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Economization of public services sector and its consequences
Ewa Polak,Waldemar Polak
Contemporary Economy , 2013,
Abstract: The work is devoted to the analysis of the process of human life’s economization Processes taking place in the economic sphere nowadays, affect the social changes in the essential way, affect both the condition of an individual and on relationships between people. The main force of the socio-cultural transformation is scientific-technological progress, especially in the communication and transport as well as promoting the principles of governing the liberal market economy by global economic actors. Neo-liberal market economy and the values and attitudes associated with it (freedom, individualism, competition, mobility, flexibility, striving at all costs to success, especially material) affect the political sphere (economization of politics, marketization of democracy) cultural (the dominance of the commercialized consumer culture) and social (destruction of traditional social structures, disintegration, dehumanisation and commercialization of human relationships and cultural patterns). Commercialized consumer culture is accompanied with marketization and economization of all spheres of life and social relations. Everything could be buying: education, safety, care, treatment and longer life. Life itself is also commercializing, insurance companies, employers, companies offering on the market different goods and services assign a specific monetary value to life. People are judged by perspective of consumer behaviour, and products suited to the cultural meaning. Traditional values are replaced by market, commercial values.
A mesh algorithm for principal quadratic forms
Agnieszka Polak
Annales UMCS, Informatica , 2011, DOI: 10.2478/v10065-011-0026-3
Abstract: In 1970 a negative solution to the tenth Hilbert problem, concerning the determination of integral solutions of diophantine equations, was published by Y. W. Matiyasevich. Despite this result, we can present algorithms to compute integral solutions (roots) to a wide class of quadratic diophantine equations of the form q(x) = d, where q : Z is a homogeneous quadratic form. We will focus on the roots of one (i.e., d = 1) of quadratic unit forms (q11 = … = qnn = 1). In particular, we will describe the set of roots Rq of positive definite quadratic forms and the set of roots of quadratic forms that are principal. The algorithms and results presented here are successfully used in the representation theory of finite groups and algebras. If q is principal (q is positive semi-definite and Ker q={v ∈ Zn; q(v) = 0}=Z · h) then |Rq| = ∞. For a given unit quadratic form q (or its bigraph), which is positive semi-definite or is principal, we present an algorithm which aligns roots Rq in a Φ-mesh. If q is principal (|Rq| < ∞), then our algorithm produces consecutive roots in Rq from finite subset of Rq, determined in an initial step of the algorithm.
Urojone-nic. Poj cie zasady w être, Monde, Imaginaire Stanislasa Bretona
Marcin POLAK
Argument : Biannual Philosophical Journal , 2012,
Abstract: A philosophical study of the concept of the principle was conducted by Stanislas Breton inhis two books: Du principe and être, Monde Imaginaire, the first of which was dominated byits analytical and abstract style, while the second was speculative and imaginary. This articleundertakes the task of reconstructing the idea of the principle contained in the latter position.In the first part of the article the author presents two currents of thought concerning theprinciple: the ontological, which is based on the category of logos, and the ontomythological,for which the leading category is mythos. After discussing the differences between these twofields of thought and their corresponding fields of being, the author undertakes an attempt atdescribing the absolute source of reality – imaginary-nothing. The attempt is accompanied bya presentation of the way in which the ineffable principle produces the Word, whose originalexpression is prattle. The article concludes with an analysis of fable as the original form of expressionof the imaginary-nothing, from which arise the two trunks of rationality mentionedabove: the ontological and the ontomythological.
Mateusz Polak
e-Finanse , 2012,
Abstract: The following paper is a theoretical introduction of the misinformation effect to behavioural finance. The misinformation effect causes a memory report regarding an event or particular knowledge to become contaminated with misleading information from another source. The paper aims to describe possible impact of the aforementioned phenomenon on the interpretation of stock market data, as well as the consequences of misinformation on investment-related decisions and the effective market hypothesis.
Challenges and Threats of the Labor Market Based on Modern Social and Economic Changes. Selected Issues
Ewa Polak
Contemporary Economics , 2010,
Abstract: During at least the last thirty years in the global labor market significant changes in the preferred qualifications and skills, occupational structure, employment structure and income structure as well as the related to this evolution of the socio-economic functions of work can be seen. A specific polarization of the labor market takes place. The factor that differentiates the situation of individual employees and people who seek work is not only the level of education, its type and quality, but far particular predispositions, attitudes, skills and personal characteristics. The situation of an economically active persons is not an autonomous phenomenon arising only from their qualifications, knowledge, determination and life strategy, but is increasing the result of a globalization distribution – first of all global competition and the rules governing it.
Counting Triangles in Large Graphs on GPU
Adam Polak
Computer Science , 2015,
Abstract: The clustering coefficient and the transitivity ratio are concepts often used in network analysis, which creates a need for fast practical algorithms for counting triangles in large graphs. Previous research in this area focused on sequential algorithms, MapReduce parallelization, and fast approximations. In this paper we propose a parallel triangle counting algorithm for CUDA GPU. We describe the implementation details necessary to achieve high performance and present the experimental evaluation of our approach. Our algorithm achieves 8 to 15 times speedup over the CPU implementation and is capable of finding 3.8 billion triangles in an 89 million edges graph in less than 10 seconds on the Nvidia Tesla C2050 GPU.
