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Sulfation and Enhanced Antioxidant Capacity of an Exopolysaccharide Produced by the Medicinal Fungus Cordyceps sinensis
Jing-Kun Yan,Wen-Qiang Wang,Hai-Le Ma,Jian-Yong Wu
Molecules , 2013, DOI: 10.3390/molecules18010167
Abstract: EPS-1 was an exopolysaccharide produced by the medicinal fungus Cordyceps sinensis (Cs-HK1). In the present study, EPS-1 was sulfated with chlorosulfonic acid (CSA)-pyridine (Pyr) at different volume ratios, yielding four sulfated derivatives, SEPS-1A, B, C and D, with different degrees of substitution (DS: 0.25–1.38) and molecular weights (17.1–4.1 kDa). The sulfation of EPS-1 occurred most frequently at the C-6 hydroxyl groups due to their higher reactivity. In aqueous solution, the native EPS-1 formed random coils or aggregated networks, but the sulfated derivatives formed single helices. The antioxidant activities of the sulfated EPS-1 derivatives for scavenging hydroxyl radicals (?OH) and 2,2-azinobis-3-ehtylbenzothiazolin-6-sulfonic acid radicals (ABTS?+) were significantly increased with increasing DS and decreasing molecular weight (MW). Sulfation has thus been shown to be an effective and favorable strategy for improving the physico-chemical properties and bioactivities of fungal polysaccharides.
Phase diagram of a Bose-Fermi mixture in a one-dimensional optical lattice in terms of fidelity and entanglement
Wen-Qiang Ning,Shi-Jian Gu,Chang-Qin Wu,Hai-Qing Lin
Physics , 2007, DOI: 10.1088/0953-8984/20/23/235236
Abstract: We study the ground-state phase diagram of a Bose-Fermi mixture loaded in a one-dimensional optical lattice by computing the ground-state fidelity and quantum entanglement. We find that the fidelity is able to signal quantum phase transitions between the Luttinger liquid phase, the density-wave phase, and the phase separation state of the system; and the concurrence can be used to signal the transition between the density-wave phase and the Ising phase.
Uptake and accumulation of copper by roots and shoots of maize( Zea mays L.)
Uptake and accumulation of copper by roots and shoots of maize(Zea mays L.)

LIU Dong hua,JIANG Wu sheng,HOU Wen qiang,
LIU Dong-hu
,JANG Wu-sheng,HOU Wen-qiang

环境科学学报(英文版) , 2001,
Abstract: The effects of different concentrations of copper sulfate on root and shoot growth of maize(Zea mays L.) and the uptake and accumulation of Cu2+ by its roots and shoots were investigated in the present study. The concentrations of copper sulfate (CuSO4 x 5H2O) used were in the range of 10(-5)-10(-3) mol/L. Root growth decreased progressively with increasing concentration of Cu2+ in solution. The seedlings exposed to 10(-3) mol/L Cu2+ exhibited substantial growth reduction, yielding only 68% of the root length of the control. The shoot growth of the seedlings grown at 10(-5)-10(-4) mol/L Cu2+ were more or less the same as the control seedlings. The leaves treated with 10(-3) mol/L Cu2+ were obviously inhibited in shoot growth. The fresh and dry weights both in roots and shots decreased progressively with increasing Cu2+ concentration. This fits well with the above mentioned effects of copper sulfate on root growth. Zea mays has considerable ability to remove Cu from solutions and accumulate it. The Cu content in roots of Z. mays increased with increasing solution concentration of Cu2+. The amount of Cu in roots of plants treated with 10(-3), 10(-4) and 10(-5) mol/L Cu2+ were 10, 8 and 1.5 fold, respectively, greater than that of roots of control plant. However, the plants transported and concentrated only a small amount of Cu in their shoots.
