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Auditory abnormalities in children with autism  [PDF]
Ying-Hua Tan, Chun-Yan Xi, Shu-Ping Jiang, Bing-Xin Shi, Li-Bo Wang, Lin Wang
Open Journal of Psychiatry (OJPsych) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ojpsych.2012.21005
Abstract: The present study aimed to describe the characteristics of auditory abnormalities present in cases of autism. One hundred and fifty six children with autism and 141matched controls with language delay were investigated via direct observations combined with parent/caregiver reports. All of the autistic individuals demonstrated auditory abnormalities especially in the domain of hyposensitivity, compared with 33.3% of children with language delay. The auditory abnormalities in autism primarily comprised of auditory hyposensitivity, auditory hypersensitivity, phonophobia, and peculiar interests in certain sounds. Participants with autism were rated as having more problems than the language-delayed children in all the items of each domain. No significant difference in the range of auditory abnormalities were observed between mild and severe autistic children except for the presence of phonophobia. Children with autism presented with diverse auditory abnormalities which may be specific features in autism and may play an important role in the early identification of autism.
HIV-1 gp41 Core with Exposed Membrane-Proximal External Region Inducing Broad HIV-1 Neutralizing Antibodies
Ji Wang,Pei Tong,Lu Lu,Leilei Zhou,Liling Xu,Shibo Jiang,Ying-hua Chen
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0018233
Abstract: The membrane-proximal external region (MPER) of the HIV-1 gp41 consists of epitopes for the broadly cross-neutralizing monoclonal antibodies 2F5 and 4E10. However, antigens containing the linear sequence of these epitopes are unable to elicit potent and broad neutralizing antibody responses in vaccinated hosts, possibly because of inappropriate conformation of these epitopes. Here we designed a recombinant antigen, designated NCM, which comprises the N- and C-terminal heptad repeats that can form a six-helix bundle (6HB) core and the MPER domain of gp41. Two mutations (T569A and I675V) previously reported to expose the neutralization epitopes were introduced into NCM to generate mutants named NCM(TA), NCM(IV), and NCM(TAIV). Our results showed that NCM and its mutants could react with antibodies specific for 6HB and MPER of gp41, suggesting that these antigens are in the form of a trimer of heterodimer (i.e., 6HB) with three exposed MPER tails. Antigen with double mutations, NCM(TAIV), elicited much stronger antibody response in rabbits than immunogens with single mutation, NCM(TA) and NCM(IV), or no mutation, NCM. The purified MPER-specific antibodies induced by NCM(TAIV) exhibited broad neutralizing activity, while the purified 6HB-specific antibodies showed no detectable neutralizing activity. Our recombinant antigen design supported by an investigation of its underlying molecular mechanisms provides a strong scientific platform for the discovery of a gp41 MPER-based AIDS vaccine.
An Effective Hybrid Quantum Genetic Algorithm

LI Ying-hua,WANG Yu-ping,

系统工程理论与实践 , 2006,
Abstract: 提出了一种可控旋转门操作及新的算法终止条件.可控旋转门操作使得几率幅值不仅可以收敛到0或1,还可以收敛到ε(1-ε),有利于算法跳出局部最优;而新的终止条件是利用种群的聚拢因子和量子位收敛因子而设定,使得终止参数γ尽可能地少受几率幅值干扰,更好地控制所得好解与其运行时间的关系.另外,把单纯形法作为局部搜索策略,利用其强方向性,使得算法效率有较大提高.最后的理论分析证明了新算法的全局收敛性,而数值实验在相应指标性能的对比上再次表明该算法有较快的收敛速度和较高的收敛精度.
PolSAR Image Segmentation by Mean Shift Clustering in the Tensor Space

