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Spatial distribution of dissolved Pb, Hg, Cd, Cu and As in the Bohai Sea
WANG Chang-you,WANG Xiu-lin,
WANG Chang-you
,WANG Xiu-lin

环境科学学报(英文版) , 2007,
Abstract: Characteristics of the spatial distribution of selected dissolved heavy metals were analyzed during large scale surveys from August 12 to 25.2003 in the Bohai Sea.Dissolved Pb was the only element with average concentrations higher than the grade-one sea water quality standard of China.The spatial distribution of dissolved Pb in surface water was similar to those of Cd,Cu and As,where the isopleths generally indicated decreasing values from the bays to the central areas.Only for Hg did the high concentrations not only appear in Liaodong Bay,Bohai Bay and Laizhou Bay,but also in the Central Area,viz.not only in inshore but also in offshore areas.Vertical distributions of dissolved Pb,Cd,Cu and As were largely uniform,while that of dissolved Hg increased with depth.We infer that the input of pollutants from land was the main influencing factor for the detected distribution patterns of dissolved heavy metals,followed by the dynamics of sea water,release from bottom sediments and biochemical processes.Comparing with historical data,average concentrations of dissolved heavy metals appear to decline in recent years.
Linewidth Broadening L-band Superfluorescent Fiber Source by Using Dual-backward Pumped Configuration

WANG Xiu-lin,

光子学报 , 2011,
Abstract: A linewidth broadening and high efficiency erbium-doped superfluorescent fiber source (SFS) by using the cascaded dual-backward pumped configuration is proposed. The effects of fiber length arrangement and pump power ratio on the output characteristics of the L-band SFS are investigated by simulation. The simulational results show that the linewidth broadening L-band SFS could be achieved by the proposed design.The spectral linewidth is over 15nm broader as compare with the conventional L-band SFS, up to 60nm. Further, the design gives the highest pump efficiency at pump power ratio of 0.5. An L-band SFS of 62mW output power, 30.1% pump efficiency and 56.6nm linewidth is experimentally achieved with 206mW pump power of a 980nm LD.
Generalized Non-orthogonal Joint Diagonalization with LU Decomposition and Successive Rotations
Xiao-Feng Gong,Xiu-Lin Wang,Qiu-Hua Lin
Statistics , 2013, DOI: 10.1109/TSP.2015.2391074
Abstract: Non-orthogonal joint diagonalization (NJD) free of prewhitening has been widely studied in the context of blind source separation (BSS) and array signal processing, etc. However, NJD is used to retrieve the jointly diagonalizable structure for a single set of target matrices which are mostly formulized with a single dataset, and thus is insufficient to handle multiple datasets with inter-set dependences, a scenario often encountered in joint BSS (J-BSS) applications. As such, we present a generalized NJD (GNJD) algorithm to simultaneously perform asymmetric NJD upon multiple sets of target matrices with mutually linked loading matrices, by using LU decomposition and successive rotations, to enable J-BSS over multiple datasets with indication/exploitation of their mutual dependences. Experiments with synthetic and real-world datasets are provided to illustrate the performance of the proposed algorithm.
The effects of delta mesons on the baryonic direct Urca processes in neutron star matter
Xiu-Lin Huang,Hai-Jun Wang,Guang-Zhou Liu,Yan Xu
Physics , 2015, DOI: 10.1088/1674-1137/39/10/105102
Abstract: In the framework of relativistic mean field theory, the relativistic neutrino emissivity of the nucleonic and hyperonic direct Urca processes in the degenerate baryon matter of neutron stars are studied. We investigate particularly the influence of the isovector scalar interaction which is considered by exchanging $\delta$ meson on the nucleonic and hyperonic direct Urca processes. The results indicate that $\delta$ mesons lead to obvious enhancement of the total neutrino emissivity, which must result in more rapid cooling rate of neutron star matter.
Fast Algorithm for Mining Maximum Frequent Patterns

WANG Yun-peng,HU Xiu-lin,RUAN You-lin,

计算机应用研究 , 2006,
Abstract: Mining maximum frequent patterns is a key problem in data mining research.In this paper,a fast algorithm DMFP based on Prefix Tree for mining maximum frequent patterns is proposed.Prefix Tree stores information in a highly compact form.DMFP mines frequent patterns in depth-first order and directly in Prefix Tree by adjusting node information and node links without creating conditional pattern tree.Thus,it improves performance greatly.
Exchange Rates of Dissolved Nutrients at the Sediment-Water Interface Before and After Diatom Bloom in the East China Sea in Spring

