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Nonideal effects in quantum field-effect directional coupler

Xie Yue-E,Yan Xiao-Hong,Chen Yuan-Ping,

中国物理 B , 2006,
Abstract: The nonideal effects in a quantum field-effect directional coupler where two quantum wires are coupled through a finite potential barrier are studied by adopting the lattice Green function method. The results show that the electron energy distribution, asymmetric geometry and finite temperature all have obvious influence on the electron transfer of the coupler. Only for the electrons with energies in a certain region, can the complete periodic transfer between two quantum wires take place. The conductance of these electrons as a function of the barrier length and potential height exhibits a fine periodic or quasi-periodic pattern. For the electrons with energies beyond the region, however, the complete periodic transfer does not hold any more since many irregular oscillations are superimposed on the conductance profile. In addition, the finite temperature and asymmetric geometry both can reduce the electron transfer efficiency.
A Design of Robust H Filter for Uncertain Neutral Systems with Time Delays
WANG Yue-e,WANG Yue-e,WANG Yue-e,WANG Yue-e
Journal of Chongqing Normal University , 2010,
Abstract: In this paper, the problem of robust H filtering for uncertain neutral systems with time delays is considered. The purpose is to design full filters assuring asymptotically stability and a prescribed H performance level for the filtering error dynamic system, irrespective of the uncertainties and the timedelays. Based on the Lyapunov stability theory, sufficient condition for the existence of full order H filt-ers is proposed by LMI method such that the filtering error system is asymptotically sable and satisfies a prescribed attenuation level of noise:*. Moreover, an explicit parametrizationof all desired full robust filter is presented when these conditions are feasible. A numerical e-xample is given t-o demonstrate the feasibility and effectiveness of the design.(* Indicates a formula, please see the full text)

XIAO Yue-E,CHEN Kai-Ning,DAI Xin-Bin,XU Xiao-Ming,

植物生态学报 , 2007,
Abstract: 该文通过pH值漂移实验比较了太湖常见的两种沉水植物菹草(Potamogeton crispus)和马来眼子菜(P.malaianus)对无机碳利用效率的差异,并测定两者无机碳吸收关键酶——碳酸酐酶的活性,探讨了两者无机碳吸收效率差异的原因。根据太湖自然水体的无机碳条件设定了3种不同碱度条件,测定起点pH值和无机碳条件。不同碱度下pH值漂移变化和总无机碳/碱度比值的结果表明,两个种均能利用HCO3-,适应低无机碳条件。两者对HCO3-的吸收速率决定于其浓度大小,该离子浓度越大,光合速率越高。但是对HCO3-的吸收速率存在差异:马来眼子菜在各碱度下终点pH值显著高于菹草,整体光合速率较高。CO2-光合速率响应曲线表明,在高pH值(CO2受到限制)时,马来眼子菜对CO2亲和力较大。尽管菹草在pH值较低(6.5~7.0)时有相对较高的光合速率,但是基于太湖自然水体夏季高pH值(>8.5)条件,马来眼子菜具有更大的生长优势,成为优势种群。两者无机碳吸收速率的差异是造成它们生活史差异和时间生态位的一重要原因。同时,马来眼子菜碳酸酐酶活性明显高于菹草,表明在相同无机碳条件下,前者催化HCO3-与CO2之间的转化效率更高,这可能是造成两者无机碳吸收速率差异的原因。
Magnetotransport in a dual waveguide coupled by a finite barrier: Energy filter and directional coupler
Magnetotransport in a dual waveguide coupled by a finite barrier: Energy filter and directional coupler

Xie Yue-E,Chen Yuan-Ping,Yan Xiao-Hong,

中国物理 B , 2007,
Abstract: We propose in this paper that a dual waveguide coupled by a finite barrier be able to serve as an energy filter under a perpendicular magnetic field. In the waveguide direction, the conductance exhibits a periodic square-wave pattern in which the miniband is controlled by the magnetic and potential modulation. The electrons with energies in the miniband can completely transfer along one waveguide while the other electrons undergo filtration. Compared with the coupled waveguide without magnetic modulation, the structure under magnetic field is found to be a good directional coupler. By adjusting the potential barrier and magnetic field, the electrons input from one port of waveguide can transfer to any other ports.
Predictive value of qualitative assessment of general movements for adverse outcomes at 24 months of age in infants with asphyxia

