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Robust Tension Control of the Anchor Chain of the Ship Windlass under Sea Wind
Wangqiang Niu,Jianxin Chu,Wei Gu
Journal of Computers , 2010, DOI: 10.4304/jcp.5.4.631-637
Abstract: Constant tension control of anchor chains is important for safety of moored ships. The core driving component of an anchor windlass system is an induction motor which is a multi-variables, coupled nonlinear system, and is difficult to control. To surmount this problem, a control scheme based on the inverse system method is introduced to linearize an induction motor into a decoupled linear system, and linear controllers are then designed to complete the control task. In addition, theoretical analysis based on the Lyapnov method is carried out to investigate the influence of the time-varying rotor resistance to the control scheme suggested. Both theoretical analysis and numerical simulations show this control scheme is able to keep anchor chains at desired tension under sea wind at a time-varying rotor resistance.
Ecological Engineering of Drawdown Wetlands Based on Water-level Fluctuation-Baijia Stream in the Three Gorges Reservoir as a Case Study
重庆师范大学学报(自然科学版) , 2012, DOI: 10.11721/cqnuj20120321
Abstract: TheThreeGorgesReservoir(TGR)providesthebenefitsoffloodcontrol,electricitygenerationandimprovedtransportationalongtherivercorridor.Forthepurposeoffloodcontrol,thereservoirheightvariesbetween145mand175mabovesealevel,creatingareservoirlittoralzoneofabout350km2intotalareadistributedalongmorethan1200kmofshoreline.MostofthelittoralzoneisfloodedduringOctobertoMayandrelativelydryduringtheremainderoftheyear.WaterlevelregulationhascausedmarkedecologicalchangesinthelittoralzoneofTGR.ThelittoralzoneformedafterimpoundedbyTGRnotonlyisthecrucibletous,butalsotheecologicalopportunity.Thevegetationoflarge-scalehydro-fluctuationbeltisaveryvaluableresource,ifproperlyused,canturnharmintoadvantage.InviewofthecurrentstatusandexistingproblemsofthelittoralwetlandinTGR,weshouldfocusonutilizingresourcesofthelittoralwetlandeco-friendly.Basedontheneedsforthelittoralwetlandtransformintothemultifunctionalecologicaleconomicbenefitsuchasincreasingcarbonsources,biologicalproduction,andenvironmentalpurification,wemustdeveloptheecologicalengineeringmodelofsustainableutilizingthewetlandresourcesofthelittoralzone.InviewoftheenvironmentproblemsofTGRanditscharacteristicsofwaterlevelfluctuation,theecologicalengineeringfocusingonrestorationoflittoralwetlandshavebeencarriedoutsince2008.Theeco-logicalengineeringwasmainlyconductedatlittoralwetlandsinBaijiastreamofPengxiRiverofTGR,includingdike-pondsystem,submergencetolerancewetland-woodsandwaterfowlhabitatsrecreateprojects.Thedesignprincipleandprocessfortheecologicalengineeringoflittoralwetlandsrestorationundertheconditionoftheperiodicwaterlevelchangewasdescribedindetailsinthispaper.Effectsoftheecologicalengineeringandthebenefitstotheenvironmentswereassessed.Intheendofthearticleweproposedthattheecologicalengineeringfocusontherestorationoflittoralwetlands,alsoshouldconsideruti.
Potential for Wetland Restoration in the Drawdown Zone of Hanfeng Lake
重庆师范大学学报(自然科学版) , 2012, DOI: 10.11721/cqnuj20120318
Abstract: "AbstractIn2008HanfengLakewascreatedinKaiCounty,Chongqing,bythefillingofthereservoirassociatedwiththeThreeGorgesDam.ThelakeispartiallyseparatedfromthePengxiRiverbyawater-levelregulatorydam,andissurroundedbyurbandevelopment.ThedrawdownzoneofHanfengLakerequiresspecialattentionbecauseofitsurbanlocationandthestatusofthelakeasanaturereserve.Herewediscusssomeofthemanagementissuesforthedrawdownzone,withspecialconsiderationtoeco-designprinciplesandengineeredwetlands.Giventheuniquenatureofthelake,wearguethatmanage-mentofthedrawdownzonerequiresanapproachthatisexperimentalandthereforeadaptive.Giventhatthenaturereserveobjectivesincludeafocusonbirdabundanceanddiversity,wearguethatthemanagementapproachmustbeecosystem-based.Giventheurbanlocation,wearguethatcommunity-basedprocessesmustbeusedforthemanagementapproachtobesociallyacceptable.Weconsiderthattheeffectiveecosystemisthewatershedofthelakeandthatbothlarge-scaleandlocalzoningarenecessarymanagementtools.Withinthedrawdownzoneitself,weconsiderthateco-designprinciplescanbeap-pliedtoachievetheprovisionofvaluableecosystemservicesincludingbankstabilization,improvedwaterquality,wetlandproductivityandbiodiversity,naturalscienceeducation,foodproduction,andagriculturaleducation.Bytakingthesecommunity-basedandecosystem-basedapproachestoraisingawarenessaboutthevaluesprovidedbywetlands,naturalecosystemserviceswillbedeliveredandthesewillpromotethesustainableeconomicandsocialdevelopmentofKaiCounty."
Spatial-temporal Dynamics of Vegetation in the Newly Created Water-level-fluctuation Zone of Three Gorges Reservoir:a Case Study in Baijia Stream, Kaixian County, China
重庆师范大学学报(自然科学版) , 2012, DOI: 10.11721/cqnuj20120329
Abstract: "AfterimpoundentoftheThreeGorgesReservoir,alargepermanentsampleplotwasplacedinitswater-level-fluctuationzonebesideBaijiaStream,KaixianCounty,China.Vegetationintheplotwasinvestigatedinthesummerof2008,2009and2010.Theresultindicatedthatcommunity’scomponent,biodiversityandabovegroundbiomassshowedobviousspatial-temporaldynamics.Totalspieciesnumberofvascularflorainsidedecreasedyearly,from52speciesin2008to41speciesin2009andto35speciesin2010.Theareabelow156minelevationwasdominatedbyPaspalumpaspaloidesandXanthiumsibiricumin2008.However,PaspalumpaspaloideswasrapidreplacedbyCynodondactyloin2009andX.sibiricumexpandeditsdistributioninupperareaoftheplot.In2010,X.sibiricumdepresseditspopulationinlowerareasoftheplotastheThreeGorgesReservoirstartedtoimpoundhalfmonthearlierinthewinterof2009anddecreasedseedbankforitsgermination.Shannon-WienerIndexincreasedaselevationaccordingtothedataof2009and2010,whichreflectedtheinflu-enceofsubmergedgradient.Abovegroundbiomassofvegetationineachelevationzoneoftheplotindicatedgreatvariation.KeywordsThreeGorgesReservoir;water-level-fluctuationzone;vegetation;spatial-temporaldynamics;biodiversity"
Inhibition of Tissue Factor Expression in Brain Microvascular Endothelial Cells by Nanoparticles Loading NF-κB Decoy Oligonucleotides
Huafang Wang,Yu Hu,Tao Guo,Heng Mei,Xiaoping Zhang,Wangqiang Sun
International Journal of Molecular Sciences , 2008, DOI: 10.3390/ijms9091851
Abstract: To investigate a nuclear factor-kappa B decoy oligonucleotides strategy on the inhibition of tissue factor (TF) expression in cultured rat brain microvascular endothelial cells (BMECs) by polylactic acid (PLA) nanoparticles delivery system and to evaluate this new vector for in vitro gene therapy. Nanoparticles were formulated using poly D,L-polylactic acid with surface modifying by polysorbates 80. 3-[4,5-Dimethylthiazol-2,5-diphenyl- 2H-tetrazolium bromide] (MTT) assays showed that PLA nanoparticles were not toxic to the cultured BMECs.The decoy oligonuceotides (ODNs) loaded within nanoparticles was 6 μg/mg, encapsulation efficacy was (60.5±1.5)%. It was observed by flow cytometry that the cellular uptake of nanoparticles depended on the time of incubation and the concentration of nanoparticles in the medium. And confocal microscopy demonstrated that nanoparticles localized mostly in the BMECs cytoplasm. The released decoy oligonuceotides (ODNs) uptaked by BMECs retained their biologic activity and led to reduced level of tissue factor expression as compared to control cultures. These findings offer a potential therapeutic strategy in the control of TF expression in BMECs in vitro and suggest that PLA nanoparticles may be appropriate as delivery vehicles for decoy strategy in the gene therapy of cerebral thrombosis.
Bioaccumulation and translocation of cadmium in cole (Brassica campestris L.) and celery (Apium graveolens) grown in the polluted oasis soil, Northwest of China
Bioaccumulation and translocation of cadmium in cole (Brassica campestris L.) and celery (Apium graveolens) grown in the polluted oasis soil, Northwest of China