The Quantum Oscillatory Modulated Potential - Part II - The Stability of the Hydrogen Atom  [PDF]
Waldemar Wolney Filho
Journal of Modern Physics (JMP) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/jmp.2012.38090
Abstract: The purpose of this work is to show the stability of the hydrogen atom with the use the Quantum Oscillatory Modulated Potential and the Heisenberg equations of motion, postulating that the electron in the hydrogen atom is behaving as a quantum harmonic oscillator. With the electron confined between two potential barriers, created by the new potential function, we are considering that at absolute temperature the power absorbed or emitted by the electron per unit of time can be used to determine the zero point energy of the oscillator. Assuming that electron is only exchanging energy with the nucleus of the atom we are making use of the operators of creation and annihilation of a photon to explain how the energy between the proton and the electron can be exchanged to keep the atom a stable system.
The Quantum Oscillatory Modulated Potential Ⅰ- The Hydrogen Atom  [PDF]
Waldemar Wolney Filho
Journal of Modern Physics (JMP) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/jmp.2012.37081
Abstract: In this work we are presenting a modified Coulomb potential function to describe the interaction between two micro-scopic electric charges. In particular, concerning the interaction between the proton and the electron in the hydrogen atom. The modified potential function is the product of the classical Coulomb potential and an oscillatory function dependent on a quantized phase factor. The oscillatory function picks up only selected points along the Coulomb potential, creating potential wells and barriers around the nucleus of the atom. The new potential reveals us new features of the hydrogen atom. Searching for a manner to determine the phase factor, we are using the concept of the de Broglie particle wavelike behavior and the quantum analogue of the virial theorem for describing the bound motion of a particle in a central force field. This procedure is a kind of feedback action, where we are making use of well established concepts of the quantum mechanics aiming to determine the phase factor of the new interaction potential.
The Quantum Oscillatory Modulated Potential—Electric Field Wave Packets Produced by Electrons  [PDF]
Waldemar Wolney Filho
Journal of Modern Physics (JMP) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/jmp.2015.614216
Abstract: In this work we are formulating a new theory for describing the waving nature of a microscopic electric particle. Based on the predictions of the Quantum Oscillatory Modulated Potential—QOMP, for describing the interaction between two microscopic electric particles, electron-electron, for instance, we are postulating that the waving behavior of these particles may be an attribute of the charges of the particles and not their masses as currently accepted. For a microscopic electric charge, we are presenting new arguments showing that the electric field in the vicinity of a microscopic charge is spatially waving and can be determined as the gradient per unit of charge of this new quantum interaction potential, with use of an appropriated phase factor to account for the behavior of an unbound electron. Differently of what is predicted by the classical Coulomb electric field, when a charged particle is moving under the action of a potential of V volts, the new electric field existing around the charge has the form of a wave packet. For typical values of the potential V, the wavelength of the waving electric field is in very good agreement with those experimentally observed with diffraction of electrons in crystalline solids.
Ac/Ds-transposon activation tagging in poplar: a powerful tool for gene discovery
Matthias Fladung, Olaf Polak
BMC Genomics , 2012, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2164-13-61
Abstract: We describe the first application of an inducible transposon-based activation tagging system for a perennial plant species, as example a poplar hybrid (P. tremula L. × P. tremuloides Michx.). Four activation-tagged populations comprising a total of 12,083 individuals derived from 23 independent "Activation Tagging Ds" (ATDs) transgenic lines were produced and phenotyped. To date, 29 putative variants have been isolated and new ATDs genomic positions were successfully determined for 24 of those. Sequences obtained were blasted against the publicly available genome sequence of P. trichocarpa v2.0 (Phytozome v7.0; http://www.phytozome.net/poplar webcite) revealing possible transcripts for 17 variants.In a second approach, 300 randomly selected individuals without any obvious phenotypic alterations were screened for ATDs excision. For one third of those transposition of ATDs was confirmed and in about 5% of these cases genes were tagged.The novel strategy of first genotyping and then phenotyping a tagging population as proposed here is, in particular, applicable for long-lived, difficult to transform plant species. We could demonstrate the power of the ATDs transposon approach and the simplicity to induce ATDs transposition in vitro. Since a transposon is able to pass chromosomal boundaries, only very few primary transposon-carrying transgenic lines are required for the establishment of large transposon tagging populations. In contrast to T-DNA-based activation tagging, which is plagued by a lack of transformation efficiency and its time consuming nature, this for the first time, makes it feasible one day to tag (similarly to Arabidopsis) every gene within a perennial plant genome.One of the global challenges for the next decades is the reproducible and sustainable production of wood to meet the increasing demand for energy and solid raw material. The majority of the terrestrial biomass is produced by forest trees, which are grown either in natural (primeval and seconda
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