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Dichlorido{2-[3-(dimethylammonio)propyliminomethyl]phenolato}zinc(II) hemihydrate
Xue-Wen Zhu
Acta Crystallographica Section E , 2008, DOI: 10.1107/s1600536808033977
Abstract: The title complex, [ZnCl2(C12H18N2O)]·0.5H2O, is a mononuclear zinc(II) compound derived from the zwitterionic form of the Schiff base 2-[3-(dimethylamino)propyliminomethyl]phenol. The ZnII atom is four-coordinated by the imine N and the phenolate O atoms of the Schiff base ligand, and by two chloride ions, in a distorted tetrahedral coordination geometry. The dimethylammonio group is disordered over two positions with site occupancies of 0.51 (3) and 0.49 (3). In the asymmetric unit, there is also a disordered water molecule with a partial occupancy of 0.5. In the crystal structure, the water molecules are linked to the Schiff base complex molecules through intermolecular N—H...O hydrogen bonds. Molecules are further linked through additional intermolecular N—H...O hydrogen bonds, forming chains running along the b axis.
Turbulence induced additional deceleration in relativistic shock wave propagation: implications for gamma-ray burst
Xue-Wen Liu
Physics , 2012, DOI: 10.1007/s10509-012-1160-0
Abstract: The late afterglow of gamma-ray burst is believed to be due to progressive deceleration of the forward shock wave driven by the gamma-ray burst ejecta propagating in the interstellar medium. We study the dynamic effect of interstellar turbulence on shock wave propagation. It is shown that the shock wave decelerates more quickly than previously assumed without the turbulence. As an observational consequence, an earlier jet break will appear in the light curve of the forward shock wave. The scatter of the jet-corrected energy release for gamma-ray burst, inferred from the jet-break, may be partly due to the physical uncertainties in the turbulence/shock wave interaction. This uncertainties also exist in two shell collisions in the well-known internal shock model proposed for gamma-ray burst prompt emission. The large scatters of known luminosity relations of gamma-ray burst may be intrinsic and thus gamma-ray burst is not a good standard candle. We also discuss the other implications.
Genome-wide gene responses in a transgenic rice line carrying the maize resistance gene Rxo1 to the rice bacterial streak pathogen, Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzicola
Yong-Li Zhou, Mei-Rong Xu, Ming-Fu Zhao, Xue-Wen Xie, Ling-Hua Zhu, Bin-Ying Fu, Zhi-Kang Li
BMC Genomics , 2010, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2164-11-78
Abstract: A microarray experiment was performed to reveal the molecular mechanisms underlying HR of rice to Xoc mediated by Rxo1 using a pair of transgenic and non-transgenic rice lines. Our results indicated that Rxo1 appeared to function in the very early step of the interaction between rice and Xoc, and could specifically activate large numbers of genes involved in signaling pathways leading to HR and some basal defensive pathways such as SA and ET pathways. In the former case, Rxo1 appeared to differ from the typical host R genes in that it could lead to HR without activating NDR1. In the latter cases, Rxo1 was able to induce a unique group of WRKY TF genes and a large set of genes encoding PPR and RRM proteins that share the same G-box in their promoter regions with possible functions in post-transcriptional regulation.In conclusion, Rxo1, like most host R genes, was able to trigger HR against Xoc in the heterologous rice plants by activating multiple defensive pathways related to HR, providing useful information on the evolution of plant resistance genes. Maize non-host resistance gene Rxo1 could trigger the pathogen-specific HR in heterologous rice, and ultimately leading to a localized programmed cell death which exhibits the characteristics consistent with those mediated by host resistance genes, but a number of genes encoding pentatricopeptide repeat and RNA recognition motif protein were found specifically up-regulated in the Rxo1 mediated disease resistance. These results add to our understanding the evolution of plant resistance genes.Within the natural environments, crop plants are continuously confronted with different potential pathogens and pests because of their sessile characteristics. As a result, they have evolved complicated defense mechanisms to protect themselves from these pathogenic microorganisms. These include hypersensitive reaction (HR, which is characterized by the rapid cell death surrounding the infection sites), increased expression of defens


