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The effects of ultrasound on blood-brain barrier  [PDF]
Feng-Yi Yang, Wei-Ting Lin
Journal of Biosciences and Medicines (JBM) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/jbm.2013.12003

The brain is protected from the entry of foreign substances by blood-brain barrier (BBB), but becomes a barrier while chemotherapy is needed for the brain diseases. Ultrasound with microbubbles (MBs) has been shown to noninvasively increase the permeability of the BBB in the normal tissue and brain tumor. The real mechanism for disruption is still unknown. Hemorrhage was usually found in the sonicated region of the brain. Thus, treatment safety is the primary concern when considering clinical application of BBB disruption induced by ultrasound in the presence of MBs. Here we investigate the effects of ultrasound on the permeability of BBB whether the MBs were administered. The data reveals that Evans blue (EB) accumulation was highest in the brain after sonication with MBs. However, the permeability of BBB also can be significantly increased by ultrasound alone. These results demonstrated that noninvasive disruption of BBB by ultrasound alone with no damage is possible.

Near-infrared H2 and Continuum Survey of Extended Green Objects. II. Complete Census for the Northern Galactic Plane
Hsu-Tai Lee,Wei-Ting Laio,Dirk Froebrich,Jennifer Karr,Georgios Ioannidis,Yong-Hyun Lee,Yu-Nung Su,Sheng-Yuan Liu,Hao-Yuan Duan,Michihiro Takami
Physics , 2013, DOI: 10.1088/0067-0049/208/2/23
Abstract: We discuss 94 Extended Green Objects (EGOs) in the northern Galactic plane cataloged by Cyganowski et al, based on near-infrared narrowband H2 (2.122 {\mu}m and continuum observations from the United Kingdom Infrared Telescope. This data set is three times larger than our previous study, and is unbiased by preselection. As discussed in the previous paper, the morphologies of the 4.5 {\mu}m emission generally resemble those of the near-infrared continuum, but are different from those of the H2 emission. Of our sample, only 28% of EGOs with H2 emission show similar morphologies between 4.5 {\mu}m and H2 emission. These results suggest that the 4.5 {\mu}m emission mainly comes from scattered continuum from the embedded young stellar object (YSO), and partially from H2 emission. About half of EGOs are associated with H2 outflows, if the H2 outflow incompleteness is considered. The H2 outflow detection rate for EGOs with K-band detections (61%) is significantly higher than for those without K-band detections (36%). This difference may be due to the fact that both H2 and K-band emissions are associated with outflows, i.e., H2 emission and K-band continuum are associated with shocks and outflow cavities, respectively. We also compared the correlation between the H2 outflows and Class I 44 GHz methanol masers from literature. The methanol masers can be located upstream or downstream of the H2 outflows and some bright H2 spots or outflows are not associated with methanol masers, suggesting that methanol masers and H2 emission trace different excitation conditions.
Mechanisms and Immune Dysregulation in Arsenic Skin Carcinogenesis  [PDF]
Chih-Hung Lee, Wei-Ting Liao, Hsin-Su Yu
Journal of Cancer Therapy (JCT) , 2010, DOI: 10.4236/jct.2010.12013
Abstract: Long-term exposure to arsenic is associated with cancers of lung, urinary bladder, kidney, liver and skin. Arsenic car-cinogenesis might result from oxidative stress, altered growth factors, chromosomal abnormality, immune dysregula-tion, and aberrant epigenetic regulations. Bowen’s disease (As-BD) is the most common form of arsenic-induces skin cancers and is characterized by chronicity, multiplicity, and predisposition in sun-spare skin. However, only about 1% of the population exposed to arsenic developped skin cancers, indicating the host immune response plays an important modulatory role in skin carcinogenesis. In this review, we review the pathomechanisms of arsenic skin carcinogenesis and the immune interactions. Arsenic affects innate and adaptive immune responses through CD4+ T cells, monocytes, macrophages, and Langerhans cells. In skin of As-BD, CD4+ T cells undergo selective and differential apoptosis via Fas-FasL interaction. Numbers and dendrites of Langerhans cells are reduced in As-BD lesions. There is a defective homeostasis and aberrant trafficking of Langerhans cells. Such information is essential to understand the molecular mechanism for arsenic carcinogenesis in both skin and in internal organs.
