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The Biomass of Different Species Communities of Alpine Meadow in Bayinbulak Region

HU Yu-kun,LI Kai-hui,WANG Xin,FAN Yong-gang,ZHANG Xiao-yan,
,李凯辉,王鑫,范永刚,张晓艳,吾买尔·吾守,HU Yu-kun,LI Kai-hui,WANG Xin,FAN Yong-gang,ZHANG Xiao-yan,Wumaier·wushou

资源科学 , 2007,
Abstract: 生物量是生态系统获取能量能力的集中体现, 对生态系统结构的形成具有十分重要的影响。草地生态系统是陆地生态系统分布最广的生态类型之一, 在全球变化中的作用非常重要。本文以新疆天山中部的巴音布鲁克高寒草甸为研究对象, 选取了黑花苔草(Carex melantha)、鬼见愁锦鸡儿(Caragana jubata)和线叶嵩草(Kobresia capillifolia) 3种典型的群落类型,开展了生物量研究。结果表明:①黑花苔草群落盖度最大, 为100%, 物种数最低, 每平方米拥有植物8种~11种。鬼见愁锦鸡儿群落盖度次之, 为86.14%, 物种组成丰富, 每平方米拥有植物12种~15种。线叶嵩草群落盖度最低, 55.7%, 每平方米拥有植物13种~16种;②各群落内部的物种丰富度与地上生物量之间无显著关系, 而群落间表现出负相关, 差异极显著;③黑花苔草群落的地下生物量最大, 线叶嵩草群落次之, 鬼见愁锦鸡儿群落最低, 分别为13 608.8g/m2、6 097.8g/m2和2 554.74g/m2;④3种群落的地下生物量呈现出“T”形分布的模式, 且集中分布在0cm~10cm的土层中;⑤3种群落的地上生物量与土壤含水量呈极显著正相关, 地下生物量受相对湿度影响较大,二者也呈极显著正相关。
Silicon with Clusters of Impurity Atoms as a Novel Material for Optoelectronics and Photovoltaic Energetics  [PDF]
M. K. Bakhadyrhanov, U. X. Sodikov, D. Melibayev, Tuerdi Wumaier, S. V. Koveshnikov, K. A. Khodjanepesov, Jiangxiang Zhan
Journal of Materials Science and Chemical Engineering (MSCE) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/msce.2018.64017
Abstract: The paper presents unique functional capabilities of silicon with nanoclusters of impurity atoms with various characters. It is shown that, depending on the nature of the clusters, it is possible to expand the spectral diapason of sensitivity towards the IR region and obtain silicon with anomalously high negative mag-netoresistance (Δρ/ρ > 100%) at room temperature. The formation of clusters of impurity atoms with different nature and concentration in the lattice of semiconductor materials is a new approach for obtaining bulk-nanostructured silicon with unique physical properties.