Yiming Yang,Zhongren Nan,Zhuanjun Zhao,Zhaowei Wang,Shengli Wang,Xia Wang,Wangqiang Jin,Cuicui Zhao,
Yiming Yang
,Zhongren Nan,Zhuanjun Zhao,Zhaowei Wang,Shengli Wang,Xia Wang,Wangqiang Jin,Cuicui Zhao

环境科学学报(英文版) , 2011,
Abstract: A pot experiment was conducted to study the bioaccumulation and translocation of cadmium (Cd) in cole (Brassica campestris L.) and celery (Apium graveolens) grown in the Cd-polluted oasis soil, Northwest of China. The results showed that Cd in the unpolluted oasis soil was mainly bound to carbonate fraction (F2) and Fe-Mn oxide fraction (F3). However, marked change of Cd fractions was observed with increasing soil Cd concentrations, in which the concentration of Cd in F1 (exchangeable fraction), F2 and F3 increased significantly (p < 0.001 for F1, F2 and F3). The growth of cole and celery could be facilitated by low concentrations of Cd, but inhibited by high concentrations. The correlation analysis between the fraction distribution coefficient of Cd in the soil and Cd concentration accumulated in the two vegetables showed that Cd in F1 in the soil made the greatest contribution on the accumulation of Cd in the two vegetables. The high bio-concentration factor and the translocation factor of Cd in both cole and celery were observed, and Cd had higher accumulation in the edible parts of the two vegetables. Therefore, both cole and celery grown in Cd-polluted oasis soil have higher risk to human health. And the two vegetables are not suitable to be cultivated as vegetables consumed by human in the Cd-polluted oasis soil.
Association of Short Tandem Repeat Polymorphism in the Promoter of Prostate Cancer Antigen 3 Gene with the Risk of Prostate Cancer
Wu Zhou, Zhanguo Chen, Wangqiang Hu, Mo Shen, Xiaoxia Zhang, Chengdi Li, Zhiliang Wen, Xiuling Wu, Yuanping Hu, Xiaohua Zhang, Xiuzhi Duan, Xiucui Han, Zhihua Tao
PLOS ONE , 2011, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0020378
Abstract: Background PCA3 (prostate cancer antigen 3) gene is one of the most prostate cancer-specific genes at present. Consequently, the prostate-specific expression and the sharp up-regulation of PCA3 mRNA in prostate cancer suggest a unique transcriptional regulation, which possibly can be attributed to promoter polymorphism. In our study, we evaluated whether there is polymorphism in PCA3 promoter region and also assess the association of the polymorphism with prostate cancer. Methodology/Principal Findings We designed a specific primer set to screen the promoter of PCA3 gene by polymerase chain reaction (PCR)-based cloning and sequencing with the DNA extracted from peripheral blood samples of prostate cancer (PCa) cases (n = 186) and healthy control cases (n = 135). Genotype-specific risks were estimated as odds ratios (ORs) with associated 95% confidence intervals (CIs) by chi-square test. Possible deviation of the genotype frequencies from controls and PCa cases expected under Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium was assessed by the chi-square test. Short tandem repeat polymorphism of TAAA was found in the promoter region of PCA3 gene, five polymorphisms and eight genotypes were identified. The eight genotypes were divided into three groups: ≤10TAAA, 11TAAA, ≥12TAAA. The group 11TAAA and ≥12TAAA were associated with higher relative risk for prostate cancer than group ≤10TAAA (OR = 1.76, 95%CI = 1.07–2.89[for group 11TAAA]; OR = 5.28, 95%CI = 1.76–15.89[for group ≥12TAAA]). Conclusions/Significance The presence of the (TAAA)n short tandem repeat polymorphisms in the PCA3 promoter region may be a risk factor for prostate cancer in the Chinese population.

