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WANG Chuan-sheng,LI Jian-hai,SUN Xiao-wu,

资源科学 , 2002,
Abstract: In this study, we select 4 factors: depth ahead water-front, stability of water-front, extensity rear water-front on land, water-front's traffic settings and cities supporting, upon which the indices system for evaluating the exploration conditions of water-front resources is built. And then, in term of this system and by employing GIS and mathematic methods, the waterfront from Jiujiang to Xinji Towhead section along the Yangtze River is evaluated. The results indicate that the resources quality within this region has a great distinction. Besides, resources with high quality, evaluated from integrated perspective, are not abundant. Therefore, the key point of waterfront resources development is how to combine exploration with protection. Finally, different exploration models, such as ports, industrial land, storages and bridges as well, are proposed.

HAN Ying-rong,ZHAO Tong-jun,ZHAN Yong,WU Jian-hai,

生物物理学报 , 2004,
Abstract: Asymmetric and periodic potential was used to describe the interaction between motor proteins and filaments that were periodic and polar. The current and effective potential in the two-state model were calculated. It was shown that the directed motion of motor protein was relevant to the effective potential. The slope of the effective potential corresponded to an average force. Therefore existence of the average force incarnated that detailed balance was broken in two-state transition. The curve of force-velocity theoretical relationship was also compared with the experimental data, it was qualitative tallied with the experiment.
Water-front resources evaluation supported by GIS: A sample on the Changjiang Mainstream in Wuhan Metropolis

WANG Chuan-sheng,SUN Xiao-wu,LI Jian-hai,

自然资源学报 , 2002,
Abstract: Water-front resources are the important parts of land resources in China.But there are few practical studies,whether in China or in other countries of the world.In China,the studies have begun from the end of1980s' and have mostly been on the down and middle of Changjiang main stream.In the methods,quantitative analysis and GIS tools have been exercised.Based on the old researches,this paper summarized three kinds of and three steps of evaluating water-front resources.Three kinds are the evaluation for classifying water-front quality,the evaluation for water-front applicability and the integrated evaluation of water-front.The steps are to cut cells,to evaluate each factor,and to grade water-front.And more,as a background of the meth-ods of resource research,by a case:the water-front evaluation to nature setting for ports on the Changjiang mainstream in Wuhan metropolis,the author discussed systemically general steps of applying GIS to evaluate water-front resources.The evaluation is finished by four principal steps:data prepared,database set up,evaluation implementation and results output.
The Application of Microsatellite Markers for Parentage Determination in Selective Breeding of Pacific white Shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei)

WANG Hong-Xia,WU Chang-Gong,ZHANG Liu-Suo,XIANG Jian-Hai,

遗传 , 2006,
Abstract: Used simulations and controlled mating to examine the potential of microsatellite markers in assigning parentage to Pacific white shrimp progeny. Cervus simulations demonstrated that the theoretical expectations for parentage exclusion of 10 microsatellite loci and six most polymorphic of the 10 loci were both 0.99, and the assignment success rate of the 6 most polymorphic microsatellite loci set was nearly to 0.97 with 95% confidence. Based on this information, offspring from 10 crosses where parents were known were genotyped by the 6 microsatellite loci and used for parentage analysis. The result showed that assignment success of the progeny to their 'true' mother and father was 88% and 78% respectively, which were lower than predicted by the Cervus simulations. This could be explained by the existence of null or mutant alleles and by Taq DNA Polymerase slippage in the microsatellite loci.
Two-dimensional gel electrophoresis analysis of the proteome in the larvae of bring shrimp , Artemia sinica

ZHOU Qian,WU Chang-gong,LIU Feng-qi,HUANG Bing-xin,XIANG Jian-hai,
周 茜

海洋科学 , 2008,
Abstract: Brine shrimp (Artemia) is a worldwide-distributed crustacean, widely used as a main food resource in aquaculture and applied in basic research areas ranging from developmental biology to evolution and ecology. In the present study, using two-dimensional gel electrophoresis and image analysis system, the changes of protein expression in new hatched and 24 h post-hatching Artemia larvae were investigated. Overall, the variety and amount of the proteins increase significantly in accompany with the larvae development. However, the amounts of some proteins were down-regulated. The results suggested that these differentially expressed proteins may tightly associated with, or play important regulative roles in the development of brine shrimp larvae.
Selective breeding and pedigree foundation of Litopenaeus va n2namei

