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Widyo Gunadi,Muliaman D. Hadad,Eriyatno Eriyatno,Parulian Hutagaol
Jurnal Manajemen & Agribisnis , 2011,
Abstract: The aim of this research is to develop a situational analysis of organization culture (OC). The analysis cover management process and its changing in Central Bank, including direction and substance of OC, developing ideal models, methods, dynamic change and its management. Awareness about the importance of OC in improving the performance of the organization had been recognized by management of The Central Bank in the surface, but when examined the dynamics of the changes, the implementation seem fluctuated.During this research, the values which adopted for this organization are competence, integrity, transparency, accountability, and cohesiveness. In the implementation, there are two main issues: (1) the belief that these values are match with organization need and (2) misunderstanding in implementation at the level of units. Research has not attempt to answer the solution of these two main issues yet. However, this study try to uncover the main problem of changes in OC. This paper using combination of several methods: survey, focus group discussion (FGD), statistics of secondary data, and structured in depth interviews. This study have found that The Central Bank conduct rapid change in the beginning of transformation. However, after 3 years, the change slow down, reducing the commitment and lack of confident both the substance of OC and the change method as well. Keywords: Organization Culture, Central Bank, Situational Analysis
Fotografi: Sains, Teknologi, Seni, dan Industri
Prayanto Widyo Harsanto
Nirmana , 2011,
Abstract: The digital photography era is a great development in science and technology in the history of photography after Niepce and Daguerre. Where in the 19th century, their experiments lead to the ability to capture images permanently with the subject of a cityscape in France. This discovery was considered most perfect in photography compared to previous ones. In the digital camera era, society views photography as something easy, inexpensive, and a part of everyday life. This is what is called the digitalization of photography. However so sophisticated the photographic equipment there may be today, there is still the need a photographer that has the knowledge and technical skills with good aesthetic sensibilites as “the man behind the camera.” In the era of creative industry like today, photography can be said to be in four aspects, which are sciense, technology, art, and industry, that are intertwined. It is because photography is not as easy as pushing the shutter button, even more so in the world of education. The teaching of photography cannot be seen as merely teaching techniques, adjusting apertures, speed, and lighting, but it involves the eyes, thoughts (knowledge and understanding), and feeling in selecting an object and arranging it in a frame of a photograph. Furthermore, what should be considered is that besides teaching how to produce and create a photo, one should know and understand as to every possibilites of aspects of its distribution after the photo has been successfully produced.
Metamorfosis Kebudayaan (Sebuah Tinjauan Media Televisi dan Budaya Kekerasan)
Prayanto Widyo Harsanto
Nirmana , 2009,
Abstract: Culture and communication media cannot be separated one from another, because culture does not only determine who is talking, but also determine about what and how the communication takes place. Culture, in this case, takes a role in determining how the messages are received and meanings are conveyed. The plenty of (visual) mass communication media have succeeded in affirming that globalism has occured everywhere including in Indonesia as a developing country. Television is one sort of mass communication media produced by a long process of human culture development. The intended development is improvement in technological field, specifically in communication and information technology that revolutionize communication techniques. The television mass media have the most powerful effect towards society concerning imitation. Various television programs, especially those that contain violence factors, the violence that is watched by children may stimulate them doing crime in their adulthood. This is because there is a strong relationship between violence on television with factual life. This is a characteristic of media culture that is a kind of visualization culture which can be imitated and followed by anyone. Abstract in Bahasa Indonesia: Budaya dan media komunikasi tidak dapat dipisahkan satu dengan yang lainnya, sebab kebudayaan tidak hanya menentukan siapa yang berbicara, tetapi tentang apa dan bagaimana komunikasi itu berlangsung. Kebudayaan dalam hal ini ikut menentukan bagaimana pesan-pesan ditangkap dan makna-makna disampaikan. Gencarnya media komunikasi massa (visual) telah berhasil mengukuhkan bahwa globalisme telah terjadi di mana-mana termasuk Indonesia sebagai negara berkembang. Televisi merupakan salah satu jenis media komunikasi massa hasil dari suatu proses perkembangan budaya manusia yang panjang. Perkembangan yang dimaksud adalah kemajuan dalam bidang teknologi, khususnya teknologi komunikasi dan informasi yang merevolusi teknik-teknik berkomunikasi. Media massa televisi ini memiliki efek paling kuat terhadap masyarakat dalam hal peniruan. Berbagai program tayangan di televisi khususnya yang mengandung unsur kekerasan, hasil tontonan kekerasan yang dinikmati anak dapat mendorong aksi kriminalitas saat dewasa nantinya. Karena ada hubungan erat kekerasan di tayangan televisi dengan yang terjadi di kehidupan nyata. Ini merupakan ciri khas budaya media adalah bahwa ia merupakan suatu budaya peragaan yang dapat ditiru dan diikuti siapa saja. Kata kunci: kebudayaan, televisi, kekerasan.
