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3D Part based Structural Description Extracting and Modeling
Weiwei Xing,Baozong Yuan
Lecture Notes in Engineering and Computer Science , 2012,
Real-time Hierarchical Movement Animation Control for Autonomous Virtual Humans
Weibin Liu,Liang Zhou,Weiwei Xing,Baozong Yuan
Lecture Notes in Engineering and Computer Science , 2010,
Expression of mRNAs for PPT, CGRP, NF-200, and MAP-2 in cocultures of dissociated DRG neurons and skeletal muscle cells in administration of NGF or NT-3
Weiwei Zhang,Hao Li,Ziying Xing,Hongtu Yuan
Folia Histochemica et Cytobiologica , 2012, DOI: 10.5603/fhc.2012.0041
Abstract: Both neurotrophins (NTs) and target skeletal muscle (SKM) cells are essential for the maintenance of the function of neurons and nerve-muscle communication. However, much less is known about the association of target SKM cells with distinct NTs on the expression of mRNAs for preprotachykinin (PPT), calcitonin-gene related peptide (CGRP), neurofilament 200 (NF-200), and microtubule associated protein 2 (MAP-2) in dorsal root ganglion (DRG) sensory neurons. In the present study, a neuromuscular coculture model of dissociated dorsal root ganglion (DRG) neurons and SKM cells was established. The morphology of DRG neurons and SKM cells in coculture was observed with an inverted phase contrast microscope. The effects of nerve growth factor (NGF) or neurotrophin-3 (NT-3) on the expression of mRNAs for PPT, CGRP, NF-200, and MAP-2 was analyzed by real time-PCR assay. The morphology of DRG neuronal cell bodies and SKM cells in neuromuscular coculture at different conditions was similar. The neurons presented evidence of dense neurite outgrowth in the presence of distinct NTs in neuromuscular cocultures. NGF and NT-3 increased mRNA levels of PPT, CGRP, and NF-200, but not MAP-2, in neuromuscular cocultures. These results offer new clues towards a better understanding of the association of target SKM cells with distinct NTs on the expression of mRNAs for PPT, CGRP, NF-200 and MAP-2, and implicate the association of target SKM cells and NTs with DRG sensory neuronal phenotypes.
Design and Simulation of a Fused Silica Space Cell Culture and Observation Cavity with Microfluidic and Temperature Controlling
Shangchun Fan,Jinhao Sun,Weiwei Xing,Cheng Li,Dongxue Wang
Journal of Applied Mathematics , 2013, DOI: 10.1155/2013/378253
Abstract: We report a principle prototype of space animal cell perfusion culture and observation. Unlike previous work, our cell culture system cannot only realize microfluidic and temperature controlling, automatic observation, and recording but also meet an increasing cell culture at large scale operation and overcome shear force for animal cells. A key component in the system is ingenious structural fused silica cell culture cavity with the wedge-shaped connection. Finite volume method (FVM) is applied to calculate its multipoint flow field, pressure field, axial velocity, tangential velocity, and radial velocity. In order to provide appropriate flow rate, temperature, and shear force for space animal cell culture, a closed-loop microfluidic circuit and proportional, integrating, and differentiation (PID) algorithm are employed. This paper also illustrates system architecture and operating method of the principle prototype. The dynamic culture, autofocus observation, and recording of M763 cells are performed successfully within 72?h in the laboratory environment. This research can provide a reference for space flight mission that carries an apparatus with similar functions. 1. Introduction The increasing demand of recombinant therapeutic proteins, monoclonal antibodies, and vaccines produced by mammalian cells has stimulated the development of space cell culture technology, for which almost all space powers have a huge interest. In order to make an in-depth research of space cell culture characteristics, some space powers have developed various space cell culture devices [1–4]. Many of these have completed space flight mission that are shown in Table 1 and Figure 1. Such space cell culture apparatus not only provides appropriate temperature, adequate nutrition and oxygen, low concentration of toxic secretions, and reasonable mechanical property but also records details of cell proliferation [5]. However, space perfusion cultures require more efficient and advanced system, the most frequently reported based on microfluidic chip with kinds of sensors [6–10] and aerospace heat transfer [11]. Rotating wall bioreactor is widely used because the internal spin-filters are conducive to perfusion rates and reproductive rate at large-scale operation [12, 13]. In this case, the defects such as high energy consumption, noise, low space utilization, and shear force have been considered as limitation of culture duration and process performance. Table 1: Space cell culture instruments development at home and abroad. Figure 1: Successful applications of space cell culture
Impacts of Renewable Energy Technology Absorption Capacity on Energy Industry Performance in China

LIU Weiwei
,XING Jing

- , 2017,
Abstract: 摘要 可再生能源由于其环境友好性成为能源产业低碳化转型中的关注热点。构建可再生能源技术吸收能力对我国能源产业绩效影响的概念模型及数学模型并对此展开讨论。基于我国30个省、市、自治区的能源产业相关年鉴数据进行实证研究。研究表明:可再生能源技术吸收能力对我国能源产业绩效具有正向影响,其中对经济绩效的影响最大,对环境绩效及创新绩效的影响次之
Dynamic Pricing of Perishable Products with Competition  [PDF]
Weiwei Ji
Open Journal of Social Sciences (JSS) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/jss.2015.33010

With the development of product development technology and the rapid rise of online retailing, the market competition becomes increasingly fierce. Based on consumer utility function, this article established a two-stage dynamic pricing model and discussed pricing strategies under consumer behavior and market competition. Findings indicate that product quality difference and consumer valuation decreasing coefficient determine the order of the consumer purchase decisions. The firm who provides lower-quality products suffered more loss than the firm who provides high-quality products.

