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Analysis of Differential Gel Electrophoresis of Paclitaxol Resistant and Sensitive Lung Adenocarcinoma Cells' Secretome
Qiangling SUN,Xiaohua YANG,Jing LU,Yinyin XIE
Chinese Journal of Lung Cancer , 2009,
Abstract: Background and objective Paclitaxol (PTX) resistance is one of main factors which affect the outcome of chemotherapy of lung adenocarcinoma. The aim of this study is to compare the secreted protein expression profiles between Paclitaxol (PTX) resistant and sensitive lung adenocarcinoma cells by proteomic research method, so as to provide evidence of choosing individual chemotherapy drugs in clinical treatment. Methods Total secreted proteins extracted from a PTX sensitive cell line A549 and a PTX resistant cell line A549-Taxol were separated by fluorscent differential gel electrophoresis (DIGE). High quality 2-DE profiles were obtained and analyzed by Decyder 6.5 analysis software to screen differentially expressed protein spots. Those spots were identified by mass spectrometry. Results 2-DE patterns of lung adenocarcinoma cells with high-resolution and reproducibility were obtained. 76 significantly differentially expressed protein spots were screened, 19 proteins were identified by mass spectrometry. The identified proteins could be classified into different catogories: metabolic enzyme, extracellular matrix (ECM) degradation enzyme, cytokine, signal transducer, cell adhesion, and so on. Conclusion Multiple secreted proteins related to chemoresistance of A549-Taxol cells were identified in this study for the first time. The results presented here would provide clues to identify new serologic chemoresistant biomarkers of NSCLC.
Unsuspected Pneumocystis pneumonia in an HIV-seronegative patient with untreated lung cancer: circa case report
Cai Chuang, Xie Zhanhong, Gu Yinyin, Zeng Qingsi, Zhong Shuqing, Zhong Nanshan
Journal of Medical Case Reports , 2007, DOI: 10.1186/1752-1947-1-115
Abstract: A 43-year-old woman presented with prolonged fever, progressive dyspnoea, diffuse alveolar and interstitial infiltrates. Malignant cells were found on sputum cytology, confirming the diagnosis of lung cancer. She had been treated with corticosteroids and antibiotics but did not receive chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Pneumocystis jiroveci was later found in the sputum but she proved to be HIV negative.Unsuspected PCP can occur in chemotherapy and radiotherapy-na?ve, HIV-seronegative patients with lung cancer. The complex clinicoradiological manifestations of PCP with underlying lung cancer can lead to delay in diagnosis and may worsen the prognosis.Pneumocystis jiroveci pneumonia (PCP, formerly known as Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia) has been increasingly reported as a severe opportunistic infection in HIV-seronegative patients with solid tumours (brain, lung, breast and ovarian cancer), as a sequel to severe immunosuppression from chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy with or without corticosteroids [1-5].We present a case of unsuspected PCP in an HIV-seronegative patient with untreated lung cancer, manifested as persistent fever, progressive dyspnoea, and diffuse alveolar and interstitial infiltrates.A 43-year-old nonsmoking female was referred to our hospital for persistent fever, progressive dyspnoea, and diffuse alveolar and interstitial infiltrates. The patient complained of intermittent mild to moderate fever, progressive dyspnoea, increasing exportation and paroxysmal wheezing for 6 weeks. Her past history was unremarkable, without known exposure to occupational or environmental hazards. She was initially diagnosed as community acquired pneumonia in her local hospital, treated with intravenous levofloxacin, which was escalated to cephatriaxone when her symptoms worsened. Intravenous dexamethasone (10 mg to 20 mg prn) with aminophylline was administered irregularly to relieve her dyspnoea and wheezing. She developed orthopnoea with high fever and copious gel-like p
Spatial distribution characteristics and influencing factors of health services in China

XIE Yinyin
,ZHOU Nianxing,MA Huanhuan,MA Zhifei

- , 2018,
Abstract: 医疗卫生服务是公共服务的重要组成部分,也是建设健康中国的着力点.因此,医疗卫生服务水平的空间分布特征是健康地理学关注的重要问题.建立合理的指标体系,运用因子分析、标准差椭圆法以及空间计量分析模型计算了2004年、2009年以及2014年中国大陆各省份医疗服务水平并分析其空间分布特征和影响因素.结果表明:1)公立医院和民营医院的医疗卫生服务水平均呈现明显的东南-西北分化特征;2)医疗卫生服务水平的高值区为长三角地区、珠三角地区等经济发达地区和四川、河南等人口众多的省份,水平较低的地区分布在内蒙古自治区、青海省和西藏自治区等西部地区.3)空间计量回归模型结果发现,居民消费水平、一级医院数量、抚养比是影响公立医院医疗卫生服务水平的重要因素;居民消费水平、二级医院数量、抚养比和传染病的发病率对于民营医院影响显著.该研究对医疗卫生服务区域均衡政策的制定具有现实意义.
The analysis of time-space evolution of consumption level and influencing factors based on spatial econometric model

