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A new perturbation method to the Tent map and its application

Wang Xing-Yuan,Wang Lin-Lin,

中国物理 B , 2011,
Abstract: Disturbance imposed on the chaotic systems is an effective way to maintain its chaotic good encryption features. This paper proposes a new perturbation method to the Tent map. First it divides the Tent map domain into 2^N parts evenly and selects a particular part from them, then proliferates the Tent map mapping trajectory of this particular part, which can disturb the entire system disturbance. The mathematical analysis and simulated experimental results prove that the disturbed Tent map has uniform invariant distribution and can produce good cryptographic properties of pseudo-random sequence. These facts avoid the phenomenon of short-period caused by the computer's finite precision and reducing the sequence's dependence on the disturbance signal, such that effectively compensate for the digital chaotic system dynamics degradation.
Generation of the Femtosecond Optical Pulse Compression Pair Base on Cross-phase Modulation

DONG Lin-lin,YANG Xing-yu,

光子学报 , 2009,
Abstract: It was numerically simulated that under Raman scattering effects,high-order soliton pump-pulse at wavelength anomalous dispersion district and signal pulse wavelength in the normal dispersion,through cross-phase modulation effects ,produce compression pulse pair.The results show that ,because of the Raman effect,the femtosecond signal pulse is no longer maintain symmetry,and the lagging behind the blue shift pulse peak power decreases with the increase of transmission distance and solitons redshift appear.And it is found that with the Raman coefficient increasing,the lagging blue shift lower peak powerdecreases with the increase of the advance redshift pulse peak power.Finally,the order of soliton and positive and negative walk-off effect impact on the change of pulse compression pair were analyzed.
Design and Research on Video Surveillance System Based on Contour Detection of Station Caption

YU Xing-Yu,WANG Lin-Lin,

计算机科学 , 2006,
Abstract: A broadcast TV program video surveillance system based on contour detection of station caption is put for- ward.The paper emphasizes the mask capture of opaque station caption,contour detection algorithm and the manage- ment of the system's resource,and at the same time summarizes the basic principles,software structures and the reali- zation.By using multithread programming technology,this system can process video and audio data simultaneously,and can also response to other commands and alarm messages.
An Improved Image''''s Edge Preserving Orientation Smoothing Algorithm

LIU Xing-Hong,WANG Lin-Lin,

计算机科学 , 2006,
Abstract: 本文利用图像的相关性原理,结合图像的边缘信息,提出了一种新的图像边缘保持的方向平滑算法。该算法主要通过控制平滑区域大小和均方差阈值来选择受噪声干扰最小和最大相关区域。仿真证明该方法能够较好地去除椒盐噪声和高斯噪声,并且能够很好地保持图像的边缘和细节信息,作为图像的一种预处理方法,具有较高的实用价值。
Lin-Lin Tang,Jiao Ye,Qi-Xing Liu,Ai-Xi Hu
Acta Crystallographica Section E , 2009, DOI: 10.1107/s1600536809018601
Abstract: The three methoxy groups of the title compound, C16H23BrO4, are almost coplanar with the attached aromatic ring, forming dihedral angles of 7.19 (13), 2.48 (13) and 7.24 (12)°. The crystal structure shows an intramolecular and an intermolecular C—H...O interaction.
Challenges of Interior Decoration Using Low Formaldehyde-Emitting Materials in Taiwan
Lin-Lin Huang
GSTF Journal of Engineering Technology , 2015, DOI: 10.5176/2251-3701_3.3.151
Abstract: Regardless of material regulations at the supply source or post-construction quality inspection systems, certain levels of model management systems have been developed. However, in the hospital waiting room, the measured formaldehyde concentration in the air reached 0.99 ppm, which is 12 times higher than that of the standard value. The formaldehyde emission rates measured in the building materials of the private housings or hospital waiting room ranged from 158 to 238 μg/m2?h, which exceed both the ABSL and BSMI standards. Moreover, the decoration locations, construction staff, and construction behaviors varied despite their claims of using low formaldehydeemitting materials. This study compiled the current objectives and regulations established by various supervising authorities and implemented a supporting management system in material grading, amount of material usage, ventilation path control, and ventilation effectiveness for facilitating the promotion of healthy indoor air quality, thereby enhancing public health.
Image single-pixel-precision edge detection algorithm based on LMS prediction

