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Design of Software for Maintenance Workforce Scheduling (A Case Study of Afam Power Station, Nigeria)  [PDF]
Ikuobase Emovon, Macaulay Thomas Lilly, Stephen Ogajiye Tamuno-Ojuemi Ogaji
Engineering (ENG) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/eng.2012.45031
Abstract: This paper is concerned with the optimization of the workforce scheduling for solving maintenance problems. To achieve this aim an optimsation software for (5, 7) problem was developed. The programme was written in Quick Basic. The software was designed to produce a seven day schedule for organization operating a seven day week. Hence organization operating a five day schedule wishing to change to a seven day schedule we find this software very useful. The Quick-Basic computer programme was based on Alfares [1, 2] algorithm for solving (5,7) schedule problem. Data collected from Afam power station, Nigeria was used as input data. The test result shows the software is capable of determining workforce size and assigning workers to day-off pattern. The seven-day schedule produced savings of 11% maintenance labour cost when compared with the 5-day schedule currently being practiced by the Power station [3].
Flow and quality of work life in a diverse workforce
D. R. Anderson,F. Crous,J. M. Schepers
South African Journal of Industrial Psychology , 1996, DOI: 10.4102/sajip.v22i3.611
Abstract: The principal aim of the study was to determine the relationship between flow (optimal experience) and quality of work life in a diverse workforce. The sample comprised 307 managers, middle-managers and junior officials from a private company. The sample was drawn from all organisational functions and cultural groups within the organisation. A questionnaire was developed to measure flow experience. The flow factors correlated statistically significantly with the quality of work life factors. The implications of these findings are discussed. Opsomming Die hoofdoel van die studie was om die verhouding tussen psigologiese vloei (optimale ervaring) en gehalte van werklewe in 'n diverse werksmag vas te stel. Die steekproef het uit 307 bestuurders, middelbestuurders en junior amptenare van 'n privaatmaatskappy bestaan. Die steekproef is uit alle organisasiefunksies en kultuurgroepe binne die organisasie getrek. 'n Vraelys wat psigologiese vloei-ervarings meet, is ontwikkel. Die psigologiese vloei-faktore het statisties beduidend met gehalte van werklewe-faktore gekorreleer. Die implikasies van die bevindinge word bespreek.
Implying an International Strategic Recruitment and Its Impact on Local Workers  [PDF]
Nashwan Ahmed Sharhan, Rashad Yazdanifard
American Journal of Industrial and Business Management (AJIBM) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ajibm.2014.43020

The close relationship among economic change, recruitment strategies and its impact on local workers whether they are highly skilled or not is showed and explained in this article. Population aging, the rising demand for talent in emerging economies and increasing cross-border employment opportunities is what drives global demand for highly skilled workers which are all intensifying the competition for talent. The variety of policies and practices reflecting corporation’s goals in the absence of an international consensus on global policy frameworks and national governments and values is discussed in this chapter. The supply and demand factors converge in the selection of foreign skills which is the trend in national recruitment strategies and shows clearly in the direction of hybrid arrangements and values migrants’ long-term contributions to the receiving country through the supply-driven point’s system values. The abilitiesy of migrants to fill labor shortages are emphasized by demand driven systems to fill labor shortages.

