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Spawning ecology of the anchovy Engraulis japonicus in the spawning ground of the Southern Shandong PeninsulaⅡ. Spawning habits and embryonic developmental characteristics of the anchovy
WAN Rui-Jing,ZHAO Xian-Yong,WEI Hao
Acta Zoologica Sinica , 2008,
Abstract: The investigations on the spawning ground of the Southern Shandong Peninsula by water mass drift experiments were carried out from May to July during 2000–2004. Spawning habits and embryonic development characteristics of anchovy are studied from these observations. It is shown that duration for the germ cells fully developed from spawning to hatch are different under different temperature. The durations are 42–44 hours when the water temperature is 21.78℃–22.68℃ (averaged 22.05℃)and 50–52 hours while the water temperature is 17.05℃–18.88℃ (averaged 17.90℃)at the surface layer. In the upper mixed layer, the durations for fully development are 44–46 hours and 50–54 hours under the water temperature of 21.26℃–22.05℃ (averaged 21.70℃) and 17.02℃–17.90℃ (averaged 17.50℃) respectively. While in the thermocline, the water temperature are 16.22℃–21.26℃ (averaged 18.70℃)and 14.42℃–17.02℃ (averaged 15.72℃), the durations are 46–48 hours and 68–72 hours respectively. One-way ANOVA showed that the anchovy embryonic development duration observed from in situ data was not significantly different from that calculated academic (P > 0.05), which indicates that both the in situ observation and academic estimation methods applied in the present study are reliable. Water temperature in the spawning ground in late June of 2003 is 1.80℃–3.80℃ lower than that of 2002. It makes the duration of anchovy embryonic development 8–24 hours longer. Developmental threshold temperature of anchovy germ cells is 10.26℃ and the sum of effective temperature is 423.1 h·℃. At the spawning season, adult anchovy produce new eggs from 19:00 in the evening till next 5:00 in the early morning. The spawning duration will last 10 hours. At night time from 21:00 to next 2:00 am is the peak spawn time. The adult anchovy mainly spawn in the thermocline [Acta Zoologica Sinica 54(6):988–997, 2008].
The Assessment of the Clinical Effect of the Drug Compatibility and Course of Treatment to the Brucellar Spondylitis  [PDF]
Xin-Ming Yang, Wei Shi, Xian-Yong Meng, Ying Zhang, Ya-Kun Du, Lei Zhang, Yao-Yi Wang
Surgical Science (SS) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ss.2013.41017

Objective: To evaluate five drug treatment regimens in the treatment of Brucella spondylitis. Methods: Patients with clinical symptoms compatible and diagnostic test consistent with Brucella spondylitis were randomly assigned to five drug treatment regimens. Results: Combination therapy with doxycycline, rifampin and sulfamethoxazole for 56 consecutive days showed the highest cure rate of 20% after a single course and of 85% after a double course with affectivity rates of 55% and 95%. Cure rate and affectivity rate was significant better (P < 0.05) than for patients receiving doxycycline, rifampin and streptomycin for the same period and regimens containing doxycycline were significant better than regimens without this drug. Conclusion: Combination therapy of doxycycline, rifampin and sulfamethoxazole for 8 weeks using one or two full courses should be recommended for Brucella spondylitis.