陈楠, 温晓红, 黄金华, 王水云, 祝月娥
, WEN Xiao-Hong, HUANG Jin-Hua, WANG Shui-Yun, ZHU Yue-E

- , 2015, DOI: 10.7499/j.issn.1008-8830.2015.12.013
Stability Criteria in Uncertain Neutral Systems with Mixed Time-Varying Delays
WANG Yue-e,WU Bao-wei,CHEN Jia
Journal of Chongqing Normal University , 2010,
Abstract: This paper investigates the stability condition in a class of uncertain neutral systems with interval time-varying delays and nonlinear uncertainties. In this paper,the time-varying delays are assumed to belong to an interval tm≤t(t)≤tm. The purpose is to derive a new delay-dependent stability condition with much less conservative in the neutral system, irrespective of the uncertainties and the time delays. Based on both the lower and upper bounds of time-varying delay interval, in the choice of the approriate Lyapunov function, used the transform of Leibnitz-Newton formula, a new delay-dependent stabilitycondition of nonlinear neutral systems with time-varying delays is derived which is based on S-prosedure:∑<0. Finally, numerical examples show the effectiveness of our results and much less conservative.
A Geographical Penetration into Urban Cohesion Based on Potential Model :a Case Study of Xiamen and Zhangzhou
ZENG Yue-e,WU Shi-dai,LI Yong-shi,CHEN Zhi-qiang
Journal of Chongqing Normal University , 2012,
Abstract: The issue of urban cohesion has become one of the hot topics in the academic study. This paper discussed the issue by taking Xiamen and Zhangzhou cities as a research object, which is a core region of the economic zone on the west coast of Taiwan straits. First, this paper introduces the development of case and the extent of academic domain. Then it makes a critical review on research into urban cohesion. Supported by software of ArcGIS, the authors select Xiamen and Zhangzhou city as research units, and use the data from statistical yearbooks of Xiamen and Zhangzhou cities covering the years of 2003、2009. Based on studies on urban cohesion, this paper draws some conclusions as follows: (1) The closer hinterlands of primary industry which belong to Zhangzhou city, holding a great advantage in Xiamen and Zhangzhou cities, which the centre of secondary industry is Xiamen city’s closer hinterlands of secondary industry, and so is tertiary industry. (2) Based on complementarities of the industries in Xiamen and Zhangzhou city, the urban cohesion of Xiamen and Zhangzhou cities had a favorable industrial foundation, as well as its possibility and inevitability.(3)The study provided a reference for industrial distribution and function division of Xiamen and Zhangzhou city.
Incremental double sequence algorithm of concept lattice union

YAO Jia-min,YANG Si-chun,LI Xin-lei,PENG Yue-e,

计算机应用研究 , 2013,
Abstract: In existing literatures, the algorithms of concept lattice union are all one-way vertical or horizontal union. Based on concept lattice duality principle, this paper proposed a two-way union algorithm. Comparing with vertical or horizontal algorithms, this algorithm does union by the ascending and descending order of the intension and extension of concept. Algorithm analysis and example show that the new algorithm retains the structural information and its efficiency is significantly improved.
Parallel simulated annealing genetic algorithm for optimizing BP neural network

LIU Yue-e,HE Dong-jian,LI Zheng-rong,

计算机应用 , 2006,
Abstract: A Parallel Simulated Annealing Genetic Algorithm(PSAGA) was given for the optimization of 3 levels BP neural network.Simulated annealing(SA) method was applied in fitness scaling,genetic operator was improved by ranking selection which copied the fittest,heuristic crossover and multi nonuniform mutation,and SA was used as the state generator.The idea of parallel evolution was combined into PSAGM.Simulation to recognition of English letters proved PSAGM was better than simple genetic algorithm in global search,local search and speed of convergence.
Research on Shared Path First Heuristic Algorithm

Yang Fan,Qiu Zhi-liang,Li Zhi-bing,Liu Zeng-ji,Chang Yue-e,

电子与信息学报 , 2007,
Abstract: The minimum cost multicast tree may boil down to Steiner tree problem which is NP-Complete.Inmulticast applications,heuristic algorithms are commonly used to calculate the suboptimal tree.In this paper,anew heuristic algorithm named Shared Path First Heuristic(SPFH)is proposed.In this algorithm,whendestination nodes are joined into the multicast tree,two factors are considered.One is the distance between thedestination nodes and the multicast tree,the other is the influence of earlier joined nodes to the later joined nodes.Among the nearest nodes to the constructing multicast tree,the node which can reduce the joining cost of othernodes are first chosen to join the tree.The simulation result shows that SPFH achieves the preferable performance.
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