WANG Ying-Hua,HAN Chong-Zhao,

自动化学报 , 2010,
Abstract: We present an unsupervised segmentation algorithm for fully polarimetric synthetic aperture radar (PolSAR) data by using the mean shift clustering. The previous work using the span values of the PolSAR data as the features in the mean shift clustering, however, does not sufficiently exploit the full information contained in the polarimetric covariance matrix. When considering the polarimetric covariance matrices as the feature vectors, the traditional mean shift clustering in the Euclidean space is not applicable anymore, since these matrices do not form a Euclidean space. We first show that by regarding each Hermitian positive definite polarimetric covariance matrix at per pixel as a tensor, the tensor space can be represented as a Riemannian manifold. Then, the mean shift clustering is extended to the Riemannian manifold to explain the theoretical meanings of the tensor clustering and a practical segmentation algorithm based on the metric lying on the manifold is proposed. Experimental results using the real fully PolSAR data and simulated data verify the effectiveness of the proposed method.
A High-Energy Good-Beam-Quality Krypton-Lamp-Pumped Nd:YAG Solid-State Laser with One Pump Cavity
A High-Energy Good-Beam-Quality Krypton-Lamp-Pumped Nd:YAG Solid-State Laser with One Pump Cavity

LIU Xue-Sheng,WANG Zhi-Yong,YAN Xin,CAO Ying-Hua,

中国物理快报 , 2008,
Abstract: We investigate a high-energy good-beam-quality krypton-lamp-pumped pulsed Nd:YAG solid-state laser with one pump cavity. The symmetrical resonator laser is developed and is rated at 80J with beam parameter product 12mm mrad. The total system electro-optics efficiency of the lamp-pumped YAG laser is as high as 3.3% and the stability of output energy is ±2% with pulse width tunable between 0.1ms and 10ms. The experimentalresults are consistent with the theoretical analysis and simulation.
The effect of heat stress on grain growth in the growing period of wheat

ZHANG Ying-Hua,WANG Zhi-Min,

中国生态农业学报 , 2006,
Abstract: 试验研究小麦籽粒生长期热效应结果表明,小麦开花后热胁迫降低同化源供应,影响库性能,进而影响产量和品质。不同热胁迫形式和不同热胁迫时期对籽粒生长的影响不同。中等高温(25~32℃)下籽粒灌浆持续期缩短,籽粒重下降;极端高温(33~40℃)下籽粒灌浆速率的降低和籽粒灌浆持续期的缩短相伴发生,最终籽粒重明显降低。非叶器官具有较高的磷酸烯醇式丙酮酸羧化酶(PEPC)等C4途径酶活性,其光合耐热性高于叶片。籽粒可溶性淀粉合成酶(SSS)对高温胁迫极为敏感,该酶活性的降低是热胁迫下粒重下降的重要机制。发挥非叶器官C4光合活性,增强籽粒SSS耐热性是热胁迫下稳定粒重的重要途径。
The relevance study among the levels of serum adiponectin and the changes of left cardiac function in patients with diabetes

WANG Xue,ZHAN Ying-hua,ZHANG Mei,

中华医学超声杂志(电子版) , 2011,
Abstract: Objective To evaluate relationship among the levels of serum adiponectin and early changes of cardiac function in patients with type 2 diabetes. Methods A total of 60 cases with type 2 diabetes and 60 healthy subjects were included. The correlation between left ventricular function and the level of serum adiponectin was analyzed,which was obtained by two-dimensional tissue Doppler and three-dimensional echocardiography examination in all subjects. Results Compared with the healthy group,the levels of serum ...
Improved blind beamforming algorithm of smart antenna

WANG Deng-wei,LV Ying-hua,

计算机应用研究 , 2008,
Abstract: An improved blind beamforming of smart antenna used by wireless communication system was presented.Nonlinear constraint method was used to optimize the weight vector of adaptive pattern to improve the robust characteristics and to optimize the position and the deepth of null.The final solution of weight vector was different from alterably diagonal loading and the unknown parameter in optimal solution could be obtained easily and accurately.The SINR(signal to interference plus noise ratio) of the new algorithm had robust characteristics for random steering vector errors and was not sensitive to power change of SOI(signal of interest).Simulation results prove the validity of the new algorithm.
Application of electrical impedance tomography for postoperative lung recruitment in patients undergoing off pump coronary artery bypass grafting surgery