Characterization of Rice NADPH Oxidase Genes and Their Expression under Various Environmental Conditions
Gang-Feng Wang,Wen-Qiang Li,Wen-Yan Li,Guo-Li Wu,Cong-Yi Zhou,Kun-Ming Chen
International Journal of Molecular Sciences , 2013, DOI: 10.3390/ijms14059440
Abstract: Plasma membrane NADPH oxidases (Noxs) are key producers of reactive oxygen species under both normal and stress conditions in plants. We demonstrate that at least eleven genes in the genome of rice ( Oryza sativa L.) were predicted to encode Nox proteins, including nine genes ( OsNox1– 9) that encode typical Noxs and two that encode ancient Nox forms (ferric reduction oxidase 1 and 7, OsFRO1 and OsFRO7). Phylogenetic analysis divided the Noxs from nine plant species into six subfamilies, with rice Nox genes distributed among subfamilies I to V. Gene expression analysis using semi-quantitative RT-PCR and real-time qRT-PCR indicated that the expression of rice Nox genes depends on organs and environmental conditions. Exogenous calcium strongly stimulated the expression of OsNox3, OsNox5, OsNox7, and OsNox8, but depressed the expression of OsFRO1. Drought stress substantially upregulated the expression of OsNox1– 3, OsNox5, OsNox9, and OsFRO1, but downregulated OsNox6. High temperature upregulated OsNox5– 9, but significantly downregulated OsNox1– 3 and OsFRO1. NaCl treatment increased the expression of OsNox2, OsNox8, OsFRO1, and OsFRO7, but decreased that of OsNox1, OsNox3, OsNox5, and OsNox6. These results suggest that the expression profiles of rice Nox genes have unique stress-response characteristics, reflecting their related but distinct functions in response to different environmental stresses.
CDA-2, a Urinary Preparation, Inhibits Lung Cancer Development through the Suppression of NF-kappaB Activation in Myeloid Cell
Xuan Wang, Cui-Min Jiang, Hai-Ying Wan, Jun-Lu Wu, Wen-Qiang Quan, Robert Bals, Kai-Yin Wu, Dong Li
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0052117
Abstract: CDA-2 (cell differentiation agent 2), a urinary preparation, has potent anti- proliferative and pro-apoptotic properties in cancer cells. However, the mechanisms of tumor inhibitory action of CDA-2 are far from clear, and especially there was no report on lung cancer. Here we demonstrate that CDA-2 and its main component phenylacetylglutamine (PG) reduce the metastatic lung tumor growth, and increases survival time after inoculation with Lewis lung carcinoma (LLC) cells in a dose-dependent manner in C57BL6 mice. Proliferative program analysis in cancer cells revealed a fundamental impact of CDA-2 and PG on proliferation and apoptosis, including Bcl-2, Bcl-XL, cIAP1, Survivin, PCNA, Ki-67 proteins and TUNEL assays. CDA-2 and PG significantly reduced NF-κB DNA-binding activity in lung cancer cells and in alveolar macrophages of tumor bearing mice and especially decreased the release of inflammatory factors including TNFα, IL-6, and KC. Furthermore, CDA-2 and PG decrease the expressions of TLR2, TLR6, and CD14, but not TLR1, TLR3, TLR4, and TLR9 in bone-marrow-derived macrophages (BMDM) of mice stimulated by LLC-conditioned medium (LLC-CM). Over-expressing TLR2 in BMDM prevented CDA-2 and PG from inhibiting NF-κB activation, as well as induction of TNFα and IL-6. TLR2:TLR6 complexes mediate the effect of NF-κB inactivation by CDA-2. In conclusion, CDA-2 potently inhibits lung tumor development by reduction of the inflammation in lung through suppression of NF-κB activation in myeloid cells, associating with modulation of TLR2 signaling.