申鹏鹏,周年兴,张允翔,谢引引,马欢欢,王 坤
SHEN Pengpeng
,ZHOU Nianxing,ZHANG Yunxiang,XIE Yinyin,MA Huanhuan,WANG Kun

- , 2018,
Abstract: 扩大内需是维系经济平稳运行的重要举措.对2002年~2013年间江苏省区内消费差异的总体变化与时空演变特征进行分析,并采用空间面板计量模型诊断消费水平的主要影响因素,旨在为针对性提高区域消费水平提供政策依据.结果表明:1)2002年来区内消费差异基本稳定且趋于下降,但空间集聚分异格局加剧.2)区内消费水平呈南高北低抱团式发展,这种空间不均衡是区域自身与周围地区长期共同作用的结果.3)空间面板数据模型可有效解析各变量对消费的时空作用方向与影响大小.其中,固定资产投资、人均财政支出及外资利用显著有助于促进地区消费的提高;居民收入的提高有利于促进消费;而地区经济发展、公路货运量及第三产业占GDP比重对区域消费的影响显著为负;居民储蓄款及就业率在不同固定效应背景下对消费水平的影响方向不一.最后给出了一些对策建议.
Patient-Specific Data Fusion Defines Prognostic Cancer Subtypes
Yinyin Yuan ,Richard S. Savage ,Florian Markowetz
PLOS Computational Biology , 2011, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pcbi.1002227
Abstract: Different data types can offer complementary perspectives on the same biological phenomenon. In cancer studies, for example, data on copy number alterations indicate losses and amplifications of genomic regions in tumours, while transcriptomic data point to the impact of genomic and environmental events on the internal wiring of the cell. Fusing different data provides a more comprehensive model of the cancer cell than that offered by any single type. However, biological signals in different patients exhibit diverse degrees of concordance due to cancer heterogeneity and inherent noise in the measurements. This is a particularly important issue in cancer subtype discovery, where personalised strategies to guide therapy are of vital importance. We present a nonparametric Bayesian model for discovering prognostic cancer subtypes by integrating gene expression and copy number variation data. Our model is constructed from a hierarchy of Dirichlet Processes and addresses three key challenges in data fusion: (i) To separate concordant from discordant signals, (ii) to select informative features, (iii) to estimate the number of disease subtypes. Concordance of signals is assessed individually for each patient, giving us an additional level of insight into the underlying disease structure. We exemplify the power of our model in prostate cancer and breast cancer and show that it outperforms competing methods. In the prostate cancer data, we identify an entirely new subtype with extremely poor survival outcome and show how other analyses fail to detect it. In the breast cancer data, we find subtypes with superior prognostic value by using the concordant results. These discoveries were crucially dependent on our model's ability to distinguish concordant and discordant signals within each patient sample, and would otherwise have been missed. We therefore demonstrate the importance of taking a patient-specific approach, using highly-flexible nonparametric Bayesian methods.
A randomised controlled pilot study: the effectiveness of narrative exposure therapy with adult survivors of the Sichuan earthquake
Yinyin Zang, Nigel Hunt, Tom Cox
BMC Psychiatry , 2013, DOI: 10.1186/1471-244x-13-41
Abstract: A randomized waiting-list control pilot study was conducted between December 2009 and March 2010, at the site of the Sichuan earthquake in Beichuan County, China. Adult participants with newly diagnosed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) were randomly allocated to Narrative Exposure Therapy (NET) or a Waiting-List (WL) condition. The latter received NET treatment after a two-week waiting period. To compare the effectiveness of NET in traumatised earthquake survivors, both groups were assessed on PTSD symptoms, general mental health, anxiety and depression, social support, coping style and posttraumatic change before and after treatment and two months post treatment.Adult participants (n=22) were randomly allocated to receive NET (n=11) or WL (n=11). Twenty two participants (11 in NET group, 11 in WL) were included in the analysis of primary outcomes. Compared with WL, NET showed significant reductions in PTSD symptoms, anxiety and depression, general mental stress and increased posttraumatic growth. The WL group later showed similar improvements after treatment. These changes remained stable for a two-month follow-up. Measures of social support and coping showed no stable effects.NET is effective in treating post-earthquake traumatic symptoms in adult Chinese earthquake survivors. The findings help advance current knowledge in the management of PTSD after natural disasters and inform future research. Larger sample sizes are needed to extend the present findings.Chinese Clinical Trial Registry ChiCTR-TRC-12002473On May 12th, 2008 a devastating earthquake occurred in the Sichuan province of China. According to the Chinese Ministry of Civil Affairs, the earthquake destroyed almost 6.5 million homes and affected approximately 46 million people. Studies on earthquake victims suggest that Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and major depression are common psychological reactions [1-3]. Wang et al. [4]found that, three months after the Sichuan earthquake, the probable
Many-body Landau-Zener Transition in Cold Atom Double Well Optical Lattices
Yinyin Qian,Ming Gong,Chuanwei Zhang
Physics , 2011, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevA.87.013636
Abstract: Ultra-cold atoms in optical lattices provide an ideal platform for exploring many-body physics of a large system arising from the coupling among a series of small identical systems whose few-body dynamics is exactly solvable. Using Landau-Zener (LZ) transition of bosonic atoms in double well optical lattices as an experimentally realizable model, we investigate such few to many body route by exploring the relation and difference between the small few-body (in one double well) and the large many-body (in double well lattice) non-equilibrium dynamics of cold atoms in optical lattices. We find the many-body coupling between double wells greatly enhances the LZ transition probability. The many-body dynamics in the double well lattice shares both similarity and difference from the few-body dynamics in one and two double wells. The sign of the on-site interaction plays a significant role on the many-body LZ transition. Various experimental signatures of the many-body LZ transition, including atom density, momentum distribution, and density-density correlation, are obtained.
Quantum Transport of Bosonic Cold Atoms in Double Well Optical Lattices
Yinyin Qian,Ming Gong,Chuanwei Zhang
Physics , 2011, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevA.84.013608
Abstract: We numerically investigate, using the time evolving block decimation algorithm, the quantum transport of ultra-cold bosonic atoms in a double well optical lattice through slow and periodic modulation of the lattice parameters (intra- and inter-well tunneling, chemical potential, etc.). The transport of atoms does not depend on the rate of change of the parameters (as along as the change is slow) and can distribute atoms in optical lattices at the quantized level without involving external forces. The transport of atoms depends on the atom filling in each double well and the interaction between atoms. In the strongly interacting region, the bosonic atoms share the same transport properties as non-interacting fermions with quantized transport at the half filling and no atom transport at the integer filling. In the weakly interacting region, the number of the transported atoms is proportional to the atom filling. We show the signature of the quantum transport from the momentum distribution of atoms that can measured in the time of flight image. A semiclassical transport model is developed to explain the numerically observed transport of bosonic atoms in the non-interacting and strongly interacting limits. The scheme may serve as an quantized battery for atomtronics applications.
High-Speed,Robust CMOS Dynamic Circuit Design
Lai Lianzhang,Tang Tingao,Lin Yinyin,
Lai Lianzhang
,Tang Tingao,Lin Yinyin