Spawning ecology of the anchovy Engraulis japonicus in the spawning ground of the Southern Shandong PeninsulaⅠ. Abundance and distribution characters of anchovy eggs and larvae
WAN Rui-Jing,WEI Hao,SUN Shan,ZHAO Xian-Yong
Acta Zoologica Sinica , 2008,
Abstract: From May to July during 2000–2004, there were 11 multi-disciplinary integrated surveys carried out at the spawning ground of the southern Shandong Peninsula by Research Vessel Beidou within the area 120°00¢E–124°00¢E, 33°30¢N–37°00¢N. The main goal of the investigation was to study the anchovy Engraulis japonicus eggs and larvae abundance distribution and their relationship between the environments. The horizontal distribution of eggs and larvae were sampled by the large zooplankton net with 80 cm diameter, 270 cm length and 0.50 mm (38GG) bolt silk. Surface horizontal trawl was deployed at each grid station last for 10 min as the ship moved at the speed of 3.0 n mile/h. Layered vertical trawls were carried out when the relative high density of eggs and larvae at the surface was found. The drift experiment station was determined by the high abundance and living rate of eggs. In the drift experiment, a 1-m high, 0.8-m wide cross-sail was put into the sea at 2-3 m depth and floated freely with current. The position of this drift sail was recorded each 0.5 hour or 1 hour by GPS. The horizontal trawl was done around the drifter every 2 hours. The temperature profile was obtained by SBE19 CTD at the same time. The upper mixed layer, thermocline and lower mixed layer were determined according to the measured temperature profile. Then layered vertical trawl in different layers by large zooplankton net was done with down speed of 1 m/s. Samples were preserved in 5 % formaldehyde solution immediately after sampling and analyzed at laboratory. In fact the horizontal trawl speed could not be accurately control due to the wind wave and current, so the amount of eggs or larvae each station was actual number according to the sampling of the haul. The density (ind./m3) of eggs or larvae were normalized by the formula, density of eggs or larvae = amount of eggs or larvae each net (ind.)/filtered water volume (m3).Several results were concluded. 1) In the second half of each May, the anchovy in the spawning ground of the southern Shandong Peninsula begin to spawn. The spawning adults increase gradually in the early June. Vigorous spawn happen in the second half of June. 2) In this area, there is a stable high density of eggs of anchovy near 35°N section every year while the high density area range and distribution in the north of this area vary much larger. As the high density area formed the averaged egg amount is very high. There are rare eggs of anchovy in the southwestern waters of this area. The distribution of eggs has tightly relationship with physical factors su
Effect of reducing caloric intake on mice transplanted with S180 ascitic cancer
LIU Xian-Yong
Zhong Xi Yi Jie He Xue Bao , 2004,
Abstract: Objective: To examine the effect of different reduced caloric intake on mice transplanted with S180 ascitic tumor. Methods: The institute for cancer research (ICR) mice were randomly divided into control group, 3.0 standard feed (SF) group, 2.0 SF group and 1.3 SF group. The mice in control group were fed enough (about 5 g/d) dietary intake, while the amounts of dietary intake in the latter three groups were scaled down in the proportion of 65%, which were 3.0 g, 2.0 g and 1.3 g standard feed respectively. Meanwhile the essential vitamins were added to the latter three groups to keep the amount of intake the same as that of the control's. Results: For most of the mice, the caloric intake obviously prolonged the mean survival days and improved the life quality was 7.14 kcal/d, and the fasting blood glucose level was 2-3 mmol/L. Conclusion: Properly reduced caloric intake and keeping lower blood glucose level is beneficial to prolonging the survival time of mice transplanted with S180 ascitic cancer.
Effect of Iron Plaque Formation of Root Surface on As Uptake by Rice Seedlings Grown on Different Types of Soils

