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Tunneling conductance in quantum wire/insulator/dx2 -y2 + idxy mixed wave superconductor junctions

Wei Jian-Wen,

中国物理 B , 2009,
Reproduced Giant Localization Length of Two-Side Surface Disordered Nanowires with Long-Range Correlation

ZHAO Wei,DING Jian-Wen,

中国物理快报 , 2011,
The synergistic inhibitory effect of somatostatin-doxorubicin co-treatment on gallbladder carcinoma
Ji-Yu Li, Zhi-Wei Quan, Qiang Zhang, Jian-Wen Liu
BMC Cancer , 2007, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2407-7-125
Abstract: Twenty-four hours after somatostatin treatment, doxorubicin was gradually added and the growth curve of gallbladder cancer cells was determined. Exponential-phase gallbladder cancer cells were treated with doxorubicine or co-treated with doxorubicine and somastatine and the respective IC50 values were determined. In addition, the inhibitory effect on the growth of gallbladder cancer xenograft on nude mice was evaluated using the same treatments as those described above.Treatment of gallbladder cancer cells with somatostatin led to a block in the cell cycle at the S phase. Growth inhibition of gallbladder cancer cells by doxorubicin was concentration-dependent (P < 0.05). However, upon co-treatment with doxorubicin and somatostatin, the IC50 value significantly decreased as compared to that of cells treated with doxorubicine alone (P < 0.05). Interestingly, treatment with either doxorubicin or somatostatin did not significantly inhibit xenograft growth on nude mice, in contrast to a co-treatment with both drugs (P < 0.05).Somatostatin most likely sensitizes the chemotherapeutic effect and diminishes the cytotoxicity of doxorubicin in a gallbladder cancer cell line and in mouse gallbladder cancer xenografts.Gallbladder cancer is the most common billiary tract malignancy and known as an aggressive and highly fatal disease with still a poor prognosis. Although relatively uncommon in Europe and the United States, gallbladder carcinoma is often reported in countries such as South-America, India, and Poland [1]. Symptoms often associated with gallbladder carcinoma include pain in the right hypochondrium, weight loss, anorexia, nausea and vomiting, and lump in the right hypochondrium [1]. In some rare cases, patients exhibit a primary non-Hodgkin lymphoma of the gallbladder [2]. Although the correlation between gallstones and gallbladder cancer is yet not well understood, the presence of gallstones is generally considered as an important risk factor for gallbladder cancer.
Effect of the insulating layer on the differential conductance in the normal metal/insulator/s-wave superconductor tunnel junctions

Wei Jian-Wen,Dong Zheng-Chao,

物理学报 , 2005,
Abstract: 在正常金属/绝缘层/s波超导隧道结(NIS结)中,以方势垒描述绝缘层对准粒子输运的影 响,运用Bogoliubov_de Gennes(BdG)方程、Blonder_Tinkham_Klapwijk(BTK)理论,计算 了NIS隧道结中的准粒子输运系数和微分电导.研究表明,微分电导随绝缘层厚度的变化呈振 荡和衰减两种趋势,其振荡的周期和衰减的快慢均强烈地依赖于绝缘层的势垒值以及V=Δ 0/e的偏压值,电导峰的高低及峰的位置与绝缘层厚度密切相关,显示了比δ势 描述更为丰富多彩的隧道谱.
Lattice dynamics of graphene ribbon

