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Evaluation of the Agricultural Planejamentos for the Subsystem Catolé II and Po o Redondo in the Semi-árido Nordestino
Allan Sarmento Vieira,Valterlin da Silva Santos,Wilson Fadlo Curi
Engenharia Ambiental : Pesquisa e Tecnologia , 2010,
Abstract: To guarantee the reservoirs water use efficiency, because of hydrological uncertainties, has become a great concern for the water resources planning and management in recent years, due to increasing water demands for several uses and environmental degradation, which diminishes the water availability. The objective of this work is to analyze and to compare the performance 2 scenes of agricultural planning for the system of reservoirs Catolé II and Po o Redondo, in the Piancó’s river basin, located in the semiarid region of Paraíba state, through the combination of the optimization and simulation models, both based on sequential linear programming. Each model gets, respectively, from the dry scenario, the performance indicators (reliability, resilience and vulnerability) and the settings for an Optimal Agricultural Planning (POA) of the system, which is compared with the Agricultural Planning proposed by the State Water Resources Policies for the Piancó’s basin river (PAPD). The results showed that PAPD estimated irrigation water demand is not sustainable to attend during years of drought, failing up to 3 consecutive months, in which the attendance was 20% of the required demand. There were no failing events for the fulfillment of POA estimated irrigated water demand due the reduction of 11,5 % of the plantation area.
Choice of the Rules of Rational operation for Subsystem of Reservoirs in the Semi-árido Nordestino
Allan Sarmento Vieira,Valterlin da Silva Santos,Wilson Fadlo Curi
Engenharia Ambiental : Pesquisa e Tecnologia , 2010,
Abstract: In the northeastern Brazil great part of the reservoirs presents great taxes of evaporation, high shed outflows and me the quality of its waters. This occurs, in the majority of the cases, had to the favorable climatic situations, due to a rational planning or, even though, for the bad sizing of the water structures. Based in this context, the objective of this research is to choose and to analyze the efficiency of four rules for operation of the reservoirs Engenheiro ávidos and S o Gon alo, considering or not it happened outflow of the river San Francisco. The operation rules, had been evaluated way the application of a simulation model, that uses techniques of sequential programming linear, that they minimize the losses for evaporation and vertimento and maximize the satisfaction of attendance of the demands. The results had demonstrated that the operation rule more efficiency for the system was with the volume the equal goal 75% of the capacity of the reservoirs, disclosing that the reservoirs look for to store water of the period of rain. Considering the happened outflow of the transposition of the River San Francisco, we can conclude that the adjusted rules of operation more, had been those that had presented the biggest synergetic profits
A decision support system for the management of water: a case study of Boqueir o and Acau
Vladimir Costa Alencar,José Carlos Mota,Wilson Fadlo Curi,Carlos Oliveira Galv?o
Engenharia Ambiental : Pesquisa e Tecnologia , 2008,
Abstract: Sustainability has been considered an indispensable requisite for the preservation of life on our planet with dignity for future generations. Thus, sustainability has become the main objective of several organs and institutions which deal with natural resources. So, this research project had as its objective the development of a decision support system facilitate decision-making in relation to the management of water resources, which can be allocated for several uses: human and industrial consumption, and irrigation. The model of this project involved two reservoirs called A ude Epitácio Pessoa (Boqueir o) and A ude Argemiro Figueiredo (Acau ) and each one has an irrigated perimeter, consultative use of water and the need for regular drainage. According to the results obtained, it was concluded that the software developed serves for any water system which has one or more reservoirs and one or more irrigated perimeters which can allocate excellent areas for several types of irrigated cultivars, aside from performing reservoir flow management.
Environmental, economical and social impacts and benefits of biofuels: a global view
José Carlos Mota,Mércia Melo de Almeida,Vladimir Costa de Alencar,Wilson Fadlo Curi
Engenharia Ambiental : Pesquisa e Tecnologia , 2009,
Abstract: The substitution of fossil fuels by biofuels is being stimulated by governments because of the perspective of exhaustion of world oil reserves, in consequence of constant price rising and also because of environmental impacts. It is based on this perspective that this research work was realized, aiming to develop a search of information related to it, mainly exposing environmental, economical and social impacts of fossil fuels and biofuels that naturally are the substitutes of these. Through the research developed, it was noticed that there are many convergent information related to the positive side of substituting oil by biofuels, as also was detected a set of researches that show adverse information. These researches alert to a set of problems that must be solved before a total substitution aiming sustainability, such as: familiar agriculture incentive; delimitation of properties’ size; formation of cooperatives; creation of a national network of thousands of micro-plants integrated by cooperatives of small and medium rural producers; and so on.
