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"Cracking-the-whip" effect stretches driven polymers
Juan Li,Wenbing Hu
Physics , 2013,
Abstract: Cracking the whip accelerates the tail of a chain to hit the air loudly and clearly. We proved that the similar acceleration effect causes coil deformation of driven chain-like polymers. We first preformed Monte Carlo simulations of a single driven polymer coil to demonstrate its deformation in company with faster or slower deviations of velocities. We then performed parallel Brownian Dynamics simulations to demonstrate that the coil deformation can be caused by the so-called "cracking-the-whip" effect due to non-synchronous biased Brownian motions of monomers inherited in Monte Carlo simulations. Since such non-synchronous motions represent random perturbations in the environmentally dependent potential energy landscape or mobility, reflecting heterogeneous dynamics of polymers in the liquid phase, our observations bring new insights into the non-linear dynamics of driven chain-like polymers.
The Application of Cumulants Slices in Fault Diagnosis  [PDF]
Wenbing Wu
International Journal of Modern Nonlinear Theory and Application (IJMNTA) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/ijmnta.2018.73007
Abstract: Complex third-order cumulant has different definition forms. Different forms have different coupling properties, and the generated complex cumulants slices contain different coupling information of signals. In experiments, using the different definitions, the same coupling method is applied to both specific fault signals and normal signals. Furthermore, complex third-order cumulant slices spectrum is defined, and it is used to analyse the coupling features of normal signals and fault signals. Experiments indicate that the detection accuracy rate on the same fault is not the same with the different coupling method, thus, it provides an alternative method to diagnose the specific fault.
Application of Three Order Cumulants in Fault Diagnosis  [PDF]
Wenbing Wu
International Journal of Modern Nonlinear Theory and Application (IJMNTA) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/ijmnta.2018.74008
Abstract: The three-order cumulants’ complex forms of different definitions include different coupling information of signals, and the information can be used to diagnose fault. In the experiment of pressure reducing valve’s fault diagnosis, through these different coupling information, the features of fault signals and normal signals were extracted by wavelet in different directions, then these features were inputted to diagnose the fault. The experiment shows that this method can achieve a satisfactory result.
Free-energy barrier to melting of single-chain polymer crystallite
Wenbing Hu,Daan Frenkel,Vincent B. F. Mathot
Physics , 2002, DOI: 10.1063/1.1553980
Abstract: We report Monte Carlo simulations of the melting of a single-polymer crystallite. We find that, unlike most atomic and molecular crystals, such crystallites can be heated appreciably above their melting temperature before they transform to the disordered "coil" state. The surface of the superheated crystallite is found to be disordered. The thickness of the disordered layer increases with superheating. However, the order-disorder transition is not gradual but sudden. Free-energy calculations reveal the presence of a large free-energy barrier to melting.
Lattice model study of the thermodynamic interplay of polymer crystallization and liquid-liquid demixing
Wenbing Hu,Daan Frenkel,Vincent B. F. Mathot
Physics , 2002, DOI: 10.1063/1.1572462
Abstract: We report Monte Carlo simulations of a lattice-polymer model that can account for both polymer crystallization and liquid-liquid demixing in solutions of semiflexible homopolymers. In our model, neighboring polymer segments can have isotropic interactions that affect demixing, and anisotropic interactions that are responsible for freezing. However, our simulations show that the isotropic interactions also have a noticeable effect on the freezing curve, as do the anisotropic interactions on demixing. As the relative strength of the isotropic interactions is reduced, the liquid-liquid demixing transition disappears below the freezing curve. A simple, extended Flory-Huggins theory accounts quite well for the phase behavior observed in the simulations.
Free energy barrier for single-chain melting and crystallization
Wenbing Hu,Daan Frenkel,Vincent B. F. Mathot
Physics , 2002,
Abstract: In this paper, we report dynamic Monte Carlo simulations of melting and crystallization in a single-chain system. Their free energy barriers are calculated by the umbrella sampling method and can be described well by a simple expression DeltaF = n Deltaf+sigma (N-n)^(2/3), where n is the amount of molten bonds, Deltaf is the free energy change of each molten bond from a crystalline state, N is the chain length, and sigma is the surface free energy of crystallite. We found that, together with the expression Delta F = n Delta f+ sigma (N-n)^(1/2) for molecular nucleation, the molecular-weight dependent properties of the free-energy barriers for polymer primary and secondary nucleation, in particular, the molecular segregation during crystal growth, can be reproduced. Then for the mechanism of polymer crystallization, we suggested a quantitative model of intramolecular nucleation, as a direct development from the previous qualitative description of molecular nucleation model.