Tumor-Produced Versican V1 Enhances hCAP18/LL-37 Expression in Macrophages through Activation of TLR2 and Vitamin D3 Signaling to Promote Ovarian Cancer Progression In Vitro
Dong Li, Xuan Wang, Jun-Lu Wu, Wen-Qiang Quan, Li Ma, Fan Yang, Kai-Yin Wu, Hai-Ying Wan
PLOS ONE , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0056616
Abstract: Tumor-associated macrophages have been shown to promote tumor growth. They may have an obligatory function in angiogenesis, invasion, and metastasis through release of inflammatory mediators. Their presence in ovarian cancer has been correlated with poor prognosis in these patients. The human cationic antimicrobial protein-18 (hCAP18)/LL-37 was originally identified as an effector molecule of the innate immune system. It is released by innate immune cells, such as macrophages, to combat microorganisms. Previous studies have characterized the hCAP18/LL-37 as a growth factor that has been shown to promote ovarian tumor progression. However, the role hCAP18/LL-37 has in macrophage-promoted ovarian tumor development and how its expression is controlled in this context remains poorly understood. Here, we demonstrate in co-culture experiments of macrophages and ovarian cancer cells a significant increase in the in vitro proliferation and invasiveness of the tumor cells is observed. These enhanced growth and invasion properties correlated with hCAP18/LL-37 induction. HCAP18/LL-37 expression was diminished by addition of two neutralizing antibodies, TLR2 or TLR6, as well as Cyp27B1 or VDR inhibitors. Furthermore, either the TLR2 or TLR6 antibody reduced vitamin D3 signaling and tumor cell progression in vitro. Addition of Cyp27B1 or VDR inhibitors abrogated TLR2/6 activation-induced expression of hCAP18/LL-37 in macrophages. Knockdown of tumor-produced versican V1 by RNAi in these tumor cells led to a decreased induction of hCAP18/LL-37 in macrophages. Versican V1 knockdown also inhibited TLR2 and vitamin D3 signaling, as well as growth and invasiveness of these tumor cells in the in vitro co-culture. In summary, we have found that versican V1 enhances hCAP18/LL-37 expression in macrophages through activation of TLR2 and subsequent vitamin D-dependent mechanisms which promote ovarian tumor progression in vitro.
Effect of pretreatment temperature of pine on bio-oil characteristics

ZHENG An-qing,ZHAO Zeng-li,JIANG Hong-ming,ZHANG Wei,CHANG Sheng,WU Wen-qiang,LI hai-bin,

燃料化学学报 , 2012,
Abstract: Hemicellulose can produce more acid content than cellulose and lignin via pyrolysis.This work reduced the hemicellulose and water content of pine via low temperature pretreatment to improve the bio-oil quality.The chemical composition and FT-IR analysis of pine after pretreatment show that the lignin content increases and the carbonization of pine takes place,which results in the decrease of bio-oil yield and the increase in yield of char and no-condensed gas.With increasing pretreatment temperature,the important characteristics of the bio-oil,such as water content,high heating value,kinematic viscosity,and density all increase,and solid particles content decreases,while pH value decreases after an initial increase.The 13C nuclear magnetic resonance(NMR) show that the aliphatic carbon of bio-oil decreases,while the aromatic and the aromaticity increases.
电视辅助胸腔镜与常规切口肺减容术治疗重度慢性阻塞性  肺疾病效果比较的 meta 分析#br#
Comparison of efficacy of video-assisted thoracic surgery and conventional lung volume reduction surgery for the treatment of patients with severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: a meta-analysis

茅怡铭, 魏长江,吴长江,秦元,陆佳昊,陆文强
MAO Yi-ming
, WEI Chang-jiang, WU Chang-jiang, QIN Yuan, LU Jia-hao, LU Wen-qiang

- , 2017, DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1674-8115.2017.07.020
Abstract: 目的 · 应用 meta 分析比较电视辅助胸腔镜(VATS)肺减容术与常规切口肺减容术治疗重度慢性阻塞性肺疾病患者的效果。 方法 · 计算机检索 Web of Science、EMbase、PubMed、the Cochrane Library、中国学术期刊全文数据库、中国生物医学文献数据光 盘数据库、万方数据库、维普数据库等,收集关于 VATS 肺减容术(VATS 组)与常规切口肺减容术(开胸组)治疗重度慢性阻塞性 肺疾病的随机对照试验及非随机对照研究。文献检索时间均从建库至 2016 年 11 月。评价纳入文献的质量并提取资料。采用 RevMan 5.3 统计软件进行 meta 分析。结果 · 检出相关文献 779 篇,根据纳入标准最终入选 12 篇,共 966 例患者。Meta 分析结果显示:在手 术时间方面,VATS 组中行双侧肺减容术的手术时间大于常规切口组,行单侧肺减容术的手术时间与开胸组的差异无统计学意义。在 胸管留置时间方面,VATS 组中行双侧肺减容术的胸管留置时间与开胸组的差异无统计学意义,行单侧肺减容术的胸管留置时间明 显少于开胸组。与开胸组比较,VATS 组术中出血量及术后胸腔引流量显著减少。在术后肺功能及血气分析方面,VATS 组的术后 6 min 步行距离大于开胸组,2 组在第一秒用力呼气量、动脉血氧分压及术后并发症发生率方面的差异无统计学意义。结论 · 相比于常 规切口肺减容术,VATS 肺减容术是更好的选择。因研究质量和研究样本的局限性,该结论仍有待设计严谨的大样本随机对照试验加 以验证。
