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A User Proprietary Obfuscate System for Positions Sharing in Location-Aware Social Networks  [PDF]
Wei Cherng Cheng, Masayoshi Aritsugi
Journal of Computer and Communications (JCC) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/jcc.2015.35002

A user’s trajectory can be maliciously monitored by adversaries when they share the positions in location-aware social networking applications which require users to update their own locations continuously. An adversary infers user’s locations from the trajectories, and gleans user’s private information through them via location-aware social networking applications and public available geographic data. In this paper, we propose a user proprietary obfuscate system to suit situations for position sharing and location privacy preserving in location-aware social network. Users transform the public available geographic data into personal obfuscate region maps with pre-defined profile to prevent the location leaking in stationary status. Our obfuscation with size restricted regions method tunes user’s transformed locations fitting into natural movement and prevents unreasonable snapshot locations been recorded in the trajectory.

Triterpenoid Contents and Anti-In?ammatory Properties of the Methanol Extracts of Ligustrum Species Leaves
Chi-Rei Wu,You-Cheng Hseu,Jin-Cherng Lien,Li-Wei Lin,Yung-Ta Lin,Hui Ching
Molecules , 2011, DOI: 10.3390/molecules16010001
Abstract: Ligustrum (privet) plants are used by Chinese physicians to prevent and cure hepatitis and chronic bronchitis. Three common Ligustrum plant spp., namely Ligustrum lucidum Ait. (LL), L. pricei Hayata (LP) and L. sinensis Lour. (LS) were collected to assess their analgesic/anti-inflammatory properties on chemical-induced nociception and carrageenan-induced inflammation in rodents. The methanol extracts from Ligustrum plants leaves effectively inhibited nociceptive responses induced by 1% acetic acid and 1% formalin. LP and LL reduced the edema induced by 1% carrageenan. LP exhibited the best potency of the Ligustrum plants. Furthermore, LP reduced the abdominal Evan’s blue extravasations caused by lipopolysaccharide, lipoteichoic acid, autocrines and sodium nitroprusside. The triterpenoid content of the three Ligustrum spp. was measured by high performance liquid chromatography using a photodiode array detector. LP contained the highest content of amyrin, betulinic acid and lupeol. LL had the highest content of oleanolic acid and ursolic acid. The various degrees of analgesic/anti-inflammatory effects among three Ligustrum plants may be related to their different triterpenoid contents. LP is a potential analgesic and anti-inflammatory Ligustrum plant. The effects of LP are partially related to the inhibition of cyclooxygenase-2 activity and a decrease in microvascular permeability via the actions of autocrines and kinins.
Association Study of Polymorphisms rs4552569 and rs17095830 and the Risk of Ankylosing Spondylitis in a Taiwanese Population
James Cheng-Chung Wei, Yu-Wen Hsu, Kuo-Sheng Hung, Ruey-Hong Wong, Chun-Huang Huang, Yi-Tzu Liu, Yuh-Cherng Guo, Shiro Ikegawa, Wei-Chiao Chang
PLOS ONE , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0052801
Abstract: Ankylosing spondylitis (AS) is a chronic inflammation of the sacroiliac joints, spine and peripheral joints. However, the development of anklosing spondylitis is unclear. Human leukocyte antigens HLA-B27 and ERAP1 have been widely reported to be associated with AS susceptibility. A recent genome-wide association study (GWAS) showed that two new susceptibility loci between EDIL3 and HAPLN1 at 5q14.3 (rs4552569) and within ANO6 at 12q12 (rs17095830) contribute to the risk of AS in Han Chinese. In this study, we enrolled 475 AS patients and 475 healthy subjects to assess whether these genetic variations contribute to the susceptibility and the severity of AS in the Taiwanese population. The correlation between genetic polymorphisms, AS activity indexes, (namely, BASDAI, BASFI and BAS-G) and AS complications (uveitis and inflammatory bowel disease) were tested using the markers, rs4552569 and rs17095830. Although no association between rs4552569/rs17095830 genetic polymorphisms and AS susceptibility/severity was found, a significant association between rs17095830 and inflammatory bowel disease was observed in a Taiwanese population.
