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On the Interpretation of Fossil Nuclei  [PDF]
Xin Wang
Natural Science (NS) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/ns.2016.85025
Abstract: Although organelle preservation in plant fossils is not novel and well-preserved plant mesofossils have contributed greatly to the understanding of plant evolution, subcellular structures are still a rarity in plant mesofossils. Although it is not easy to explore subcellular structures in plant fossils, related attempts are frequently seen. Among them, some false interpretation requires further inspection. To shed more light on this issue, here I studied Cretaceous charcoalified mesofossils from USA, using LM (light microscopy), SEM (scanning electron microscopy) and TEM (transmission electron microscopy) technologies. My conclusion shows that not all publications reflect the truthful existence of nuclei in plant fossils, and this study may provide a reference for the future research.
A Biased, Misleading Review on Early Angiosperms  [PDF]
Xin Wang
Natural Science (NS) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/ns.2017.912037
Abstract: A recently published review by Herendeen?et al.?is misleading, self-centered, self-praising, and self-conflicting. They excluded the famous early angiosperm?Archaefructus?from their list of exemplar angiosperms, which contained only fossil plants they published themselves, leaving the impression that they were only authoritative on the origin and early history of angiosperms. Their 57-year-old “No Angiosperms Until the Cretaceous” conception does not reflect the truth about the origin and early history of angiosperms. Reinforcing such vapidly repeated statement does not help resolving any problem in science but leads to no solution for the origin of angiosperms. The authors tried to establish a criterion identifying a fossil angiosperm but their own exemplar angiosperm?Monetianthus?overturns their own criterion. Apparently, such a review does not positively contribute much to science.
Mechanical Pressure, Not Genes, Makes Ovulate Parts Leaf-Like in Cycas  [PDF]
Xin Wang, Bin Luo
American Journal of Plant Sciences (AJPS) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ajps.2013.412A1008

The so-called “megasporophylls” of Ginkgoales, Coniferales, and Gnetales have been proven metamorphosed shoots, making “megasporophyll” of Cycas the last one resembling a leaf. Why and how it is so in Cycas (the most ancient seed plant dated back to the Palaeozoic) become key questions because their answers are hinged with the fates of several hypotheses in botany. Here, we performed a controlled developmental experiment on the ovulate parts (megasporophylls) in a single strobilus of Cycas sexseminifera. By removing the neighboring ones, two of the ovulate parts were left isolated spatially from others, in contrast to others left intact. A half-year-long continuous observation indicates that the isolated ovulate parts change their ovule arrangement from initial pinnate into helical pattern, while the intact ones in the same strobilus remain pinnate as usual. Since all ovulate parts are in the same strobilus and controlled by the same genome in this case and the only difference is lack of pressure from neighbors for the isolated ones, the changes in ovule orientation and ovulate part morphology can only be attributed to the lack of mechanical pressure among the ovulate parts. Therefore,

A Review of the Classification of Enterprise Life Cycle  [PDF]
Xin Lu, Jun Wang
Modern Economy (ME) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/me.2018.97076
Abstract: Due to the different life cycles of companies, there are significant differences in company size, growth, financing constraints, financing channels, growth, investment opportunities, competitive environment, and operational and financial risks. The company’s life cycle can be studied by micro-enterprises. Scholars in the fields of behavior, financial accounting, management accounting, and capital markets provide a dynamic perspective. Therefore, how to divide and measure the life cycle of a company is particularly important. This paper gives a detailed analysis of the division of the life cycle of domestic and foreign companies and their measurement methods. It has a certain guiding significance for interdisciplinary research in financial accounting, management accounting, and capital markets based on the enterprise life cycle theory.
Recognition of Welding Defects in Radiographic Images by Using Support Vector Machine Classifier
Xin Wang
Research Journal of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology , 2010,
Abstract: Radiographic testing method is often used for detecting defects as a non-destructive testing method. In this paper, an automatic computer-aided detection system based on Support Vector Machine (SVM) was implemented to detect welding defects in radiographic images. After extracting potential defects, two group features: texture features and morphological features are extracted. Afterwards SVM criteria and receiver operating characteristic curves are used to select features. Then Top 16 best features are used as inputs to a designed SVM classifier. The behavior of the proposed classification method is compared with various other classification techniques: k-means, linear discriminant, k-nearest neighbor classifiers and feed forward neural network. The results show the efficiency proposed method based on the support vector machine.
