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Efficient Bandwidth and Power Allocation Algorithms for Multiuser MIMO-OFDM Systems  [PDF]
Jin SHU, Wei GUO
Int'l J. of Communications, Network and System Sciences (IJCNS) , 2009, DOI: 10.4236/ijcns.2009.26055
Abstract: This paper studies the problem of finding an effective subcarrier and power allocation strategy for downlink communication to multiple users in a MIMO-OFDM system with zero-forcing beamforming. The problem of minimizing total power consumption with constraint on transmission rate for users is formulated. The problem of joint allocation is divided into two stages. In the first stage, the number of subcarriers that each user will get is determined based on the users’ average signal-to-noise ratio. In the second stage, it finds the best assignment of subcarriers to users. The optimal method is a complex combinatorial problem which can only be assuredly solved through an Exhaustive Search (ES). Since the ES method has high computational com-plexity, the normalized user selection algorithm and the simplified-normalized user selection algorithm are proposed to reduce the computational complexity. Simulation results show that the proposed low complexity algorithms offer better performance compared with an existing algorithm.
Pseudo DNA Sequence Generation of Non-Coding Distributions Using Variant Maps on Cellular Automata  [PDF]
Jeffrey Zheng, Jin Luo, Wei Zhou
Applied Mathematics (AM) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/am.2014.51018

In a recent decade, many DNA sequencing projects are developed on cells, plants and animals over the world into huge DNA databases. Researchers notice that mammalian genomes encoding thousands of large noncoding RNAs (lncRNAs), interact with chromatin regulatory complexes, and are thought to play a role in localizing these complexes to target loci across the genome. It is a challenge target using higher dimensional tools to organize various complex interactive properties as visual maps. In this paper, a Pseudo DNA Variant MapPDVM is proposed following Cellular Automata to represent multiple maps that use four Meta symbols as well as DNA or RNA representations. The system architecture of key components and the core mechanism on the PDVM are described. Key modules, equations and their I/O parameters are discussed. Applying the PDVM, two sets of real DNA sequences from both the sample human (noncoding DNA) and corn (coding DNA) genomes are collected in comparison with two sets of pseudo DNA sequences generated by a stream cipher HC-256 under different modes to show their intrinsic properties in higher levels of similar relationships among relevant DNA sequences on 2D maps. Sample 2D maps are listed and their characteristics are illustrated under a controllable environment. Various distributions can be observed on both noncoding and coding conditions from their symmetric properties on 2D maps.

The Rectangle Rule for Computing Cauchy Principal Value Integral on Circle  [PDF]
Jin Li, Benxue Gong, Wei Liu
American Journal of Computational Mathematics (AJCM) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/ajcm.2016.62011
Abstract: The classical composite rectangle (constant) rule for the computation of Cauchy principle value integral with the singular kernel \"\"is discussed. We show that the superconvergence rate of the composite midpoint rule occurs at certain local coodinate of each subinterval and obtain the corresponding superconvergence error estimate. Then collation methods are presented to solve certain kind of Hilbert singular integral equation. At last, some numerical examples are provided to validate the theoretical analysis.
Photonic Crystal Fiber Sensors for Strain and Temperature Measurement
Jian Ju,Wei Jin
Journal of Sensors , 2009, DOI: 10.1155/2009/476267
Abstract: This paper discusses the applications of photonic crystal fibers (PCFs) for strain and temperature measurement. Long-period grating sensors and in-fiber modal interferometric sensors are described and compared with their conventional single-mode counterparts. The strain sensitivities of the air-silica PCF sensors are comparable or higher than those implemented in conventional single-mode fibers but the temperature sensitivities of the PCF sensors are much lower.
Long period gratings in photonic crystal fibers
Jian Ju,Wei Jin
Photonic Sensors , 2012, DOI: 10.1007/s13320-011-0020-9
Abstract: The authors review the recent advances in fabricating long-period gratings (LPGs) in photonic crystal fibers (PCFs). The novel light-guiding properties of the PCFs allow the demonstration of novel sensors and devices based on such LPGs. The sensitivity of these PCF LPGs to temperature, strain and refractive index is discussed and compared with LPGs made on conventional single-mode fibers. In-fiber devices such as tunable band rejection filters, Mach-Zehnder interferometers are discussed.
