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Speeding up tandem mass spectrometry-based database searching by longest common prefix
Chen Zhou, Hao Chi, Le-Heng Wang, You Li, Yan-Jie Wu, Yan Fu, Rui-Xiang Sun, Si-Min He
BMC Bioinformatics , 2010, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2105-11-577
Abstract: We developed an algorithm based on the longest common prefix (ABLCP) to efficiently organize a protein sequence database. The longest common prefix is a data structure that is always coupled to the suffix array. It eliminates redundant candidate peptides in databases and reduces the corresponding peptide-spectrum matching times, thereby decreasing the identification time. This algorithm is based on the property of the longest common prefix. Even enzymatic digestion poses a challenge to this property, but some adjustments can be made to this algorithm to ensure that no candidate peptides are omitted. Compared with peptide indexing, ABLCP requires much less time and space for construction and is subject to fewer restrictions.The ABLCP algorithm can help to improve data analysis efficiency. A software tool implementing this algorithm is available at http://pfind.ict.ac.cn/pfind2dot5/index.htm webciteDatabase searching has become the key technology for shotgun proteomics. Many algorithms and software tools exist for such searches, including SEQUEST [1], MASCOT [2], X!Tandem [3], OMSSA [4], Phenyx [5], PepSplice [6], Crux [7] and pFind [8-10]. However, the existing tools are not quick enough, for the following reasons:First, the size of protein databases is increasing significantly, resulting in many peptides. In addition, semi- or non-specific digestion generates 10 to 100 times more peptides than full-specific digestion. For example, the size of the all-species NCBInr protein sequence database was 3.7 GB in December 2008 and increased to 5.7 GB in June 2010. The number of non-redundant peptides generated by full-specific digestion with up to two missed cleavage sites in the IPI-Human V3.65 database [11] is 3549956, and it increases 170-fold to 626871441 for non-specific digestion.Second, identification of peptides with chemical and post translational modifications requires much more time. The number of peptides in the IPI-Human database generated by full-specific diges
The Effectiveness of Noninvasive Biomarkers to Predict Hepatitis B-Related Significant Fibrosis and Cirrhosis: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Diagnostic Test Accuracy
Xue-Ying Xu, Hong Kong, Rui-Xiang Song, Yu-Han Zhai, Xiao-Fei Wu, Wen-Si Ai, Hong-Bo Liu
PLOS ONE , 2014, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0100182
Abstract: Noninvasive biomarkers have been developed to predict hepatitis B virus (HBV)-related fibrosis owing to the significant limitations of liver biopsy. Those biomarkers were initially derived from evaluation of hepatitis C virus (HCV)-related fibrosis, and their accuracy among HBV-infected patients was under constant debate. A systematic review was conducted on records in PubMed, EMBASE and the Cochrane Library electronic databases, up until April 1st, 2013, in order to systematically assess the effectiveness and accuracy of these biomarkers for predicting HBV-related fibrosis. The questionnaire for quality assessment of diagnostic accuracy studies (QUADAS) was used. Out of 115 articles evaluated for eligibility, 79 studies satisfied the pre-determined inclusion criteria for meta-analysis. Eventually, our final data set for the meta-analysis contained 30 studies. The areas under the SROC curve for APRI, FIB-4, and FibroTest of significant fibrosis were 0.77, 0.75, and 0.84, respectively. For cirrhosis, the areas under the SROC curve for APRI, FIB-4 and FibroTest were 0.75, 0.87, and 0.90, respectively. The heterogeneity of FIB-4 and FibroTest were not statistically significant. The heterogeneity of APRI for detecting significant fibrosis was affected by median age (P = 0.0211), and for cirrhosis was affected by etiology (P = 0.0159). Based on the analysis we claim that FibroTest has excellent diagnostic accuracy for identification of HBV-related significant fibrosis and cirrhosis. FIB-4 has modest benefits and may be suitable for wider scope implementation.
Effects of ultra-high hydrostatic pressure on foaming and physical-chemistry properties of egg white  [PDF]
Rui-Xiang Yang, Wen-Zhao Li, Chun-Qiu Zhu, Qiang Zhang
Journal of Biomedical Science and Engineering (JBiSE) , 2009, DOI: 10.4236/jbise.2009.28089
Abstract: The influences of ultra-high hydrostatic pressure treatment on foaming and physical properties (solubility, hydrophobicity and sulfhydryl content) of egg white were investigated. A pressure range of 0-500 MPa, time range of 0-20 min and pH range of 7.5-8.5 were selected. The foaming property of egg white is improved by 350Mpa and 10min. The treatment resulted in in- crease of sulfhydryl content of egg white, while solubility and hydrophobicity were significantly decreased.
The status of chemical and biological factors and mesocosm experiment of eutrophication to cause bloom in the area for the Olympic sailing games in Qingdao