台灣兒童圖畫書出版產業之困境與願景:從插畫創作者之角度檢視 The Dilemma and Vision of the Children’s Picture Book Industry in Taiwan: A Perspective of Illustrators
Bin I,Wei-ting Liu
Journal of Educational Media & Library Sciences , 2007,
Abstract: 本研究主要針對55位台灣兒童圖畫書插畫創作者之問卷調查以及其中10位成名插畫家的訪談,調查研究台灣兒童圖畫書插畫創作者所面臨之問題。研究結果發現:台灣市場狹小導致自製圖畫書風險太高,出版社必須以進口圖畫書出版為主力,造成插畫創作舞台變小,插畫家收入無保障,自然影響創作品質,而政府徒有創意產業的口號,卻忽略重要的插畫領域,缺乏具體計畫與政策。研究對政府提出建議為:政策上整體規劃、獎勵出版社自製圖畫書開拓國際市場、民間與官方保持密切合作關係、獎勵與輔導機制提升插畫家創作品質、輔導成立插畫家團體,出版年鑑、輔導成立商業性的台灣插畫影像資料庫。對出版社的建議為:尊重插畫專業、提供合理及時的創作報酬、具備專業編輯和完整企劃、主動把關圖畫書之整體美感、提升行銷能力擴大市場。對教育單位的建議為:以積極培育優良的插畫人才。對插畫家建議為:不斷提升專業知識技能與態度,發揚個人與文化的獨特性,以及建立經紀人制度。 The present research investigate the difficulties that illustrator is facing through questionnairing 55 illustrators of children’s picture book (cpb) and interviewing 10 famous ones of them. The results indicate that the small market of Taiwan results in high risk of domestic publication of cpb, and the publishers turned to buy copyright from other countries. The domestic illustrators therefore had less opportunities of creation and less income. The quality of illustration could be limited because part time jobs distracted the illustrators. Recently, Taiwan government is showing high interest in “culture and creative industries but ironically ignore the very important one — illustration picture book, and has no other practical plan and policy about it. The study suggests Taiwan government should have practical plans; encourage publisher to publish domestic cpb and export to international market; cooperate with civilian organization; encourage and help the illustrator improve the quality of creation; help establish Taiwan illustrator organization; annually publish the illustrator year-book; help establish commercial image (illustration) bank. The suggestions to the publishers are more respect to the profession of illustrator; provide reasonable and on time reward; possess professional artistic editor and complete publication proposal; positively require the aesthetic quality of whole book; enlarge the international market. The university should educate professional illustrator. The illustrator should keep pursuing higher professional knowledge, technique, and both possess positive and humble attitude; and have illustration agent.
MAC Throughput Improvement Using Adaptive Contention Window  [PDF]
Chun-Liang Lin, Wei-Ting Chang, Min-Huei Lu
Journal of Computer and Communications (JCC) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/jcc.2015.31001
Abstract: HomePlug AV (HPAV) is a standard developed by HomePlug Powerline Alliance (HPA) for power line communication. In HomePlug AV, it uses a technology named Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Avoidance (CSMA/CA) to reduce collision happened in network. However, when network nodes increase, the contention window number may not be wide enough. It will cause collision probability to increase. In this paper, we introduce a new idea of adaptive contention window which will produce suitable contention window under actual network environment. Our method only requires the information of CSMA/CA parameters. It means that one doesn’t need to correct the original CSMA/CA procedure but substitutes old parameters by the new ones. Simulation experiments conducted in the network simulator NS3 show that compared with HomePlug AV, our method promotes throughput significantly when the node number increases.
