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Study on the ac-Stark splitting in a four-level system

Li Yong-Fang,Zhang Xiang-Yang,Sun Jian-Feng,Wang Yong-Fang,

物理学报 , 2002,
Abstract: We present a model of the four level system driven by double optical fields and investigate the resonant fluorescence spectroscopy in detail. The ac Stark splitting exhibits in the resonant fluorescence spectroscopy from an upper level to lower-lying levels, which occurs over a wide range of the parameters. The ac Stark splitting does not occur when only exists a coherence field. For certain Rabi frequencies, there are double dark lines in the four level system. The generation of ac Stark splitting is the result of the multi channel quantum interference. The origin of the ac\|Stark splitting is explained clearly by the theory of dressed state.
The Effective Separation of Aescin with NKA-9 Resin

WANG Xu-Ying,ZHAO Yong-Fang,

植物科学学报 , 2002,
Abstract: 介绍了一种筛选七叶皂苷的树脂分离的简便程序 ,即 :先用静态批量吸附法比较 ,后用动态柱层析法确认。按此程序对所试的 5种树脂 D4 0 2 0 ,D10 1,NKA- 9,H10 3,2 0 1× 4和 1种硅胶 G分离七叶皂苷的效果进行了检测 ,数据表明 ,树脂 NKA- 9对七叶皂苷的吸附和解吸附性能均较好 ,专一性也较强 ,在实践中有一定的开发和应用价值。文中还对相关问题进行了讨论
Provider Continuity Prior to the Diagnosis of Advanced Lung Cancer and End-of-Life Care
Gulshan Sharma, Yue Wang, James E. Graham, Yong-Fang Kuo, James S. Goodwin
PLOS ONE , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0074690
Abstract: Background Little is known about the effect of provider continuity prior to the diagnosis of advanced lung cancer and end-of-life care. Methods Retrospective analysis of 69,247 Medicare beneficiaries aged 67 years or older diagnosed with Stage IIIB or IV lung cancer between January 1, 1993 and December 31, 2005 who died within two years of diagnosis. We examined visit patterns to a primary care physician (PCP) and/or any provider one year prior to the diagnosis of advanced lung cancer as measures of continuity of care. Outcome measures were hospitalization, ICU use and chemotherapy use during the last month of life, and hospice use during the last week of life. Results Seeing a PCP or any provider in the year prior to the diagnosis of advanced lung cancer increased the likelihood of hospitalization, ICU care, chemotherapy and hospice use during the end of life. Patients with 1–3, 4–7 or >7 visits to their PCP in the year prior to the diagnosis of lung cancer had 1.0 (reference), 1.08 (95% CI; 1.04–1.13), and 1.14 (95% CI; 1.08–1.19) odds of hospitalization during the last month of life, respectively. Odds of hospice use during the last week of life were higher in patients with visits to multiple PCPs (OR 1.10: 95% CI; 1.06–1.15) compared to those whose visits were all to the same PCP. Conclusion Provider continuity in the year prior to the diagnosis of advanced lung cancer was not associated with lower use of aggressive care during end of life. Our study did not have information on patient preferences and result should be interpreted accordingly.
Is heart rate reduction more important than target dose in chronic heart failure therapy with a beta-blocker?
Yong-Fang Guo,Yi An
老年心脏病学杂志(英文版) , 2011,
The Effects of Emotions and Task Frames on Risk Preferences in Self Decision Making and Anticipating Others'' Decisions

LIU Yong-Fang,BI Yu-Fang,WANG Huai-Yong,

心理学报 , 2010,
Abstract: Although many researchers explore the effects of decision process emotions and task frames on risk preferences in self decision making(e.g.,Clore & Schwarz,1983;Slovic,2002;Mayer,Gaschke,Braverman & Evans,1992;Loewenstein,Weber & Hsee,2001;Isen & Patrick,1983;Kahneman & Tversky,1979),few researchers examine their impacts on risk preferences in anticipating others' decisions(e.g.,Hsee & Weber,1997;Wallach & Wing,1968)).In this study,two experiments are presented to compare the effects of emotions and task frames in self decision making and anticipating others' decisions.Experiment 1 used two film clips as materials to induce 80 undergraduate subjects' happiness or sadness emotions,then asked subjects to either make choices for themselves or anticipate others' choices on a risk preference questionnaire including ten items.In experiment 2,task frame variables were introduced to examine the complex relations among emotions,the decision maker' roles and task frames.The 96 undergraduate subjects were asked to either make choices for themselves or anticipate others' choices on a risk preference questionnaire including seven items under happiness or sadness emotion,and gain or loss frame conditions.The results of the two experiments showed that(1)In gain frames,the sadness emotion produces stronger risk preferences than the happiness emotion,and making choices for themselves shows stronger risk preferences than anticipating others' choices.(2)In loss frames,the happiness emotion produces stronger risk preferences than the sadness emotion,and anticipating others' choices produces stronger risk preferences than making choices for themselves;(3)In making decisions for themselves,the happiness emotion produces stronger risk preferences under the loss frame than under the gain frame,but the sadness emotion produces stronger risk preferences under the gain frame than under the loss frame.In contrast,in anticipating others' decisions,the loss frame always produces stronger risk preferences than the gain frame,regardless of happiness emotion or sadness emotion.These results do not concur with the general findings about framing effects(Kahneman & Tversky,1979)and self-other decision bias(Hsee & Weber,1997;Wallach & Wing,1968),and suggest that there are complicated interaction among emotions,task frames and the decision maker' roles.Rather,the effects of emotions and task frames on risk preferences depend on the decision maker' roles.
Women''s Cue Preferences and Information Processing Mode in Mate Choice

