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Effects of Wheat-Faba Bean Intercropping on Soil Microbial Community Structure in the Rhizosphere  [PDF]
Yongbo Xu, Baokun Lei, Yanfeng Tang
Agricultural Sciences (AS) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/as.2018.911096
Abstract: Phospholipid fatty acids (PLFA) analysis and real-time quantitative PCR were used to investigate the effect of wheat-faba bean intercropping on soil microbial community in the rhizosphere and ammonia monooxygenase (amoA) gene abundances of ammonia-oxidizing archaea (AOA) and bacteria (AOB) at harvest stage via field trials in the red soil. We found that the bacteria and fungi of faba bean and actinomycetes of wheat in the rhizosphere showed significant (p < 0.05) difference between intercrops and monocrops at harvest. In total, 37 PLFA were detected at harvest stage in the rhizosphere, including 31 bacterial PLFA, 3 fungal PLFA, and 3 actinomycete PLFA. Compared with the rhizosphere of monocropped faba bean, a lower AOB abundance was found in the intercropping at harvest stage, whereas no significant difference in the AOB abundance was found in the rhizosphere of monocropped and intercropped wheat. There was no significant difference in the AOA abundance between monocrops and intercrops rhizosphere, but a higher AOA abundance in the intercropping systems was found. After intercropping, the abundance of AOB in rhizosphere was significantly higher than that of AOA. Our findings suggest that wheat-faba bean intercropping may change the micro-environment and microbial community structure in the rhizosphere.
Shifts in Carbon Stocks through Soil Profiles Following Management Change in Intensive Agricultural Systems  [PDF]
Baokun Lei, Yongbo Xu, Yanfen Tang, Konrad Hauptfleisch
Agricultural Sciences (AS) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/as.2015.63031

Soil carbon content is an important ecosystem property, especially under the ongoing climate change. The stability of soil organic matter (SOM) is controlled by environmental and biological factors including anthropogenic-induced agricultural management change. However, understanding the effects of anthropogenic activities (e.g., intensive agricultural practices) on carbon stability of soil profiles remains a challenge. The objective of this study was to determine the changes in carbon stocks through soil profiles following agricultural management change from grain fields to greenhouse vegetable fields. The sampling sites were located in an intensive vegetable production area in northernChina. A total of 20 pairs of grain fields (GF) and adjacent vegetable fields (VF) within a distance of50 mwere selected. The results showed that soil organic carbon (SOC) storage increased by 10.6 mg C ha-1 in upper soil layers but decreased by 5.3 mg C hm2 indeeper soil layers due to large input of organic manure and chemical fertilizer following the conversion from GF to VF. Conversion to VF also led to increased dissolved organic carbon (DOC) and dissolved organic nitrogen (DON) concentrations. Extremely higher input of chemical N fertilizer in the VF led to the soil C:N ratio decreased by 2.02 times and the -N leached to deeper soils increased by 3.7 times compared to that in the GF. The pH value and microbial biomass carbon (MBC) content were lower in the VF than in the GF. These results indicate that excessive nitrogen application as fertilizers might lead to deeper soil carbon depletion. Reducing nitrogen addition in intensive agricultural systems is thus necessary to reduce soil carbon loss and to maintain a relatively sustainable soil system.

Notes on Various Methods for Constructing Directed Strongly Regular Graphs
Jerod Michel,Baokun Ding
Mathematics , 2015,
Abstract: Duval, in "A Directed Graph Version of Strongly Regular Graphs" [{\it Journal of Combinatorial Theory}, Series A 47 (1988) 71 - 100], introduced the concept of directed strongly regular graphs. In this paper we construct several rich families of directed strongly regular graphs with new parameters. Our constructions yielding new parameters are based on extending known explicit constructions to cover more parameter sets. We also explore some of the links between Cayley graphs, block matrices and directed strongly regular graphs with certain parameters. Directed strongly regular graphs which are also Cayley graphs are interesting due to their having more algebraic structure. We construct directed strongly regular Cayley graphs with parameters $((m+1)s,ls,ld,ld-d,ld)$ where $d,l$ and $s$ are integers with $dm=ls$ and $1\leq l
A Generalization of Combinatorial Designs Related to Almost Difference Sets
Jerod Michel,Baokun Ding
Mathematics , 2015,
Abstract: In this paper we study a certain generalization of combinatorial designs related to almost difference sets, namely the $t$-adesign, which was coined by Cunsheng Ding in 2015. It is clear that $2$-adesigns are a kind of partially balanced incomplete block design which naturally arise in many combinatorial and statistical problems. We discuss some of their basic properties and give several constructions of $2$-adesigns (some of which correspond to new almost difference sets, and others of which correspond to new almost difference families), as well as two constructions of $3$-adesigns. We also discuss some basic properties of their incidence matrices and codes.
Fabrication Technique of Bulk-Silicon Micro-Optical Switch in (110) Silicon

Zhang Long,Dong Wei,Zhang Xindong,Liu Caixia,Chen Weiyou,Xu Baokun,

半导体学报 , 2004,
Abstract: 采用基于湿法腐蚀工艺的体硅微机械加工方法,利用(110 )硅片结晶学特性,通过光刻、反应离子刻蚀和湿法刻蚀等工艺,在硅片上同时制作出微光开关的微反射镜结构、悬臂梁结构、扭臂梁结构和光纤定位槽结构,器件的一致性好,制作工艺简单.利用扇形定位区域,精确地沿(110 )硅片的{ 111}面进行定向腐蚀,可使微反射镜镜面垂直度达到90±0 .3°,经测量表面粗糙度低于6 nm.
Study of Micro-Structure Ethanol Gas Sensor Based on La0.7Sr0.3FeO3