HOU Minqiang,ZHANG Wushou,

金属学报 , 2007,
Abstract: A model for hydrogen diffusion across a metallic tube type membrane is established. This model is a combination of the shell mechanics, elastoplastic mechanics, theories of thermo-stresses and metal-hydrogen interactions. Elastic, plastic and residual stresses and their effects on hydrogen distribution and transportation and material properties are discussed. It is found that the hydro- gen diffusion slows down in the plastic region and local thermodynamic properties of metal-hydrogen systems are modified. The plastic stress can be avoided by using small charging current during hydrogen charging processes. This result can be used for applications of hydrogen purification, isotopic separation, storage and transportation.
Time Course of Current of Injury Is Related to Acute Stability of Active-Fixation Pacing Leads in Rabbits
Shalaimaiti Shali, Alimujiang Wushou, Entao Liu, Lin Jia, Ruiming Yao, Yangang Su, Junbo Ge
PLOS ONE , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0057727
Abstract: Background Magnitude of current of injury (COI) consequent to pacemaker lead fixation is recognized as a predictor of acute lead stability. It is unclear whether dynamic monitoring of COI after lead fixation provides additional information beyond a single assessment performed at the time of fixation. Objectives This study was aimed to test the hypothesis that the time course of COI is related to acute lead stability. Methods and Results Active fixation leads with fixed screw were anchored to either Langendorff-perfused rabbit hearts endocardially or in vivo hearts epicardially in manners of contact the helix with no rotation, half rotation and full rotation, respectively. Intracardiac electrogram (EGM) was monitored dynamically from onset to resolution of COI, and magnitudes of intrinsic R wave and COI, including ST-segment elevation, ST/R and intracardiac EGM duration (IED), were measured. A digital force gauge was applied to assess lead stability. In vitro, COI in contacted leads was significantly smaller than those in half rotated (p<0.05) and fully rotated leads (p<0.05), and presented most precipitous recovery to baseline (1.5±1.1 min, p<0.05). Half-rotated and fully rotated leads manifested the same magnitude of COI right after placement. However, the time course of COI was significantly longer in fully rotated leads than that in half rotated leads (26.5±2.8 min vs. 5.6±2.0 min, p<0.05). Similar findings were observed in vivo. The time course of COI was significantly correlated with the force needed to detach the lead from myocardium (r = 0. 72, n = 48, p<0.001). Conclusions Time course of COI is related to acute lead stability in rabbits. One might be misled by a single assessment of COI magnitude right after lead placement, whereas persistence of COI is likely to be a useful indicator of adequate lead stability.
Using ICLAS to Absorption Spectrum of Harmonic Transition of 12CO2


浙江大学学报(农业与生命科学版) , 2001,
Abstract: 激光腔内吸收光谱技术(ICLAS)被发现以来,已被广泛应用于探测气体、液体、火焰以及等离子体中原子和分子的极弱吸收。其中的一个主要应用是研究分子高振动态的高分辨光谱。主要特征是灵敏度极高,可检测出少量分子微弱的光谱吸收,同时又可以对样品的吸收系数进行直接测量。   ICLAS的工作原理是把吸收样品放入一个连续多模的宽带激光腔内时,由于与频率有关的样品的吸收,使得一些模式的损耗增大,模式的强度降低,从而得到了以宽带激光的发射光谱为基线的吸收线。通过解关于光子数和增益介质上态能级布局数的速率方程组,可以得到在激光开始起振后,tg时刻的多次平均的光强表达式:……
Relationships between aboveground biomass and environmental factors along an altitude gradient of alpine grassland

LI Kai-hui,HU Yu-kun,WANG Xin,FAN Yong-gang,WUMAIER Wu-shou,

应用生态学报 , 2007,
Abstract: In order to analyze the relationships between aboveground biomass and environmental factors along an altitude gradient of Bayanbulak alpine grassland on the southern slope of Tianshan Mountain, nine plots were selected, with each at 100 m interval of altitude. The results showed that Stipa purpurea and Festuca ovina communities distributed at the altitude from 2460 to 2760 m, and the aboveground biomass were 52.2-75.9 g x m(-2). Kobresia capillifolia + S. purpurea communities distributed at altitude 2860 m, and the aboveground biomass was 53.2 g x m(-2). K. capillifolia, Aichemilla tianschanica and Carex stenocarpa distributed at the altitude from 2860 to 3260 m, and the aboveground biomass was 62.1-107.4 g x m(-2). The mean relative humidity in July and August had greater effects on the aboveground biomass. Altitude had a negative correlation with the aboveground biomass of gramineous functional group, but a positive correlation with that of sedge functional group. The mean air temperature in July and August was the key factor affecting the aboveground biomass of gramineous and sedge functional groups, and the stepwise regression equations were Y = 13.467X - 97.284 and Y = 171.699 - 15.331X, respectively (X represented mean air temperature, and Y represented aboveground biomass). Altitude was negatively correlated with mean air temperature and soil pH value (P < 0.01), and positively correlated with mean relative humidity (P < 0.01) and soil available nitrogen and water content (P < 0.05).
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