Dai Wangqiang,Gao Haolin,Dou Mali,Zhang Guoqiang,Duan Wencang,Yan Junyi,

大地测量与地球动力学 , 2007,
Abstract: The recent(from 2001 to 2005) gravity and local GPS strain data in the middle region of Shaanxi are analysed.These data show that:1)both gravity and strain fields were coincidently rising in the west and the south,dropping in the east and the north;2)the gravity and maximal shear strain values along the arcuate fault belt of south-western Ordos were high and positive,and controlled by compress field,but the gravity value was negative and the maximum shear strain value was high in the middle-eastern area,especially,near the Kouzhen-Guanshan faults,where it was controlled by extensional plane strain field.

Wang Ping,Feng Xijie,Shi Yaqin,Zhang Bin,Dai Wangqiang,Jiang Hanchao,Li Xiaoni,
,,冯希杰 ,师亚芹 ,,,戴王强 ,蒋汉朝 ,李晓妮

第四纪研究 , 2009,
Abstract: 渭河下游咸阳-草滩段河道位于西安凹陷向临潼隆起的过渡区,发育河漫滩和T1~T3阶地,渭河断裂隐伏于河道北岸.文章对渭河北岸河谷地貌和地层剖面进行了观测和年代学样品的测试,并对跨渭河断裂的系列钻探中的2个深150m的钻孔岩芯进行了年代学样品测试和地层对比.河谷区地层年代测定表明,渭河北岸在距今约10万年前为风成黄十堆积环境,大致在2.5万年以来开始了最新一期的河道沉积.钻孔岩芯揭露的多个黄土-河流冲积的沉积旋回显示第四纪时期渭河河道经历了多次的南北向摆动.受临潼隆起的影响,咸阳-草滩段晚第四纪河谷沉积自西向东厚度明显减薄.通过对渭河断裂两侧钻孔柱状图的对比,认为渭河断裂0.04~0.05m/ka垂向差异运动速率低于河流0.15~0.24m/ka沉积速率,是渭河断裂隐伏于河谷中的原因.
A novel method of DNA shuffling without PCR process
WANG Qiang,LIU Qiuyun,LI Gang & LI Baojian Key Laboratory of Gene Engineering of Ministry of Education,School of Life Sciences,Zhongshan University,Guangzhou,China Correspondence should be addressed to Li Baojian,

科学通报(英文版) , 2004,
Abstract: Most DNA shuffling methods currently used require PCR process. A novel method of DNA shuffling without PCR process is described, taking advantage of the feature of some restriction enzymes whose recognition sites differ from their cleavage sites, thus giving rise to different cohesive ends.These cohesive ends can be rejoined at their native sites from different parental sequences, generating new sequences with various combinations of mutations.
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