The Internationalization of University: From an Ethical Perspective
Jin-wei PANG
Canadian Social Science , 2009,
Abstract: The ethical spirit of Modern university is threefold. In the first place, due attention is paid to the educatee's development. Secondly, notice is paid of the advance of the society form establishing and leading the ethos, the time spirit and the social values. Thirdly and finally, it is concerned with the improvement of human civilization by creating knowledge, selecting knowledge, initiating knowledge and applying knowledge. From an ethical perspective, we could discover the five typical characteristics about the internationalization of university: culture exchanging, culture comprehending, accelerating common development, seeking harmonious development and creating the collective value to humankind. Meanwhile, we can find four negative factors to the ethical spirit of Modern university in the course of internationalization, that is, dissymmetry among international students fluxion, imbalance among international culture exchanges, asymmetry of world education market occupation and utilitarianism behavior. Key words: university, ethics, internationalization Résumé: L’esprit éthique d’ université Moderne est triple. Premièrement, L’attention due est prêtéé au développement des apprenants. Deuxièmement, L’attention due est prêtéé aux avances de la société de l’établissement et l’entra nement des ethos, à l’esprit d’espace et aus valeurs sociales. Troisèmement et dernièrement, l’évolution de la civilisation humaine est concernée par la création de connaissances, la sélection de connaissances, l’initiation de connaissances et l’application de connaissances. D’une Perspective morale, nous pouvons découvrir les 5 caractéristiques typiques sur l’internationalisation d’université: échanges culturelles, compréhension culturelle, accélération du développement commun, recherche du développement harmonieux et création des valeurs collectives pour l’’être humain, ce qui nous permet de découvrir 4 facteurs négatifs à l’esprit éthique d’ université Moderne au cours de l’internationalisation,soit, la dissymétrie parmi les élèves international students fluxion, déséquilibre parmi les échanges culturelles internationales, l’asymétrie du marché d’occupation éducation et des comportements de l’utillitarisme. Mots clés: université, éthiques, internationalisation
Exogenous abscisic acid application decreases cadmium accumulation in Arabidopsis plants, which is associated with the inhibition of IRT1-mediated cadmium uptake
Chong Wei Jin
Frontiers in Plant Science , 2014, DOI: 10.3389/fpls.2014.00721
Abstract: Cadmium (Cd) contamination of agricultural soils is an increasingly serious problem. Measures need to be developed to minimise Cd entering the human food chain from contaminated soils. We report here that, under Cd exposure condition, application with low doses of (0.1–0.5 μM) abscisic acid (ABA) clearly inhibited Cd uptake by roots and decreased Cd level in Arabidopsis wild-type plants (Col-0). Expression of IRT1 in roots was also strongly inhibited by ABA treatment. Decrease in Cd uptake and the inhibition of IRT1 expression were clearly lesser pronounced in an ABA-insensitive double mutant snrk2.2/2.3 than in the Col-0 in response to ABA application. The ABA-decreased Cd uptake was found to correlate with the ABA-inhibited IRT1 expression in the roots of Col-0 plants fed two different levels of iron. Furthermore, the Cd uptake of irt1 mutants was barely affected by ABA application. These results indicated that inhibition of IRT1 expression is involved in the decrease of Cd uptake in response to exogenous ABA application. Interestingly, ABA application increased the iron level in both Col-0 plants and irt1 mutants, suggesting that ABA-increased Fe acquisition does not depend on the IRT1 function, but on the contrary, the ABA-mediated inhibition of IRT1 expression may be due to the elevation of iron level in plants. From our results, we concluded that ABA application might increase iron acquisition, followed by the decrease in Cd uptake by inhibition of IRT1 activity. Thus, for crop production in Cd contaminated soils, developing techniques based on ABA application potentially is a promising approach for reducing Cd accumulation in edible organs in plants.
From time inversion to nonlinear QED
Wei Min Jin
Physics , 2000,
Abstract: In Minkowski flat space-time, it is perceived that time inversion is unitary rather than antiunitary, with energy being a time vector changing sign under time inversion. The Dirac equation, in the case of electromagnetic interaction, is not invariant under unitary time inversion, giving rise to a ``Klein paradox''. To render unitary time inversion invariance, a nonlinear wave equation is constructed, in which the ``Klein paradox'' disappears. In the case of Coulomb interaction, the revised nonlinear equation can be linearized to give energy solutions for Hydrogen-like ions without singularity when nuclear number $Z>137$, showing a reversed energy order pending for experimental tests such as Zeeman effects. In non-relativistic limit, this nonlinear equation reduces to nonlinear schr\"odinger equation with soliton-like solutions. Moreover, particle conjugation and electron-proton scattering with a nonsingular current-potential interaction are discussed. Finally the explicit form of gauge function is found, the uniqueness of Lorentz gauge is proven and the Lagrangian density of quantum electrodynamics (QED) is revised as well. The implementation of unitary time inversion leads to the ultimate derivation of nonlinear QED.
Quantization of Dirac fields in static spacetime
Wei Min Jin
Physics , 2000, DOI: 10.1088/0264-9381/17/15/307
Abstract: On a static spacetime, the solutions of the Dirac equation are generated by a time-independent Hamiltonian. We study this Hamiltonian and characterize the split into positive and negative energy. We use it to find explicit expressions for advanced and retarded fundamental solutions and for the propagator. Finally, we use a fermion Fock space based on the positive/negative energy split to define a Dirac quantum field operator whose commutator is the propagator.
Scattering of massive Dirac fields on the Schwarzschild black hole spacetime
Wei Min Jin
Physics , 2000, DOI: 10.1088/0264-9381/15/10/018
Abstract: With a generally covariant equation of Dirac fields outside a black hole, we develop a scattering theory for massive Dirac fields. The existence of modified wave operators at infinity is shown by implementing a time-dependent logarithmic phase shift from the free dynamics to offset a long-range mass term. The phase shift we obtain is a matrix operator due to the existence of both positive and negative energy wave components.
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