Proposta e valida??o de indicadores hidroambientais para bacias hidrográficas: estudo de caso na sub-bacia do alto curso do Rio Paraíba, PB
Carvalho, José Ribamar Marques de;Curi, Wilson Fadlo;Carvalho, Enyedja Kerlly Martins de Araújo;Curi, Rosires Cat?o;
Sociedade & Natureza , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1982-45132011000200012
Abstract: among the ways to subsidize a water resources management, capable of contribute to the pursuit of sustainable development, have the tools appropriate to measure the performance of water systems and environmental issues. in this context, and amid a variety of measurement systems hydro-environmental existing sustainability, this proposal was drafted, composed of 51 indicators, with the objective of verifying the level of hydro-environmental sustainability of municipalities in the sub-basin of the upper course of the river paraíba, pb. the methodology consisted of an exploratory research and documentary, in which he made use of descriptive statistics. the results suggest that municipalities with hydro-environmental best performances were: boqueir?o, monteiro, sumé, ouro velho and serra branca. at another point the municipalities with the worst performance were: prata, coxixola, congo, s?o jo?o do cariri, camalaú, s?o domingos do cariri, zabelê, cabaceiras, barra de s?o miguel, s?o sebasti?o do umbuzeiro, amparo e s?o jo?o do tigre. these results demonstrate the need for defining water management programs that can reverse this scenario instability through more responsible actions by entities regulators of water management and other professional associations in the state paraíba and especially in sub-basin studied.
Metodologia para Avaliar a Sustentabilidade Ambiental de Municípios Utilizando Análise Multicritério
José Ribamar Marques de Carvalho,Wilson Fadlo Curi,Rosires Cat?o Curi,Enyedja Kerlly Martins de A. Carvalho
Reunir : Revista de Administra??o, Contabilidade e Sustentabilidade , 2011,
Abstract: Em vista da crescente preocupa o com os aspectos que permeiam as quest es ambientais relacionadas à sustentabilidade, a análise multicritério como suporte a decis o se constitui como uma importante ferramenta capaz de subsidiar a análise das condi es econ micas, sociais, culturais e ambientais da popula o. Nesse sentido, este artigo objetiva medir o desempenho ambiental de municípios paraibanos, permitindo identificar e comparar quais cidades podem ser consideradas sustentáveis ou insustentáveis dentro de um contexto geográfico, através do Método Preference Ranking Method for Enrichment Evaluation (PROMETHEE II). Para tanto se fez o uso da pesquisa documental, exploratória e da análise multicriterial. A ordena o obtida através da proposta enfatiza a distin o entre as cidades mais e menos sustentáveis dentro do contexto geográfico. Observou-se que os municípios de Sousa, Cajazeiras, Cachoeira dos índios e Uiraúna foram considerados como mais sustentável, enquanto que, os municípios de Po o Dantas, Vieirópolis, Bernardino Batista e Lastro como menos sustentáveis. A contribui o do estudo se configura como uma ferramenta importante que pode está sendo utilizada pela gest o pública em busca de direcionar melhor suas a es de investimento em contextos que necessitam de maior aten o e discuss o por parte de todos os atores sociais e institucionais.
Proposta e valida o de indicadores hidroambientais para bacias hidrográ cas: estudo de caso na sub-bacia do alto curso do Rio Paraíba, PB / Proposal and Validation of Indicators for Hydro-environmental Watershed: A Case Study in the Sub-Basin of the Upper Course of the River Paraíba, PB.