HU Ji,ZHANG Chuan-song,WANG Xiu-lin,WANG Jiang-tao,

环境科学 , 2007,
Abstract: Exchange rates of dissolved nutrients at the sediment-water interface were studied before and after diatom bloom from March to May in the East China Sea in 2005. Intact sediment cores which were sampled at 10 sites were incubated on board, and exchange rates were calculated in the function method. It was shown that sediment absorbed NO3(-) -N before bloom with the exchange rate ranging from - 1.33 mmol/(m2 d) to - 0.68 mmol/(m2 d). The sediment released NO3(-) -N after bloom with the exchange rate ranging from - 0.69 mmol/( m2 d) to 0.82 mmol/( m2 d). NH4(+) -N was almost released from sediment with the exchange rate ranging from -0.65 mmol/(m d) to 1.46 mmol/( m2 d), and the rate was higher before bloom than that after bloom. NO2(-) -N moved into sediment all along except at Zc17 with the exchange rate ranging from - 0.09 mmol/(m2 d) to 0.05 mmol/(m2 d), and the rate was a little higher after bloom than that before bloom. SiO3(2-) -Si was released from sediment all the time with the exchange rate ranging from 0.85 mmol/(m d) to 9.23 mmol/( m2 d), and the rate was higher after bloom than that before bloom. The sediment absorbed PO4(3-) -P before bloom with the exchange rate ranging from -0.06 mmol/(m2 d) to -0.01 mmol/(m2 d), but released PO4(3-) -P after bloom with the exchange rate ranging from 0 mmol/(m2 d) to 1.26 mmol/(m2 d). PO4(3-) -P and NO3(-) -N which were absorbed by sediment in spring restricted the diatom bloom, but their release from sediment after diatom bloom may make a great contribution to subsequent dinoflagellate bloom.
The effects of nitrate and phosphate on the growth and nitrate reductase activity of Skeletonema costatum

WANG Jin-hua,TANG Hong-jie,YANG Ru-jun,WANG Xiu-lin,

海洋科学 , 2008,
Abstract: The growth and nitrate reductase activity(NRA)of Skeletonema costatum were studied under different concentrations and structures of nitrate and phosphate in laboratory cultures.The results indicated that S.costatum is a nutrients-dependent species and the algae multiplied exponentially after adding nitrate or phosphate into the culture.The cell density in each group not only reached its maximum value in the fourth to fifth day after inoculation,but also showed a significant difference(P<0.01)to the control ...
Primary studies on the COD distribution and relationship with HAB for high frequency HAB occurrence areas of the East China Sea in spring 2004

WANG Hao,SHI Xiao-yong,ZHANG Chuan-song,WANG Xiu-lin,

海洋科学 , 2008,
Abstract: Based on the data collected in spring 2004,COD distribution in high frequency Harmful Algae Bloom(HAB)occurrence areas of in the East China Sea was analyzed and the relationship between COD and HABs occurrence was discussed as well.The results showed that before HAB occurrence,COD ranged from 0.295~1.836 mg/L and influenced mainly by land runoffs.Combined with other parameters,the abnormal increase of COD in bottom layers in some parts of the region indicated a high risk of HAB occurrence.When HAB occurred,...
Effects of Cu(Ⅱ)on the Growth of Marine Algae

ZHANG Ying-ying,WANG Xiu-lin,ZHAN Yu-jie,

生态毒理学报 , 2009,
Abstract: 选择赤潮异弯藻(Heterosigma akashiwo Hada)、三角褐指藻(Pheodactylum tricornutum Bohlin)、海洋原甲藻(Prorocentrum micans Ehrenber)、裸甲藻(Gymnodinim sp.)、亚心型扁藻(Platymonas subcordiforus)、旋链角毛藻(Chaetoceros curvisetus Cleve)、中肋骨条藻(Skeletonema costatum(Greville) Cleve)、青岛大扁藻(Platymonas helgolanidica)8种浮游植物,采用一次培养实验方法,研究了重金属Cu(Ⅱ)对海洋浮游植物生长的影响,并在Logistic生长模型的基础上结合Lorentz方程和GaussAmp方程,引入Cu(Ⅱ)浓度项,建立了Cu(Ⅱ)胁迫下海洋浮游植物生长动力学模型——Logistic-W模型,描述了Cu(Ⅱ)存在条件下海洋浮游植物的生长过程. 结果表明,较高浓度Cu(Ⅱ)对8种浮游植物的生长普遍具有抑制作用,而较低浓度Cu(Ⅱ)则可促进旋链角毛藻、中肋骨条藻、青岛大扁藻的生长;Lorentz方程可以描述Cu(Ⅱ)浓度对浮游植物生长速率参数的影响,而GaussAmp方程可以描述Cu(Ⅱ)浓度对浮游植物生物量的影响;Cu(Ⅱ)胁迫下浮游植物的生长可用动力学方程Logistic-W描述,实验验证该模型合理,其拟合相关系数R2为0.817~0.993,平均为0.916. 论文提出的生长模型可以预测不同浓度Cu(Ⅱ)胁迫下海洋浮游植物的生长情况,也可根据浮游植物的生长情况推测相应海区的Cu(Ⅱ)浓度.
Drought Stress and Signal Transduction of ABA
干旱胁迫与ABA 的信号转导

LIU Zi-Hui GUO Xiu-Lin WANG-Gang Li Guang-Min,

植物学报 , 2004,
Abstract: ABA has commonly been regarded as a signal which can transmit drought information when plants suffer drought stress. During the transduction of drought signal , the changes of guard cells following perceived ABA , which cause the closure of stomata, and the expression of genes induced by ABA are the complex course. In this review, we summarize the ABA signal transduction.
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