Israeli registered nurse workforce
Greer Glazer
Israel Journal of Health Policy Research , 2012, DOI: 10.1186/2045-4015-1-12
Abstract: This is a commentary on http://www.ijhpr.org/content/1/1/11/ webcite.The purpose of the study by Nirel, Riba, Reicher and Toren [1] was to provide an in-depth review of the existing supply of Israel's nursing workforce: job and employment characteristics, internal and external mobility, working lifespan, and the projected supply in view of exits and future entry sources. Nursing workforce studies are critically important to individual countries as well as the international nursing community since there are nursing shortages across all Westernized healthcare systems. The World Health Organization (WHO) identifies 57 countries with severe nursing shortages capable of affecting the delivery of essential nursing care [2]. Shortages of nurses, the largest group of healthcare providers in the healthcare workforce, will negatively impact individual and population health. More RN hours with patients are related to decreased mortality rates, decubiti, nosocomial infections, cardiac and respiratory failure, pneumonia, and failure to rescue [3-5]. Nursing shortages also negatively impact practicing nurses by increasing workload, increasing stress, decreasing morale and satisfaction, and creating burnout, resulting in intent to leave or exit from the profession.The major reasons for the nursing shortages worldwide are similar. They are: 1) aging of the workforce, 2) changes in the work environment/climate, 3) decreased or insufficient enrollment in nursing education programs, and 4) poor image of nursing. While the supply of nurses is decreasing worldwide, the demand for nursing services is increasing and will continue to escalate due to the aging of the population, increasing health disparities, the obesity epidemic, and a dramatic increase in people with one or more chronic diseases. In fact, the U.S. population 65 years and older is expected to double by 2030 [6]; in addition, approximately 133 million Americans have at least one chronic illness [7].Major findings from this
Melania Elena Miculeac
Studia Universitatis Vasile Goldis Arad, Seria Stiinte Economice , 2011,
Abstract: Alongside material and financial resources, the human resource represents an elementindispensable to each working process. The notion of human resource derives from the factthat is has a limited character and it consumes itself throught the use of the workingprocess. No working process can develop without the working factor. To establish astrategy regarding the development, the continuous development of the working processimplies to know the human potential from a point of view which regards quantity, structure,qualification and which ensures at term the human resources.
O Pacto pela Saúde e a gest?o da for?a de trabalho na Aten??o Básica do SUS: um retrato da situa??o de alguns municípios no Estado de S?o Paulo
Junqueira, Virgínia;Cortizo, Carlos Tato;Vieira, Nelson Passagem;Santos, Ana Paula Lopes dos;Santos, Fabio Souza dos;Lacaz, Francisco Antonio de Castro;
Physis: Revista de Saúde Coletiva , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-73312011000200018
Abstract: this paper discusses the implementation in eight municipalities in sao paulo state of the commitments concerning the management of work composing the management pact, signed in 2006 by the three levels of the unified health system (sus). among the municipalities studied, three are centers of metropolitan areas and five had in 2008 population over 500,000 inhabitants. data were collected, particularly concerning the career, positions and wages plan (pccs) and interviews were accomplished with managers and representatives of workers and users in municipal health councils. the categories analyzed were derived from the management pact: democratization of labor relations, social rights and social security, juridical regime and working arrangements, career progression and permanent training. the results showed irrelevant repercussion of the collective-bargaining mechanisms' decisions on personnel policy; partial incorporation of the guidelines of pccs-sus in only three municipalities, staff training policy characterized by specific initiatives decoupled from career progression. it was also possible to identify a restricted view by the counselors interviewed about their participation in the work management discussion; municipal health councils' peripheral approach of the issues related to the management of the workforce; deficiencies in the decentralization of management positions for municipal sus; tendency for private treatment by managers of the data concerning staff. in spite of the incipient implementation of the commitments stated in the management pact, we highlight the innovative inclusion of the work management on the public health system managers' agenda as a definite policy.
A gest?o da for?a de trabalho em saúde na década de 90
Pereira, Larissa Dahmer;
Physis: Revista de Saúde Coletiva , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-73312004000200010
Abstract: this paper provides an overview of public health sector workforce management at the brazilian national level in the 1990s. the issue is approached in light of widespread outsourcing, considered the most problematic trend in the undermining of the brazilian public sector and its workforce management. the 1990s were characterized by a loss of the social gains written into the 1988 brazilian constitution. through a literature review, the study seeks to grasp how the casualization of labor relations took place in the public health field during the decade, through a set of strategies including disruption of workers' organization and disqualification of public services, which some authors have referred to as informal reform of the public sector in the public health field. the article concludes with observations on the possibilities for reversing this trend during the lula administration, with the affirmation of quality public services, free of cost, in public health.
A Review on Workforce Agility
Somaieh Alavi,Dzuraidah Abd. Wahab
Research Journal of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology , 2013,
Abstract: Growing global competition has virtually eliminated assured markets and has forced manufacturers in nearly all sectors to find a new production model, one of which is known as agile manufacturing. It includes different aspects which workforce agility has been asserted as a vitally important contribution to agile manufacturing. Despite the importance of workforce agility, little focus has been given to it. The shortage of study in this matter has affected the behaviour of enterprises. This study reviews studies on workforce agility and finally an algorithm is suggested which can help managers to have agile people.
Health Care's Human Crisis Rx for an Evolving Profession
Kimball, B
Online Journal of Issues in Nursing , 2004,
Abstract: In 2001, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation commissioned a study on the nursing shortage in the United States to gain a better understanding of the drivers and inform the Foundation's response. This article discusses the impetus for, and a brief summary of, the resulting report, Health Care's Human Crisis: The American Nursing Shortage, published by the Foundation in 2002. It examines the historical, social, cultural, and economic factors that drive the nursing shortage. A new framework, namely a continuum of responses, is offered for understanding the myriad activities being undertaken in response to the problem, pointing the way to long-term, sustainable solutions. Recommendations and implications for nursing leaders are discussed.
Encouraging employee participation: the final, frightening frontier for eastern europe’s managers
Woodrow SEARS
Scientific Bulletin : Economic Sciences , 2010,
Abstract: The evidence is incontrovertible – empowered workers are more productive,reduce costs to lower limits, make more profit for their employers, and are more likelyto stay with the company when other offers come. It is also beyond doubt that theempowered workforce cannot develop without the encouragement and active support ofmanagement. But management practice in this part of the world is rooted in traditionsof authority, of social distance between bosses and workers, and in which workers arenot encouraged to make suggestions about improving work practices. Until managerspermit and encourage participation thoughtful contributions by workers, economicresults will always be marginal and prohibit regional industries from competingeffectively in global markets.

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