Kartika Gunadi
Jurnal Informatika , 1999,
Abstract: Line and curve drawing are time consuming, reducing computation time can be done by improving performance of processor and algorithm. Midpoint algorithm is based on integer operation, so it is less time-consuming than algorithm based on float operation. Implementation of both type of algorithms in C language, shows that midpoint algorithm is 8 times faster for line drawing, and 15 times faster for curve drawing than algorithm based on float operation. For line drawing, Midpoint algorithm is 6 times faster than Bresenham algorithm which is based on integer operation Abstract in Bahasa Indonesia : Penggambaran grafik garis lurus dan kurva memerlukan waktu komputasi yang tinggi, untuk mereduksi waktu komputasi yang tinggi tersebut dapat dilakukan dengan peningkatan kemampuan komputasi prosesor dan peningkatan efisiensi algoritma. Algoritma Midpoint merupakan Algoritma dengan dasar operasi bilangan integer, sehingga memerlukan waktu operasi yang lebih sedikit dibandingkan dengan algoritma yang menggunakan operasi bilangan riel. Implementasi ke dalam bahasa pemrograman C dari kedua macam algoritma diatas, menunjukkan bahwa waktu komputasi algoritma midpoint lebih cepat sebesar 8 kali pada pembuatan garis lurus, dan lebih cepat sebesar 15 kali pada penggambaran lingkaran, dibandingkan dengan waktu komputasi algoritma yang menggunakan dasar operasi bilangan riel. Dan waktu komputasi algoritma midpoint lebih cepat sebesar 6 kali pada pembuatan garis lurus, dibandingkan dengan waktu komputasi algoritma yang Breserham telah menggunakan dasar operasi bilangan integer juga. Kata kunci: Penggambaran garis, penggambaran kurva, Algoritma Bresenham, Algoritma midpoint, Algoritma DDA.
Gunadi Harry Sulistyo
TEFLIN Journal , 2009,
Abstract: : The National Examinations, including English as one component, have always implored controversies. And the government has still been determined in its commitment to execute the national examinations backed up with several accompanying arguments as an attempt to a€ smarten the life of the nationa€ . This has not, however, likely been well understood by all parties with a view to gaining communal supports from all. A small survey was conducted to analyze English teachersa€ point of view, as frontline agents in the field, concerning issues related with the national examinations. It turns out that in spite of their positive viewpoint in the role of tests, when challenged to accepting responsibility in the context of classroom-based assessment as a part of their autonomous roles, they demonstrate an impression of disinclination.
