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Abrangência do requisito seguran?a em certificados de qualidade da cadeia produtiva de alimentos no Brasil
Peretti, Ana Paula de Rezende;Araújo, Wilma Maria Coelho;
Gest?o & Produ??o , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-530X2010000100004
Abstract: quality certificates or seals are used in many countries, including in brazil, in order to differentiate products or food production plants. they are considered quality regulation mechanisms, which can be given by government agencies, authorized institutions or nongovernmental organizations. the reasons for certification are many, such as: international clients demand, image of the products among the clients, demanding consumers request, or to add value to a product or service. procedures for getting permission to use these certificates may vary, especially considering if it is given by a governmental or nongovernmental agency. this article, an exploratory study, evaluated the scope of the safety requirement in 13 quality certificate or seals used in food production in brazil. it was found that most of the certificates use the tools good manufacturing practices and good agriculture practices. only three of the certificates consider haccp, tool recognized by codex alimentarius for hazard management in food production as requirement.
Rotulagem de suplementos vitamínicos e minerais: uma revis?o das normas federais
Carvalho,Patrícia Borges de; Araújo,Wilma Maria Coelho;
Ciência & Saúde Coletiva , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-81232008000700028
Abstract: in brazil, there is a steadily increasing offer and demand for products on the basis of vitamins and minerals. according to brazilian law, the differences in the dosages offered to the consumer in each product are the parameter for its classification as alimentary supplement or medicament. the limit between these two concepts, however, is confusing and lacks clearness. considering the risk posed by imprudent consumption of such products and seeking to facilitate the interpretation and consolidation of the norms dealing with vitamin and mineral products as well as to create the basis for a master's degree dissertation, a bibliographical survey and evaluation of the entire juridical basis regarding the labeling of these products was conducted. it was concluded that the normative regulations are extensive, complex and of difficult understanding, with a great number of norms dealing with the same subject issued by different authorities. these norms are not consolidated leading to difficult interpretation by retailers, health professionals and consumers and even to failures in the application of these norms by the control authorities. suggestions are made for helping to correct the failures identified in the study.
A imagem negra emoldurada na escola: sob o discurso da igualdade/ Framed black image in school: under the discourse of equality
Rosangela Maria de Nazaré Barbosa e Silva,Wilma de Nazaré Baía Coelho
Reflex?o & A??o , 2010,
Abstract: O estudo tem como temática as Representa es e Rela es Raciais. Analisa as representa es de professores sobre as rela es raciais no currículo da rede estadual de Ensino Médio. Esta pesquisa fundamentou-se no referencial teórico-metodológico emChartier (1991) e Bourdieu (1990), Gomes (2002), Coelho (2006), Silva(1997), Canen(2001), Moreira (2006) para a análise das representa es, com os primeiros e, com os demais, que vêm trazendo importantes contribui es na forma o de professores quanto às quest es raciais no Brasil num (re)pensar do currículo para a diversidade. O estudo é uma pesquisa do tipo descritiva. Utilizamos como instrumento de coleta de dados: documentos oficiais e entrevistas. Inferimos que o preconceito racial apresenta-se deforma tácita, na sociedade brasileira, o que contribui para a dissemina o e ratifica o do racismo e discrimina o em vários setores sociais, entre os quais a escola. Concluímos, entre outros que, o processo por uma educa o anti-racista dependerá, especialmente, da subvers o dos professores (e alunos) no tocante as representa es eivadas de preconceitos, velados ou n o, presentes em sua prática pedagógica e a segunda, de (des) naturalizá-las e enfrentá-las pedagogicamente. Abstract The study is subject Representations and Race Relations. Analyzes the portrayal of teachers on race relations in the curriculum of the state system of secondary education. This research was based on the theoretical method in Chartier (1991) and Bourdieu (1990), Gomes (2002), Coelho (2006), Silva (1997), Canen (2001), Moreira(2006) for the analysis of representations , with the first, and with others who have brought important contributions in training teachers about the racial issues in Brazil in a(re) think the curriculum for diversity. The study is a descriptive type. Used as instrument of data collection: interviews and official documents. We infer that racial prejudice is presented implicitly, in Brazilian society, which contributes to the dissemination and ratification of racism and discrimination in various social sectors, including the school. In conclusion, among others, the process by an anti-racist education will depend, especially, the subversion of the teachers (and students) regarding representations beset with prejudice, veiled or not, present in theirpedagogical practice and the second (de) naturalize them and face them pedagogically.
