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The Development of Spatio-temporal Analysis and Simulation of Population Dynamics Based on GIS

WANG Zheng-Jun,

生态学报 , 2002,
Abstract: Population dynamics is the important field of ecology, but analytic approaches did not really begin until the 1920s and 1930s. The early studies, which are usually in spatially homogeneous conditions, have been useful as tools in the management of fisheries, and other resources. Historically, studies of population dynamics have concentrated on changes through time; patterns across spatial dimensions remain largely unexplored. The complexity and difficulty of handling multidimensional data has perenniall...
Determination and assessment for risk areas of the Helicoverpa armigera Hübne

WANG Zheng-Jun,

生态学报 , 2003,
Abstract: As a rule, it is called the pest existent areas in which insect pest is present, whereas the risk areas are some places where pest population density exceeds the economic threshold. The risk areas can be divided into different regions such as low, lower, moderate, higher, high outbreak areas according to the outbreak degree. It is important to regional pest management to determine the risk areas, for example, we can use different control measures for corresponding outbreak regions.In this study, the Geograp...
Strategy of Closed-loop Rate Control and Traffic Shaping Based on RTCP

WANG Zheng-jun,WANG You-zhao,

计算机科学 , 2011,
Abstract: The quality of real-time video in network monitoring system can be easily affected by network bandwidth.This paper introduced a Closed-Loop rate control strategy based on RTCP. This strategy analyzes the feedback of the receiver report(RR) in RTCP,adjusts the bit rate of encoding,adaptive network carrying capacity. This paper also proposed a stream traffic shaping policy to solve the problem of the data burst of H. 264 stream by inhibiting data burst,thus avoiding sudden transient network congestion and reducing packet loss. Experimental results show that the strategy effectively reduces the transmission stream packet loss rate and improves the quality of real-time video.
Collaborative filtering algorithm based on time weight

WANG Lan,ZHAI Zheng-jun,

计算机应用 , 2007,
Abstract: Collaborative filtering is the most widely used recommendation technology in the personalized recommendation system. However, the user's interests in different time have been taken into equal consideration with the method being used, which leads to the lack of effectiveness in the given period of time. In view of this problem, this paper presented an improved collaborative filtering algorithm to make the click interests, approaching the gathering time, have bigger weight in the recommendation process, thereby to improve the accuracy of the recommendation.
Thermoregulatory and thermal dependence of resting metabolic rates in the Chinese crocodile lizard Shinisaurus crocodilurus in the Luokeng Nature Reserve, Guangdong
WANG Zhen-Xing,WU Zheng-Jun,YU Hai,HUANG Cheng-Ming
Acta Zoologica Sinica , 2008,
Abstract: To explore the thermoregulatory and thermal dependence of resting metabolic rates (RMR) in the Chinese crocodile lizard Shinisaurus crocodilurus, we measured the active body temperature, the diel variation in body temperature, the average daily body temperatures, the ambient temperature and the resting metabolic rate in the wild and under controlled laboratory conditions. Results showed that in the wild, active body temperature (Tb) was higher than substrate temperature (Tc) and air temperature (Td) and was positively correlated with the latter two (Tb = 11.65 + 0.47Tc , r2 = 0.34, F1, 75= 39.11, P < 0.0001; Tb = 11.61 + 0.46Td, r2 = 0.56, F1, 75= 96.56, P < 0.0001). The active body temperature of the lizard in the wild showed monthly variations, and no effect of age or sex. In the laboratory in a gradient of 15℃–30℃, the resting body temperature (Tb) was positively correlated with ambient temperature (Ta): Tb = 12.450 + 0.5641 Ta (F1, 110=11.34, r2 = 0.997, P < 0.001). In the environment without thermal gradients, there was a significant diel variation in body temperature, air temperature and substrate temperature, but there were no significant differences in average daily body temperature, air temperature and substrate temperature. The RMR showed no difference between sexes, and it increased with ambient temperature (Ta). Further analysis indicated that the thermoregulation of Chinese crocodile lizard was conducted by both behavioral and physiological means, and both thermoregulation and the resting metabolic rates of Chinese crocodile lizard were in accordance with the thermal biology of this ectothermic species. The capability of physiological thermoregulation of Chinese crocodile lizard was relatively higher than that of other more active lizards. The thermoregulation of Chinese crocodile lizard parallels its behavioral characteristics of spending most of their time at rest [Acta Zoologica Sinica 54(6):964–971, 2008].
Geometric measure of quantum discord under decoherence
Xiao-Ming Lu,Zheng-Jun Xi,Zhe Sun,Xiaoguang Wang
Physics , 2010,
Abstract: The dynamics of a geometric measure of the quantum discord (GMQD) under decoherence is investigated. We show that the GMQD of a two-qubit state can be alternatively obtained through the singular values of a $3\times4$ matrix whose elements are the expectation values of Pauli matrices of the two qubits. By using Heisenberg picture, the analytic results of the GMQD is obtained for three typical kinds of the quantum decoherence channels. We compare the dynamics of the GMQD with that of the quantum discord and of entanglement. We show that a sudden change in the decay rate of the GMQD does not always imply that of the quantum discord, and vice versa. We also give a general analysis on the sudden change in behavior and find that at least for the Bell diagonal states, the sudden changes in decay rates of the GMQD and that of the quantum discord occur simultaneously.
Fouling and cleaning of membrane--a literature review
ZHAO Yan-jun,WU Kai-fen,WANG Zheng-jun,ZHAO Liang,LI Shu-shen,
ZHAO Yan-jun
,WU Kai-fen,WANG Zheng-jun,ZHAO Liang,LI Shu-shen