GUO Wei,LIN Xian-yong,CHENG Wang-da,

环境科学 , 2010,
Abstract: 通过土壤盆栽试验研究了14种不同土壤中种植水稻后,其根表铁膜形成量的情况,及其对苗期水稻吸收和转运砷的影响.结果表明,生长在不同土壤中的水稻其根表铁膜的形成量有显著的差异,铁膜形成量最大为61.97 mg/g,最小仅为1.15mg/g,分析表明土壤中非晶质态氧化铁含量的不同是其主要的影响因素之一.同时测定了根表铁膜中砷的含量,铁膜上吸附的砷浓度最大为1 376 mg/kg,最小低于检测限,其与根表铁膜形成量之间存在着显著的正相关性(r=0.85,n=14,p<0.05),而与土壤溶液中有效态的砷浓度无显著的相关性;水稻植株地上部砷浓度(0.400~12.98 mg/kg)和地下部砷浓度(3.860~576.2 mg/kg)与根表铁膜的形成量之间也都存在着显著的正相关性(r=0.88,n=14,p<0.05;r=0.91,n=14,p<0.05),与土壤溶液中有效态的砷浓度无显著的相关性;水稻根系对砷的吸收能力(SAU,0.005~0.670 mg/g)与根表铁膜形成量之间也为显著的正相关性(r=0.91,n=14,p<0.05);根表铁膜形成量与砷的转运之间无显著的相关性.结果表明,在此次试验中土壤的非晶质态...
Association between BDNF rs6265 and Obesity in the Boston Puerto Rican Health Study
Xian-Yong Ma,Wei Qiao Qiu,Caren E. Smith,Laurence D. Parnell,Zong-Yong Jiang,Jose M. Ordovas,Katherine L. Tucker,Chao-Qiang Lai
Journal of Obesity , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/102942
Abstract: Brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) has been associated with regulation of body weight and appetite. The goal of this study was to examine the interactions of a functional variant (rs6265) in the BDNF gene with dietary intake for obesity traits in the Boston Puerto Rican Health Study. BDNF rs6265 was genotyped in 1147 Puerto Rican adults and examined for association with obesity-related traits. Men ( ) with the GG genotype had higher BMI ( ), waist circumference ( ), hip ( ), and weight ( ) than GA or AA carriers ( ). They had twice the risk of being overweight ( ) relative to GA or AA carriers (OR = 2.08, CI = 1.02–4.23, and ). Interactions between rs6265 and polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) intake were associated with BMI, hip, and weight, and n-3?:?n-6 PUFA ratio with waist circumference in men. In contrast, women ( ) with the GG genotype had significantly lower BMI ( ), hip ( ), and weight ( ) than GA or AA carriers ( ). Women with the GG genotype were 50% less likely to be overweight compared to GA or AA carriers (OR = 0.05, CI = 0.27–0.91, and ). In summary, BDNF rs6265 is differentially associated with obesity risk by sex and interacts with PUFA intake influencing obesity traits in Boston Puerto Rican men. 1. Introduction Obesity is one of the fastest-growing health problems in the United States and worldwide [1]. The pathology of obesity is complex due to multiple genetic and environmental factors and their interactions [2]. BDNF, one member of the neurotrophin family of proteins, contributes to a specific type of memory inhibition function and suppresses food intake through hippocampal signaling [3, 4]. Heterozygous BDNF +/? mice with decreased BDNF expression and increased food intake exhibited hyperphagic behavior and obese phenotypes [5], while mice with BDNF knockout in the postnatal brain showed increased glucose and cholesterol concentrations [6]. Furthermore, hypothalamic overexpression of BDNF is one kind of genetic regulator, converting white fat into brown fat in adipose tissue, leading to energy dissipation and a lean phenotype [7]. Interestingly, plasma BDNF has been shown to be lower in humans with obesity and type 2 diabetes [8]. Also, a mutation in TrkB, the receptor for BDNF, was shown to be associated with an obese phenotype [9]. In addition, Yu et al. [10] found that decreased hippocampal BDNF and TrkB expression increased the risk of high-fat diet-induced obesity. Together, these findings support an important role for BDNF in energy metabolism and food intake regulation. Recently, a missense mutation (rs6265), Val/Met
Conversion of Dagang Vacuum Residue into Oxygen-Containing Organic Compounds by Photo-Oxidation with over
Heng-Shen Xie,Zhi-Min Zong,Qing Wei,Tong Liu,Jian-Jun Zhao,Pei-Zhi Zhao,Shi-Hua Zhang,Xian-Yong Wei
International Journal of Photoenergy , 2011, DOI: 10.1155/2011/869589
Abstract: The photocatalytic depolymerization of Dagang vacuum residue (DVR) was carried out with H2O2 over TiO2 in a photochemical reactor. Most of the organic matter in DVR was converted into oxygen-containing organic compounds. The yields of carboxylic acids, oxalates, epoxy compounds, and hydroxyl compounds from DVR oxidation are 40.6%, 36.4%, 17.86%, and 13.5%, respectively. In addition, the oxidation causes significant decrease in viscosity and chromaticity of DVR. The related reaction mechanisms are discussed according to the experimental results. 1. Introduction Heavy oil becomes more and more important with rapid reduction of light oil and drastic increase of liquid fuels [1–5]. As typical heavy oil in China, Dagang vacuum residue (DVR) has high viscosity and chromaticity [6]. Photo-catalytic oxidation (PCO) has been widely applied to many aspects such as solar energy transformation, environmental protection and the syntheses of coating, cosmetic and printing ink, food-packaging materials, gas sensors and functional ceramics [7–15]. Almost all the organic matter (OM) in aqueous solution can be converted into carbon dioxide and water by PCO; hydroxyl oxidation and electron-hole pair oxidation are principal processes in the course of oxidation [16–18]. However, selective PCO of heavy oil in organic solvent has not been reported to our knowledge. In the present study, we found that OM in DVR can be converted into oxygen-containing organic compounds (OCOCs), which can be used as industrial raw materials for the synthesis of dyes and medicines. Particularly, dialkyl oxalates in the OCOCs are reactive intermediates for preparing chemical cold light source [19–22]. 2. Experimental Section 2.1. Samples and Reagents DVR, the residue of crude oil vacuum distillated later and collected from Dagang Oil Field, Tianjin Municipality, China, was preserved in sealed condition. Table 1 shows the elementary properties and ultimate analysis of DVR. Cyclohexane, acetone, and hydrogen peroxide (30%?wt) are commercial purchased analytical reagents, and all organic solvents used in the experiment were distilled prior to use. Titanium dioxide as photocatalyst was prepared by Sol-Gel method and characterized by ultraviolet visible (UV-VIS), -ray diffraction (XRD), and transmission electron microscopy (TEM) (as shown in Figures SI-1, 2, 3, and 4 and Table SI-1, see Supplementary Materials available at http://dx.doi.org/10.1155/2011/869589)), implying the homemade powders are anatase nanometer particles, and its particle radius is no more than 20?nm, and its properties are similar
Separation and analysis of the degradation products of two coals in aqueous NaOCl solution

