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Simulation of Sequencing Rules Using Witness in a Milling Job Shop
Liqi Ang,Kuan Yew Wong,Wai Peng Wong
Communications of the IBIMA , 2011,
Abstract: Simulation is essential when studying manufacturing processes or designing production systems. This project was a real case study which involved a job shop with five similar CNC milling machines. A total of six jobs were performed and each of them consisted of a different set of operations. The sequence of the six jobs to enter the system was determined by the sequencing rules including shortest setup time (SST), shortest processing time (SPT), shortest processing and setup time (SPST), earliest due date (EDD), least process (LP), and lowest volume (LV). The setup time was taken into consideration to make the results more realistic. Due to the complexity of the model, WITNESS was used to simulate all the sequencing rules. The best approach was then determined by comparing the results of each rule. By doing this, the case company would be able to make a better decision on which job should be processed first instead of selecting it randomly among the jobs.
Smart garment for trunk posture monitoring: A preliminary study
Wai Wong, Man Wong
Scoliosis , 2008, DOI: 10.1186/1748-7161-3-7
Abstract: A smart garment with integrated accelerometers and gyroscopes, which can detect postural changes in terms of curvature variation of the spine in the sagittal and coronal planes, has been developed with intention to facilitate posture training. The smart garment was evaluated in laboratory tests and with 5 normal subjects during their daily activities.Laboratory tests verified that the accuracy of the system is < 1° and < 1.5° in static and dynamic tilting measurements respectively. The results showed that the smart garment could facilitate subjects to prevent prolonged poor postures of the spine, especially the posture of the lumbar spine in which at least 40% of the time in poor posture were reduced.The smart garment has been developed to be a portable and user-friendly trunk posture monitoring system and it could be used for collection of the trunk posture information and provision of instant feedback to the user if necessary for posture training purpose. The current pilot study demonstrated that the posture of normal subjects could be monitored and trained via this smart garment. With further clinical investigations, this system could be considered in some flexible spinal deformities such as scoliosis and kyphosis.Poor postures of the spine, deviations from the "natural curvature of the spine", have been considered in association with a number of spinal musculoskeletal disorders, including structural deformity of the spine and back pain [1-5]. Spinal disorders could occur in different populations, including growing, working and aging populations. For instance, adolescent idiopathic scoliosis is the most common type and represents about 80% of idiopathic scoliosis. Apart from physical deformity of the spine, postural and proprioceptive dysfunctions are suggested to be the common defect of idiopathic scoliosis [6-9], which may deteriorate the spinal deformities. Low back pain always gives a major burden to the society as it associates with high costs of health care
A SOM-Based Document Clustering Using Frequent Max Substrings for Non-Segmented Texts  [PDF]
Todsanai Chumwatana, Kok Wai Wong, Hong Xie
Journal of Intelligent Learning Systems and Applications (JILSA) , 2010, DOI: 10.4236/jilsa.2010.23015
Abstract: This paper proposes a non-segmented document clustering method using self-organizing map (SOM) and frequent max substring technique to improve the efficiency of information retrieval. SOM has been widely used for document clustering and is successful in many applications. However, when applying to non-segmented document, the challenge is to identify any interesting pattern efficiently. There are two main phases in the propose method: preprocessing phase and clustering phase. In the preprocessing phase, the frequent max substring technique is first applied to discover the patterns of interest called Frequent Max substrings that are long and frequent substrings, rather than individual words from the non-segmented texts. These discovered patterns are then used as indexing terms. The indexing terms together with their number of occurrences form a document vector. In the clustering phase, SOM is used to generate the document cluster map by using the feature vector of Frequent Max substrings. To demonstrate the proposed technique, experimental studies and comparison results on clustering the Thai text documents, which consist of non-segmented texts, are presented in this paper. The results show that the proposed technique can be used for Thai texts. The document cluster map generated with the method can be used to find the relevant documents more efficiently.
Effects of Spurned Help and Self-Image on Self-Defensive Behavior of Primary School Teachers  [PDF]
Kwok Sai Wong, Wai Hing Cheuk
Psychology (PSYCH) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/psych.2016.79120
Abstract: How do helpers react if their offers of help have been rejected by needy others, the help has been accepted but not used, or the needy others seek help elsewhere? A model was advanced to capture how spurned helpers react (Rosen, Mickler, & Spiers, 1986). One avenue taken to assess the validity of the model is to assess if caregiving professionals react to spurning of their help in ways consistent with the propositions of the model. Accordingly, we have been examining spurning of help by peers among schoolteachers, having explored such experiences in kindergarten and secondary school teachers. The present study extended our work to primary school teachers to test the propositions of the model through examining (a) how teachers’ self-images of competence and caring influenced their reactions and (b) whether spurned teachers reacted self-defensively. 732 primary school teachers in the city of Shenzhen (China) responded to three waves of questionnaires measuring the variables under study. The results showed that the teachers experienced a moderate level of spurning, and coped by derogating the personal attributes of rejecting peers, with those having more positive self-images coping more intensely, thus supporting the validity of the propositions of the model.