物理学报 , 1982,
Abstract: We have analysed the quantization schemes presented in references 1, 2] for a damped harmonic oscillator and found out that there are some defects in volved in these schemes. In order to remedy these defects, we assume the coordinate system fluctuating with a velocity g(t) in addition to damping force f(t) proportional to the velocity and suggest a method of quantization for this system based on the full quantum theory of lasers. It is proved that the usual Heisenberg relation xp-px=ih can be maintained, but the quantum term in statistical average value of physical variable does not damp as shown in reference 1].
Characteristics of the β-tubulin genes from three carbendazim-tolerant Alternaria species

HUANG Da-Ye,LI Bao-Ju,SHI Yan-Xia,XIE Xue-Wen,

菌物学报 , 2012,
Abstract: 应用两对引物,从对多菌灵具有耐药性的链格孢属3个真菌中扩增了与多菌灵耐药性相关的β-微管蛋白基因,基因长度分别为1,419bp(瓜链格孢),1,426bp(茄链格孢),1,419bp(链格孢),均包含3个内含子,编码398个氨基酸。3个链格孢属真菌与其他对多菌灵敏感的植物病原真菌β-微管蛋白氨基酸具有高度的同源性。但是,3个真菌167位氨基酸均为酪氨酸,而其他对多菌灵敏感的真菌167位均为苯丙氨酸,研究结果表明链格孢属真菌对多菌灵的耐药性可能与167位酪氨酸有关。
Kernel-based distance metric learning for microarray data classification
Huilin Xiong, Xue-wen Chen
BMC Bioinformatics , 2006, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2105-7-299
Abstract: In this paper, we present a modified K-nearest-neighbor (KNN) scheme, which is based on learning an adaptive distance metric in the data space, for cancer classification using microarray data. The distance metric, derived from the procedure of a data-dependent kernel optimization, can substantially increase the class separability of the data and, consequently, lead to a significant improvement in the performance of the KNN classifier. Intensive experiments show that the performance of the proposed kernel-based KNN scheme is competitive to those of some sophisticated classifiers such as support vector machines (SVMs) and the uncorrelated linear discriminant analysis (ULDA) in classifying the gene expression data.A novel distance metric is developed and incorporated into the KNN scheme for cancer classification. This metric can substantially increase the class separability of the data in the feature space and, hence, lead to a significant improvement in the performance of the KNN classifier.DNA microarray technology is designed to measure the expression levels of tens of thousands of genes simultaneously. As an important application of this novel technology, the gene expression data are used to determine and predict the state of tissue samples, which has shown to be very helpful in clinical oncology. The most fundamental task using gene expression data in clinical oncology is to classify tissue samples according to their gene expression levels. In combination with pattern classification techniques, gene expression data can provide more reliable means to diagnose and predict various types of cancers than the traditional clinical methods.Compared with traditional pattern classifications, gene expression-based data classification is typically characterized by high dimensionality and small sample size, which make the task quite challenging. In the literature, a number of methods have been applied or developed to classify microarray data [1-6]. These methods include K-near
A New Time Series Forecasting Model

XIA Xue-wen,

系统工程理论与实践 , 2000,
Abstract: In this paper, by using the grey system theory and time series analysis, the grey time series model is put forward and model\|building method and forecasting method are abaktsed. It is applied in agriculture with total output value, the method is very good by forecasting test.
Determination of Nutrient Constituents in Seeds of Elaeagnus lanceolata

Mao Xue-wen,

植物学报 , 1997,
A Problem Worth to Discuss - Asexual Reproduction and Vegetative Propagation of Plant

Mao Xue-wen,

植物学报 , 1992,

ZHU Xue-wen,

地球学报 , 1987,
Abstract: 在系统对比分析目前各种“灰岩洞穴沉积分类”方案的基础上,本文以洞穴次生化学沉积作用及其生成形态的系统观思想为基本原则,初步提出一个包气带洞穴水运动、沉积模式及形态系统表,将洞穴次生化学沉积分为非重力水沉积、重力水沉积及其复合水运动形成的沉积三种类型。并对其中的石盾与穴帐、月奶石、石花、莲花盆、晶锥、棕榈石笋及乳房状钟乳等的形态特征及形成过程作了描述和说明。
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