LIU Yong-Fang,SU Li-Na,WANG Huai-Yong,

心理学报 , 2011,
Abstract: Among the wide range of theoretical and empirical findings on mate choice,the focus of much research has been on two important questions: What mate choice preferences do people have,and what is the information processing mode used in mate choice (Shackelford,Schmitt & Buss,2005;Regan,Levin,Sprecher,Christopher,& Cate,2000).However,most studies of these questions have been based on methods using personal advertisements,questionnaires,and interviews.Few researchers have used experiments methods to explore the...
Research on bare metal backup and recovery

WANG De-jun,WANG Li-na,HAO Yong-fang,

计算机应用研究 , 2008,
Abstract: 介绍了裸机备份与恢复的概念,指出了裸机备份恢复技术与普通数据备份恢复技术的异同点,并分析了当前主流裸机备份恢复软件的优缺点。在分析Windows系统和Linux系统启动流程的基础上,给出了制作基于U盘上的Linux恢复平台和基于光盘的Windows恢复平台的方法。在Windows系统下实现了一个完整的裸机备份恢复系统,阐述了该软件的详细设计,包括需备份信息的分类、信息保存的结构,以及该软件的创新点技术——打开文件备份和虚拟加密磁盘技术,说明了软件的工作流程。该系统在备份成本、恢复时间方面达到了较好的效果,
Evaluation of SLOG/TCI-III pediatric system on target control infusion of propofol
Wan-hua Yang, Hong-bin Gu, Bing Chen, Juan Li, Qiu-wei Fan, Yong-fang Yuan, Xiangdong Wang
Journal of Translational Medicine , 2011, DOI: 10.1186/1479-5876-9-187
Abstract: The current study aimed at evaluating the difference between target concentrations of propofol and performance, which was measured using the SLOG/TCI-III system in children. Thirty children fulfilling the I-II criteria according to American Society of Anesthesiology were enrolled in the study. The target plasma concentration of propofol was fed into the SLOG/TCI-III system and compared with the measured concentrations of propofol. Blood samples were collected and analyzed by high performance liquid chromatography with fluorescence detector. The performance error (PE) was determined for each measured blood propofol concentration. The performances of the TCI-III system were determined by the median performance error (MDPE), the median absolute performance error (MDAPE), and Wobble (the median absolute deviation of each PE from the MDPE), respectively.Concentration against target concentration showed good linear correlation: concentration = 1.3428 target concentration - 0.2633 (r = 0.8667). The MDPE and MDAPE of the pediatric system were 10 and 22%, respectively, and the median value for Wobble was 24%. MDPE and MDAPE were less than 15 and 30%, respectively.The performance of TCI-III system seems to be in the accepted limits for clinical practice in children.The effectiveness and safety of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of anesthetic drugs, such as propofol, were studies in the pediatric population. The application of target controlled infusion (TCI) has been expanded to pediatric anesthetization and sedation during surgery, as a functional pharmacokinetic model primarily for propofol and Alfentanil. Clinical studies on TCI of propofol for pediatric anesthetization have verified that factors such as ethnic group, body weight, and age influence pharmacokinetic parameters, which can vary greatly from those of adults [1-3]. The distributional volume of central compartments in pediatrics is larger than the corresponding value in adults. As the Diprifusor software wa
Is heart rate reduction more important than target dose in chronic heart failure therapy with a beta-blocker?

Guo Yong-Fang,An Yi,

老年心脏病学杂志(英文版) , 2011,
Abstract: 1 IntroductionBeta-adrenoceptor blocking agents (beta-blockers) are now well established as cornerstone therapy in patients with systolic chronic heart failure (CHF).1] Clinical data have overwhelmingly proven the beneficial effects of beta-blocker therapy in terms of improving patient prognosis,decreasing requirements for hospitalization,and postponing disease progression.2-4] However,it remains unclear what the optimal efficacious and safe dose for an individual patient with CHF is,and whether this can simply be inferred from the target dose for each beta-blocking agent as used in the major clinical trials.Beta-blockers are a heterogeneous class of drugs,and due to the polymorphisms of beta-adrenoceptor gene expression,there is marked individual variation in responsiveness to specific agents.5] If pharmacodynamic markers of responsiveness to beta-blockade (such as heart rate (HR) reduction) are more important than the achievement of a target dose,could they become another potential therapeutic target in beta-blocker therapy? We provide a discussion of the question in this article.
Optical Characteristics of C/0.5Al2O3-0.5P2O5-100SiO2 Gel Glasses Prepared at Different Temperatures

YANG He-Qing,WANG Xuan,ZHANG Bang-Lao,LI Yong-Fang,FANG Yu,ZHANG Liang-Ying,YAO Xi,

无机材料学报 , 2003,
Abstract: 通过醇盐不完全水解制备了含有有机基团(O—C2H5)的C/0.5Al2O3-0.5P2O5-100SiO2凝胶,在氮气中加热到300,v700。C使其中的有机基团炭化,得到镶嵌在凝胶玻璃中不同尺寸的碳纳米颗粒。利用高分辨电镜、X射线衍射和喇曼光谱研究了碳纳米颗粒的结构,发现凝胶玻璃中的碳颗粒为非晶碳纳米颗粒。测试了它们的吸收光谱,发现了由于量子限域效应引起的吸收边的移动。在532nmNd:YAG激光的激发下镶嵌有碳纳米颗粒的凝胶玻璃有一强的室温发光,发光峰在586nm左右。发光峰几乎不随碳纳米颗粒尺寸的变化而变化,这种发光产生于碳纳米颗粒的表面或碳颗粒和凝胶网络的界面。
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