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Micromorpholgical studies on senescence process of hyphae in cultivated Auricularia auricula-judae

YUAN Li,XU Xiu-Hong,

菌物学报 , 2011,
Abstract: Process of senescence in hyphae of cultivated Auricularia auricula-judae was observed microstructurally and ultrastructurally. In 30d after inoculation, the hyphae were uniform and well-knit; the cell wall was smooth. Under transmission electron microscope, the cells were intact, with abundant inclusions and all organelles were normal. In 60d part swelling hyphae were observed and the color of hyphae were darker. Under transmission electron microscope, the cell wall was unconsolidated, and the mitochondria and vacuole were swollen; nuclei were irregularly swollen, and nucleoli disappeared, and then granules and vesicles increased. Meanwhile, a few electron-dense granules appeared, which indicated the senescence of hyphae. In 90d membrane of part of the nuclei was broken, and a great amount of lipid granules, vesicles and electron-dense granules were observed. The cell wall was futher loose. In 120d lots of hyphae became fractured and the color was much darker. Under transmission electron microscope, collapsion of cell wall and disintegration of cytomembrane system were observed, and part of cell organelles, such as mitochondria, disappeared. In 150d most of hyphae were completely fractured and lost their shapes, and the cytomembrane and cell inclusions were almost disappeared, but part of collapsed cell walls were observed. It was indicated that the senescence process of Auricularia auricula-judae hyphae was irreversible, which developed from individual to whole cells gradually.
Research of Knowledge Supply Chain Coordination Mechanism based on the View of Fuzzy Demand
Wang Xiu-hong
International Journal of Computer Science Issues , 2012,
Abstract: In Knowledge Supply Chain, The fuzzy uncertainty of knowledge requirement will expand gradually. It will have a huge impact on the quality and stability of knowledge dissemination in the transfer process of the supply chain, so does the product research-development and customer satisfaction . To address this question, a knowledge dissemination model is established in the paper, and the analysis of all aspects of the transfer process of knowledge in the supply chain in the view of fuzzy demand at the same time. Then analyze the effect that the subtle change of user demand on customer satisfaction, and how to improve to meet greatest degree of satisfaction of users and end with a case to simulate the model.
Effect of Cellulose-decomposing Strain on Microbial Community of Cow Manure Compost

LIU Ji,LI Wan,XU Xiu-hong,LI Hong-tao,

环境科学 , 2011,
Abstract: Taking the cow dung and straw as composting raw materials, effect of cellulose-decomposing strain on microbial community of cow manure compost was investigated with the traditional culture method and PCR-DGGE technique. The results showed that the microbiological inocula showed a more rapid rate of temperature elevation at the start of composting and prolonged the time of high-temperature process and increased the number of microbial. The DGGE map of cellulose-decomposing strain compost was different from natural compost, the succession of microbial community in cellulose-decomposing strain was faster than natural compost. Sequence comparison revealed that the Pseudomonassp.of bacterial appeared at the initial stage and Acinetobacter sp.,Flavobacteria were existed at the high-temperature process in natural compost; while Arthrobacter sp. was appeared at the high-temperature process in cellulose-decomposing strain compost. Bacillus sp. was dominant species at middle and later stage in natural compost and cellulose-decomposing strain compost. Eimeriidae of fungal appeared in compost materials, Aspergillus and thermophilic fungi were dominant species at the high-temperature process in natural compost and cellulose-decomposing strain compost. Ascomycota appeared at middle and later stage in natural compost; while Basidiomycetes in cellulose-decomposing strain compost. Aspergillus was found throughout the process.This result suggested that the microbiological inocula were able to facilitate the bacterial microbial diversity of the compost; reduced the fungal microbial diversity of the compost. The aims of this study were to provide a scientific basis to the diversity of microbial community by monitoring the dynamics of microbial community in cellulose-decomposing strain compost and represent an important step towards the understanding of microbiological inocula and its function in the degradation process of compost.
Establishment of molecular ID in 11 Ganoderma lucidum strains

ZHANG Xiao-Y,XU Xiu-Hong,LIU Hua-Jing,

微生物学通报 , 2013,
Abstract: Objective] Eleven Ganoderma lucidum strains were collected as materials for classifying them at the molecular level and establishing the molecular ID. Methods] Internal transcribed spacer (ITS) and simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers were used for the molecular identification of eleven Ganoderma lucidum strains. Results] 99% similarity in ITS sequence between the tested strains and the Ganoderma lucidum registered in GenBank, meaning that the tested strains were Ganoderma lucidum species. The cluster analysis by NTSYS revealed that eleven Ganoderma lucidum strains were divided into four groups at similarity coefficients of 0.62. GL-2 and GL-4 were in two clades respectively. According to fragment size of allele variation, the agarose gel electrophoresis bands were analyzed by the software ID Analysis 1.0. Five primer pairs could be used to identify all the tested strains and accomplish the establishment of molecular ID. Conclusion] Establishment of molecular ID in Ganoderma lucidum based on SSR were feasibly.
Construction of chicken embryo fibroblasts cDNA expression library