Designing the Tourism Destination Image Based on the experimentation: a Case from Xining Area
Journal of Chongqing Normal University , 2010,
Abstract: A number of reports on the design of tourism destination image from various perspectives in recent decades have been published and these valuable studies make great contributions to the field of local tourism planning as to promote the tourism economic growth. Among of them, however, most focus on the academic discussions based on their own rational and superficial understandings and few of them take the tourists’ receptivity into consideration. This paper attempts to propose a new method combining the academic viewpoints and experiment investigations to study the destination image designing processes. The new method pays much more attention on the conception of tourists on the destination. This paper studies the tourism destination images by using the new method and the main goal is to test the attitudes of tourists towards the tourism destinations in the three stages of ideal image, conceptional image and visual image. In addition, the paper designs the tourism images and proposed the strategies for further tourism development of the destinations according to the tourist images and attitudes. On these bases, the present paper studies the tourism image and recommended some measures on the sound and fast tourism development for the case area.
Semantic Comparison Between Chinese and English Idioms Containing Color Words
Canadian Social Science , 2012, DOI: 10.3968/2915
Abstract: Idiom is the crystallization of the thought which coagulates through the long-term practice and people’s cognition, reflecting their wisdom. Because of the richness of language, there are a number of idioms which contain color words in both English and Chinese. Color idiom is an important part in these two languages. This paper analyzes such idioms containing three representative color words in both English and Chinese and basing on that, it discusses their semantic similarities and differences. The purpose is to help language learners use idioms properly and improve their language communicative ability. Key words: Idioms; Color words; Semantics; Similarities; Differences
The Content Security Mechanism of Smart TV Broadcasting Operating System  [PDF]
Xin Wang
Open Access Library Journal (OALib Journal) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1102030
Abstract: Smart TV broadcasting system is an extensively deployed application which charges users based on their subscription. In Smart TV broadcasting service environments, services providers charge subscription fee by scrambling the programs in CAS. This technique abstain unauthorized televiewers to watch and receive the program. Smart TV malware presents significant threat to Homeland Security. Security for contents running on smart TV terminals is important. As a new smart TV operating system, SMART TV OS offers great flexibility not only for users but also for application developers. However, this flexibility exposes users to additional security threats. This is particularly dangerous for finance and healthcare applications which require high security for sensitive information and transactions. In this paper, we present the security mechanism of DCAS and the technology realization in SMART TV OS, a complete content protection system from headend to terminal. It has all managements and authorization control functions of traditional CA, supporting DCAS terminal and traditional CA simultaneously.
On the Optimization of Real Time Performance of Software Defined Radio on Linux OS  [PDF]
Zhen Wang, Limin Xiao, Xin Su, Xibin Xu, Xin Qi
Communications and Network (CN) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/cn.2013.53B2054
Abstract: With the evolution of the communication standards, Software Defined Radio (SDR) is faced with an increasingly important problem to balance more and more complex wireless communication algorithms against relatively limited processing capability of hardware. And, the competition for computing resources exacerbates the problem and increases time-delay of SDR system. This paper presents an integrated optimization method for the real-time performance of SDR on Linux OS (operating system). The method is composed of three parts: real-time scheduling policy which ensures higher priority for SDR tasks, CGROUPS used to manage and redistribute the computing resources, and fine-grade system timer which makes the process preemption more accurate. According to the experiments, the round-trip data transfer latency decreases low enough to meet the requirement for TD-SCDMA via the application of the method.
Nano-Contact Problem with Surface Effects on Triangle Distribution Loading  [PDF]
Liyuan Wang, Wei Han, Shanlin Wang, Lihong Wang, Yinping Xin
Journal of Applied Mathematics and Physics (JAMP) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/jamp.2016.411204
Abstract: This work presents a theoretical study of contact problem. The Fourier integral transform method based on the surface elasticity theory is adopted to derive the fundamental solution for the contact problem with surface effects, in which both the surface tension and the surface elasticity are considered. As a special case, the deformation induced by a triangle distribution force is discussed in detail. The results are compared with those of the classical contact problem. At nano-scale, the contributions of the surface tension and the surface elasticity to the stress and displacement are not equal at the contact surface. The surface tension plays a major role to the normal stress, whereas the shear stress is mainly affected by the surface elasticity. In addition, the hardness of material depends strongly on the surface effects. This study is helpful to characterize and measure the mechanical properties of soft materials through nanoindentation.
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