环境科学学报(英文版) , 2000,
Abstract: Membrane fouling curtails severely the economical and practical implementation of membrane process. The fundamental principles and mechanisms of membrane fouling as well as factors affecting fouling have been summarized in this paper. It also has covered three fouling resistance models and four kinds of approaches to improve membrane performance. Membrane cleaning methods are also discussed including physical, chemical, physico\|chemical and biological methods. In the four groups of basic cleaning methods, biological cleaning has considerable advantages and potentials. Extensive research work should be carried out further to explore and develop new ideas and techniques in the field of membrane cleaning and restoration.
Large pore size polyacrylonitrile membrane for ultrafiltration
WU Kai-fen,QIU Ping,WANG Zheng-jun,WANG Jing-rong,
WU Kai-fen
,QIU Ping,WANG Zheng-jun,WANG Jing-rong

环境科学学报(英文版) , 2000,
Abstract: The effects of the components of solution for membrane casting and preparation conditions on the membrane perrormances are studied in this paper. Polyacrylonitrile(PAN) was used as polymer and DMAC as solvent. The ultrafiltration (UF) membranes whose cut-off of molecular weight is 150000 and flux of pure water reaches 150-200 ml/(cm2 ·h) were prepared by selecting proper components of solution for membrane casting and membrane preparation conditions.
Destriping Imaging Spectrometer Data by an Improved Moment Matching Method

LIU Zheng-jun,WANG Chang-yao,WANG Cheng,

遥感学报 , 2002,
Abstract: Striping is an important factor that influences image quality acquired by linear array CCD blocks.This may be more crucial for spectrometers because of the imperfect calibration of the detector characteristics and the necessity of higher CCD quality,which results in the most common striping.This paper firstly discussed the main reason causing stripes.Then we compared some stripingremoval algorithms and their limitations.Based on this consideration,we pointout that the standard moment matching method changes the mean value distrbution of image in line or column arrangement. This is especiallythe case forsmall size images.We presentsome approaches to simulate and calibrate the image grayval- ue distribution.The purpose of these methods we embraced here is to recover the truth of the mean value distribution of ground radiance.As an emphasis,we mainly discussed the theories and processes of three kinds of mean value fitting ap- proaches:the mean value compensation method,Fourier transformation method and correlation method. After discussing the methods,we used an 890×770 size test image acquired by an imaging spectrometer to experi- ment our theories.Through combining moment matchingwith these post-processing techniques,we successfully reduced stripes and improved the image quality.Finally,we visually and quantitatively assessed the quality of the resulted images.
Particle Filter for Single Base Station Mobile Tracking in Cellular Networks

Wang Li,Liu Zheng-jun,Hu Han-ying,
王 丽

电子与信息学报 , 2007,
Abstract: The implementation of mobile location utilizing only the service base station is relatively easy and the probability of positioning is higher. But the major challenge is poor accuracy. A single base station mobile tracking technique is proposed based on particle filter, which is a powerful method dealing with highly non-linear non-Gaussian problem. Simulation results indicate this technique can achieve high accuracy and the convergence speed is faster than extended Kalman filter based location algorithm.
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