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A Hybrid Path-Oriented Code Assignment CDMA-Based MAC Protocol for Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks
Huifang Chen,Guangyu Fan,Lei Xie,Jun-Hong Cui
Sensors , 2013, DOI: 10.3390/s131115006
Abstract: Due to the characteristics of underwater acoustic channel, media access control (MAC) protocols designed for underwater acoustic sensor networks (UWASNs) are quite different from those for terrestrial wireless sensor networks. Moreover, in a sink-oriented network with event information generation in a sensor field and message forwarding to the sink hop-by-hop, the sensors near the sink have to transmit more packets than those far from the sink, and then a funneling effect occurs, which leads to packet congestion, collisions and losses, especially in UWASNs with long propagation delays. An improved CDMA-based MAC protocol, named path-oriented code assignment (POCA) CDMA MAC (POCA-CDMA-MAC), is proposed for UWASNs in this paper. In the proposed MAC protocol, both the round-robin method and CDMA technology are adopted to make the sink receive packets from multiple paths simultaneously. Since the number of paths for information gathering is much less than that of nodes, the length of the spreading code used in the POCA-CDMA-MAC protocol is shorter greatly than that used in the CDMA-based protocols with transmitter-oriented code assignment (TOCA) or receiver-oriented code assignment (ROCA). Simulation results show that the proposed POCA-CDMA-MAC protocol achieves a higher network throughput and a lower end-to-end delay compared to other CDMA-based MAC protocols.
Sequence analysis of four caprine mitochondria DNA lineages
Yan-Ping Wu,Jun-Hong Huo,Wei-Jun Guan,Jin-Fang Xie
Italian Journal of Animal Science , 2012, DOI: 10.4081/ijas.2012.e69
Abstract: The complete mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) (16640bp in length) was sequenced from four Chinese goat lineages representing the four major mtDNA haplogroups in goats. A total of 124 single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) were found in encoding regions, and the overall ratio of transitions:transversions was 40:1 revealing a heavy transition/transversion rate in domestic goats. Eighteen non-synonymous sites were found for the total number of SNPs; the sites did not affect the predicted functions of protein for these four goat mtDNA lineages. In the region for coding tRNA and rRNA, SNPs occurred in loops, unstructured single strand and stems that were conformed with the principle of G-U pairing. We came to the conclusion that these substitutions could not change secondary structure of RNAs, and there was no positive selection on goat mitochondrial coding region according to the result of dN/dS (0.0399-0.1529) by comparing the goat with other reported mitochondrial genomes.
Pt/Ti Electrodes of PZT Thin Films Patterning by Novel Lift-Off Using ZnO as a Sacrificial Layer
LI Jun-Hong,WANG Cheng-Hao,XU Lian,XIE Shu,

中国物理快报 , 2008,
Abstract: We achieve a successful novel lift-off of patterning Pt/Ti electrodes on SiO2/Si substrates by employing ZnO sacrificial layer deposition and patterning, successive uniform Pt/Ti deposition and final lift-off. Then we deposit PZT thin films on the electrodes. Compared with the conventional lift-off processes for the electrodes, this novel process does not need post-annealing, which must be performed after conventional lift-off process. It is demonstrated that the electrodes patterned by the novel lift-off process have stronger adhesion. The electrodes and the PZT films on the electrodes are more compact and smoother than those by the conventional lift-off process.
Research of Controlled Worm Framework

LUO Jun-hong,ZHANG You-wei,XIE Yu-qiang,SHU Hui,

计算机应用研究 , 2006,
Abstract: Recently the explosive growth of network applications and its complexity, and the threat of Intemet worms against network become serious increasingly. So the technology research about the Intemet worm is very important. In this paper the author introduces the definition of worm, and analyses the flow chart of worm. Then it gives a point of the worm distributed framework which supports controlled configuration. At last described the flow chart of worm which based on the controlled worm functions.
A review on nitrogen transmission processes in natural wetlands

