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Application of Schlumberger transverse profiling method to detecting buried faults

WU Zi-Quan,YIN Cheng,

地球物理学报 , 2007,
Abstract: To solve the actual problem that urban active faults without obvious displacement are difficult to be detected, we propose the Schlumberger transverse profiling method based on resistivity characteristics of faults. Through physical and numerical simulation, the actual detecting results of site faults or broken zones show that the Schlumberger transverse profiling method can precisely locate and detect faults without large displacements, and the detecting effect is better than that based on regular profiling methods. Therefore, this method has solved the problem how to detect a fault without clear displacements on its both walls.
The data processing method to plotting in the longitudinal direction for three-dimension post-stack seismic data

YUAN Yi-jun,WU Zi-quan,

地球物理学进展 , 2008,
Abstract: In the three-dimension seismic data processing, displaying the post-stack seismic data of adjacent lines in the longitudinal direction may save plotting paper and reduce processing cost. The paper presents the seismic data processing method to create 3D seismic plotting data which can be displayed in the longitudinal direction. The method introduces that the drawing data set can be created by separating 3D post-stack data set, prolonging data record lengths, modifying the line number and merging 3D post-stack data set. Through real plotting, post-stack seismic sections of different lines may be displayed in the longitudinal direction. Therefore the processing method saves paper greatly and reduces processing cost.
Application of electric resistivity transverse profiling method to detect oblique faults precisely

WU Zi-quan,TAN Han-dong,WANG Cheng-hu,

地球物理学进展 , 2006,
Abstract: Based on the research on the transverse profiling method, the research has selected an oblique conductor model of 30° and 60°, and then utilizes the finite element numerical modeling method to compare the abnormal characteristics of transverse profile method with that of the common profiling method. The findings show that two methods all can reflect the trend of fault rather well, but cannot define the dip angle. In order to judge the dip angle from the magnitude, this paper tries the comparative study on the transverse profiling electric-resistivity imaging method and the common electric-resistivity imaging method, and the findings show that the two methods all can reflect the variation of dip angle of fault rather precisely, but the effect of previous one is better than that of the latter.
Application of geophysical method to the precise positioning of urban seismic mobile moving fault

WU Zi-quan,LIU Yuan-Sheng,LIU Bao-jin,WANG Cheng-hua,
,刘元生,刘保金 ,王成虎

地球物理学进展 , 2005,
Abstract: This paper mainly discusses the precise positioning method for the urban seismic mobile moving fault, and the study results shows: the frequency sweeping method and the mutual correlation method of data processing can effectively suppress the disturbances from strong vibrations with the vibroseis in the strong-disturbance background in the city so as to carry out the seismic investigations in the urban area; for the sliding faults in which there is no clear fault displacements between the two beds, the high-resolution seismic prospecting method and electrical prospecting method can be used to position the fault precisely; finally, a case is used to demonstrate the precision positioning method based on the electrical prospecting.
Screening and identification of phosphate accumulating bacterial strain GP44 and its characterization
一株聚磷菌GP44 的筛选、鉴定及其聚磷特性研究

ZHAO Hai-quan,HU Zi-quan,

土壤 , 2009,
Abstract: 采用纯培养结合蓝白斑筛选法从巢湖和南淝河底泥中分离筛选出能聚磷(P)的 11 株解 P 细菌,好氧培养时菌体吸 P 能力测定结果表明,GP44 的菌体含 P 量达到 11.92%,具有较高的聚 P 能力,对其初步鉴定为鉴定菌株 GP44 属肠杆菌科中的克雷伯氏菌属土生克雷伯氏菌(K.terrigena).GP44 在废水合成培养基上最佳聚 P 温度 30℃、初始 pH 为 7.5、最佳装液量为 120 ml/250 ml 和最适 C 源是葡萄糖,Mg2+、K+ 和 Fe3+ 有利于菌株 GP44 的生物除 P.

