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Quantum broadcast communication with authentication

Yang Yu-Guang,Wang Ye-Hong,Wen Qiao-Yan,

中国物理 B , 2010,
Abstract: Two simple quantum broadcast communication schemes are proposed. A central party can broadcast his secret message to all the legitimate receivers simultaneously. Compared with the three schemes proposed recently (Wang et al. 2007 Chin. Phys. 16 1868), the proposed schemes have the advantages of consuming fewer quantum and classical resources, lessening the difficulty and intensity of necessary operations, and having higher efficiency.
A Case Study on Plateau Vortex Inducing Southwest Vortex and Producing Extremely Heavy Rain

ZHAO Yu-chun,WANG Ye-hong,

高原气象 , 2010,
Abstract: 利用多途径探测与再分析资料, 通过诊断分析、 数值模拟和敏感性试验, 对2008年7月20~21日一次高原涡东移诱生西南涡并引发川中特大暴雨的天气过程进行了初步分析, 探讨了西南涡特大暴雨发生的中尺度环境场特征, 特殊地形和非绝热物理过程在高原涡东移诱生西南涡特大暴雨中的作用。结果表明, 高原涡形成后沿高原东北侧下滑, 在四川盆地诱生出西南涡, 川中特大暴雨在西南涡形成过程中由强中尺度对流系统(MCSs)的活动造成。高原涡东移诱生的低层偏东气流在川西高原东侧地形的动力强迫抬升作用下, 释放对流有效位能激发出MCSs产生强降水, 降水凝结潜热加热反馈驱动西南涡快速发展。地形的动力作用仅能形成浅薄的西南涡, 降水凝结潜热的加入才能使西南涡充分发展。高原涡的发展主要受地面热通量影响, 它的发展与否在很大程度上决定西南涡能否形成。盆地周边高大山脉对西南涡的位置分别有不同程度的影响, 而盆地周边高大山脉上叠加的中小尺度地形对西南涡和暴雨带的整体位置影响不大, 在一定程度上影响暴雨的落区。
赵玉春 ZHAO Yu-Chun,李泽椿 LI Ze-Chun,王叶红 WANG Ye-Hong,等 et al
大气科学 , 2008, DOI: 10.3878/j.issn.1006-9895.2008.03.16
Abstract: 利用1°×1°经纬度的NCEP再分析资料、地面1h降水和卫星黑体辐射亮度温度资料,分析了2006年6月5~8日引发福建北部大暴雨的梅雨锋上的中尺度对流系统活动,探讨了梅雨锋上或锋前暖区一侧中尺度对流系统触发和增强的动力机制,并进一步研究了强降水凝结潜热造成的非绝热加热在对流系统发生发展中的作用。结果发现:福建北部强降水产生是由梅雨锋上或锋前多个β中尺度或α中尺度的强对流系统活动造成的,这些中尺度对流系统的发生发展与大尺度地转强迫造成的上升运动、武夷山脉等的地形动力强迫抬升作用、梅雨锋锋生以及锋面的阻挡和直接抬升作用有关。梅雨锋上强降水造成的非绝热加热在中尺度对流系统的形成和发展中起到了重要作用。最后,总结出梅雨锋上中尺度对流系统发生发展的概念模型。
On the conservation of China''s Agri-cultural Heritage Systems

ZHAO Li-Jun,XU Wang-Sheng,SUN Ye-Hong,MIN Qing-Wen,HE Lu,

中国生态农业学报 , 2012,
Abstract: Multi-functionality in agriculture refers to the non-trade benefits of agriculture.In terms of WTO definition,this means benefits other than commerce and food production such as environmental protection,landscape preservation,rural employment,and food security.Due to specific natural conditions and human activities,agri-cultural heritage sites always have fragile ecological en-vironments,rich cultures,undeveloped economies and multi-functionality.This implies that agri-cultural heritage sites have produc-tion,ecological,cultural and other functions.The concept of multi-functionality has triggered discussions on agri-cultural heritage systems in China and abroad.There are not only so lots of agri-cultural heritage systems in China but also long agricultural history,and most of which are under severe pressure of modernization and globalization.To promote sustainable agricultural development,international community has attached greater importance to conservation and utilization of agri-cultural heritages.Based on agri-cultural heritage systems and current state in China,this paper analyzed the value and significance of China’s main agri-cultural heritage and offered policy options for the conservation and utilization of agri-cultural heritage.The values of agri-cultural heritage systems in China were discussed from several aspects,e.g.,conservation and utilization of traditional plants/animals,agri-technology,animal husbandry and medical technology,agri-customs and agri-landscapes.Based on analysis of values and significance,sugges-tions on conserving agri-cultural heritage system in China were proposed.These included: 1) establishment of the concept of "con-servation" followed by the development of principles for dynamic conservation of agri-cultural heritage system;2) strengthening of mechanisms and system building with specific attention on custody of agri-cultural heritage conservation and multi-participation system;3) emphasizing conservation of agri-cultural heritage systems in Socialist New Countryside Construction;4) building incen-tive mechanisms with visible importance of agri-cultural heritage system in harmonious community building;and 5) investing more conservation of agri-cultural heritage systems.All the above policy suggestions would foster the conservation and sustainability of utilization agri-cultural heritage system.
Diagnosing Analysis of Heavy Rain in Northern Fujian Province Triggered by Mesoscale Convective Systems along the Meiyu Front during 5-8 June 2006