半导体学报 , 2006,
Abstract: A novel circuit with a narrow pulse driving structure is proposed for enhancing the noise immunity and improving the performance of wide fan-in dynamic circuits.Also,an analytical mode that agrees well with simulations is presented for transistor sizing.Simulation results show that an improvement of up to 12% over the conventional technique at 1GHz is obtained with this circuit,which can run 1.6 times faster than the existing technique with the same noise immunity.
Directed Partial Correlation: Inferring Large-Scale Gene Regulatory Network through Induced Topology Disruptions
Yinyin Yuan,Chang-Tsun Li,Oliver Windram
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0016835
Abstract: Inferring regulatory relationships among many genes based on their temporal variation in transcript abundance has been a popular research topic. Due to the nature of microarray experiments, classical tools for time series analysis lose power since the number of variables far exceeds the number of the samples. In this paper, we describe some of the existing multivariate inference techniques that are applicable to hundreds of variables and show the potential challenges for small-sample, large-scale data. We propose a directed partial correlation (DPC) method as an efficient and effective solution to regulatory network inference using these data. Specifically for genomic data, the proposed method is designed to deal with large-scale datasets. It combines the efficiency of partial correlation for setting up network topology by testing conditional independence, and the concept of Granger causality to assess topology change with induced interruptions. The idea is that when a transcription factor is induced artificially within a gene network, the disruption of the network by the induction signifies a genes role in transcriptional regulation. The benchmarking results using GeneNetWeaver, the simulator for the DREAM challenges, provide strong evidence of the outstanding performance of the proposed DPC method. When applied to real biological data, the inferred starch metabolism network in Arabidopsis reveals many biologically meaningful network modules worthy of further investigation. These results collectively suggest DPC is a versatile tool for genomics research. The R package DPC is available for download (http://code.google.com/p/dpcnet/).
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