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Advance in the pathogenesis and treatment of Wilson disease
Dong Qin-Yun,Wu Zhi-Ying
Translational Neurodegeneration , 2012, DOI: 10.1186/2047-9158-1-23
Abstract: Wilson disease is an autosomal recessive disorder of copper metabolism. Diagnosis depends primarily on clinical features, biochemical parameters and the presence of the Kayser-Fleischer ring. Genetic analysis for mutations within ATP7B is a convincing diagnostic tool. The traditional treatment for WD includes chelation of excessive copper accumulation and reduction of copper intake. Medical therapy is effective but WD is not yet curable. Liver transplantation is especially helpful for patients who fail to respond to medical therapy or present with fulminant liver failure, although evaluation of its long-term effect are still in need.
A Method of Information Security Evaluation Combining CC with SSE-CMM

WU Dan WANG Zhi-Ying,

计算机科学 , 2003,
Abstract: The information security evaluation is an important part of information field. It is a general method to execute evaluation to the information security products under the instruction of Common Criteria (CC).A new method of information security evaluation, based on the combination of CC and Systems Security Engineering Capability Maturity Model CSSE-CMM) ,has been proposed in the paper. The basic idea of this method is using the reference of the security system engineer. Based on the experiment of a Target of Evaluation (TOE) in CC.the evaluation result of security assurance by this new method is proved to be more accurate, more comprehensive and more acceptable.
Association between Ngb polymorphisms and ischemic stroke in the Southern Chinese Han population
Yi Lin, Ling Fang, Xie-Hua Xue, Shen-Xing Murong, Ning Wang, Zhi-Ying Wu
BMC Medical Genetics , 2008, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2350-9-110
Abstract: 355 cases and 158 controls were recruited. With brain imaging, cases were subdivided into large-artery atherosclerosis (LVD) and small-vessel occlusion (SVD) stroke. PCR amplified all the four exons of Ngb and flanking intron sequence for each exon. Genotyping for Ngb was achieved by direct sequencing and mismatched PCR-RFLP. Polymorphisms were studied both individually and as haplotypes in each group and subgroup which subdivided according to gender or age.Two intronic polymorphisms 89+104 c>t and 322-110 (6a)>5a were identified. The allele frequency of 89+104 t was decreased in stroke cases. The protective effect seems to be more pronounced in subgroups of female patients and age > 60 years. Also, we have confirmed decreased LDL-C level and reduced hypertension and hypercholesterolemia in 89+104 t allele carriers. In contrast, the 322-110 (6a)>5a genotype distribution was similar between cases and controls. However, the haplotype 89+104 c>t/322-110 (6a)>5a was related with LVD and SVD stroke. The haplotype c-5a was more frequent in both LVD and SVD groups while t-6a was more frequent in controls.Ngb polymorphism 89+104 t had protective effects on LVD and SVD in the Southern Chinese Han population. A "hitchhiking" effect was observed for the 89+104 t/322-110 (6a) genotype combination especially for LVD.Neuroglobin (Ngb, LocusID: 58157; GenBank: DQ008010) is a newly discovered globular heme protein in the vertebrate brain that displays a high affinity for oxygen like myoglobin (Mb) and hemoglobin (Hb) [1]. Ngb is preferentially expressed in the neurons, as well as some endocrine tissues [1,2]. The highest Ngb concentration has been found in the retina, which is also the highest O2-consuming organ of the body [3].Ngb is hypoxia-inducible in cultures of cerebral cortical neurons [4] and some neuronal cell lines, such as PC12, immortalized rat hippocampal neuron (HN33) [5,6] and hybrid dorsal root ganglia neuroblastoma cell (ND15) [7]. Prolonged or sustained hypoxia in
Research advances in microbial ecology of biofilter and biotrickling filter for waste gases treatment

CHEN Ying-xu,DING Ying,HAN Zhi-ying,WU Wei-xiang,

应用生态学报 , 2007,
Abstract: Waste gases biofiltration is an emerging technology,and has played important roles in air pollution control.In this paper,the structure of biofilter and biotrickling filter and their mechanisms in air pollution removal were introduced,with focus on the research advances in the isolation and identification of microbes in the filters,correlations between microbial abundance,activity and community diversity,influences of operation conditions on microbial community,spatiotemporal change patterns of microbial community structure during operation,development of biofilm,and biodegrading dynamic models.The research perspectives in microbial ecology during biofiltration of waste gases were discussed.


