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Anti-respiratory passage virus of Chinese herbal medicine  [PDF]
Zhiqiang Wang, Yi Zhu
Health (Health) , 2010, DOI: 10.4236/health.2010.212207
Abstract: Influenza virus and respiratory syncytial virus infection of viral respiratory disease has become a major killer of mankind, but there is no effect of vaccines and therapeuticmdrugs. Chinese herbs can inhibit the proliferation and strengthen the human immune virus, and so on to play a very good antiviral activity. Single- flavor compound in accordance with two different drugs and the object of study, the herbal anti-influenza virus and respiratory syncytial virus, a comprehensive overview of research and clinical outlook of the Chinese herbs to good use.
Study on Fault Diagnosis of Fuel Injection Based on Vibration Signal Analysis of High-pressure Fuel Injection Pipe
Zhiqiang Wang
Applied Physics Research , 2009, DOI: 10.5539/apr.v1n2p102
Abstract: An accurate fuel injection advance angle is an important parameter to obtain better fuel combustion index and emission index. Fuel injection advance angle is always deranged because of the wear of the injection nozzle matching parts, which has serious impact on diesel engine performance. How to measure the fuel injection advance angle easily and accurately is a problem for fault diagnosis of high-pressure fuel injection pipe. In this paper, the vibration signals of high-pressure fuel injection pipes’ nozzle of different cylinders with different fuel injection advance angles were measured by external oil pressure sensor. Through the theoretical analyzing and calculating the above-mentioned experimental data, the characteristic curves were established, which described the relationship between the fuel injection advance angles and the vibration characteristic quantities of high-pressure fuel injection pipes’ nozzle. The characteristic curves were the judgment basis of fuel injection system fault diagnosis. It can be applied to diagnose the fault that caused by fuel injection advance angle change which induced by improper adjustment and matching parts abrasion.
Likelihood Ratio and Strong Limit Theorems for the Discrete Random Variable  [PDF]
Wenhan Li, Wei Wang, Zhiqiang Liu
Open Journal of Discrete Mathematics (OJDM) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ojdm.2012.24034
Abstract: This in virtue of the notion of likelihood ratio and the tool of moment generating function, the limit properties of the sequences of random discrete random variables are studied, and a class of strong deviation theorems which represented by inequalities between random variables and their expectation are obtained. As a result, we obtain some strong deviation theorems for Poisson distribution and binomial distribution.
Optimizing Scoring Function of Protein-Nucleic Acid Interactions with Both Affinity and Specificity
Zhiqiang Yan, Jin Wang
PLOS ONE , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0074443
Abstract: Protein-nucleic acid (protein-DNA and protein-RNA) recognition is fundamental to the regulation of gene expression. Determination of the structures of the protein-nucleic acid recognition and insight into their interactions at molecular level are vital to understanding the regulation function. Recently, quantitative computational approach has been becoming an alternative of experimental technique for predicting the structures and interactions of biomolecular recognition. However, the progress of protein-nucleic acid structure prediction, especially protein-RNA, is far behind that of the protein-ligand and protein-protein structure predictions due to the lack of reliable and accurate scoring function for quantifying the protein-nucleic acid interactions. In this work, we developed an accurate scoring function (named as SPA-PN, SPecificity and Affinity of the Protein-Nucleic acid interactions) for protein-nucleic acid interactions by incorporating both the specificity and affinity into the optimization strategy. Specificity and affinity are two requirements of highly efficient and specific biomolecular recognition. Previous quantitative descriptions of the biomolecular interactions considered the affinity, but often ignored the specificity owing to the challenge of specificity quantification. We applied our concept of intrinsic specificity to connect the conventional specificity, which circumvents the challenge of specificity quantification. In addition to the affinity optimization, we incorporated the quantified intrinsic specificity into the optimization strategy of SPA-PN. The testing results and comparisons with other scoring functions validated that SPA-PN performs well on both the prediction of binding affinity and identification of native conformation. In terms of its performance, SPA-PN can be widely used to predict the protein-nucleic acid structures and quantify their interactions.