GONG Gui-zhen,WEI Xian-yong,ZONG Zhi-min,

燃料化学学报 , 2012,
Abstract: Two coals were oxidized with aqueous NaOCl solution under mild conditions.The reaction mixture acidified was sequentially extracted with ethoxyethane,CS2,petroleum ether,acetic ester and benzene,followed esterification by CH2N2 and analysis with GC/MS.The results show that chloro-substituted compounds,aliphatic acids and aromatic polycarboxylic acids are main products.The oxidative product was sequentially extracted with different polar solvents and achieved a simple group separation.Effective separation and analysis of oxidation products of coal in aqueous NaOCl solution,established by the study,provides a feasible method for high value-added use of coal.
Effects of nitrogen application rates on antioxidant contents and antioxidative activities in Chinese cabbage

ZHU Wei-feng,LIN Xian-yong,JIN Chong-wei,ZHANG Yong-song,FANG Ping,

浙江大学学报(农业与生命科学版) , 2009,
Abstract: 采用土培试验,研究3个氮肥用量(0、150、300 mg N·kg-1土)对2个白菜品种(苏州青和冬妃)抗氧化物质含量和抗氧化活性的影响.结果表明,在氮肥用量为150 mg N·kg-1土时2个白菜品种的鲜重和干重最高,进一步提高氮肥用量其生物量则显著下降.叶片和叶柄硝酸盐含量随着氮肥用量增加而显著升高,在高氮条件下冬妃的硝酸盐含量显著低于苏州青.施氮使白菜类黄酮、总酚、抗坏血酸等抗氧化物质含量以及FRAP (ferric reducing antioxidant power) 抗氧化活性和DPPH (1,1-diphenyl-2-picrylhydrazyl) 自由基清除率下降,而谷胱甘肽浓度没有变化.但在150 mg N·kg-1土的施氮量条件下,白菜抗氧化物质积累量最高.综合考虑白菜的生物量和抗氧化物质总积累量,施氮量以150 mg N·kg-1土为宜.
Research on the Genetic Polymorphism in Crested Ibis by RMAPD

ZHANG Yong-De,FAN Guang-Li,LEI Chu-Zhao,SUN Wei-Bin,LAN Xian-Yong,CHEN Hong,
,范光丽,雷初朝,孙维斌,蓝贤勇,陈 宏

遗传 , 2005,
Abstract: The genetic polymorphism of Yangxian artificially reared 43 crested ibises(Nipponia nippon) was firstly investigated by RMAPD(random microsatellite amplify polymorphic DNA) marker.The results showed that RMAPD was more stable and polymorphic than RAPD.2147 bands were amplified by 12 pairs of primers,of which 93 bands had polymorphisms.The band sharing frequency and the genetic diversity index were 0.718 and 3.664,respectively,indicating that the genetic structure of crested ibis population was simple and poor genetic variations existed in crested ibis population in Yangxian.It is imperious to protect the genetic diversity of crested ibis population.
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