物理学报 , 1980,
Abstract: In this work, the exact result of the problem of four-wave mixing in resonant absorbing media has been obtained. The effects of the degenerate four-wave mixing in the Nd3+: glass were calculated, the theoretical results agree well with the experimental measurement.
Aberrant upregulation of 14-3-3? expression serves as an inferior prognostic biomarker for gastric cancer
Wei-hua Zhou, Fang Tang, Jie Xu, Xing Wu, Zhi-ying Feng, Hai-gang Li, Dong-jun Lin, Chun-kui Shao, Quentin Liu
BMC Cancer , 2011, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2407-11-397
Abstract: The method of immunohistochemistry (IHC) and Western blot were utilized to examine the protein expression of 14-3-3? in gastric cancer and paired normal adjacent gastric mucosal tissues. Receive operating characteristic (ROC) curve analysis was employed to determine a cutoff score for 14-3-3? expression in a training set (n = 66). For validation, the ROC-derived cutoff score was subjected to analysis of the association of 14-3-3? expression with patient outcome and clinical characteristics in a testing set (n = 86) and overall patients (n = 152).The expression frequency and expression levels of 14-3-3? were significantly higher in gastric cancer than in normal gastric mucosal tissues. Correlation analysis demonstrated that high expression of 14-3-3? in gastric cancer was significantly correlated with clinical stage and tumor invasion. Furthermore, in the testing set and overall patients, Kaplan-Meier analysis showed that elevated 14-3-3? expression predicted poorer overall survival (OS) and progression-free survival (PFS). Importantly, high 14-3-3? expression was also associated with shortened survival time in stage III and stage IV gastric cancer patients. Multivariate analyses revealed that 14-3-3? expression was an independent prognostic parameter in gastric cancer.These findings provide evidence that high expression of 14-3-3? may be important in the tumor progression and servers as an independent molecular marker for poor prognosis of gastric cancer. Thus, overexpression of 14-3-3? identifies patients at high risk and is a novel therapeutic molecular target for this tumor.Gastric cancer is one of the most common causes of cancer-related death worldwide [1], especially in East Asian countries such as China, Japan [2]. In 2005, there were approximately 0.4 million new cases and 0.3 million deaths from gastric cancer in China [3]. Despite recent advances in surgical techniques and medical treatment, the overall 5-year survival rate of gastric cancer in China remai
Changes in the structure of zooplankton community in Lake Xihu(West Lake), Hangzhou after water pumping and dredging treatments