Research on the Influence of the Characteristics of Independent Director to the Quality of Internal Control Self-Assessment Report  [PDF]
Weiwei Huang
Modern Economy (ME) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/me.2015.66064
Abstract: This article selects the empirical data from Shanghai A share, using multiple linear regression model to discuss the impact to the quality of the internal control self-assessment report from four aspects of the characteristic of the independent directors. The conclusions are that the number of independent directors, the independent directors’ proportion and the auditing professional background of independent directors are positively correlated with the quality of internal control self-assessment report, and the age of the independent directors, the independent directors’ reward and the location consistency of the independent directors and the company are negatively correlated with the quality of internal control self-assessment report. Finally, this paper gives four suggestions.
Research on Enterprise Internationalization Strategy Based on Path Dependence Theory: Literature Review and Future Prospect  [PDF]
Weiwei Yang
American Journal of Industrial and Business Management (AJIBM) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/ajibm.2017.711087
Abstract: Although there are many kinds of literature on the internationalization of enterprises and strategic path dependence research were reviewed, there are no scholars on the path dependence theory perspective of the enterprise international strategy research specifically reviewed. In this paper, the literature review method is used to review the literature on the international strategic path of enterprises. First of all, the focus of combing the relevant literature involved in the concept, characteristics, the origin and development of the theory. Then, this paper introduces some scholars’ related discussions on the internationalization path dependence of enterprises. Finally, on the basis of these, the future direction of the research on the path dependence of the internationalization of enterprises is put forward from the aspects of cognitive perspective, dynamic capability theory and theoretical framework.
Effects of dilute substitutional solutes on carbon in $α$-Fe: interactions and associated carbon diffusion from first-principles calculations
Peitao Liu,Weiwei Xing,Xiyue Cheng,Dianzhong Li,Yiyi Li,Xing-Qiu Chen
Physics , 2014, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.90.024103
Abstract: By means of first-principles calculations coupled with the kinetic Monte Carlo simulations, we have systematically investigated the effects of dilute substitutional solutes on the behaviors of carbon in $\alpha$-Fe. Our results uncover that: ($i$) Without the Fe vacancy the interactions between most solutes and carbon are repulsive due to the strain relief, whereas Mn has a weak attractive interaction with its nearest-neighbor carbon due to the local ferromagnetic coupling effect. ($ii$) The presence of the Fe vacancy results in attractive interactions of all the solutes with carbon. In particular, the Mn-vacancy pair shows an exceptionally large binding energy of -0.81 eV with carbon. ($iii$) The alloying addition significantly impacts the atomic-scale concentration distributions and chemical potential of carbon in the Fe matrix. Among them, Mn and Cr increase the carbon chemical potential whereas Al and Si reduce it. ($iv$) Within the dilute scale of the alloying solution, the solute concentration and temperature dependent carbon diffusivities demonstrate that Mn has a little impact on the carbon diffusion whereas Cr (Al or Si) remarkably retards the carbon diffusion. Our results provide certain implication for better understanding the experimental observations related with the carbon solubility limit, carbon micro-segregation and carbide precipitations in the ferritic steels.
A Unified Mechanism for Hydrogen Trapping at Metal Vacancies
Weiwei Xing,Xing-Qiu Chen,Gang Lu,Dianzhong Li,Yiyi Li
Physics , 2013,
Abstract: Interaction between hydrogen (H) and metals is central to many materials problems of scientific and technological importance. Chief among them is the development of H storage and H-resistant materials. H segregation or trapping at lattice defects, including vacancies, dislocations, grain boundaries, etc, plays a crucial role in determining the properties of these materials. Here, through first-principles simulations, we propose a unified mechanism involving charge transfer induced strain destabilization to understand H segregation behavior at vacancies. We discover that H prefers to occupy interstitials with high pre-existing charge densities and the availability of such interstitials sets the limit on H trapping capacity at a vacancy. Once the maximum H capacity is reached, the dominant charge donors switch from the nearest-neighbor (NN) to the next-nearest-neighbor (NNN) metal atoms. Accompanying with this long-range charge transfer, a significant reorganization energy would occur, leading to instability of the H-vacancy complex. The physical picture unveiled here appears universal across the BCC series and is believed to be relevant to other metals/defects as well. The insight gained from this study is expected to have important implications for the design of H storage and H-resistant materials.
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