species have a remarkably higher amount of non-coding sequences than others of the same level of complexity, it was believed that the number of genes contained in the genome, rather than the genome size, correlated with the complexity of the organism. However, the human genome project and other model organism genome projects revealed that there
A Decision Support System for Borrower’s Loan in P2P Lending
Jinghua Wu,Yun Xu
Journal of Computers , 2011, DOI: 10.4304/jcp.6.6.1183-1190
Abstract: Recently, P2P lending has become a hot research topic in finance, especially after the global financial crisis. Most existing research did not consider the efficiency from the borrowers’ perspective. This paper proposes a decision support system based on intelligent agents in P2P Lending for borrowers. The system provides borrowers with individual risk assessment, eligible lender search, lending combination and loan recommendation. The system is developed in JADE and evaluated with the PROSPER’s sample data. The result shows that, the model can meet borrower’s needs better and help borrower getting loan more efficiently. Furthermore, it contributes to finance industry by accelerating the funds flow and does favor to economic recovery.
Ultrasound Image Segmentation based on the Mean-Shift and Graph Cuts Theory
Ting Yun,Yiqing Xu
Research Journal of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology , 2013,
Abstract: This study addressed the issue of vascular ultrasound image segmentation and proposed a novel ultrasonic vascular location and detection method. We contributed in several aspects: Firstly using mean-shift segmentation algorithm to obtain the initial segmentation results of vascular images; Secondly new data item and smooth item of the graph cut energy function was constructed based on the MRF mode, then we put forward swap and α expansion ideas to optimize segmentation results, consequently accurately located the vessel wall and lumen in vascular images. Finally comparison with experts manually tagging results and Appling edge correlation coefficients and variance to verify the validity of our algorithm, experimental results show that our algorithm can efficiently combines the advantages of mean-shift and graph-cut algorithm and achieve better segmentation results.
The edge version of eccentric connectivity index
Xinli Xu,Yun Guo
International Mathematical Forum , 2012,
On Longest Repeat Queries Using GPU
Yun Tian,Bojian Xu
Computer Science , 2015,
Abstract: Repeat finding in strings has important applications in subfields such as computational biology. The challenge of finding the longest repeats covering particular string positions was recently proposed and solved by \.{I}leri et al., using a total of the optimal $O(n)$ time and space, where $n$ is the string size. However, their solution can only find the \emph{leftmost} longest repeat for each of the $n$ string position. It is also not known how to parallelize their solution. In this paper, we propose a new solution for longest repeat finding, which although is theoretically suboptimal in time but is conceptually simpler and works faster and uses less memory space in practice than the optimal solution. Further, our solution can find \emph{all} longest repeats of every string position, while still maintaining a faster processing speed and less memory space usage. Moreover, our solution is \emph{parallelizable} in the shared memory architecture (SMA), enabling it to take advantage of the modern multi-processor computing platforms such as the general-purpose graphics processing units (GPU). We have implemented both the sequential and parallel versions of our solution. Experiments with both biological and non-biological data show that our sequential and parallel solutions are faster than the optimal solution by a factor of 2--3.5 and 6--14, respectively, and use less memory space.
Fourier Transforms and Bent Functions on Finite Abelian Group-Acted Sets
Yun Fan,Bangteng Xu
Computer Science , 2014,
Abstract: Let $G$ be a finite abelian group acting faithfully on a finite set $X$. As a natural generalization of the perfect nonlinearity of Boolean functions, the $G$-bentness and $G$-perfect nonlinearity of functions on $X$ are studied by Poinsot et al. [6,7] via Fourier transforms of functions on $G$. In this paper we introduce the so-called $G$-dual set $\widehat X$ of $X$, which plays the role similar to the dual group $\widehat G$ of $G$, and the Fourier transforms of functions on $X$, a generalization of the Fourier transforms of functions on finite abelian groups. Then we characterize the bent functions on $X$ in terms of their own Fourier transforms on $\widehat X$. Bent (perfect nonlinear) functions on finite abelian groups and $G$-bent ($G$-perfect nonlinear) functions on $X$ are treated in a uniform way in this paper, and many known results in [4,2,6,7] are obtained as direct consequences. Furthermore, we will prove that the bentness of a function on $X$ can be determined by its distance from the set of $G$-linear functions. In order to explain the main results clearly, examples are also presented.

Xu Yun,

生态学报 , 1996,
Abstract: Influence of Fulvic acid (FA) on bioavailability and toxicity of selenite to wheatseedling is studied by greenhouse hydroponical experiment. The results showed that FA from soil inhibites the absorption of selenium from culture media. The antagonism effects betweenFA and selenium has been observed in terms of various of physiological and biochemical measurements. FA enhances also the ecological adaptability of wheat to high selenium stress.
Subject Selection and Market Orientation for Research and Development or New Products or Chinese Materia Medica(CMM)

Xu Yun,

世界科学技术-中医药现代化 , 2000,
Abstract: With the revision and implementation of" Measures Concerning the Examination and Approval of New Pharmaceuticals", and in view of the difficulties encountered by the research of chemical medicines, the research and development of new products of CMM have become the focus of attention in medical and pharmaceutical circles. To the policy that in 2000 the whole Chinese nation will enjoy elementary health care , and to the practice of preventing and curing the difficult and complicated cases of illness, traditional Chinese medicine is undoubtedly indispensable. In view of the serious situation where the research on new products of CMM is being repeated at low levels, it is very important for the pharmaceutical enterprises and research institutions to be wise and careful in selecting subjects and orienting markets for new products. Based on the prevailing disease types and regional features in China, the paper puts forward a number of suggestions for reference.


物理学报 , 1985,
Abstract: This note deals with a new nonlinear circuit which is the forced second order unijunction transistor oscillator. It can exhibit period bifurcation and chaotic behavior when driving parameter varies in a large range.
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