Solar-System Constraints on f(R) Chameleon Gravity
Je-An Gu,Wei-Ting Lin
Physics , 2011,
Abstract: We investigate the solar-system constraint on the f(R) theory of modified gravity with chameleon mechanism, where f(R) represents the deviation from general relativity in the gravity action. We obtain a stringent bound to a general, non-constant deviation function f(R): -10^{-15} < df/dR < 0 when R ~ 3*10^5*H0^2, and a loose bound: 0 < R*d(df/dR)/dR < 2/5 when R > 3*10^5*H0^2, by requiring the thin-shell condition in the solar system, particularly in the atmosphere of the Earth. These bounds can be conveniently utilized to test the f(R) models with given functional forms of f(R) and to obtain the constraints on the parameters therein. For demonstration we apply these bounds to several widely considered f(R) models. (H0: Hubble constant)
Feng-Cheng Yang,Wei-Ting Wu
International Journal of Electronic Business Management , 2012,
Abstract: The head nurse is generally responsible for creating work schedules for nurses in a nursing unit.However, since versatile constraints, shift requirements, and leave requests are imposed in theproblem, the generated schedule usually incurs complaints or criticisms from nurses on its impartiality.This study investigates a complex real nurse scheduling problem and constructs anoptimization model for the problem. The model consists of five minimization goals subject tofive hard constraints. Then a genetic algorithm-based optimization method is developed forsolving the optimization model. The method proposes a dedicated GA coding scheme for thesolution to this problem. Based on the scheme the method presents tailored crossover and mutationoperators for solution evolution. In the GA method, four selection operation modes areproposed to round in superior chromosomes for the next generation. A personnel data set from anursing unit of a real hospital is used in numerical tests. In addition, a modified hill climbinggreedy method and a well-performed variable depth search method from the literature are implementedto solve the same problem for numerical comparison. Numerical results suggest that adeterministic selection mode outperforms others and our method generates better schedules thanother methods on every run.
Difference Inadaptive Dispersal Ability Can Promote Species Coexistence in Fluctuating Environments
Wei-Ting Lin, Chih-hao Hsieh, Takeshi Miki
PLOS ONE , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0055218
Abstract: Theories and empirical evidence suggest that random dispersal of organisms promotes species coexistence in spatially structured environments. However, directed dispersal, where movement is adjusted with fitness-related cues, is less explored in studies of dispersal-mediated coexistence. Here, we present a metacommunity model of two consumers exhibiting directed dispersal and competing for a single resource. Our results indicated that directed dispersal promotes coexistence through two distinct mechanisms, depending on the adaptiveness of dispersal. Maladaptive directed dispersal may promote coexistence similar to random dispersal. More importantly, directed dispersal is adaptive when dispersers track patches of increased resources in fluctuating environments. Coexistence is promoted under increased adaptive dispersal ability of the inferior competitor relative to the superior competitor. This newly described dispersal-mediated coexistence mechanism is likely favored by natural selection under the trade-off between competitive and adaptive dispersal abilities.
Effects of Leaching Behavior of Calcium Ions on Compression and Durability of Cement-Based Materials with Mineral Admixtures
An Cheng,Sao-Jeng Chao,Wei-Ting Lin
Materials , 2013, DOI: 10.3390/ma6051851
Abstract: Leaching of calcium ions increases the porosity of cement-based materials, consequently resulting in a negative effect on durability since it provides an entry for aggressive harmful ions, causing reinforcing steel corrosion. This study investigates the effects of leaching behavior of calcium ions on the compression and durability of cement-based materials. Since the parameters influencing the leaching behavior of cement-based materials are unclear and diverse, this paper focuses on the influence of added mineral admixtures (fly ash, slag and silica fume) on the leaching behavior of calcium ions regarding compression and durability of cemented-based materials. Ammonium nitrate solution was used to accelerate the leaching process in this study. Scanning electron microscopy, X-ray diffraction analysis, and thermogravimetric analysis were employed to analyze and compare the cement-based material compositions prior to and after calcium ion leaching. The experimental results show that the mineral admixtures reduce calcium hydroxide quantity and refine pore structure through pozzolanic reaction, thus enhancing the compressive strength and durability of cement-based materials.
Density-Dependent Response of an Ultracold Plasma to Few-Cycle Radio-Frequency Pulses
Truman Wilson,Wei-Ting Chen,Jacob Roberts
Physics , 2012, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevA.87.013410
Abstract: Ultracold neutral plasmas exhibit a density-dependent resonant response to applied radio-frequency (RF) fields in the frequency range of several MHz to hundreds of MHz for achievable densities. We have conducted measurements where short bursts of RF were applied to these plasmas, with pulse durations as short as two cycles. We still observed a density-dependent resonant response to these short pulses. However, the too rapid timescale of the response, the dependence of the response on the sign of the driving field, the response as the number of pulses was increased, and the difference in plasma response to radial and axially applied RF fields are inconsistent with the plasma response being due to local resonant heating of electrons in the plasma. Instead, our results are consistent with rapid energy transfer from collective motion of the entire electron cloud to electrons in high-energy orbits. In addition to providing a potentially more robust way to measure ultracold neutral plasma densities, these measurements demonstrate the importance of collective motion in the energy transport in these systems.
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