WANG Tian-xu,Li Zi-quan,

腐蚀科学与防护技术 , 2009,
Abstract: The influence of voltages on anodic films of Mg alloy by constant voltage anodic oxidation was studied.By voltage of 10V,no sparks could be found on the surface of the sample,corresponding to a traditional anodizing.By voltages of 15,20 and 25V,a multitude of small sparks covered the entire surfaces of the samples.These can be described as a micro-arcing regime.The films formed by 10,15,20 and 25 V were mainly composed of Al2O3,Na4(AlSiO4)3(OH),Al2SiO5 and SiO2.It was found that corrosion resistance increas...
C/S model design based on OPC XML-DA specification

HU Zi-quan,LI Jin,HAN Leng,

重庆邮电大学学报(自然科学版) , 2006,
Abstract: OPC-C0M 紧密依赖.Windows平台,OPC基金会为提高访问OPC的能力提出了OPC-XML-DA规范。运 用群集和硬件冗余技术提出基于OPC-XML-DA规范的C/S实现模型并详细阐述了该模型,对OPC-XML和OPC-CON 两种数据传输规范进行了比较,从而得出,选用此模型在需跨不同平台通信时是高效可行的。 关键词#*+,’*+,$,*-’*+,$5-6’.:;’群集’冗余
Thermal relaxation of exchange bias field in an exchange coupled CoFe/IrMn bilayer

Qi Xian-Jin,WangYin-Gang,Zhou Guang-Hong,Li Zi-Quan,Guo Min,

中国物理 B , 2010,
Abstract: This paper reports that a CoFe/IrMn bilayer was deposited by high vacuum magnetron sputtering on silicon wafer substrate; the thermal relaxation of the CoFe/IrMn bilayer is investigated by means of holding the film in a negative saturation field at various temperatures. The exchange bias decreases with increasing period of time while holding the film in a negative saturation field at a given temperature. Increasing the temperature accelerates the decrease of exchange field. The results can be explained by the quantitative model of the nucleation and growth of antiferromagnetic domains suggested by Xi H W et al. 2007 Phys. Rev. B 75 014434], and it is believed that two energy barriers exist in the investigated temperature range.
Influence of Ga+ ion irradiation on thermal relaxation of exchange bias field in exchange-coupled CoFe/IrMn bilayers

Qi Xian-Jin,Wang Yin-Gang,Miao Xue-Fei,Li Zi-Quan,Huang Yi-Zhong,

中国物理 B , 2011,
Abstract: This paper reports that the CoFe/IrMn bilayers are deposited by magnetron sputtering on the surfaces of thermally-oxidized Si substrates. It investigates the thermal relaxations of both non-irradiated and Ga+ ion irradiated CoFe/IrMn bilayers by means of holding the bilayers in a negative saturation field. The results show that exchange bias field decreases with the increase of holding time period for both non-irradiated and Ga+ ion irradiated CoFe/IrMn bilayers. Exchange bias field is also found to be smaller upon irradiation at higher ion dose. This reduction of exchange bias field is attributed to the change of energy barrier induced by ion-radiation.
Influence of Ga+ ion irradiation on the magnetisation reversal process and magnetoresistance in CoFe/Cu/CoFe/IrMn spin valves

Qi Xian-Jin,Wang Yin-Gang,Miao Xue-Fei,Li Zi-Quan,Huang Yi-Zhong,

中国物理 B , 2010,
Abstract: Ga+ ion irradiation is performed on the surfaces of IrMn-based spin valves and the effects of ion irradiation on the magnetisation reversal process and magnetoresistance (MR) are investigated. The results show that the exchange bias field and magnetoresistance ratio of the spin valve decrease with the increase of ion dose. The width of the forward step between the free layer and the pinned layer becomes gradually smaller with the increase of ion dose whilst the recoil step tends to be narrower with ion dose increasing up to 6× 1013 ions/cm2 and the step disappears afterwards. Two peaks in the R--H curve are found to be asymmetric.
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