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Correlation among SDS Sedimentation Value, Swelling Index of Glutenin and Solvent Retention Capacity of Spring Wheat
Deyong ZHAO,Lei WANG,Yunting LEI
Notulae Scientia Biologicae , 2012,
Abstract: The determination of flour end-use quality of progenies is a routine process in high-quality wheat breeding program. Traditional determination involves larger amount of flour and specific instruments, meanwhile, is expensive and time-consuming. A rapid and accurate method which could predict the quality of early generation wheat lines is in high demand in the wheat breeding program. Clarifying the relationships among different prediction indexes is the prerequisite for devising a new prediction method screening the high-quality progenies. This study aimed to clarify the correlations between SDS sedimentation value, SIG and SRCs for both wholemeal flour and flour, as well as to study which parameter could be applied to predict the flour quality of spring wheat rapidly and conveniently. The result of the study showed that WSRC correlated significantly with all the parameters determined, the four different SRCs varied significantly between hard wheat and soft wheat, while SDS sedimentation value and SIG showed no significant difference between hard wheat and soft wheat. SRC test may provide a convenient method for predicting the quality of early generation wheat lines in wheat breeding.
Changes of Editing Process of Scientific Journals Caused by Computer Network

Wang Yunting,Wang Li,

中国科技期刊研究 , 2000,
Abstract: 探讨如何利用网络的优势促进编辑流程的变革。要积极开发期刊稿件管理软件,改进传统编辑流程;要利用网络的优势,增进编辑流程的科学性;提出建立纸型版和电子版期刊一体化生产、编辑校一体化的网络化期刊生产线,是编辑和科技期刊管理工作者的当务之急。
Modernize Editing Work for Periodicals Published by China Medical Society

Wang Yunting,He Yingyuan,

中国科技期刊研究 , 1999,
Abstract: 阐述了中华医学会系列杂志编辑出版现代化的进程和目标,从1988年来编辑工作中计算机应用的各个发展阶段,从排版到编辑加工,逐步发展为数字化生产,出版纸型杂志同时出版电子期刊光盘版和网络版.并介绍了转变观念、增加投入、借助技术等具体的实施方法.
Altered White Matter Integrity in the Congenital and Late Blind People
Dawei Wang,Wen Qin,Yong Liu,Yunting Zhang,Tianzi Jiang,Chunshui Yu
Neural Plasticity , 2013, DOI: 10.1155/2013/128236
Abstract: The blind subjects have experienced a series of brain structural and functional alterations due to the visual deprivation. It remains unclear as to whether white matter changes differ between blind subjects with visual deprivation before and after a critical developmental period. The present study offered a direct comparison in changes of white matter fractional anisotropy (FA) between congenital blind (CB) and late blind (LB) individuals. Twenty CB, 21 LB (blindness onset after 18 years old), and 40 sight control (SC) subjects were recruited. Both the tract-based spatial statistics (TBSS) and voxel-based analysis (VBA) showed lower FA in the bilateral optic radiations in both blind groups, suggesting that the loss of white matter integrity was the prominent hallmark in the blind people. The LB group showed more extensive white matter impairment than the CB group, indicating the mechanisms of white matter FA changes are different between the CB and LB groups. Using a loose threshold, a trend of an increased FA was found in the bilateral corticospinal tracts in the LB but with a smaller spatial extent relative to the CB. These results suggest that white matter FA changes in the blind subjects are the reflection of multiple mechanisms, including the axonal degeneration, deafferentation, and plasticity. 1. Introduction The blind subjects, irrespective of the age of onset, have experienced a series of structural and functional alterations, and they have to make major adjustments to interact effectively with the environment. Numerous functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) studies have revealed that the occipital cortex of the blind subjects shifts its function to process tactile [1] and auditory information [2] and to engage in many higher-level cognitive functions, such as language [3–8], memory [3], and mental imagery [9–11]. Structural MRI studies have shown the decreased gray/white matter volume [12–14] but increased cortical thickness in the occipital cortex [15, 16]. During the past two decades, diffusion tensor imaging (DTI), as a noninvasive means, makes the in vivo evaluation of white matter integrity possible using the fractional anisotropy (FA) [17–19]. The decreased FA may represent the impairment in white matter integrity, in contrast, the increased FA may indicate the increase in white matter integrity [17–19]. Different DTI analytic methods have shown that congenitally blind (CB) or early blind (EB) subjects had atrophy [20] or decreased white matter integrity [21] in the optic radiation (OR), reduced efficiency of the brain anatomical
Interdecadal change of winter rainfall over Hunan and its physical factors