Schizandrin Protects Primary Rat Cortical Cell Cultures from Glutamate-Induced Apoptosis by Inhibiting Activation of the MAPK Family and the Mitochondria Dependent Pathway
Meng-Shiou Lee,Jung Chao,Jiin-Cherng Yen,Li-Wei Lin,Fan-Shiu Tsai,Ming-Tsuen Hsieh,Wen-Huang Peng,Hao-Yuan Cheng
Molecules , 2013, DOI: 10.3390/molecules18010354
Abstract: Glutamate-induced excitotoxicity has been implicated in a variety of neuronal degenerative disorders. In the present study, we investigated the possible neuroprotective effects of schizandrin against apoptosis of primary cultured rat cortical cells induced by glutamate. Glutamate (10 μM) administered for 24 h decreased the expression of Bcl-2 and Bcl-X L protein, whereas increased the expression of Bax, Bak, apoptosis inducing factor (AIF), endonuclease G (Nodo G) and endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress of caspase-12. Pretreatment with schizandrin (100 μM) before glutamate treatment increased the Bcl-X L and Bcl-2 expression and decreased Bax, Bak, AIF, Nodo G and caspase-12 compared with those only treated with glutamate. Furthermore, glutamate-induced phosphorylation of JNK, p38 and ERK mitogen-activated protein kinases (MAPK), and these effects were attenuated by schizandrin (100 μM) treatment. These results suggest that schizandrin possesses the neuroprotective effects. The molecular mechanisms of schizandrin against glutamate-induced apoptosis may involve the regulation of Bcl-2 family proteins expression, and ER stress through blocking the activation of JNK, ERK and p38 MAPK.
Study on Relationship between Visitor Value, Degree of Satisfaction and Loyalty in Musical Festival Activity  [PDF]
Cheng-Wei Chung
Journal of Service Science and Management (JSSM) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/jssm.2014.76036
Abstract: Compared with other types of festival activities, the musical festivals can attract large crowds of visitors easily and quickly. When the value experience of visitors is high, their satisfaction and loyalty will also be higher. In activities, the high degree of satisfaction means higher loyalty. The hypothesis model in this study indicates the causal relationship between visitor value and degree of satisfaction, as well as the significant impact of visitor value on loyalty in musical festival activities. However, though the musical festival activities can attract visitor stream very quickly, the activity organizers should think more about how to make the visitors willing to come, especially when most visitors for these activities make a special trip. For these visitors, the degree of experience of the visitors should be emphasized, because this will be the most important reason influencing visitors’ feeling about the activities.