Probing the Effect of the Non-Active-Site Mutation Y229W in New Delhi Metallo-β-lactamase-1 by Site-Directed Mutagenesis, Kinetic Studies, and Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Jiao Chen, Hui Chen, Yun Shi, Feng Hu, Xingzhen Lao, Xiangdong Gao, Heng Zheng, Wenbing Yao
PLOS ONE , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0082080
Abstract: New Delhi metallo-β-lactmase-1 (NDM-1) has attracted extensive attention for its high catalytic activities of hydrolyzing almost all β-lactam antibiotics. NDM-1 shows relatively higher similarity to subclass B1 metallo-β-lactmases (MβLs), but its residue at position 229 is identical to that of B2/B3 MβLs, which is a Tyr instead of a B1-MβL-conserved Trp. To elucidate the possible role of Y229 in the bioactivity of NDM-1, we performed mutagenesis study and molecular dynamics (MD) simulations. Although residue Y229 is spatially distant from the active site and not contacting directly with the substrate or zinc ions, the Y229W mutant was found to have higher kcat and Km values than those of wild-type NDM-1, resulting in 1~7 fold increases in kcat/Km values against tested antibiotics. In addition, our MD simulations illustrated the enhanced flexibility of Loop 2 upon Y229W mutation, which could increase the kinetics of both substrate entrance (kon) and product egress (koff). The enhanced flexibility of Loop 2 might allow the enzyme to adjust the geometry of its active site to accommodate substrates with different structures, broadening its substrate spectrum. This study indicated the possible role of the residue at position 229 in the evolution of NDM-1.
Effects of Dietary Stachyose on Growth Performance, Digestive Enzyme Activities and Intestinal Morphology of Juvenile Turbot(Scophthalmus maximus L) Effects of Dietary Stachyose on Growth Performance, Digestive Enzyme Activities and Intestinal Morphology of Juvenile Turbot(Scophthalmus maximus L)
HU Haibin,ZHANG Yanjiao,MAI Kangsen,AI Qinghui,XU Wei,ZHANG Wenbing,LI Yanxian,LIU Jintao
- , 2015,
Abstract: A 12-week feeding trial was conducted to evaluate the effects of dietary stachyose on the growth performance, digestive enzymes activities and intestinal structures of juvenile turbot(Scophthalmus maximus L). Five isonitrogenous(49.58% crude protein) and isolipidic(10.50% crude lipid) diets were formulated to contain 0(Control), 0.625%(S-0.625), 1.25%(S-1.25), 2.5%(S-2.5) and 5%(S-5) stachyose, respectively. With the increase of stachyose level, the growth performance and feed utilization of turbot, such as the specific growth rate, final mean body weight, weight gain rate and feed efficiency, increased significantly(P < 0.05) and then stabilized. The feed intake of fish fed S-5 was significantly higher(P < 0.05) than that of fish in other groups. The activities of trypsin, intestinal caseinolytic, stomach and intestinal amylase were significantly influenced by stachyose(P < 0.05). The highest values of trypsin and intestinal caseinolytic activities were observed in group S-1.25, while the highest activity of stomach amylase and the lowest activity of intestine amylase were observed in group S-5. No lesion or damage was found on the distal intestine structures of fish from all treatments, while the height of simple folds in the distal intestine was significantly increased(P< 0.05) when 1.25% or 2.5% stachyose was added in the diets. These results indicated that moderate level of stachyose(1.25%) improves the growth performance, feed utilization, digestive enzyme activities and the distal intestine structures of juvenile turbot
A Byzantine Fault Tolerant Distributed Commit Protocol
Wenbing Zhao
Computer Science , 2006,
Abstract: In this paper, we present a Byzantine fault tolerant distributed commit protocol for transactions running over untrusted networks. The traditional two-phase commit protocol is enhanced by replicating the coordinator and by running a Byzantine agreement algorithm among the coordinator replicas. Our protocol can tolerate Byzantine faults at the coordinator replicas and a subset of malicious faults at the participants. A decision certificate, which includes a set of registration records and a set of votes from participants, is used to facilitate the coordinator replicas to reach a Byzantine agreement on the outcome of each transaction. The certificate also limits the ways a faulty replica can use towards non-atomic termination of transactions, or semantically incorrect transaction outcomes.
Integrity-Enhancing Replica Coordination for Byzantine Fault Tolerant Systems
Wenbing Zhao
Computer Science , 2008,
Abstract: Strong replica consistency is often achieved by writing deterministic applications, or by using a variety of mechanisms to render replicas deterministic. There exists a large body of work on how to render replicas deterministic under the benign fault model. However, when replicas can be subject to malicious faults, most of the previous work is no longer effective. Furthermore, the determinism of the replicas is often considered harmful from the security perspective and for many applications, their integrity strongly depends on the randomness of some of their internal operations. This calls for new approaches towards achieving replica consistency while preserving the replica randomness. In this paper, we present two such approaches. One is based on Byzantine agreement and the other on threshold coin-tossing. Each approach has its strength and weaknesses. We compare the performance of the two approaches and outline their respective best use scenarios.
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