Liang Wei,Xiao Yang,Ding Jian-Wen,

物理学报 , 2008,
Abstract: Based on lattice dynamics theory and force constant model, we calculated phonon dispersion relation, density of states, and specific heat of graphene ribbons.It is shown that the characteristics of phonon spectra behaves as those of a system between one_dimensional carbon nanotube and two-dimensional graphene. The high and intermediate phonon branches of armchair and zigzag nanoribbons resemble those of zigzag and armchair carbon nanotubes, respectively. With the ribbon width increasing, interestingly, it is found that the low frequency peaks in density of states shifted to lower frequency, indicating a phonon confinement effect. At both low and high temperature,specific heat decreased with the increase of the band width,showing up as a singular quantum size effect.The specific heat at 300K can be fitted by CV=CVg+A/n, where CVg is specific heat of graphene and the A/n term represents the effect of edge on specific heat of ribbons.
Microsurgical treatment of medial sphenoid ridge meningioma
Wei-qi HE,Jian-wen GU,Bin KONG,Yong-qin KUANG
Medical Journal of Chinese People's Liberation Army , 2011,
Abstract: Objective To explore the microsurgical technique of medial sphenoid ridge meningioma resectional therapy.Methods The clinical data were retrospectively analyzed of 29 patients(13 males and 16 females;aged 18-68 years with average of 42 years;duration of disease was 5 months to 8 years,averaged 28 months) with medial sphenoidal ridge meningioma and admitted from Jan.2005 to Jan.2010.The anatomical relationship of the tumor to surrounding structures was assessed intraoperatively,the tumor was then completely resected through cutting off the tumor supplying vessels,shrinking the tumor volume and separating the tumors from adjacent vessels and nerves.All the patients were followed up for 4 months to 4 years.Results Of the 29 cases,20 got total tumor removal,7 got subtotal and 2 got partial tumor removal.Of the 20 patients with obviously preoperative visual impairment,12 were obviously relieved,6 showed no improvement and 2 got symptoms aggravation.Hemiplegia occurred in 2 cases and oculomoter nerve palsy in 6 cases.There was no death after surgery.A 6 months to 4 years follow-up showed that no recurrence was found in 27 patients with tumor resection level of Simpson I and II,2 patients with tumor resection level of Simpson III received postoperative radiotherapy or gamma knife surgery,and 1 recurred and received reoperation.Conclusions Fine intraoperative assessment of the anatomical relationship of the tumor to surrounding structures,separating and excising tumor according to the assessed result is the key of medial sphenoid ridge meningioma resection,and the tumor resection is favorable to visual rehabilitation and tumor control.
Resection of large invasive pituitary adenomas with individualized approach under neuronavigator guidance:a report of 17 cases
Jing-min CHENG,Jian-wen GU,Yong-qin KUANG,Wei-qi HE
Medical Journal of Chinese People's Liberation Army , 2011,
Abstract: Objective To explore the operative method and therapeutic efficacy of surgical resection of large invasive pituitary adenomas with individualized approach under neuronavigator guidance.Methods Seventeen patients(10 males and 7 females,aged from 22 to 78 years with a mean of 39.2±9.2 years) suffering from large invasive pituitary adenoma of higher than Hardy IV grade hospitalized from 2004 to 2009 were involved in the present study.All procedures were performed with the assistance of neuronavigator via individualized pterion approach,subfrontal extradural approach,trans-sphenoidal approach,or combined approach.The dispersedly invasive pituitary adenomas were resected under the guidance of neuronavigator by fully utilizing the natural anatomical cleavages.All the patients received follow-up CT scanning 3 days after operation,MRI scanning 1 to 3 months after operation,and clinical follow-up ranged from 6 to 72 months.The resection extent and outcome were assessed by imaging examination and clinical results.Results Total tumor removal was achieved in 15 cases,subtotal removal in 1 case,and extensive partial removal in 1 case.The visual impairment and headache were ameliorated in most cases,but in 1 patient they were worsened.Transient diabetes insipidus occurred in 8 cases,electrolyte disturbances were observed in 2 cases,leakage of cerebrospinal fluid appeared in 2 cases,hyposmia in 2 cases,visual impairment aggravated in 1 case,oculomotor nerve and abducens nerve paralysis on the operative side in 1 case,epidural hematoma in occipital and parietal regions in 1 case.No patient died during the follow-up period.Conclusions Individualized surgical approach designed according to the growth direction of tumor under neuronavigator guidance is helpful for the operators to identify the vessels and nerves in the operative field distinctly during the operation,thus the total removal rate is improved,safely of the operation to remove large invasive pituitary adenomas is secured,and disability rate due to surgery is decreased.
A New Extension Theorem for Concave Operators
Jian-wen Peng,Wei-dong Rong,Jen-Chih Yao
Fixed Point Theory and Applications , 2009, DOI: 10.1155/2009/571546
Abstract: We present a new and interesting extension theorem for concave operators as follows. Let X be a real linear space, and let (Y,K) be a real order complete PL space. Let the set A X×Y be convex. Let X0 be a real linear proper subspace of X, with θ∈(AX X0)ri, where AX={x∣(x,y)∈A for some y∈Y}. Let g0:X0→Y be a concave operator such that g0(x)≤z whenever (x,z)∈A and x∈X0. Then there exists a concave operator g:X→Y such that (i) g is an extension of g0, that is, g(x)=g0(x) for all x∈X0, and (ii) g(x)≤z whenever (x,z)∈A.
A New Extension Theorem for Concave Operators
Peng Jian-wen,Rong Wei-dong,Yao Jen-Chih
Fixed Point Theory and Applications , 2009,
Abstract: We present a new and interesting extension theorem for concave operators as follows. Let be a real linear space, and let be a real order complete PL space. Let the set be convex. Let be a real linear proper subspace of , with , where for some . Let be a concave operator such that whenever and . Then there exists a concave operator such that (i) is an extension of , that is, for all , and (ii) whenever .
Anisotropy-induced Fano resonance
Cheng-Wei Qiu,Andrey Novitsky,Lei Gao,Jian-Wen Dong,Boris Luk'yanchuk
Physics , 2012,
Abstract: An optical Fano resonance, which is caused by birefringence control rather than frequency selection, is discovered. Such birefringence-induced Fano resonance comes with fast-switching radiation. The resonance condition $\varepsilon_t< 1/\varepsilon_r$ is revealed and a tiny perturbation in birefringence is found to result in a giant switch in the principal light pole induced near surface plasmon resonance. The loss and size effects upon the Fano resonance have been studied Fano resonance is still pronounced, even if the loss and size of the object increase. The evolutions of the radiation patterns and energy singularities illustrate clearly the sensitive dependence of Fano resonance upon the birefringence.
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