Ibnu Gunawan,Kartika Gunadi
Jurnal Informatika , 2005,
Abstract: WAV File is a standard audio file used in Windows. Manipulation of WAV File can be done to obtain different output from the WAV File. These manipulation processes are made into an application that is capable to make changes on WAV File. WAVE Manipulator is an audio application used to change voice from audio files like WAV file. The objective of this project is to develop an application that can be used to change or give effect to the popular audio file known as WAV File using Borland Delphi 7. Application is designed using standard view to make it easier to use. The output of this research is a WAVE Manipulator Software that function as a tool to manipulate WAV File with the ability to choose part of sample for the manipulation, so that user can easily manipulate a WAV File. Abstract in Bahasa Indonesia : File WAV adalah file audio standar yang digunakan oleh Windows. Manipulasi file WAV bisa dilakukan untuk mendapatkan hasil suara yang berbeda-beda. Proses manipulasi file WAV tersebut akan dikemas menjadi suatu applikasi yang akan mampu melakukan perubahan-perubahan pada file WAV. WAVE Manipulator adalah nama dari suatu aplikasi audio yang akan dibuat untuk mengubah hasil suara dari file-file audio seperti file WAV. Tujuan dari pembuatan perangkat lunak ini adalah untuk membangun suatu aplikasi yang dapat digunakan untuk mengubah atau memberi efek pada file WAV yang merupakan salah satu file audio yang sangat dikenal dengan menggunakan Borland Delphi 7. Hasil dari penelitian ini adalah sebuah perangkat lunak yang bernama WAVE Manipulator yang akan berguna untuk melakukan manipulasi pada file WAV dilengkapi dengan kemampuan untuk menentukan bagian dari sample yang akan dimanipulasi dan lainnya untuk memudahkan pemakai program dalam melakukan manipulasi file WAV. Kata kunci: manipulasi, WAV, WAVE
Kartika Gunadi,Donny Christian
Jurnal Informatika , 2002,
Abstract: Today, many property's sellers and buyers are still using newspaper as an advertisement for sellers, and as an information for buyers. Actually they find that newspapers are not reliable enough, because when they lost their newspaper, they will lose any information related to them. Furthermore, searching properties newspapers are not efficient enough and it takes much time to find any information they want. An application to sell and find property based on the web using database to save information related to them, will make easier for buyers and sellers to find the information, compared ti newspaper. They can find it directly and quickly thru the Internet using find and search facilities. This application, uses database server MySQL as a database making, PHP4 as a programming language, and Linux as the operating system. The facilities in www.idaman.com are find and search properties, member registration, and member area. The result in this application's testing shows that the application runs normally and it can be accessed in different places in the world using the Internet. Abstract in Bahasa Indonesia : Pada umumnya para penjual maupun calon pembeli properti masih menggunakan cara yang lama, dimana para penjual dan calon pembeli masih menggunakan koran sebagai alat perantara. Apabila koran tersebut sudah hilang maka penjual maupun pencari tidak dapat mencari informasi diperlukan. Selain itu pencarian properti menggunakan koran kurang praktis. Pengembangan suatu aplikasi jual dan cari properti berbasis web dengan menggunakan database untuk menyimpan data-data properti yang akan dijual, dapat memudahkan pencari informasi properti untuk menjual dan membeli properti dibandingkan menggunakan koran, karena dengan adanya fasilitas cari atau search sangat membantu dalam pencarian properti. Pada aplikasi ini dilakukan pembuatan database dengan menggunakan database server MySQL dan perancangan bahasa pemrograman dengan menggunakan bahasa pemrograman PHP4 yang berjalan pada server dengan sistem operasi Linux. Implementasi yang dilakukan pada www.idaman.com antara lain adalah fasilitas cari properti, pendaftaran anggota dan pemasangan properti. Dari hasil pengujian menunjukkan bahwa aplikasi yang telah dirancang dapat berjalan dengan baik dan dapat diakses dari berbagai tempat terhubung dengan internet. Kata kunci: Jual cari Properti, WWW.IDAMAN.COM, PHP4, MySQL, web.