CHEN Mao,WU Chang-gong,XIANG Jian-hai,HUANG Hao,LIU Xiao-lin,LIU Cui-hong,HE Jian-guo,SUN Cheng-bo,
陈 锚
,吴长功,相建海,黄 皓,刘小林,刘翠红,何建国,孙成波

海洋科学 , 2008,
Abstract: Mass selection and pedigree selective breeding were performed using periodic and family selection methods in 14 different populations from three different origins.206 pedigrees were set up in Litopenaeus vannamei,120 pedigrees,which were grow slowly and with less anti-stress ability,were eliminated through selection according to different biological criteria.The growth and rate of morphological abnormality of 80 pedigrees,which were cultured to commercial stage,were statisticated.The results demonstrated th...
Time synchronization protocol for Ad Hoc network based on delay-probing
基于时延探测机制的Ad Hoc网络时间同步协议

YANG Hai-dong,LI Jian-hai,

计算机应用 , 2008,
Abstract: The MAC protocol based on reservation and dynamic-slot distribution can offer fine QoS guarantee for real-time traffic. One of its key technologies is how to realize the synchronism among the nodes. Therefore, a new time synchronization protocol for Ad Hoc network by means of delay-probing was put forward, which combined the merits of DMTS protocol and TPSN protocol. Through transmitting and relaying a little probing code, the protocol could complete the retardation measuring. Owing to the separation between delay-probing course and time-correcting course, the conflict and burden of the network could be lightened. Analysis and simulation indicate that DMC-TS protocol is simple to realize, and possesses a precision which can be compared with TPSN protocol.
Twelve new compounds from the basidiomycete Boreostereum vibrans
Jian-Hai Ding,Tao Feng,Zheng-Hui Li,Liang Li,Ji-Kai Liu
Natural Products and Bioprospecting , 2012, DOI: 10.1007/s13659-012-0060-x
Management Decision-Making of Large System

ZHANG Jian-hai,ZHANG Ying-shan,

系统工程理论与实践 , 2000,
Abstract: By using Latin matrix, we propose a method of management decision\|making for input\|output analysis array system with many subsystems and a balanced relation. The technique contains many new concepts such as Taguchi's signal\|to\|noise, multi\|variables \$C\-p\$ statistics, theory of multi\|lateral matrix etc. The optimal program combination can be gradually obtained from the decision\|making programs of its subsystems. Generally, this method can provide many perfect programs from which decision\|makers can choose feasible, economical and satisfactory program.
Crustacean Haemocytes and Their Function in Immune Responses

YAO Cui-luan,WANG Zhi-yong,XIANG Jian-hai,

动物学研究 , 2006,
Abstract: 甲壳动物的免疫反应主要依靠吞噬、包囊和凝集,属于非特异性免疫。血细胞在甲壳动物的免疫系统中具有重要作用。造血组织和造血干细胞为血细胞的生成、补充和更新提供了保障。血细胞成熟后分为不同类型,对血细胞分型的研究正在从采用传统的形态学方法向采用生物技术方法的方向发展,单克隆抗体技术已经应用于血细胞分型,结果更为客观准确。不同类型的血细胞在细胞化学特性与功能方面表现出明显差异。在甲壳动物的免疫反应中,血细胞数量在不同的免疫应激状态下发生明显变化。当外来病原体较小时,血细胞通过吞噬作用吞入病原体,在细胞内部将病原杀灭;而当入侵的病原体或寄生虫的个体大于10μm时则以多个血细胞的包囊作用或凝集作用来完成。甲壳动物的免疫反应是一个交互作用的复杂过程,必然涉及多层次、多个因子的参与。其中造血组织的结构,血细胞的产生及调控机理,采用单克隆抗体技术对血细胞进行分型标准的建立,免疫因子在免疫反应中的功能及它们之间的相互作用的网络关系等尚需深入研究。
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