Doen?a celíaca, hábitos e práticas alimentares e qualidade de vida
Araújo, Halina Mayer Chaves;Araújo, Wilma Maria Coelho;Botelho, Raquel Braz Assun??o;Zandonadi, Renata Puppin;
Revista de Nutri??o , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S1415-52732010000300014
Abstract: this study presents information on celiac disease and its implications on the eating habits and practices, as well as on the quality of life, of gluten-intolerant patients. papers published from 1995 to 2006 were searched in the medline and scielo databases. this paper includes important data about this disease, which is considered a public health problem throughout the world. since it is a disease whose treatment is essentially dietary, therapy during food transition must be well conducted by the dietician in order to improve the patient's adherence to the diet since the introduction of new food practices may mean a rupture with the individual's culture and identity: the diet of each citizen cannot be disconnected from the society in which he or she lives in. in this context, quality of life is included, as quality of life is expected to improve both because of the care provided and because of the public policies for the sector in the areas of health promotion and prevention of diseases. sanitary surveillance contemplates the activities that are capable of eliminating, reducing or preventing health risks and intervene in the sanitation problems that are secondary to the environment, production and circulation of goods and provision of health-related services. knowledge about celiac disease in the country is justified because of the need to base food and nutrition policies on the concept of healthy eating, emphasizing a gluten-free diet.
Só de corpo presente: o silêncio tácito sobre cor e rela??es raciais na forma??o de professoras no estado do Pará
Coelho, Wilma Nazaré Baía;
Revista Brasileira de Educa??o , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-24782007000100004
Abstract: this text diagnoses one of the most serious problems of education in brazil: the non-tackling of racial discrimination and prejudice. more than just exposing its existence, it analyses one of its sources: the absence of discussion on race, colour and prejudice in the formation of educators in the state of pará. on the basis of an analysis of the teachers' formation provided by the institute of education of the state of pará, a secular institution which constitutes a reference for teachers' formation in the state of pará, this work shows that a good part of the teachers' actions are a consequence of a training that did not deal with fundamental aspects, such as the constitution of brazilian nationality. we conclude that, despite definite advances forged by social activism regarding the issue of racism since the 1960's, the training of teachers is a factor that continues to contribute to the reproduction of stereotypes and prejudice.
Só de corpo presente: o silêncio tácito sobre cor e rela es raciais na forma o de professoras no estado do Pará
Wilma Nazaré Baía Coelho
Revista Brasileira de Educa??o , 2007,
Abstract: Solo de cuerpo presente: el silencio tácito sobre color y relaciones raciales en la formación de profesoras en el estado del Pará El artículo muestra uno de los graves problemas de la educación en Brasil: el no enfrentamiento de la discriminación y del prejuicio. Más de lo que denunciar su existencia, él analiza una de sus matrices: la ausencia de la discusión sobre raza, color y prejuicio en la formación del docente en Pará. Por medio del análisis de la formación ofrecida por el Instituto de Educación del Estado del Pará, una institución, secular, referencia para la formación docente en el estado del Pará, demuestra que buena parte de las acciones de las profesoras transcurrió de una formación que no trató de aspectos fundamentales, como las narrativas sobre la constitución de la nacionalidad brasile a. Se concluye que, a pesar de sensibles avances que sucedieron de los movimientos sociales en relación a la cuestión racial desde la década de 1960, la formación de profesores se presenta como un factor que continua contribuyendo en la reproducción de estereotipos y discriminaciones.
Atitudes de risco do consumidor em restaurantes de auto-servi?o
Zandonadi, Renata Puppin;Botelho, Raquel Braz Assun??o;Sávio, Karin Eleonora Oliveira;Akutsu, Rita de Cássia;Araújo, Wilma Maria Coelho;
Revista de Nutri??o , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S1415-52732007000100002
Abstract: objective: the objective of this study is to evaluate the possible forms of food contamination by the costumer during the distribution period. methods: data collection was performed in 10 food service units in distrito federal via direct observation of 12 risk attitudes (n=3,447) between october 2003 and september 2004. the risk attitudes were observed during the peak hour of each restaurant; the sample was systematized for each 5 consumers. the data collection instrument related the possible risk attitudes of the consumers while serving themselves. results: the obtained results demonstrate that there is a probability of contamination of the food by the consumers in restaurants, especially because 96% of the observed individuals did not wash their hands before serving themselves. furthermore, 50% of the consumers were not concerned with the exclusive use of utensils, while 56% talked about the foods. conclusion: the obtained data show that there is a need to improve the consumer's awareness, especially in self-service restaurants. food contamination by consumers needs to be prevented in order to avoid food intoxication.