New Periodic Solutions for Newtonian $n$-Body Problems with Dihedral Group Symmetry and Topological Constraints
Zhiqiang Wang,Shiqing Zhang
Physics , 2015, DOI: 10.1007/s00205-015-0919-1
Abstract: In this paper, we prove the existence of a family of new non-collision periodic solutions for the classical Newtonian $n$-body problems. In our assumption, the $n=2l\geq4$ particles are invariant under the dihedral rotation group $D_l$ in $\mathbb{R}^3$ such that, at each instant, the $n$ particles form two twisted $l$-regular polygons. Our approach is variational minimizing method and we show that the minimizers are collision-free by level estimates and local deformations.
Onsager rule, quantum oscillation frequencies, and the density of states in the mixed-vortex state of cuprates
Zhiqiang Wang,Sudip Chakravarty
Physics , 2015,
Abstract: We consider Onsager rule that determines the frequencies of quantum oscillations in high magnetic fields in the mixed-vortex state of the underdoped cuprates. We show that this rule remains intact to an excellent approximation. The models we consider are fairly general, consisting of a variety of density wave states combined with $d$-wave superconductivity. Vortices are introduced as quenched disorder and averaged over many realizations, which can be considered as snapshots of a vortex liquid state. The amplitudes of oscillations are reduced, but the frequencies remain intact. This remarkable result, down to fairly low Landau level index, is a testimony to the power of the asymptotic analysis of Onsager, which turns out to be exceptionally accurate, as is frequently the case for asymptotic analyses. We also show that the oscillations ride on top of a field independent density of states, $\rho(B)$, at the chemical potential for higher fields. In fact, the onset of oscillations are coincident with the saturation of $\rho(B)$. This feature is in disagreement with the previous suggestion that the small field behavior of $\rho(B)\propto \sqrt{B}$ extends to the high field oscillatory regime.
Exact boundary observability for nonautonomous quasilinear wave equations
Lina Guo,Zhiqiang Wang
Mathematics , 2009,
Abstract: By means of a direct and constructive method based on the theory of semiglobal $C^2$ solution, the local exact boundary observability is shown for nonautonomous 1-D quasilinear wave equations. The essential difference between nonautonomous wave equations and autonomous ones is also revealed.
The Performance of PCM Quantization Under Tight Frame Representations
Yang Wang,Zhiqiang Xu
Mathematics , 2011,
Abstract: In this paper, we study the performance of the PCM scheme with linear quantization rule for quantizing finite unit-norm tight frame expansions for $\R^d$ and derive the PCM quantization error without the White Noise Hypothesis. We prove that for the class of unit norm tight frames derived from uniform frame paths the quantization error has an upper bound of $O(\delta^{3/2})$ regardless of the frame redundancy. This is achieved using some of the techniques developed by G\"{u}nt\"{u}rk in his study of Sigma-Delta quantization. Using tools of harmonic analysis we show that this upper bound is sharp for $d=2$. A consequence of this result is that, unlike with Sigma-Delta quantization, the error for PCM quantization in general does not diminish to zero as one increases the frame redundancy. We extend the result to high dimension and show that the PCM quantization error has an upper bound $O(\delta^{(d+1)/2})$ for asymptopitcally equidistributed unit-norm tight frame of $\R^{d}$.
Asymptotic stability of wave equations coupled by velocities
Yan Cui,Zhiqiang Wang
Mathematics , 2015,
Abstract: This paper is devoted to study the asymptotic stability of wave equations with constant coefficients coupled by velocities. By using Riesz basis approach, multiplier method and frequency domain approach respectively, we find the sufficient and necessary condition, that the coefficients satisfy, leading to the exponential stability of the system. In addition, we give the optimal decay rate in one dimensional case.
Analysis and control of a scalar conservation law modeling a highly re-entrant manufacturing system
Peipei Shang,Zhiqiang Wang
Mathematics , 2010,
Abstract: In this paper, we study a scalar conservation law that models a highly re-entrant manufacturing system as encountered in semi-conductor production. As a generalization of \cite{CKWang}, the velocity function possesses both the local and nonlocal character. We prove the existence and uniqueness of the weak solution to the Cauchy problem with initial and boundary data in $L^{\infty}$. We also obtain the stability (continuous dependence) of both the solution and the out-flux with respect to the initial and boundary data. Finally, we prove the existence of an optimal control that minimizes, in the $L^p$-sense with $p\in [1,\infty)$, the difference between the actual out-flux and a forecast demand over a fixed time period.
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