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44 Victimization of Sulfur Mustard in Qiqihar: Case Reports  [PDF]
Jinghai Sun, Wei Zheng
International Journal of Clinical Medicine (IJCM) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ijcm.2012.37122

Background: Sulfur mustard (2,2’-bis-chloroethyl-sulfide; SM) has been a military threat since the World War I. SM is the major chemical warfare agent used byJapanduring World War II. The clinical picture of poisoning, including cutaneous blisters, respiratory tract damage, ocular lesions and bone marrow depression is well known. In this report, we describe a civilian exposure in August 2003, in Qiqihar, Northeast Chinas Heilongjiang Province. Aim: To describe the clinical features and treatment of sulfur mustard toxicity. Results: In 44 victims of SM exposure, 32 had ocular symptoms; 43 showed significant skin blistering and pigmentation; 15 had pulmonary symptoms such as productive cough occurred; 18 have Central nervous symptoms and other effects. Conclusion: The 44 victims were all injured, when five barrels of mustard gas were dug up at a construction site inQiqihar. The gas leak killed one and injured 43 others, one of the worst accidents involving chemical weapons abandoned by Japanese invading troops in China after WWII.

Discontinuous Legendre Wavelet Galerkin Method for One-Dimensional Advection-Diffusion Equation  [PDF]
Xiaoyang Zheng, Zhengyuan Wei
Applied Mathematics (AM) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/am.2015.69141
Abstract: This paper presents discontinuous Legendre wavelet Galerkin (DLWG) approach for solving one-dimensional advection-diffusion equation (ADE). Variational formulation of this type equation and corresponding numerical fluxes are devised by utilizing the advantages of both the Legendre wavelet bases and discontinuous Galerkin (DG) method. The distinctive features of the proposed method are its simple applicability for a variety of boundary conditions and able to effectively approximate the solution of PDEs with less storage space and execution. The results of a numerical experiment are provided to verify the efficiency of the designed new technique.
Estimates of Approximation Error by Legendre Wavelet  [PDF]
Xiaoyang Zheng, Zhengyuan Wei
Applied Mathematics (AM) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/am.2016.77063
Abstract: This paper first introduces Legendre wavelet bases and derives their rich properties. Then these properties are applied to estimation of approximation error upper bounded in spaces \"\"?and \"\"?by norms \"\"?and \"\"?, respectively. These estimate results are valuable to solve integral-differential equations by Legendre wavelet method.
Justice Could Be Highlighted in the Perspective of Historical Materialism  [PDF]
Guowang Xu, Wei Zheng
Advances in Historical Studies (AHS) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/ahs.2016.53013
Abstract: How to understand the relationship between historical materialism and Marx’s idea of justice? The well-know Canadian philosopher, Kai Nielsen, “who is indeed closer to Marxist moralism in substantive conclusion, but, methodologically speaking, it is more in the spirit of Marxist immoralism” (Nielsen,1987: p. 114), points out Marx’s ideological system is not a valueless theory of science and society, and the facts and value judgments can be unified in Marx’s theory. Nielsen reveals the profound idea of justice as the basic dimension of historical materialism, and the internal unity of fact judgment and value judgment in a dual dimensions, based on the perspective of historical materialism, showing “justice could be highlighted in the perspective of historical materialism”.
Social Security and Minority Economic Development
Wei Zheng
Asian Social Science , 2009, DOI: 10.5539/ass.v5n7p41
Abstract: For the thirty years of the implementation of reform and opening up policy, China has made significant achievements in the economic development. And the western region resided by the minorities has also made great progress in the economic growth. However, there is still a great gap compared with the well-developed eastern coastal region. Relatively speaking, the economic development of western region is still backward. People have lower ability of self-protection and the family security and they have stronger desire for social security. Social security, as the means and mechanism to promote economic development and safeguard the social stability, plays an important part in the economic system of the minorities. Under the circumstances that the economy in minority areas needs to be improved urgently, the interaction will become more significant of the social security and economic development of the minorities.
A Study of Time Variations of UV Continuum and Emission Lines in 3C390.3
Wei Zheng
Physics , 1996, DOI: 10.1086/117891