Kartika Gunadi,Peter Iksan
Jurnal Informatika , 2001,
Abstract: Traveling Salesperson Problem (TSP) is one among the NP-complete problem. TSP is defined as follows. A traveling salesperson has a number of cities to visit. The sequence in which the salesperson visits diffrents cities is called a tour. A tour should be such that every city is visited once and only once. The goal is to find a tour that minimize the total distance of a tour. TSP can be solved by Exhaustive algorithm, but this algorithm is no efficient for large number of cities. A neural network can be used to solve this optimization problem by choosing appropriate architecture to find optimal solution. A Neural network can be used to solve optimization by chosing apropriate architecture to find optimal solution. Algorithm of Neural network reduced a signifcant execution time for number of cities more than 9, and has optimization 83% of best solution from exhaustive algorithm. Abstract in Bahasa Indonesia : Traveling Salesperson Problem (TSP) adalah problem optimasi kombinasional yang tergolong dalam NP-complete problem. TSP adalah problem untuk menentukan urutan dari sejumlah kota yang harus dilalui oleh seorang sales, setiap kota hanya boleh dilalui sekali dan hanya sekali dalam perjalanan, dan perjalanan berakhir pada kota awal dimana seorang sales memulai perjalananya. TSP ini dapat dilakukan secara sederhana dengan Algorithma Exhaustive, yaitu dengan mencari semua kombinasi yang mungkin terjadi, kemudian memilih kombinasi dengan jarak terdekat. Algorithma Exhaustive ini menjadi tidak efisien bila jumlah kota yang besar, karena mempunyai kompleksitas sebesar n!/2n. Jaringan saraf tiruan (JST) dapat digunakan untuk menyelesaikan problem optimasi dengan memilih arsitektur jaringan yang sesuai untuk mendapatkan solusi yang optimal. Algorithma dengan menggunakan jaringan saraf tiruan memberikan reduksi waktu eksekusi yang sangat signifikan untuk jumlah kota lebih besar 9, dan dapat memberikan persentase optimasi sebesar 83 % dari solusi yang terbaik yang didapatkan dengan algorithma exhaustive. Kata kunci: Traveling Salesperson Problem (TSP), Jaringan saraf tiruan (JST), Algorithma Exhaustive, JST Hopfield
Andreas Handojo,Kartika Gunadi
Jurnal Informatika , 2001,
Abstract: Until now dogs always have a position as a human friend. With many kind of dogs so an expert was needed to identified the type of dogs based on the characteristics of the dog. But an human expert also have difficulties to identify because there are so many kind of dogs. Therefore, a system is needed to help the identification process. It is a system which can adopt the abilities of experts to identify the dog. With all the technological advancement these days, it have been developed a technology which able to adopt the process and human thinking. This particular technology is called Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence have many kind of application, one of them is an Expert System which have abilities to adopt a Knowledge Base from inputing data from experience of the expert on specific term. Principally, all the database of dogs with its characteristics will be added on a Knowledge Base. This base is take form as a database group, where the Inference Engine on the Expert System will work on these data to describe a specific dog based on the characteristic inputed by user through the user interface. This identification system to describe the dog was made using Delphi programming. On this program, searching kind of dog will be do by inputing characteristics of the dog that user want to find, then the program will find on Knowledge Base which dogs that match on that characteristics. Abstract in Bahasa Indonesia: Dari dahulu hingga saat ini anjing selalu menempati hubungan yang khusus sebagai sahabat manusia. Dengan banyaknya macam anjing yang ada maka dibutuhkan seorang pakar untuk mengidentifikasikan jenis anjing berdasar ciri-ciri dari anjing yang bersangkutan. Tetapi seseorang yang benar-benar ahli sekalipun terkadang kesulitan dalam mengidentifikasikannya karena adanya banyak sekali jenis anjing. Oleh sebab itu dibutuhkan suatu sistem yang dapat membantu pengindentifikasian. Yaitu suatu sistem yang dapat mengadopsi kemampuan para pakar untuk pengidentifikasian jenis anjing. Dengan adanya kemajuan teknologi yang makin pesat maka telah dikembangkan suatu teknologi yang mampu mengadopsi proses dan cara pikir manusia yaitu teknologi Artificial Intelligence atau kecerdasan buatan. Artificial Intelligence memiliki berbagai macam jenis aplikasi, salah satunya adalah Sistem Pakar atau Expert System yang memiliki kemampuan untuk mengadopsi suatu dasar pengetahuan (knowledge base) yang diperoleh melalui penginputan data dari kemampuan para pakar dalam suatu bidang tertentu yang bersifat spesifik. Pada prinsipnya seluruh data jenis anjing beserta cir
Aloysius Gunadi BRATA
Theoretical and Empirical Researches in Urban Management , 2010,
Abstract: This study has been focusing on the vulnerability of street vendors in Java since the time when Java was hit severely by the economic crisis in 1997/1998, which also had reversed the trend of economic formalization in Indonesia. For this aim, a survey was conducted during the month of February 2007 in Yogyakarta and Sleman districts in Yogyakarta Special Province. The survey covered 122 street vendors in several streets in both areas. These samples consist of three groups of street vendors: food seller, non-food seller, and services providers. Based on this survey, vulnerability index of street vendors is measured. The study found that most of street vendors in Yogyakarta experience vulnerability at the medium level. In general, vulnerability of food seller vendors is higher than other vendors. Vulnerability also varies across the locations of vending.
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