ZHAO Yu-Chun,LI Ze-Chun,WANG Ye-Hong,XIAO Zi-Niu,

大气科学 , 2008,
Abstract: 利用1°×1°经纬度的NCEP再分析资料、地面1 h降水和卫星黑体辐射亮度温度资料,分析了2006年6月5~8日引发福建北部大暴雨的梅雨锋上的中尺度对流系统活动,探讨了梅雨锋上或锋前暖区一侧中尺度对流系统触发和增强的动力机制,并进一步研究了强降水凝结潜热造成的非绝热加热在对流系统发生发展中的作用。结果发现:福建北部强降水产生是由梅雨锋上或锋前多个β中尺度或α中尺度的强对流系统活动造成的,这些中尺度对流系统的发生发展与大尺度地转强迫造成的上升运动、武夷山脉等的地形动力强迫抬升作用、梅雨锋锋生以及锋面的阻挡和直接抬升作用有关。梅雨锋上强降水造成的非绝热加热在中尺度对流系统的形成和发展中起到了重要作用。最后,总结出梅雨锋上中尺度对流系统发生发展的概念模型。
Policy routing based on connection tracking information in NAT

ZHAO Ye-hong,YANG Shou-bao,ZHANG Huan-jie,WANG Shao-lin,WU Bin,

计算机应用 , 2006,
Abstract: In order to solve the multi-outgoing campus network's routing problem in Network Address Translation(NAT),a policy routing scheme based on connection tracking information was proposed.A series of tests for this scheme were carried out through two-outgoing-route testbed,and its correctness and feasibility were confirmed.
Relationship between Tourism Resources Development and Regional Social and Economic Development in Agricultural Heritage Site --Taking "Traditional Rice-Fish Agriculture" of Qingtian County as an Example

SUN Ye-hong,MIN Qing-wen,CHENG Sheng-kui,WANG Xu-hai,

资源科学 , 2006,
Abstract: According to the definition by FAO,Globally Important Ingenious Agricultural Heritage Systems(GIAHS),equaling to world cultural heritage in concept,is "remarkable land use systems and landscapes which are rich in biological diversity evolving from the ingenious and dynamic adaptation of a community/population to its environment and the needs and aspirations for sustainable development.As a new kind of world heritages,only after 2002 was GIAHS noticed by scientists and managers.Just for this reason the research on it is at the first stage including the tourism development.There are plenty of tourism resources in agricultural heritage sites which will play potential and important roles in regional sustainable development of economy,society,culture and eco-environment.On the other hand,regional sustainable socio-economic development will prove the conservation and development of GIAHS sites.In this paper,by literature searching and field investigation in Qingtian County of Zhejiang Province,the first pilot site of GIAHS in China,the authors analyzed the relationship between tourism resources development and regional social and economic development in agricultural heritage site.The result shows that the development of tourism resources is closely relative to the increase of local GDP,the improvement of local people' life and the employment in tourism and the correlation coefficient are 0.68,0.83 and 0.81 respectively.In general,tourism development and participatory mechanism increase tourism employment greatly which enlarges the local farmers' views.Tourism employment willingness investigation shows they would like to participate in the tourism activities by tourism products sales,tourists reception in farming houses,play as a guide and so on.Among them,the tourism goods' selling is their favorite one which takes up 62.5% of the whole.At the same time,the relative undeveloped social and economic conditions made large contribution to the conservation of the traditional rice-fish agricultural system.Besides,the organic combination of typical local cultural forms,i.e.,religious culture,stone carving culture,famous persons culture,overseas Chinese culture,and field fish culture,lay sound foundation for the local tourism development and overseas Chinese's' support to the hometown construction also provides impetus on tourism,and accelerates the development of tourism resources in Qingtian to a great extent.Therefore,it is very obvious and important to understand the role of tourism development in the dynamic conservation of GIAHS.
The excited states structure for chloroethylene under the external electric field