Association of ORAI1 Haplotypes with the Risk of HLA-B27 Positive Ankylosing Spondylitis
James Cheng-Chung Wei, Jeng-Hsien Yen, Suh-Hang Hank Juo, Wei-Chiao Chen, Yu-Shiuan Wang, Yi-Ching Chiu, Tusty-Jiuan Hsieh, Yuh-Cherng Guo, Chun-Huang Huang, Ruey-Hong Wong, Hui-Po Wang, Ke-Li Tsai, Yang-Chang Wu, Hsueh-Wei Chang, Edward Hsi, Wei-Pin Chang, Wei-Chiao Chang
PLOS ONE , 2011, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0020426
Abstract: Ankylosing spondylitis (AS) is a chronic inflammation of the sacroiliac joints, spine and peripheral joints. The aetiology of ankylosing spondylitis is still unclear. Previous studies have indicated that genetics factors such as human leukocyte antigen HLA-B27 associates to AS susceptibility. We carried out a case-control study to determine whether the genetic polymorphisms of ORAI1 gene, a major component of store-operated calcium channels that involved the regulation of immune system, is a susceptibility factor to AS in a Taiwanese population. We enrolled 361 AS patients fulfilled the modified New York criteria and 379 controls from community. Five tagging single nucleotides polymorphisms (tSNPs) at ORAI1 were selected from the data of Han Chinese population in HapMap project. Clinical statuses of AS were assessed by the Bath Ankylosing Spondylitis Disease Activity Index (BASDAI), Bath Ankylosing Spondylitis Functional Index (BASFI), and Bath Ankylosing Spondylitis Global Index (BAS-G). Our results indicated that subjects carrying the minor allele homozygote (CC) of the promoter SNP rs12313273 or TT homozygote of the SNP rs7135617 had an increased risk of HLA-B27 positive AS. The minor allele C of 3′UTR SNP rs712853 exerted a protective effect to HLA-B27 positive AS. Furthermore, the rs12313273/rs7135617 pairwise allele analysis found that C-G (OR 1.69, 95% CI 1.27, 2.25; p = 0.0003) and T-T (OR 1.75, 95% CI 1.36, 2.27; p<0.0001) haplotypes had a significantly association with the risk of HLA-B27-positive AS in comparison with the T-G carriers. This is the first study that indicate haplotypes of ORAI1 (rs12313273 and rs7135617) are associated with the risk of HLA-B27 positive AS.
Fuel Characteristics of Biodiesel Produced from a High-Acid Oil from Soybean Soapstock by Supercritical-Methanol Transesterification
Cherng-Yuan Lin,Yi-Wei Lin
Energies , 2012, DOI: 10.3390/en5072370
Abstract: A supercritical methanol transesterification method was applied to produce biodiesel from the high-acid oil of soybean soapstock. The fuel properties of biodiesel produced with various molar ratios of methanol to raw oil were analyzed and compared in this experimental study. Oleic acid (C18:1), linoleic acid (C18:2), and palmitic acid (C16:0) were the three main compounds in the high-acid oil-biodiesel. The saturated fatty acid content of the high-acid oil increased significantly due to the supercritical-methanol transesterification reaction. The fuel characteristics of the resulting high-acid oil, including the specific gravity and kinematic viscosity, were also greatly improved. The saturated fatty acid content of the biodiesel produced from the high-acid oil was higher than that of biodiesel from waste cooking oil produced by the subcritical transesterification using a strongly alkaline catalyst. The high-acid oil-biodiesel that was produced with a molar ratio of methanol to raw oil of 42 had the best fuel properties, including a higher distillation temperature and cetane index and a lower kinematic viscosity and water content, among the biodiesels with different molar ratios.
Review of Random Phase Encoding in Volume Holographic Storage
Wei-Chia Su,Ching-Cherng Sun
Materials , 2012, DOI: 10.3390/ma5091635
Abstract: Random phase encoding is a unique technique for volume hologram which can be applied to various applications such as holographic multiplexing storage, image encryption, and optical sensing. In this review article, we first review and discuss diffraction selectivity of random phase encoding in volume holograms, which is the most important parameter related to multiplexing capacity of volume holographic storage. We then review an image encryption system based on random phase encoding. The alignment of phase key for decryption of the encoded image stored in holographic memory is analyzed and discussed. In the latter part of the review, an all-optical sensing system implemented by random phase encoding and holographic interconnection is presented.