José Ribamar Marques de Carvalho,Wilson Fadlo Curi,Enyedja Kerlly Martins de Araújo Carvalho,Rosires Cat?o Curi
Revista Sociedade & Natureza , 2011,
Abstract: Dentre as formas de subsidiar uma gest o dos recursos hídricos, capaz de contribuir para a busca do desenvolvimento sustentável, têm-se as ferramentas adequadas de medir o desempenho dos sistemas hídricos e ambientais. Nesse contexto, e em meio a uma diversidade de sistemas de indicadores de sustentabilidade hidroambientais existentes, foi elaborada essa proposta, composta por 51 indicadores, com o objetivo de verificar o nível de sustentabilidade hidroambiental dos municípios localizados na sub-bacia hidrográfi ca do Alto Curso do Rio Paraíba, PB. A metodologia utilizada consistiu em uma pesquisa exploratória e documental, na qual fez o uso da estatística descritiva. Os resultados obtidos apontam que os municípios com melhores desempenhos hidroambiental foram: Boqueir o, Monteiro, Sumé, Ouro Velho e Serra Branca. No outro ponto os municípios com piores desempenhos foram: Prata, Coxixola, Congo, S o Jo o do Cariri, Camalaú, S o Domingos do Cariri, Zabelê, Cabaceiras, Barra de S o Miguel, S o Sebasti o do Umbuzeiro, Amparo e S o Jo o do Tigre. Esses resultados demonstram a necessidade de defi nir programas de gest o hídrica capazes de reverter esse cenário de instabilidade, através de a es mais responsáveis por parte das entidades reguladoras da gest o de águas e demais entidades de classe no estado paraibano e em especial na sub-bacia estudada
Implicit Stochastic Optimization for deriving reservoir operating rules in semiarid Brazil
Celeste, Alcigeimes B.;Curi, Wilson F.;Curi, Rosires C.;
Pesquisa Operacional , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-74382009000100011
Abstract: this paper deals with the application of implicit stochastic optimization (iso) to determine monthly operating rules for a reservoir system located in the semiarid northeast of brazil. iso employs a deterministic optimization model to find optimal reservoir allocations under several possible inflow scenarios and later constructs the rules by analyzing the ensemble of these optimal releases. the operating policies provide the monthly reservoir release conditioned on the storage at the beginning of the month and the inflow predicted for the month. in addition to the classical regression analysis, this study establishes the rules by a two-dimensional interpolation strategy. after the rules are identified, they are applied to operate the system under new inflow realizations and show ability to produce policies similar to those obtained by deterministic optimization taking the same inflows as perfect forecasts.
Reativa??o do perímetro irrigado de Gravatá: uma abordagem otimizante sobre agricultura irrigada e sustentabilidade hídrica
Lima, Cícero A. G.;Curi, Wilson F.;Curi, Rosires C.;
Revista Brasileira de Engenharia Agrícola e Ambiental , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S1415-43662008000200008
Abstract: this work is concerned with the possibility of reactivation of irrigated perimeter of gravatá, with potential land availability of 934 ha, which is located at piancó river basin in the southern part of paraiba state. to perform the analysis, the ornap optimization model was used to allocate optimal irrigated areas to a pre-selected set of crops, as well as their water requirement, and the modsim p32, a simulation model, was used to verify the water sustainability of canoas and saco de nova olinda reservoirs, which supply water. the hydro behavior of system was verified through the design of scenarios for climatic and initial volumes for the reservoirs, taking into account a planning time horizon of two years. the results have shown that up to 70% of the available land can be irrigated, even with unfavorable climatic conditions and initial reservoir volumes, if an optimized crop scheduling and irrigation selection, as well as reservoir water allocation, is performed.
Las Zeolitas y su Aplicación en la Descontaminación de Efluentes Mineros
Curi,Adilson; Granda,Wilmer J. V; Lima,Hernani M; Sousa,Wilson T;
Información tecnológica , 2006, DOI: 10.4067/S0718-07642006000600017
Abstract: this paper describes the genesis, structure and classification of natural zeolites, including their most relevant properties such as porosity, adsorption and ionic exchange. the use of natural zeolites in the treatment of effluents containing heavy metals is reviewed based on current literature. these uses are focused on mineral-metallurgical effluents and mercury pollution related to artisan mining activities. the study shows that natural zeolites are efficient in removal of heavy metals in metal mining effluents, can be produced and improved at a low cost, and can also be used to adsorb mercury vapors from ovens used to fire amalgams.
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