Liu Li,Zhang Tong,Qi Qi,Chen Weiyou,Xu Baokun,

半导体学报 , 2007,
Abstract: This paper presents a novel micro-structure ethanol gas sensor.The heater electrodes and signal electrodes were designed on the same plane in order to reduce cross-talk and make the fabrication easier.The whole design has been simulated using a 3D electro-thermo-mechanical finite element model through Ansys.The nano complex oxide La0.7Sr0.3FeO3 is employed to act as sensitive material coated on the surface of the substrate. Experimental results show that the sensitivity of this novel sensor is 8.0 when the concentration of the ethanol is 500ppm, the power consumption is approximately two thirds of that of commercial sintering gas sensors, the response time is about 1.5s, and the recovery time is about 2.5s.

ZHANG Lihua,WANG Zichen,ZHAO Chun,ZHAO Muyu,SUO Hui,XU Baokun,

材料研究学报 , 1994,
Abstract: ZnO nanocrystalline sensitive materials of doped Sb3+ were prepared by citrate method. The effect of doped Sb3+ on construction and dielectric property of ZnO nanocrystalline were studied. The most favourable experiment condition for the preparation of ZnO nanocrystalline of doped Sb3+ were studied. XRD, IR, TG, DTA and TEM examinations were used to characterize the samples.It is observed that Sb3+ content is increased, and lattice constant and volume conductance of ZnO nanocrystalline are changed.
New constructions of quantum MDS convolutional codes derived from generalized Reed-Solomon codes
Baokun Ding,Tao Zhang,Gennian Ge
Mathematics , 2015,
Abstract: Quantum convolutional codes can be used to protect a sequence of qubits of arbitrary length against decoherence. In this paper, we give two new constructions of quantum MDS convolutional codes derived from generalized Reed-Solomon codes and obtain eighteen new classes of quantum MDS convolutional codes. Most of them are new in the sense that the parameters of the codes are different from all the previously known ones.
Videos in Improving Farmers’ Innovation Capacity for Climate-Smart Forest and Agricultural Practices: An Experience of Madhupur Sal Forest in Bangladesh  [PDF]
M. A. Sarker, Ataharul H. Chowdhury, Mahmuda Hoque, Baokun Lei, K. H. Kabir
Journal of Geoscience and Environment Protection (GEP) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/gep.2018.63008
Madhupur Sal forest is one of the major forests in Bangladesh which is also under intimidation of severe deforestation due to settlement of the ethnic people and encroachment for farming. However, deforestation is one of the major factors responsible for climatic change events like recurrent natural calamities and degradation of natural resources. Thus, a pilot project was taken in the forest area by Bangladesh Agricultural University to minimize carbon emission through introduction of low emission agricultural practices (vermi-compost and botanical pesticide) in crop production and to increase women’s participation in social forestry program. It also introduced improved cooker in the study area for reducing amount of fire wood for cooking. Video mediated extension approach was used to teach the people of the forest community regarding the consequences of climate change on their livelihoods. Findings showed that, project beneficiaries are now impressively aware on consequences of climate change issues. Around 75% of them are now using own made vermi-compost and botanical pesticide in agricultural production mixed with social forestry, while 42% of them are using improved cooker which has significantly reduced amount of fire wood for cooking. This is ultimately contributing in minimizing the rate of deforestation. However, the project initiatives have created alternate income opportunities of the forest community people through safe and organic cultivation of vegetables and fruits in the leased land. On the other hand, this social forestry programme will directly contribute in reducing consequences of climate change in the long run.
Role of a Coastal NGO in Attaining Climate Resilience in Bangladesh  [PDF]
Md. Mehedi Hasan, Mohammed Asaduzzaman Sarker, Mohammed Nasir Uddin, Md. Zulfikar Rahman, Baokun Lei
American Journal of Climate Change (AJCC) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/ajcc.2018.72013
Abstract: The emergence of NGOs represents an organized response by civil society especially in those areas in which the state has either failed to reach or done so inadequately. NGOs have been taking a number of steps to promote discussion and debate about climate change issues. The study was conducted to determine the role of a coastal NGO named Speed Trust in attaining resilience in response to climate change in coastal region; viz. Kalapara sub-district under Patuakhali district. The sample size of the study was 80 respondents. The study followed a mixed-method of research design. Both structured and semi-structured questionnaires were prepared for collecting quantitative and qualitative data from the respondent. The empirical data for the study were collected through personal interviewing of the respondents. The findings of the study revealed that the role of Speed Trust in attaining climate resilience of the study area was varied with the change of aspects of climate resilience. It also indicated that majority (80 percent) of the respondents perceived the idea that Speed Trust is playing moderate to highly effective role in attaining climate resilience. While only 1.2 percent had perceived as poor role in attaining resilience in response to climate change. Correlation analysis indicated that among the selected socio-economic characteristics, respondent’s education, organizational participation, training on climate resilience, consequence due to climate change and participation in climate resilience program showed positive and significant relationship with the role of Speed Trust in response to climate resilience. Step-wise multiple regression analysis explored that amongst five variables, three independent variables finally entered into the model and the contribution factors are: participation, training, and organizational participation. They are jointly accounted for 62.2 percent of the total variation with perceived role of Speed Trust in attaining climate resilience. It was also established that the absolute majority (100 percent) of the respondents had to face low to medium level problems in getting Sped Trust’s services on climate change issues.
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