Projeto C o Cidad o UNESP: humaniza o da assistência odontológica transformando a ansiedade em entretenimento
Raquel Barroso Parra da Silva,Sandra Maria Herondina Coelho ávila de Aguiar,Wilma de Arruda Tefi Marcondes,Valéria Nobre Leal Oliva
Revista Ciência em Extens?o , 2010,
Abstract: Introdu o: A terapia assistida por animais (TAA), também chamada de zooterapia, consiste na utiliza o de animais na terapia de seres humanos, principalmente nas sess es de psicoterapia, visando a socializa o das pessoas, diminui o da ansiedade proveniente de várias causas, melhoria da auto-estima, do bom humor e dos relacionamentos, inclusive tem sido muito utilizada em tratamentos de pacientes portadores de necessidades especiais. Entende-se por Paciente Portador de Necessidades Especiais (PPNE), aquele que necessita de cuidados especiais por tempo indeterminado ou por parte de sua vida. Os portadores de deficiências físicas ou mentais, atualmente já n o s o vistos como muito diferentes, pois tratamentos cada vez mais precoces, terapias modernas e novas propostas educacionais est o mudando o perfil dessas pessoas e estimulando sua participa o social como cidad os. Com isso, os preconceitos que sempre cercaram os deficientes come am a diminuir. Objetivos: apresentar através do projeto “C o Cidad o UNESP”, a utiliza o de c es da ra a Retriever do Labrador, que apresentam características de inteligência, docilidade, robustez e prazer em servir, para intera o dos pacientes do CAOE, para facilitar a aproxima o e a cria o de um vínculo afetivo com o cirurgi o-dentista, diminuindo-lhes a avers o ao profissional e com isto viabilizar a realiza o de higieniza o buco-dental e futuros procedimentos clínicos nestes pacientes, além de amenizar a ansiedade desencadeada em fun o do tempo de espera pelo tratamento odontológico. Métodos: contato e passeio dos pacientes com os c es. Resultados: Pacientes mais calmos e relaxados, demonstrando que a TAA realmente diminui o estresse e facilita a aproxima o dos profissionais com estes pacientes.
Da naturaliza o do papel social da mulher à fun o de professora: reflex es sobre ideal de forma o no I.E.E.P - Estado do Pará
Wilma de Nazaré Baía Coelho
OPSIS : Revista do Departamento de História e Ciências Sociais , 2006,
Abstract: In this text, we intend to synthesize the ideal formation at the I.E.E.P. The analysis will me made using two school symbols: the anthems. We aim to analyze the ideal formation between 1870 and 1920. We hint, however, that we are interested in the context of the educational debate, whose evolution is clearly swayed by social, political and economical conditions. It is revealed that, despite the historical distance, its symbolic vestiges, on the educational and social fields, remain present until nowadays.
Os conteúdos étnico-raciais na educa o brasileira: práticas em curso The contents of ethnic-racial education in Brazil: current practices
Wilma de Nazaré Baía Coelho,Mauro Cezar Coelho
Educar em Revista , 2013,
Abstract: A Lei 10.639/2003, desde que foi promulgada, engendrou uma nova dinamica nas escolas. Instados pelas determina es legais, gestores e professores formularam alternativas para fazer frente aos dispositivos que introduziram as temáticas da História da áfrica e da Cultura Afro-Brasileira nos currículos escolares do Ensino Fundamental. A análise sobre essas iniciativas evidencia mais do que a vis o que esses agentes escolares cultivam sobre as temáticas propostas. Ela viabiliza um quadro singular do ambiente escolar, de suas virtudes e vícios. A partir da análise de seis escolas, de quatro Estados da Regi o Norte, o artigo demonstra que o improviso e a "boa inten o" superam, em muito, o investimento em pesquisa e forma o continuada, para o enfrentamento da quest o étnico-racial. Os resultados positivos, importantíssimos para os alunos, n o escondem a fragilidade das iniciativas. The Law 10.639/2003, since it was enacted, engendered a new dynamic in schools. Urged by statutory stipulations, managers and teachers formulated several alternatives to cope with the rules that introduced the themes of African History and Afro-Brazilian Culture in school curricula of elementary school. The analysis of those initiatives show more than meets the agents' eyes about the ways they cultivate those proposed themes. It also enables a peculiar framework of the school environment, it's virtues and vices. From the analysis of six schools in four States of the Brazilian Northern Region, the article demonstrates that improvisation and "good intentions" surpass, by far, the investment in research and continuing education, to confront the ethnic-racial issue. The positive results, very important for the students, however, do not hide the weakness of such initiatives.
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