LIU Wei,GAO Yu-long,GAO Hong-lei,WANG Xiao-mei,XU Xiu-hong,

微生物学报 , 2007,
Abstract: 鸡胚成纤维细胞(CEF)是研究鸡传染性法氏囊病病毒(IBDV)的主要细胞材料,而构建CEF的cDNA表达文库是筛选IBDV在CEF中的细胞受体,研究细胞嗜性的基础平台。采用Gateway技术构建CEF的表达文库,避免使用限制性内切酶切割cDNA,能够解决常规方法构建cDNA文库的技术缺陷。该技术将CEF的mRNA分离纯化后,以5′端生物素标记的Oligo(dT)primer为引物反转录后连接Adapter,层析柱纯化,通过BP重组反应构建cDNA入门文库,其平均滴度为1.1×106cfu/mL,文库总容量为1.2×107cfu,平均插入片段为2243bp,重组率为100%。通过LR重组反应将入门文库转换为表达文库,经测定平均滴度为5×105cfu/mL,文库总容量为5.5×106cfu,平均插入片段为2411bp,重组率为100%。结果表明,所构建的文库具有较高的重组率和较大的库容量,可作为较高质量的文库来研究IBDV的相关基因,为研究病毒受体和病毒入侵途径,进一步了解IBDV的致病机理奠定了基础。
Selection and Breeding of the New Tea Variety Yucha 3

HOU Yu-jia
,PENG Ping,TANG Min,XU Ze,HU Xiang,LI Zhong-lin,WU Xiu-hong

- , 2018, DOI: 10.13718/j.cnki.xdzk.2018.04.003
Abstract: 以早白尖有性系群体为材料,经单株选择系统育种,育成了优质绿茶新品种“渝茶3号”.经多年的品种比较试验结果表明,该品种属灌木型中叶类中生种,氨基酸5.4%,茶多酚24.0%,咖啡碱3.3%,水浸出物40.2%;适制绿茶,鲜叶产量比福鼎大白茶高11.6%,抗逆性较强,2017年获得重庆市农作物品种审定委员会颁发的农作物品种鉴定证书.
In this study, a high-quality tea variety suitable for green tea production, Yucha 3, was selected and bred from the seedling family of Zaobaijian with the methods of individual-plant selection and pedigree breeding. Years of variety comparison tests showed that Yucha 3 was a dwarf-type, medium-sprouting variety, containing amino acids (5.4%), tea polyphenols (24.0%), theine (3.3%) and water (40.2%). It was fairly stress resistant and its fresh leaf yield was 11.6% higher than that of Fudingdabaicha. In 2017, it obtained the crop variety certification issued by Chongqing Municipal Crop Variety Approval Committee
A Monitoring System for Vegetable Greenhouses based on a Wireless Sensor Network
Xiu-hong Li,Xiao Cheng,Ke Yan,Peng Gong
Sensors , 2010, DOI: 10.3390/s101008963
Abstract: A wireless sensor network-based automatic monitoring system is designed for monitoring the life conditions of greenhouse vegetatables. The complete system architecture includes a group of sensor nodes, a base station, and an internet data center. For the design of wireless sensor node, the JN5139 micro-processor is adopted as the core component and the Zigbee protocol is used for wireless communication between nodes. With an ARM7 microprocessor and embedded ZKOS operating system, a proprietary gateway node is developed to achieve data influx, screen display, system configuration and GPRS based remote data forwarding. Through a Client/Server mode the management software for remote data center achieves real-time data distribution and time-series analysis. Besides, a GSM-short-message-based interface is developed for sending real-time environmental measurements, and for alarming when a measurement is beyond some pre-defined threshold. The whole system has been tested for over one year and satisfactory results have been observed, which indicate that this system is very useful for greenhouse environment monitoring.
Topological Characterizations of Automata Theory Based on Quantum Logic

GUO Xiu-Hong,

软件学报 , 2007,
Abstract: In this paper, some topological characterizations of automata theory based on quantum logic (abbr. l-valued automata theory) are discussed. First, l-valued successor and source operators are redefined and the equivalences of l-valued successor operators, source operators and l-valued subautomata are demonstrated. Afterwards, some topological characterizations in terms of the l-valued successor. source operators and l-valued subautomata are described, and then some fundamental properties of l-valued successor operators, source operators and l-valued subautomata are characterized. Particularly, when the multiplication (&) is distributive over the union in the truth-value lattices, some of the special properties of l-valued successor operators, source operators and l-valued subautomata are verified. So a weaker limitation to form a topology is obtained. Finally, it is shown that the l-valued topologies in terms of the l-valued successor, source operators and l-valued subautomata are equivalent.
Lower Bounds of Concurrence for Tripartite Quantum Systems
Xiu-Hong Gao,Shao-Ming Fei,Ke Wu
Physics , 2006, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevA.74.050303
Abstract: We derive an analytical lower bound for the concurrence of tripartite quantum mixed states. A functional relation is established relating concurrence and the generalized partial transpositions.
In Situ Observation of Dendrite in Pb5Ge3O11Crystal Growth

HONG Yong,JIN Wei-Qing,PAN Xiu-Hong,YODA Shinichi,

无机材料学报 , 2006,
Abstract: The whole process of the dendrite growth in PGO melt crystal growth was visualized in the $in~situ$ observation system. It was pointed out that the dendrite had relation with the PbO impurity. An concentration diffusive layer arising from the impurity was observed, and the dendrite growth was triggered when the diameter of the layer exceeded the critical value about 12$\mu$m. The rate of the main trunk of the dendrite against the time was measured. It was noted that the rate was affected by some factors such as the appearance of the branches and the turning of the main trunk, which was assumed according to our early work.
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