Abstract: Based on the IUE SWP spectra obtained between 1978 and 1994, the variations of the UV continuum and the Ly-alpha and C IV emission lines of the broad-line radio galaxy 3C390.3 are studied. The UV continuum between 1220 and 1990 A has varied considerably. In 1991 August, the flux at 1360 A reached a maximum level ~27 times as high as its minimum level. At 1850 A, the continuum varies by a factor of ~12. Significant variations are frequently observed in periods as short as one month. The total flux of Ly-alpha and C IV emission varies by a factor of ~5. Their profiles are fitted with one narrow component, unresolved at the instrumental resolution of FWHM ~2000 km/s, and three broad components (FWHM ~6000 km/s). The narrow component varies by a factor of ~2.5. The broad components on the blue and red wings of the Ly-alpha and C IV emission profile, which correspond to the double humps in the H-alpha and H-beta emission feature, display a close correlation to the varying continuum, with a time lag of ~45 days. The blue Ly-alpha component has been stronger than the red component except for several epochs in 1980 and 1991. The C IV/Ly-alpha flux ratio is ~0.4 for the narrow component. For the broad components, this ratio varies considerably around an average value of unity. In 1991 March, the blue Ly-alpha component was stronger than the red, while for C IV the red component was stronger. Such differential variations do not match the accretion disk characteristics. The findings suggest that the narrow- and broad-line region in 3C 390.3 may be associated with a radio jet.
Universally optimal crossover designs under subject dropout
Wei Zheng
Statistics , 2013, DOI: 10.1214/12-AOS1074
Abstract: Subject dropout is very common in practical applications of crossover designs. However, there is very limited design literature taking this into account. Optimality results have not yet been well established due to the complexity of the problem. This paper establishes feasible, as well as necessary and sufficient conditions for a crossover design to be universally optimal in approximate design theory in the presence of subject dropout. These conditions are essentially linear equations with respect to proportions of all possible treatment sequences being applied to subjects and hence they can be easily solved. A general algorithm is proposed to derive exact designs which are shown to be efficient and robust.
Universally optimal designs for two interference models
Wei Zheng
Statistics , 2014, DOI: 10.1214/14-AOS1287
Abstract: A systematic study is carried out regarding universally optimal designs under the interference model, previously investigated by Kunert and Martin [Ann. Statist. 28 (2000) 1728-1742] and Kunert and Mersmann [J. Statist. Plann. Inference 141 (2011) 1623-1632]. Parallel results are also provided for the undirectional interference model, where the left and right neighbor effects are equal. It is further shown that the efficiency of any design under the latter model is at least its efficiency under the former model. Designs universally optimal for both models are also identified. Most importantly, this paper provides Kushner'ss type linear equations system as a necessary and sufficient condition for a design to be universally optimal. This result is novel for models with at least two sets of treatment-related nuisance parameters, which are left and right neighbor effects here. It sheds light on other models in deriving asymmetric optimal or efficient designs.
Optimal crossover designs for the proportional model
Wei Zheng
Statistics , 2013, DOI: 10.1214/13-AOS1148
Abstract: In crossover design experiments, the proportional model, where the carryover effects are proportional to their direct treatment effects, has draw attentions in recent years. We discover that the universally optimal design under the traditional model is E-optimal design under the proportional model. Moreover, we establish equivalence theorems of Kiefer-Wolfowitz's type for four popular optimality criteria, namely A, D, E and T (trace).
Pseudo DNA Sequence Generation of Non-Coding Distributions Using Variant Maps on Cellular Automata  [PDF]
Jeffrey Zheng, Jin Luo, Wei Zhou
Applied Mathematics (AM) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/am.2014.51018

In a recent decade, many DNA sequencing projects are developed on cells, plants and animals over the world into huge DNA databases. Researchers notice that mammalian genomes encoding thousands of large noncoding RNAs (lncRNAs), interact with chromatin regulatory complexes, and are thought to play a role in localizing these complexes to target loci across the genome. It is a challenge target using higher dimensional tools to organize various complex interactive properties as visual maps. In this paper, a Pseudo DNA Variant MapPDVM is proposed following Cellular Automata to represent multiple maps that use four Meta symbols as well as DNA or RNA representations. The system architecture of key components and the core mechanism on the PDVM are described. Key modules, equations and their I/O parameters are discussed. Applying the PDVM, two sets of real DNA sequences from both the sample human (noncoding DNA) and corn (coding DNA) genomes are collected in comparison with two sets of pseudo DNA sequences generated by a stream cipher HC-256 under different modes to show their intrinsic properties in higher levels of similar relationships among relevant DNA sequences on 2D maps. Sample 2D maps are listed and their characteristics are illustrated under a controllable environment. Various distributions can be observed on both noncoding and coding conditions from their symmetric properties on 2D maps.

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