LI Gong-Guo,WU Zhi-Ying,YU Zuo-Ming,

生态学报 , 2006,
Abstract: 研究了引水和疏浚工程支配下浅水、富营养化杭州西湖浮游动物群落的长期变化,包括浮游动物的优势种类组成、密度及生物量与水环境因子的相关分析.疏浚后的2003年调查中,西湖3个采样站的定量样品中共发现69种浮游动物,其中原生动物26种,轮虫27种,枝角类和桡足类各8种.Ⅰ站浮游动物年平均生物量从1990年的0.186mg/L上升到2003年的0.705mg/L,Ⅱ站和Ⅲ站分别从0.665mg/L和0.740mg/L上升到1.399mg/L和1.195mg/L.浮游动物数量组成中原生动物和轮虫平均占99%,并占78%的生物量.在1980~2003年期间,一些优势种类如砂壳纤毛虫(Tintinnoinea)、针簇多肢轮虫(Polyarthra trigla)和长额象鼻溞(Bosmina longirostris)等显著增加了它们的丰度和优势度;暗小异尾轮虫(Trichocerca pusilla)的优势度在引水后的1990~1995年增加了,但在疏浚后的2003年下降了;而20世纪80年代的一些优势种如毛板壳虫(Coleps hirtus)、螺形龟甲轮虫(Keratella cochelearis)和短尾秀体溞(Diaphanosoma brachyurum)等在3个采样站中失去优势种地位或消失.原生动物和轮虫生物量在营养水平较高的Ⅱ~Ⅲ站明显高于营养水平较低的Ⅰ站;长肢秀体溞(Diaphanosoma leuchtenbergianum)、长额象鼻溞、颈沟基合溞(Bosminopsis deitersi)和汤匙华哲水蚤(Sinocalanus dorrii)在营养水平较低的Ⅰ站具有较大的密度和生物量,而微型裸腹溞(Moina micrura)和粗壮温剑水蚤(Thermocyclops dybowskii)则在营养水平较高的Ⅱ~Ⅲ站具有较大的密度和生物量.西湖各类浮游动物在不同湖区形成不同的分布格局主要由引水水流和水体营养状态差异造成.1990~2003年期间,在采样站变异下,浮游动物中轮虫年平均生物量与水体年平均pH值和叶绿素a含量之间分别有极显著和显著的正相关关系,与水体透明度之间有极显著的负相关关系.引水后的1995年,与轮虫生物量最密切的生态因子是叶绿素a含量,而疏浚后水体碱性环境是影响轮虫生物量最密切的生态因子.
Effects of drawing water and dredging on rotifera community in the West Lake, Hangzhou

LI Gong-Guo,WU Zhi-Ying,YU Zuo-Ming,

水生生物学报 , 2007,
Abstract: 1990年、1995年和2003年观察了引水和疏浚工程支配下浅水、富营养化杭州西湖(Ⅰ-Ⅲ站)浮游轮虫的群落变化,研究内容包括种类组成和优势种演变、密度和生物量、以及生物多样性指数。西湖轮虫的第一优势种由引水前的螺形龟甲轮虫(Keratella cochelearis),引水后演变为1990年的裂痕龟纹轮虫(Anuraeopsis fissa)和1995年的暗小异尾轮虫(Trichocerca pusilla),疏浚工程后针簇多肢轮虫(Polyarthra trigla)上升为西湖轮虫第一优势种。不同采样站中,引水促使了Ⅰ站(进水口)轮虫优势种的演变和轮虫丰度的显著下降,并使轮虫生物量与水体叶绿素a含量之间的相关性最强(相关系数达0.7080,p〈0.01);疏浚促使了Ⅲ站(出水口)轮虫优势种的演变和抑制了轮虫丰度的快速增加,并使轮虫生物量与水体高锰酸盐指数之间的相关性最强(相关系数0.5440,p〈0.25)。Ⅰ-Ⅲ站轮虫生物量与水体综合营养状态指数之间均有显著的正相关性。随着引入西湖水量的显著减少、疏浚工程的实施和西湖自身富营养化的推进,Ⅰ站和Ⅱ站轮虫的丰度急剧增加,生物多样性持续下降,Ⅲ站轮虫丰度增加较缓。这预示着Ⅰ站和Ⅱ站水体的富营养化进程快于Ⅲ站。

Wu Cun-kai,Cui Yang-zhao,Wang Zhi-ying,

物理学报 , 1980,
Abstract: Phase conjugation of forward-wave produced by degenerate four-wave mixing by using nearly resonantly enhanced nonlinearity in orgnic dye solutions. was investigated. Good-quality reconstructed images have been obtained by direct wave-front phase conjugation. Reconstructed images with a resolution of 6 lines/mm were obtained. For rhodamin 6G in alcolol solution of 2.5×10-5 mole, nonlinear reflection coefficient up to 10% has been obtained.


物理学报 , 1997,
Abstract: The interaction between hydrogen and defects in annealed,473K tempered and cold-rolled nickel samples has been investigated by positron lifetime and Doppler broadening measurements.Experimental results show that there has been no effect of hydrogen-charging on the nickel samples containing only dislocations,while in the samples containing vacancies the effect was evident.A long-lifetime component appeared for the latter,which may indicate that the hydrogen-vacancy composite is also the center of vacancy agglomeration.
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