Zhou Ye-Hong,Cai Shao-Hong,

物理学报 , 2010,
Abstract: The ground states parameters, dipole moment, charge distribution of chloroethylene under different intense electric fields ranging from 0 to 0.05 a. u. are optimized using density functional theory (DFT)B3P86 at 6-311G basis set level. Without external electric fields, the excitation energy, wavelength, oscillator strengths from ground state to the first nine different excited states are calculated by employing the revised hybrid CIS-DFT method (CIS-B3P86) and the excited states under different electric fields are also investigated. The results show that with increasing the electric field the molecular geometry is strongly dependent on the field strength. The whole energy are proved firstly increasing, then decreasing and the dipole moment firstly decreasing then increasing. The excitation energies of the first nine excited states of chloroethylene decrease with the increase of the applied electric field, indicating that the molecule is easy to be excited and dissociated under the electric field.
Regulatory effect of GA and KT on seeds germination of Nitraria tangutorum Bobr.

GUO Ye-Hong,LIN Hai-Ming,

中国生态农业学报 , 2009,
Abstract: Nitraria tangutorum Bobr. seeds were treated with GA and KT with different concentrations, and the vigor, water absorption rate, seed germination rate etc of seed tested. Results show that the water absorption rate of N. tangutorum seed rapidly increases in the first 2 hours, and the whole absortption procedure appears rapid-slow-slower regulation. The best germination feature appears in treatment of 150 mg·kg-1 GA, meanwhile seed germination rate and other features are lowest under 300 mg·kg-1 GA. 60 mg·kg-1 KT showes best effect on improving seed germination with highest germination rate, germination energy, germination index and vigor index, while 100 mg·kg-1 KT presents inverse effect.
Coalition of DNA polymorphisms of ApoB and ApoAI genes is related with coronary artery disease in Kazaks

Gang Huang,Hua Zhong,He-Man Re,Hong-Wei Mao,Qiang Niu,Ye-Hong Chi,

老年心脏病学杂志(英文版) , 2012,
Abstract: Objective To explore the relationship between polymorphisms of XbaI and MspI loci of apolipoprotein B (ApoB) gene and -75 bp, +83 bp loci of apolipoprotein AI (ApoAI) gene and coronary heart disease (CHD) in Kazaks of Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, China. Methods These loci were analyzed by PCR-restriction fragment length polymorphism (PCR-PFLP). Two hundred and five patients with CHD and two hundred and thirty six controls were involved. Results There were significant distinctions among low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C), triglyceride (TG) and the ApoAI/ApoB ratio between the two groups, but no significant distinction among the polymorphism frequencies of the four sites between the two groups. The polymorphism coalition frequency of X--/Ms++/M1+-/M2++ (named Coalition 11) was significantly higher in CHD compared to the control group (14.6% vs. 7.2%, P < 0.05). The level of total cholesterol (TC) in Coalition 11 was significantly higher and the level of the ApoAI/ApoB ratio in Coalition 11 was significantly lower than Coalition 1~10 in CHD patients. The level of the ApoAI/ApoB ratio of Coalition 11 was significantly lower than the Coalition 1~10 in control group. The levels of ApoAI/ApoB ratio of Coalition 3 were significantly higher compared to Coalition 11 in the two groups, respectively. The level of LDL-C of Coalition 3 was significantly lower than in the Coalition 11 in control group. The level of TC of Coalition 5 was significantly higher than Coalition 3 in the CHD group. The level of the ApoAI/ApoB ratio of Coalition 5 was significantly lower than in Coalition 3 or Coalition 1~10 of the two groups, respectively. The level of LDL-C of Coalition 5 was significantly higher than in Coalition 3 in control group. The ratio of ApoAI/ApoB was negatively related to TC, LDL-C and was positively related to HDL-C, both in CHD and control groups. Conclusion Coalition 11 of the 4 loci polymorphisms of the ApoB and ApoAI genes was correlated with CHD in Kazaks, and perhaps the ratio of ApoAI/ApoB was the most diagnostic parameter related with CHD among all lipid parameters. CHD may also be associated with Coalition 5, and, perhaps, Coalition 3 may have been confirmed as a protection factor against CHD, if more samples were enrolled.
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