BAI Jun-Hong,

生态学报 , 2005,
Abstract: Wetlands are the most active interface for energy exchange and material movement on the earth, since they are the ecotones between waters and inlands. Nitrogen, one of the important components of wetland soils, is an ecological factor of wetland ecosystems that greatly influence the productivities of wetland ecosystems. The present paper aims to provide a critical review on nitrogen movement and transformation in wetland ecosystems. Nitrogen transmission includes physical, chemical and biological processes, which are closely linked to soil formation and plant growth and consists of a complex network with substance cycles and energy flow in these air- water-soil-life systems. It is a considerable threaten for nitrogen leaching to water quality safety of ground water in wetlands. Wetlands act as sink or source of nitrogen, which is controlled by such environmental factors as soil characteristics or water properties. Ammonia volatilization is one path of nitrogen loss and is greatly related to pH values of waters. Nitrogen mineralization, nitrification and denitrification are main chemical transformation processes and related to each other. They are the main mechanisms of mineral nutrients supply and N_2O emissions, which are greatly influenced by the environmental factors and human activities and can be described by kinetics models. Wetland vegetation's uptake and accumulation and microbial decomposition play the important roles in nitrogen cycles of wetlands. Some nitrogen processes in wetlands have been greatly considered in the past studies, but it is necessary to study comprehensively and continuously nitrogen biogeochemical processes in the future. The key research fields are as follows: (1) nitrogen movement and transformation processes in wetlands with different vegetation types; (2) relationships between nitrogen transmission processes and global changes; (3) effects of LUCC on nitrogen biogeochemical processes; (4) processes and mechanisms of wetland hydrology patterns influencing on nitrogen transmission processes; (5) nitrogen retaining and purification mechanisms of wetland soils; (6) biogeochemical processes and ecological effects of nitrogen cycling in plateau wetlands.
The TopK Scheme for the Energy-Saving Data Organization in Broadcast-Based Wireless Environments
Jun-Hong Shen,Ye-In Chang
IAENG International Journal of Computer Science , 2007,
Non-Markovian entanglement dynamics of noisy continuous variable quantum channels
Jun-Hong An,Wei-Min Zhang
Physics , 2007, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevA.76.042127
Abstract: We investigate the entanglement dynamics of continuous-variable quantum channels in terms of an entangled squeezed state of two cavity fields in a general non-Markovian environment. Using the Feynman-Vernon influence functional theory in the coherent-state representation, we derive an exact master equation with time-dependent coefficients reflecting the non-Markovian influence of the environment. The influence of environments with different spectral densities, e.g., Ohmic, sub-Ohmic, and super-Ohmic, is numerically studied. The non-Markovian process shows its remarkable influences on the entanglement dynamics due to the sensitive time-dependence of the dissipation and noise functions within the typical time scale of the environment. The Ohmic environment shows a weak dissipation-noise effect on the entanglement dynamics, while the sub-Ohmic and super-Ohmic environments induce much more severe noise. In particular, the memory of the system interacting with the environment contributes a strong decoherence effect to the entanglement dynamics in the super-Ohmic case.


物理学报 , 1999,
Abstract: After the discussion of the numerical simulation method based on the FDTD method and the PML technique, the motions of the charges and the electrical field lines were first employed to describe the radiation procedures of the pulse electromagnetic waves. Then the causes of how the charges are accelerated and how the motion status of the charges are maintained were further studied from the angle of interaction of charge and field. After these analyses, it was pointed out that the pulse radiation is due to the suddenly occurred time-varying electrical field (displacement current) in the open space. This view was further evidenced by two examples: one is the partly resistance loaded antenna, the other is the partly curved antenna. The radiation procedures of the pulse electromagnetic waves of many different situations were simulated throughout this paper with the contours and waveforms of electric field given. These figures are very helpful to the understanding of the radiation mechanism of the pulse electromagnetic waves.


物理学报 , 2000,
Abstract: The distributed static capacitance of the dipole antenna was solved by finite di fference method. The influences of the antenna configuration coefficients on the distributed capacitance were analyzed. An equivalent circuit for dipole antenna s, which can be solved in time-domain, was put forward by the distributed static capacitance and the inductance. A corresponding time-domain approach for solvin g this circuit was proposed. By these equivalent circuit and the approach, the v alues of voltage and current at any point of the antenna and at any time can be solved, no matter what pulse source is fed to the antenna. Therefore, the propag ating properties of the pulse voltage and current along the antenna can be analy zed, and the phenomena occurring in the propagating procedure can be explained.
Exact analytic solutions for an elliptic hole with asymmetric collinear cracks in a one-dimensional hexagonal quasi-crystal

Guo Jun-Hong,Liu Guan-Ting,

中国物理 B , 2008,
Abstract: Using the complex variable function method and the technique of conformal mapping, the anti-plane shear problem of an elliptic hole with asymmetric collinear cracks in a one-dimensional hexagonal quasi-crystal is solved, and the exact analytic solutions of the stress intensity factors (SIFs) for mode III problem are obtained. Under the limiting conditions, the present results reduce to the Griffith crack and many new results obtained as well, such as the circular hole with asymmetric collinear cracks, the elliptic hole with a straight crack, the mode T crack, the cross crack and so on. As far as the phonon field is concerned, these results, which play an important role in many practical and theoretical applications, are shown to be in good agreement with the classical results.
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