LI Rui-Xiang,

生态学报 , 2004,
Abstract: 于 2 0 0 1年 8月和 9月对青岛 2 0 0 8年奥运会帆船比赛海域进行了理化、生物等要素的综合调查 ,并利用围隔生态实验手段 ,在太平湾进行了营养盐与赤潮的关系研究。结果显示 ,本海域水质良好 ,基本符合一类海水水质标准 ,仅有个别站位出现某种污染物超标现象 ,如 8月份麦岛附近海域氨氮和无机磷超标 ,石油烃 8月份在浮山湾东侧北海船厂附近超出一类海水水质标准。该水域的叶绿素 a含量较低 ,平均 0 .4 2 m g· m- 3,总的分布状况是太平湾西侧的海域较高。初级生产力 8月高于 9月 ,分别为 179.0 mg C m- 2· d- 1和 114 .0 mg C m- 2· d- 1。浮游植物以硅藻中的中肋骨条藻、奇异菱形藻、旋链角刺藻和塔形冠盖藻为主 ,其细胞数量 8月明显高于 9月 ,分别为 4 5 7.2 6× 10 4 m- 3和 16 .38× 10 4 m- 3,数量密集中心在调查区西部。浮游动物生物量 8月比 9月高近 10倍 ,分别为 2 39.1m g· m- 3和 2 4 .7mg· m- 3,强壮箭虫在生物量中起主要作用 ,生物量和个体数量的分布与浮游植物基本相反。加营养盐的围隔实验表明 ,加硅会导致海链藻、短弯角藻、丹麦细柱藻和中肋骨条藻中的任何一种赤潮 ,硅成为该海域的主要限制因子。
A Speech by Song Ruixiang at the Meeting in Celebration of 40th Anniversary of CAGS

SONG Rui-xiang,

地球学报 , 1996,

WU Yong-Sen,WU Shao-Yuan,LI Yun,LI Rui-Xiang,YIN Yue-Fen,

海洋与湖沼 , 2011,
Abstract: While processing samples collected from coastal waters of Qingdao for algae cell density and species identification during the termination stage of a red tide event, we obtained a set of three-dimensional excitation emission matrix fluorescence spectra on filtered water samples. The results showed that 1) the wavelength with the highest excitation intensity was 245 nm, and the that with the highest emission intensity was 445 nm. The transitional wavelength for the excitation spectrum was 260 nm, and that for the emission spectrum was 245 nm when cell density in seawater was near or reached the density of typical red tide, 2) in the non-red tide area, the wavelength with the highest excitation intensity (235 nm) was lower than that in the red tide area, whereas the wavelength with the highest emission intensity was slightly higher, and the transitional excitation and emission fluorescent wavelengths in the non-red tide area were both higher than those in the red tide area, 3) when the excitation wavelength was less or equal to 260 nm, 84.78% of emission wavelengths were higher than the exciting wavelengths; and when the excitation wavelength was higher than 260nm, only 15.22% of emission wavelengths were higher than the exciting wavelengths, 4) when the excitation wavelength was 410 nm, the emission wavelength was equal to the excitation wavelength, 5) the density of Skeleconema costatum showed significant correlation with the exponential value of the excitation and emission intensity ratio.

CHEN Bao-Dong,YANG Li-Sen,WEN Jing,WU Rui-Xiang,ZHANG Bao-Guang,CUI Jun-Jie,

红外与毫米波学报 , 2008,
Abstract: 掺铟铁铌酸锂(In:Fe:LiNbO3)晶体在红外弱光辐照下正常折射率变化量△n可以达到10-4数量级.探讨了光生载流子在漂移、扩散和光生伏打效应三种机制下输运迁移以及空间电荷场的形成过程.研究结果表明,光致折射率变化的机制主要是由光生伏打效应引起,并观察到在正常偏振光辐照下,红外弱光与可见光引起晶体的正常折射率变化分布明显不同.
Lei Wang,Xiang-Ge Zhou,Rui-Xiang Li
Acta Crystallographica Section E , 2008, DOI: 10.1107/s1600536808002341
Abstract: In the title compound, [RuCl2(C7H8)(C21H21O3P)], the RuII atom possesses a pseudo-octahedral geometry and the metrical parameters around the metallic core compare well with those of similar three-legged-piano-stool complexes.
Numerical simulation of complex multi-phase fluid of casting process and its applications
CHEN Li-liang,LIU Rui-xiang,C. Beckermann
China Foundry , 2006,
Abstract: The fluid of casting process is a typical kind of multi-phase flow. Actually, many casting phenomena have close relationship with the multi-phase flow, such as molten metal filling process, air entrapment, slag movement, venting process of die casting, gas escaping of lost foam casting and so on. Obviously, in order to analyze these phenomena accurately, numerical simulation of the multi-phase fluid is necessary. Unfortunately, so far, most of the commercial casting simulation systems do not have the ability of multi-phase flow modeling due to the difficulty in the multi-phase flow calculation. In the paper, Finite Different Method (FDM) technique was adopt to solve the multi-phase fluid model. And a simple object of the muiti-phase fluid was analyzed to obtain the fluid rates of the liquid phase and the entrapped air phase.
Analysis of DNA Fingerprints of Fengjing, Xiang and Large White Pigs
枫泾猪、香猪和长白猪的DNA指纹图分析 Analysis of DNA Fingerprints of Fengjing, Xiang and Large White Pigs

Meng Anming,Qi Shunzhang,
,齐顺章,于汝梁,王瑞祥,蔡正华,焦淑贤,辛彩云,张志武MENG An-Ming,QI Shun-Zhang,YU Ru-Liang,WANG Rui-Xiang,CAI Zheng-Hua,JIAO Shu-Xian,XIN Cai-Yun,ZHANG Zhi-Wu

遗传 , 1995,
Abstract: 本文用M13和3个人源小卫星探针(33.6、33.15、α-珠蛋白-3'HVR)获得了枫泾猪、香猪及长白猪的DNA指纹图,分析了各品种内和品种间的遗传变异性。结果表明,各品种的平均DNA指纹图相似系数在0.440-0.532的范围内,极显著地高于品种间的相似系数(0.223-0.307)。各品种的DNA指纹图还存在着一些品种特异性图带,这些图带在以后的基因定位中值得重视。
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