LIU Xing-hong,WANG Lin-lin,YOU Fei,

计算机应用 , 2006,
Abstract: To gain better effect of edge detection, an algorithm based on the idea of prediction was proposed with the help of LMS adaptive transversal filter theory which was commonly used in digital signal processing. Because the low frequency area of one image can be modeled as a stationary stochastic process, the LMS algorithm could be adopted. Besides edge detection, we also added an auxiliary criterion which could assure that the LMS algorithm have attained convergence after the oscillation caused by the edge encounter, This criterion can lead to single-pixel-precision results which was one important object of edge detection.
Fructus Gardenia Extract Ameliorates Oxonate-Induced Hyperuricemia with Renal Dysfunction in Mice by Regulating Organic Ion Transporters and mOIT3
Qing-Hua Hu,Ji-Xiao Zhu,Jing Ji,Lin-Lin Wei,Ming-Xing Miao,Hui Ji
Molecules , 2013, DOI: 10.3390/molecules18088976
Abstract: The potent anti-hyperuricemia activities of Fructus Gardenia Extract (FGE) have been well reported. The aim of this study was to evaluate the uricosuric and nephro-protective effects of FGE and explore its possible mechanisms of action in oxonate-induced hyperuricemic mice. FGE was orally administered to hyperuricemic and normal mice for 1 week. Serum and urinary levels of uric acid, creatinine and blood urea nitrogen (BUN), and fractional excretion of uric acid (FEUA) were measured. The mRNA and protein levels of mouse urate transporter 1 (mURAT1), glucose transporter 9 (mGLUT9), ATP-binding cassette, subfamily G, 2 (mABCG2), organic anion transporter 1 (mOAT1), mOAT3, oncoprotein induced transcript 3 (mOIT3), organic cation/carnitine transporters in the kidney were analyzed. Simultaneously, Tamm-Horsfall glycoprotein (THP) levels in urine and kidney were detected. FGE significantly reduced serum urate levels and increased urinary urate levels and FEUA in hyperuricemic mice. It could also effectively reverse oxonate-induced alterations in renal mURAT1, mGLUT9, mOAT1 and mOIT3 expressions, as well as THP levels, resulting in the enhancement of renal uric acid excretion. Moreover, FGE decreased serum creatinine and BUN levels, and up-regulated expression of organic cation/carnitine transporters, improving renal dysfunction in this model. Furthermore, FGE decreased renal mABCG2 expressions in hyperuricemic mice, contributing to its beneficial actions. However, further investigation is needed in clinical trials of FGE and its bioactive components.
Evaluation of the Damaging Effect of Dyestuff on Phanerochaete chrysosporium with Amplified Fragment Length Polymorphism (AFLP) Analysis

DAI Xing-chun,WU Lin-hui,WU Lin-lin,HUANG Min-sheng,

环境科学 , 2008,
Abstract: The AFLP analysis was carried out in order to evaluate the DNA damaging effects of dyestuff of different concentrations on Phanerochaete chrysosporium. The DNA similarity and UPGMA cluster analysis were conducted to determine the relationships between the concentrations of dyestuff and DNA damaging effects. The results showed that the AFLP analysis could reflect the polymorphisms of DNA well, and the primer pairs E-AAC/M-CAA could give more amplified DNA fragments than others primers. From the DNA maps of best primer pairs, 35 clear and stable DNA bands were observed, including 12 polymorphous bands which were accounted for 34.3% diversity. It was indicated from the DNA similarity and UPGMA cluster analysis that DNA polymorphisms correlated with dyestuffs concentrations well. If the concentration of dyestuff was not higher than 50 mg/L, the damaging effect on DNA was finite. If the concentrations of dyestuff were up to 300 mg/L, the DNA of Phanerochaete chrysosporium would have been injured greatly, and would have been bankrupted in its intrinsic function.
Which Is the Most Suitable Classification for Colorectal Cancer, Log Odds, the Number or the Ratio of Positive Lymph Nodes?
Yong-Xi Song, Peng Gao, Zhen-Ning Wang, Lin-Lin Tong, Ying-Ying Xu, Zhe Sun, Cheng-Zhong Xing, Hui-Mian Xu
PLOS ONE , 2011, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0028937
Abstract: Objective The aim of the current study was to investigate which is the most suitable classification for colorectal cancer, log odds of positive lymph nodes (LODDS) classification or the classifications based on the number of positive lymph nodes (pN) and positive lymph node ratio(LNR) in a Chinese single institutional population. Design Clinicopathologic and prognostic data of 1297 patients with colorectal cancer were retrospectively studied. The log-rank statistics, Cox's proportional hazards model, the Nagelkerke R2 index and a Harrell's C statistic were used. Results Univariate and three-step multivariate analyses identified that LNR was a significant prognostic factor and LNR classification was superior to both the pN and LODDS classifications. Moreover, the results of the Nagelkerke R2 index (0.130) and a Harrell's C statistic (0.707) of LNR showed that LNR and LODDS classifications were similar and LNR was a little better than the other two classifications. Furthermore, for patients in each LNR classification, prognosis was homologous between those in different pN or LODDS classifications. However, for patients in pN1a, pN1b, LODDS2 and LODDS3 classifications, significant differences in survival were observed among patients in different LNR classifications. Conclusions For patients with colorectal cancer, the LNR classification is more suitable than pN and LODDS classifications for prognostic assessment in a Chinese single institutional population.
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