:Objective · To compare the efficacy of video-assisted thoracic surgery (VATS) and conventional lung volume reduction surgery for the treatment of patients with severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease with a meta-analysis. Methods · Randomized controlled trials (RCT) and nonrandomized control studies of VATS (the VATS group) and conventional lung volume reduction surgery (the thoracotomy group) for treating patients with severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease were collected from databases, including Web of Science, EMbase, PubMed, the Cochrane Library, CNKI, CBM disc, WanFang Data, and VIP. The latest literature was published in November 2016. The assessment included the quality of literature and RevMan5.3 software was used to perform the meta-analysis. Results · Of 779 retrieved articles, 12 studies involving 966 patients were included according to the inclusion criteria. The results of meta-analysis showed that the operation time of bilateral LVRS was longer in the VATS group than in the thoracotomy group, but the difference in the operation time of single LVRS between the two groups was not statistically significant. The difference in the duration of chest tube drainage for bilateral LVRS between the two groups was not statistically significant, while the duration of chest tube drainage for single LVRS was significantly shorter in the VATS group than in the thoracotomy group. The amount of intraoperative blood loss postoperative drainage was significantly smaller in the VATS group than in the thoracotomy group. Postoperative pulmonary function and blood gas analysis showed that the 6 min walking distance was longer in the VATS group than in the thoracotomy group. The differences in FEV1 and PaO2 between the two groups were not statistically significant, as well as the difference in postoperative complications between the two groups. Conclusion · Comparing to conventional
Optimization Design of a Gear Profile Based on Governing Equations
Kong Jian,Zhang Li-Ping,Yu Wen-Qiang
Research Journal of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology , 2013,
Abstract: Aimed at some questions of the rotated gear in the conventional steam turbine center, such as the uneven force and local stress concentration along the radial direction of the gear, based on governing equations and Stodola’s mathematical model, this study made use of the idea of partial differential equations to make axisymmetric and uniform thickness gear modeling under constraint conditions of specified gear mass and moment of inertia and optimization algorithm is used to obtain the thickness profile that results in a radial stress distribution that is as even as possible. The maximum radial stress via the optimization design of the gear decreases by about 25% in contrast with the maximum radial stress of the gear with the even thickness profile.
Study on Forging Ahead Strategy of Developing Country from the Perspective of Comparative Advantage
Wen-qiang GUO,Shao-jie ZHANG
Canadian Social Science , 2008,
Abstract: New trade theory, which is the representative of the contemporary comparative advantage theory, has become the mainstream trade theory, but the theory is developed in the country whose market economy is relative developed, and therefore it has not analyzed problems from the perspective of developing countries. New trade theory reveals the positive role that technology plays in trade, but it does not discuss how the developing country should do to realize catching up and surpassing by using technology and it does not give the instruction on how the developing countries can skip comparative benefit trap. From the perspective of comparative advantage, this paper establishes the game models between developed countries and between developed and developing countries, and points out that the developing countries can’t narrow the gap with the developed countries and achieve national economy takeoff until they implement the Forging Ahead Strategy. Key words: comparative advantage, forging ahead strategy, Game Résumé: La nouvelle théorie du commerce, qui est représentative de la théorie de l’avantage comparatif contemporaine, est devenue la tendance générale de la théorie commerciale. Mais cette théorie est développée dans des pays dont l’économie de marché est relativement développée, et ainsi elle n’a pas analysé les problèmes sous l’angle des pays en développement. La nouvelle théorie du commerce révèle le r le positif de la technologie dans le commerce, mais elle ne discute pas comment les pays en développement doivent faire pour rattraper et surpasser avec l’aide de la technologie, et elle ne donne pas non plus l’instruction sur comment les pays en développement peuvent éviter le piège de bénéfice comparatif. Dans la perspective de l’avantage comparatif, le présent article établit des modèles de jeu entre les pays développés et les pays en développement, et indique que les pays en développement ne peuvent raccourcir l’écart avec les pays développés et accomplir l’essor de l’économie nationale que s’ils mettent en oeuvre la Stratégie d’aller de l’avant. Mots-Clés: avantage comparatif, stratégie d’aller de l’avant, jeu
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