,QIAO Yunting,WANG Chao

- , 2016, DOI: 10.13471/j.cnki.acta.snus.2016.02.024
Abstract: 利用1960-2010年湖南20个测站的降水资料,采用经验正交函数分解(EOF)等方法分析了湖南冬季降水的年代际变化特征及其影响因子。结果表明:1973-2009年湖南冬季降水经历了两次年代际突变,分别出现在1988和1998年。1973-1987年湖南冬季降水偏少,1988-1997年降水偏多,1998-2009年降水再次偏少。湖南降水的年代际变化与西伯利亚高压、北极涛动(AO)、东亚西风急流和欧亚遥相关型年代际变化的协同作用有关。西伯利亚高压偏弱、AO指数偏强、东亚西风急流偏弱以及欧亚遥相关型为负位相这些因子的共同作用导致1988-1997年期间湖南冬季降水偏多。而1973-1987年和1998-2009年,湖南冬季降水偏少时期,上述影响因子的变化则基本相反
Reproductive Biology of Ficus beipeiensis  [PDF]
Hongping Deng, Yunting Li, Long Chen, Shaohu Tang
American Journal of Plant Sciences (AJPS) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ajps.2015.618286
Abstract: This paper uses morphological, anatomical and ecological methods to study the morphological characteristics and propagation mechanism of Ficus beipeiensis S.S Chang which is endemic to China, providing a scientific basis for the rare population of wild plants and repopulation. The following results were obtained. First, F. beipeiensis with pollinating fig wasps was highly adapted in morphological structure and behavior. Second, a monoclinous flower period existed during the developmental phase of male flowers. F. beipeiensis had one to four stamens and one pistil. The pistil in the stigma of syconium flowers was similar to that of gall flowers, but no pollinating fig wasps that laid eggs in the ovary were found. Third, wild individual specimens were found to be rare. The investigation found only one male and four female individuals among them. However, only two female plants can bear fruits. The remaining 9 female plants were cultivated, among which only four grew syconia. No fruit, seed germination, and seeding were found under natural conditions. Several possible reasons for the growth of rare wild plants can be found as following: 1) An imbalance between male and female plants reduces breeding efficiency; 2) Ceratosolen sp. is a species-specific pollinator of F. beipeiensis, so the gall rate is lower; 3) The high mortality of Ceratosolen sp. results in low pollination rate; 4) The seed rate [25.64% ± 54.13% (N = 50)] is lower, ranging from 2% to 70%; 5) Seed germination is difficult under natural conditions.
Micro bubble formation and bubble dissolution in domestic wet central heating systems
Fsadni Andrew M.,Ge Yunting
EPJ Web of Conferences , 2012, DOI: 10.1051/epjconf/20122501016
Abstract: 16 % of the carbon dioxide emissions in the UK are known to originate from wet domestic central heating systems. Contemporary systems make use of very efficient boilers known as condensing boilers that could result in efficiencies in the 90-100% range. However, research and development into the phenomenon of micro bubbles in such systems has been practically non-existent. In fact, such systems normally incorporate a passive deaerator that is installed as a ‘default’ feature with no real knowledge as to the micro bubble characteristics and their effect on such systems. High saturation ratios are known to occur due to the widespread use of untreated tap water in such systems and due to the inevitable leakage of air into the closed loop circulation system during the daily thermal cycling. The high temperatures at the boiler wall result in super saturation conditions which consequently lead to micro bubble nucleation and detachment, leading to bubbly two phase flow. Experiments have been done on a test rig incorporating a typical 19 kW domestic gas fired boiler to determine the expected saturation ratios and bubble production and dissolution rates in such systems.
An Algorithm to Find the Optimal Matching in Halin Graphs
Yunting Lu,Yueping Li,Dingjun Lou
IAENG International Journal of Computer Science , 2007,
Study on modified water supply sludge on adsorption of high phosphate contaminated wastewater

Han Yunting,Wang Zheng,Fang Xiaohang,Wei Dongyang,Xu Zhencheng,Fang Jiande,Lin Wen,Yang Zhu,

环境工程学报 , 2011,
Abstract: 针对引起水体富营养化的磷,以自来水厂给水污泥为基础原料,按0∶1、0.2∶1、1∶1、2∶1的比率添加Al(OH)3,采用静态吸附法对改性给水污泥的吸附磷酸盐性能进行研究,分析了Al(OH) 3投加量、磷酸盐初始浓度、初始pH值、停留时间等对污泥吸附性能的影响。结果表明,当Al(OH) 3与污泥的添加比为0.2∶1、反应时间24 h、 pH为4时吸附效果最佳,对磷酸盐的吸附量达到20.8 mg/g,且吸附量随着磷酸盐的初始浓度的增加而增加,初始浓度为20 000 mg/L时最大吸附量为42.3 mg/g。利用多级反应处理化肥厂废水,在24 h停留时间内磷酸盐去除效率达到99%,结果表明改性给水污泥不仅能有效吸收废水中的磷酸盐,对有机磷也存在一定的吸附作用,是一种较好的磷酸盐去除吸附材料。
Sex-Dependent Correlations between the Personality Dimension of Harm Avoidance and the Resting-State Functional Connectivity of Amygdala Subregions
Ying Li, Wen Qin, Tianzi Jiang, Yunting Zhang, Chunshui Yu
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0035925
Abstract: Harm avoidance (HA) is a personality dimension involving the tendency to respond intensely to signals of aversive stimuli. Many previous neuroimaging studies have associated HA scores with the structural and functional organization of the amygdala, but none of these studies have evaluated the correlation between HA score and amygdala resting-state functional connectivity (rsFC). Moreover, the amygdala is not a homogeneous structure, and it has been divided into several structurally and functionally distinct subregions. Investigating the associations between HA score and properties of subregions of the amygdala could greatly improve our understanding of HA. In the present study, using a large sample of 291 healthy young adults, we aimed to uncover correlations between HA scores and the rsFCs of each amygdala subregion and to uncover possible sex-based differences in these correlations. We found that subregions of the amygdala showed different rsFC patterns, which contributed differently to individual HA scores. More specifically, HA scores were correlated with rsFCs between the laterobasal amygdala subregion and temporal and occipital cortices related to emotional information input, between the centromedial subregion and the frontal cortices associated with emotional output control, and between the superficial subregion and the frontal and temporal areas involved in both functions. Moreover, significant gender-based differences were uncovered in these correlations. Our findings provide a more detailed model of association between HA scores and amygdala rsFC, extend our understanding of the connectivity of subregions of the amygdala, and confirm sex-based differences in HA associations.
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