Synthesis and Crystal Structure of a New Triosmium Alkylidyne Carbonyl Cluster Containing a Chiral Ferrocenylphosphine Ligand
Wai-Yeung Wong
Molecules , 2005, DOI: 10.3390/10060640
Abstract: The synthesis, spectroscopic characterization and X-ray crystal structure of a newchiral triosmium alkylidyne carbonyl cluster, (R,S)-[Os3(μ-H)2(CO)9{μ3-CPPh2(η5-C5H4)Fe(η5-C5H3(PPh2)CH(Me)NMe2)}] (1) are described. Compound 1 crystallizes in thenon-centrosymmetric space group P21 and its absolute configuration has been established.The structure consists of an Os3C metal core with one of the PPh2 moieties of the chiralferrocenylphosphine bonded to the apical alkylidyne carbon atom to give a zwitterioniccluster complex, reminiscent of the phosphorus yli
A Traditional Chinese Medicine Approach in Treating Depression by Promoting Liver Qi Circulation: A Western Medicine Perspective  [PDF]
Raphaella Wai Lam So, Hoi Shan Wong, Kam Ming Ko
Chinese Medicine (CM) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/cm.2015.64021
Abstract: Depression is a prevalent mental illness in developed countries. In Western medicine, experimental and clinical investigations have demonstrated that depression is associated with the dysregulation of neurotransmitter signaling, and symptoms of depression can be alleviated by therapeutic intervention. However, patients taking antidepressant drugs often experience serious side effects and high relapse rates. On the other hand, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) views depression as a manifestation of liver qi stagnation. Practitioners of TCM have long been treating depression with herbs that promote qi circulation in the liver. In this article, we offer a hypothesis stating the biochemical basis of the linkage between liver qi stagnation and depression. Liver qi is involved in the processing of macronutrients into molecules to fuel energy metabolism in brain neurons, as well as the synthesis of plasma proteins that maintain blood circulation to the brain, thereby enabling these fuel molecules to be delivered to the brain. In cases of liver qi stagnation, the failure in delivering sufficient fuel molecules to the brain disrupts mitochondrial ATP production in neurons. Because neurotransmitter release and neurotropin transport are driven by ATP, the deficiency in release and transport processes resulting from insufficient ATP production could lead to depression. Therefore, if liver qi stagnation is causally related to the pathogenesis of depression, the promotion of liver qi circulation by Chinese herbs might offer a promising prospect for the effective treatment of depression.
A Design Modification Approach to Utilize the Benefits of Metal Additive Manufacturing Adoption  [PDF]
Jun Hao Tan, Wee Koon Woon, Wai Leong Eugene Wong
Journal of Materials Science and Chemical Engineering (MSCE) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/msce.2016.47008

Existing Metal Additive Manufacturing processes are fast approaching a matured stage in which a wide range of possibilities are available for the incorporation of the rapid fabrication technology to current industrial practices. In terms of design conventions, the limitless geometrical freedom allows complex structures including cellular internal grids and lattices to be formed without additional tooling. Repair parts and leveraging components can also be produced on demand when required especially for military assets where large volume of inventory is constantly maintained to ensure operational readiness. In this exemplary work, a feasibility study on using stainless steel material with integrated cellular design to manufacture a guide bracket found on a military vehicle via Selective Laser Melting process was conducted. The results showed appreciably better mechanical performance in using a stainless steel honeycomb as compared to the aluminum alloy used for the original component together with a faster production route through SLM.

A Quantum Representation of the Homogeneous 5D Manifold and the Perelman Mappings of 5D onto Non-Homogeneous Lorentz 4D Manifolds  [PDF]
Kai Wai Wong, Peter Chin Wan Fung, Wan Ki Chow
Journal of Modern Physics (JMP) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/jmp.2019.105039
Abstract: The expression of the Maxwell magnetic monopole was employed to correlate the space to space projection that gives rise to the Gell-Mann standard model, and space to time projection which gives the leptons; and how does it correlate to the Perelman mappings from the homogeneous 5D manifold to the Lorentz 4D manifold, together with correlating the physical consequences caused by the breaking of the Diagonal Long Range Order [DLRO] of the monopoles quantum states affected by the motion of massive particles in the Lorentz 4D boundary of the 5D manifold, which leads to gravitons and the gravity field via the General Relativity covariant Riemannian 4D curvatures metric equation.
A space-time characterization of the Kerr-Newman metric
Willie Wai-Yeung Wong
Physics , 2008, DOI: 10.1007/s00023-009-0414-z
Abstract: In the present paper, the characterization of the Kerr metric found by Marc Mars is extended to the Kerr-Newman family. A simultaneous alignment of the Maxwell field, the Ernst two-form of the pseudo-stationary Killing vector field, and the Weyl curvature of the metric is shown to imply that the space-time is locally isometric to domains in the Kerr-Newman metric. The paper also presents an extension of Ionescu and Klainerman's null tetrad formalism to explicitly include Ricci curvature terms.
Dominant energy condition and causality for Skyrme-like generalizations of the wave-map equation
Willie Wai-Yeung Wong
Physics , 2009,
Abstract: It is shown in this note that a class of Lagrangian field theories closely related to the wave-map equation and the Skyrme model obeys the dominant energy condition, and hence by Hawking's theorem satisfies finite speed of propagation. The subject matter is a generalization of a recent result of Gibbons.
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