王颍骅 ,潘雁,杨敏
WANG Ying-hua
, PAN Yan, YANG Min

- , 2018, DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1674-8115.2018.06.012
Abstract: 目的·应用电阻抗成像技术(electrical impedance tomography,EIT)确定不停跳冠状动脉旁路移植术(off pump coronary artery bypass grafting surgery,OPCAB)术后最合适的呼气末正压(positive end expiratory pressure,PEEP),以达到改善肺通气分布情况、优化肺复张的效果。方法·入选2017年1—12月于上海交通大学附属胸科医院行OPCAB的105例患者。采用随机数余数分组法将患者分为实验组54例,对照组51例。EIT观察术后肺通气的4个兴趣区(region of interest,ROI)。对照组应用3 cmH2O PEEP;实验组调整PEEP值由0 cmH2O逐步升高至14 cmH2O,每次增加2 cmH2O,并应用最适PEEP。比较2组术后氧合指数(PaO2/FiO2)和肺部并发症的差异。结果· 105例患者中死亡2例(1.90%),术后肺部并发症发生19例(18.10%)、肺部感染3例(2.86%)、肺不张19例(18.10%)、胸腔积液19例(18.10%)。OPCAB术后最适PEEP区间为6~9 cmH2O。实验组应用最适PEEP后,PaO2/FiO2显著升高(P0.00)。与对照组相比,实验组术后肺部并发症发生率显著降低(P0.02)。结论·应用EIT可实时直观监测OPCAB术后肺通气分布情况,滴定适合肺复张的PEEP;能够显著减少OPCAB术后肺部并发症,改善PaO2/FiO2,减少ICU停留时间及机械通气时间。
:Objective · To find out the optimal positive end expiratory pressure (PEEP)electrical impedance tomography (EIT) for better lung recruitment and ventilation distribution in patients undergoing off pump coronary artery bypass grafting surgery (OPCAB). Methods · 105 patients under went OPCAB Jan. 2017 to Dec. 2017 were analysed. Patients were randomly divided into two groups, i.e. experiment group (54 cases) and control group (51 cases). Four regions of interest (ROI) were recordedEIT. PEEP were 3 cmH2O in control group while PEEP were increased stepwiseby 2 cmH2O 0 cmH2O to 14 cmH2O in experiment group. The optimal PEEP for lung recruitment was applied in experiment group. Postoperative oxygenation index (PaO2/FiO2) and pulmonary complication were compared between two groups. Results · The overall mortality was 2 (1.90%). The incidence of postoperative pulmonary complication, pulmonary infection, atelectasis, pleural effusion were 18.10%, 2.86%, 18.10%, 18.10%, respectively. The optimal PEEP zone was 6-9 cmH2O. PaO2/FiO2 was significantly increased with the optimal PEEP in experiment group (P0.00). There were significant differences in postoperative pulmonary complication between two groups (P0.02). Conclusion · EIT can directly monitor ventilation distribution and titrate suiPEEP for better lung recruitment in patients undergoing OPCAB. It can significantly reduce postoperative pulmonary complication, improve oxygenation, and decrease ICU stay and ventilation duration
Spectrophotometric determination of micro-cadmium in water after ionic liquid extraction

LI Shan,CHEN Zhen,WANG Qian,WANG Ying-hua,

冶金分析 , 2012,
Abstract: A new extraction spectrophotometry for the determination of micro-cadmium was proposed.In Na2B4O7-NaOH buffer medium at pH 10.8,the Cd-Cadion complex formed by 1-(4-nitrobenzophenone)-3-(4-phenylazophenyl)-triazene(Cadion) and Cd2+ could be extracted by little ionic liquid(1-butyl-3-methylimidazole hexafluorophosphate,).After centrifugal separation,the content of cadmium in ionic liquid phase was directly determined by spectrophotometry at maximum absorption wavelength(517 nm).The linear range of this method was 1.0-62.5 ng/mL,the detection limit was 0.22 ng/mL,apparent molar absorptivity was 6.9×105 L·mol-1·cm-1,the enhancement factor was 29.5,and the relative standard deviation(RSD,50 ng/mL,n=6) was 2.1 %.The proposed method was directly applied to the determination of micro-cadmium in water sample with recoveries of 96.7 %-108.5 %.
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