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Recent Advances in Gene Transformation of Monocotyledons Mediated by Agrobacterium Tumefaciens

HE Chen-Xia,XIA Guang-Min,

植物学报 , 1999,
Abstract: The transformation system mediated by Agrobacterium tumefaciens is a kind of common and efficient means for gene transformation of dicotyledons. The advantages of this system have aroused much attention. This method is used recently to transform monocotyledons which have been considered out of the range of Agrobacteria hosts. Many important crops such as rice, corn, barley and wheat have been transformed successfully by Agrobacterium. This article summarizes the advantages of Agrobacteria transformation, the mechanism of transformation and research advances on monocotyledons.
In Vitro Culture of Wheat Microspores

QIN Yu-Xiang XIA Guang-Min,

植物学报 , 2004,
Abstract: Microspore culture is a plant regeneration system with a high frequency, which was developed from anther culture. It is noticed that microspore culture has an important role in plant breeding. But, microspore culture has not been utilized widely because the technical limitation in wheat. In recent years, microspore culture of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) has been improved significantly with a potential for application.
Isolation and Sequence Analysis of A ω-Gliadin Homologous Gene from Wheat

CHEN Fan-Guo,XIA Guang-Min,

遗传 , 2005,
Abstract: The DNA sequence of a full-length Triticum astivum CV. Jinan 177omega-gliadin homologous gene (omega1236) containing partial 5' and 3' flanking sequences with no intron was cloned by genomic PCR-based technology. The omega1236 sequence possibly encode a putative 47.2 kDa protein except for eight stop codons at amino acid residue positions 87, 117, 125, 157, 198, 313, 357 and 365 respectively. All the eight stop codons were caused by base transition. Sequence analysis revealed that omega1236 had 98% homology to a omega-gliadin gene of wheat (AB059812). Like all other gliadin gene families characterized in cereals, this gene possessed all the features in other plant reported previously. Phylogenetic analysis of the completely sequenced gene as well as those omega-genes in wheat, omega-secalin and C-horden genes in rye and barley, and alpha-, beta- and gamma-gliadin genes in wheat indicated that the omega1236 was more closely related to omega-gliadin gene family, much less homology to alpha- , beta- and gamma-gliadin gene families. Short peptide was produced in the culture of transformed E. coli induced by IPTG in early 2 h. It indicated that stop codon would be in omega1236. The result is consistent with that of the sequenced gene. The present paper could accumulate data useful for both omega-gliadin gene cloning by PCR and the study on structures and functions of these genes.
Expression Vector Used in Chloroplast Genetic Transformation
用于叶绿体遗传转化的表达载体 Expression Vector Used in Chloroplast Genetic Transformation

HOU Bing-kai,YU Hui-min,XIA Guang-min,
,于惠敏,夏光敏HOU Bing-kai,YU Hui-min,XIA Guang-min

遗传 , 2002,
Abstract: Chloroplast genetic transformation is a new way of plant genetic engineering.This paper reviews the construction methods of expression vector used in chloroplast genetic transformation.It contains the homologous recombinant fragments,the chloroplast specific promoter and terminater,the selectable marker genes and the interest genes whose expression in chloroplast have been achieved.
Karyotype Analysis of Psathyrostachys juncea

Sun Zhen-xiao Xia Guang-min Chen Hui-min,

植物学报 , 1995,
Tissue Culture and Chromosome Analysis of Psathyrostachys Junces (Fisch.) Nevski

Sun Zhen-xiao,Xia Guang-min,Chen Hui-min,

植物学报 , 1995,
Optimum Design for CLD Laminate Plates Using Genetic Algorithms  [PDF]
Guang-Min Luo, Tsung-Yen Hsieh
Open Journal of Composite Materials (OJCM) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ojcm.2014.42012

The optimizations of constrained layered damped (CLD) laminated structures are discussed in this study. Genetic algorithms (GAs) are employed as the search tool for optimization because these algorithms are suitable for solving optimization problems involving multiple discrete variable combinations. The numerical computation packages, ANSYS and MATLAB, have been used to estimate the optimum stacking sequence of CLD laminated structures. MATLAB package is used to achieve GAs process, and ANSYS package is used to proceed the structural analysis. This study successfully developed a numerical simulation mechanism for optimizing CLD adhesion efficiency by implementing GAs and the finite element method. The loss coefficients of the CLD damping layer vary with vibration frequency and failure constraints of CLD laminated plates are considered in objective function. In addition, the modified plasticity analysis (MPA) is used to increase the search efficiency of GAs and simply plastic analysis.

植物基因工程表达载体的改进和优化策略 Strategies for Optimizing Expression Vectors Used in Plant Genetic Engineering
侯丙凯,夏光敏,陈正华HOU Bing-kai,XIA Guang-min,CHEN Zheng-hua
遗传 , 2001,
Abstract: 外源基因在转基因植物中表达效率低一直是令相关研究者困扰的一个问题.转基因植物的生物安全性最近在全球范围内开始引起世人的担忧.本文简要介绍了近年来在植物表达载体构建方面所采用的一些新策略,这些策略有助于增强外源基因的表达水平、提高生物工程体的安全性。 Abstract:The low expression level of foreign genes in transgenic plants is a puzzling question for researchers in plant genetic engineering.The biosafety concern is now causing a growing public wariness of transgenic plants around the world.This article reviews the new strategies currently used in construction of plant expression vector for plant genetic engineering.These strategies are important for obtaining better expression of foreign genes and developing safer transgenic plants.
Differences in the Growth and Contents of Na+ and K+ between Somatic Hybrid Wheat and Its Wheat Parent under Salt Stress

WANG Jun QUAN,Tai-yong,XIA Guang-min,

热带亚热带植物学报 , 2004,
Abstract: 对小麦体细胞杂种F6株系Ⅰ-1-3和其亲本小麦济南177的幼苗在不同NaC1浓度处理6d时的生长量和Na^ 、K^ 含量进行了比较。结果表明:盐胁迫下杂种的生长量明显高于亲本小麦。随着盐浓度的增加,杂种和亲本的叶、茎和根中Na^ 含量均增加,但杂种叶与茎的Na^ 含量显著低于亲本,而根的却高于亲本,这可能提示杂种根部液泡较亲本有较强的储Na^ 功能。受盐胁迫的杂种叶与茎中K^ 含量显著高于亲本,K^ /Na^ 比值高。杂种的Na^ 净积累速率也高于亲本。可见杂种比亲本小麦有更强的耐盐性。
An Application of Bilevel Programming Problem in Optimal Pollution Emission Price  [PDF]
Guang-Min Wang, Lin-Mao Ma, Lan-Lan Li
Journal of Service Science and Management (JSSM) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/jssm.2011.43039
Abstract: Charging for the pollution is one of the ways to enhance the environmental quality. The appropriate price of the pollution emission is the most important question of the research on how to charge for the pollution. So, by constructing a bilevel programming model, we provide a novel way for solving the problem of charging for the pollution. In our model, the government (or the social regulation) chooses the optimal price of the pollution emission with consideration to firms’ response to the price. And the firms choose their optimal quantities of the production to maximize their profits at the given price of the pollution emission. Finally, a simple example is illustrated to demonstrate the feasibility of the proposed model.
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