基於網站廣度與深度之網站尋獲度研究 The Study of Web Findability Based on Its Breadth and Depth
Jiann-Cherng Shieh,Huang-Wei Lin
Journal of Educational Media & Library Sciences , 2012, DOI: 10.6120/joemls.2012.502/0484.rs.cm
Abstract: 內部尋獲度是網站讓使用者能夠找到確切所需資訊所在之能力。研究顯示有效之資訊架構是有助於網站內部尋獲度與使用性之提昇。然而,使用者能容忍點擊多少次滑鼠找到其所需要的資訊(網站深度) 使用者眼睛能掃視多少個網頁項目個數(網站廣度) 是網站設計師與使用性專家多年來熱烈討論與研究的議題。Zaphiris於2000研究發現,網站深度與廣度會影響使用者對網站使用的喜好程度。在以使用者為中心的設計概念下,卡片分類法一直是建構較佳尋獲度與使用性網站之既經濟又有效的工具。卡片分類法實施於使用者,主要是為獲取使用者對於網站資訊內容分類的認知,在蒐集不同使用者之分類結果後,進一步透過集群分析、因素分析等資料分析方法,找出使用者共同認知之分類模式,以建立網站架構,提昇網站尋獲度與使用性。以卡片分類法建構網站著重於使用者共同認知的形塑,對於網站深度與廣度所可能造成尋獲度及使用性之影響並未予以探討。本研究嘗試於卡片分類法建構網站架構過程中考量網站深度與廣度的因素,以提出網站建構之新方法,並藉由尋獲度評估驗證其成效。 Interior findability of a web site is the ability to allow users to find the exact needs of the information where exists in the site. Studies have shown that the effective information architecture can be used to enhance its interior findability and usability. However, the user can tolerate how many times the mouse clicks to find the information they need (site depth)? Users’ eyes can glance over how many items on a web page (site breadth)? The issues have been discussed and researched by web site designers and usability experts over the years. In 2000, Zaphiris found that the site depth and breadth have the impact on user preferences of the site. Based on user-centered design concept, the card sorting method is an economical and effective tool can be used to construct websites with better findability. Card Sorting Implementation is primarily to acquire users’ awareness about the classification of information content on a web site. After collecting the classifications from different users, and further through cluster analysis, factor analysis and other data analysis methods to identify the common perception of classifications from different users’, we can create a web structure with enhanced findability and usability. Card sorting method is applied to construct the shape of the site focused on user shared cognition, but the site depth and breadth may cause the effects on its findability and usability have not be explored. This study attempts to apply the card sorting method to construct the web site architecture in considering the factors of site depth and breadth, thus to propose a new method of website construction. We then use the evaluation of findability of web site to verify its effectiveness.
資料倉儲於圖書館管理應用之研究─以分析館藏圖書探討圖書採購決策 The Study of Applying Data Warehouse to Library Management-Acquisition Policy Marking Based on Collections Analysis
Jiann-Cherng Shieh,Yi-Chen Wei
Journal of Educational Media & Library Sciences , 2003,
Abstract: 近年來由於資訊爆炸與技術迅速發展,圖書館在實務運作上面臨人力資源、參考諮詢。館藏發展的種種困境。由於讀者與圖書館間密切關係的發生,多源自於流通行為,因此圖書館館藏的良窳與否,不但影響圖書館服務品質,更影響讀者對圖書館評價。而圖書採購仍是目前圖書館館藏之主要管道,因此如何訂定採購政策以確保並提昇圖書館的服務品質,被視為圖書館管理上一重要議題,於本文中我們利用資料倉儲技術,彙整圖書館自動化系統之資料庫、圖書館館際合作資料、學校系所教師專長與學生資料、選課資料等資料資源,以多維角度分析探究館藏現況與需求,以期能支援圖書館圖書採購之決策參考,進而增進圖書館服務的讀者滿意度。 Recent years, according to the challenges of inflating information rapidly and emerging technologies, libraries suffer from the issues of library collections, human resources management and the capability of consultations. The collection-related research topics are the most investigated ones. Mainly it is library circulation to cause the intimate relationships between readers and the libraries, so the quality of library collections can directly affect library services and readers evaluations. Meanwhile, book acquisitions are the major channels of collections in today s libraries. Then how to make acquisition policies to promote the quality of library services has become a critical subject in library management researches. In this paper, we apply data warehouse technology to integrate corresponding data sources about library databases, inter-library loans,courses and departments to analyze the collection situations in various views. The results are expected to support decision making in book selection thus to improve readers satisfaction in library services.
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