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On the Drawbacks and Improvement of Legal System of Supervision on Securities Fraud in Cyberspace in China
Jin-long ZHAO,Shi-jin WANG
Canadian Social Science , 2010,
Abstract: The law of internet securities fraud mainly concerns internet safety, securities offering, information disclosure and securities trading on internet, the imperfections of which mainly include the low level for legislation, short of fundamental legislation, imperfect special legislation, conflicts among traditional legislation, and short of rules of international coordination. The discreet measures for perfection should include promoting legislation level, establishing relevant provisions for cyberspace conduct and special law such as Electronic Securities Trading Law, and amending Securities Law to regulate the prominent securities fraud in cyberspace. At present, it is urgent for securities regulator to establish and perfect the relevant supervision rules. Key words: Cyberspace; Securities Exchange; Securities Fraud; Legal Supervision Résumé: La loi de la fraude en valeurs mobilières sur Internet concerne principalement la sécurité Internet, l’offres des titres, la divulgation de l'information et la transaction des titres sur internet, dont les imperfections incluent principalement un faible niveau de législation, une absence de législation fondamentale, une législation spéciale imparfaite, les conflits entre la législation traditionnelle, et une absence de règles de coordination internationale. Les mesures discrètes de la perfection devrait inclure la promotion du niveau de la législation, l’établissant des dispositions pertinentes pour la gestion de cyberespace et des lois spéciales telles que la Loi sur le commerce électronique des titres, et la modification de la Loi des titres pour réglementer la fraude en valeurs mobilières dans le cyberespace. à l'heure actuelle, il est urgent pour les régulateurs d'établir et de perfectionner les règles de surveillance appropriées. Mots-Clés: cyberspace; taxes de transaction; fraudes en valeurs mobilières; surveillane légale
Effect of intra-abdominal volume increment technique for the treatment of intra-abdominal hypertension on the liver after resuscitation of hemorrhagic shock in pig
Zheng-gang WANG,Li WANG,Shi-jin SUN,Dao-cheng LIU
Medical Journal of Chinese People's Liberation Army , 2012,
Abstract: Objective To observe the effect of vacuum sealing drainage (VSD) assisted intra-abdominal volume increment (IAVI) technique on the liver in the treatment of intra-abdominal hypertension (IAH) following hemorrhagic shock resuscitation in pigs. Methods Twelve healthy mini-pigs (Bama, Guangxi) were selected for bloodletting from the femoral artery to reproduce hemorrhagic shock model (mean arterial blood pressure, 50mmHg, 1h), and IAH model was successfully reproduced in eight pigs by partial occlusion of portal vein. The eight pigs were randomly divided into the intra-abdominal volume increment treatment (IT) group (n=4) and sham operation control (SC) group (n=4). Vesical pressure (VP) and inferior vena cava pressure (IVCP) were observed before shock, 2h after IAH, and 22h after IAVI treatment. Aspartate aminotransferase (AST) and alanine aminotransferase (ALT) were measured. In addition, the ratio of the abdominal anteroposterior diameter to the transverse diameter was assessed, and the liver CT values were measured after enhanced CT scanning. The pigs were sacrificed 26h after operation. Liver specimens were collected to measure the ratio of wet weight to dry weight and pathological examination. Results The VP in 8 IAH pigs was 21.16±4.63mmHg. The ratio of abdominal anteroposterior diameter to the transverse diameter increased remarkably 2h after IAH compared with that before shock (1.22±1.41 vs 0.96±0.08, P<0.01). However, rectal prolapse and stress urinary incontinence were observed in two pigs. In addition, blood AST and ALT levels 2h after IAH (589.98±14.94U/L, 77.03±12.59U/L) were remarkably higher compared with those before shock (36.43±2.10, 37.86±3.48, P<0.01), and the liver CT value was notably lower than the baseline level (60.00±6.85HU vs 42.73±4.92HU, P<0.05). All pigs in the IT group survived, whereas two pigs in the SC group died 18h and 20h after IAH. Moreover, VP and IAVP in the IT group at 22h after operation (10.38±0.99, 10.40±1.14mmHg) were evidently higher than those in the SC group (32.00±2.82, 31.65±3.04mmHg, P<0.01). AST and ALT in the IT group (215.25±73.40, 60.45±3.88U/L) were also lower than those in the SC group (661.30±14.00, 118.25±3.30U/L, P<0.01). The ratio of wet weight to dry weight in the IT group decreased compared with that in the SC group (2.32±0.25 vs 5.14±0.71, P<0.01). Further, the pathological examination showed hemorrhage in the hepatic tissue, vacuolar degeneration of the hepatic cell, and inflammatory cell infiltration in the pigs. The symptoms in the IT group were ameliorated compared with those in the SC


物理学报 , 1984,
Abstract: 在平板模型下,所谓普适模是绝对稳定的。对于圆柱形等离子体,情形又如何呢?两者的主要差别在于:代替平板模型下的外行波边条件,在柱模型下则在r=0和r=∞处都没有波能外流。这可有效地改变模的稳定性。假设了指数型密度和电流分布,本文导出了漂移波的积分本征方程。在模径向慢变的情形下,它可变为二阶微分方程。对此方程作了数值计算,结果表明确实存在不稳定模。对两种模型(平板模型与柱模型)作了比较。
The Basic Types of Flowers of Chinese Gramineae and Their Systematic Relevance

Wang Shi-Jin,Li Jian-Hua,

中国科学院研究生院学报 , 1989,
Abstract: The flowers of the representative species of 33 tribes and 174 genera were investigated for the purpose of Gramineae systematics. Discussed in this paper are ten impor- tant flower characters, 6 of which are of the pistil, two of the androecium and two of the lodi- cule. The morphology of lodicules is of particularly great value in systematics, it consisting of nine forms: membranous-flattend, tongue-shaped, chaffy-peltate, hooded or helmet-shaped, spade-like, longitudinally folded, cucullate, top-shaped and funnel-thaped. Its numbers per flo- wer may be: numerous, triple, dual, single and absent. On the basis of these ten characters, three major types and seven subtypes of the flowers of Gramineae may be recognized: Bam- busoid (including True Bambusoid, Oryzoid, Arundinoid, Stipoid), pooid (with Subtype Po- oid only) and Panicoid (including Eragrostoid, True Panicoid). As a result, The major groups corresponding to the flower basic types agree wih those divided according to the basic types of seedlings and caryopses. They are seven subfamilies: Banbusoideae, Oryzoideae, Arandinoi deae, Stipoideae, Pooideae, Eragrostoideae and Panicoideae.
The Basic Types of the Seedling of the Chinese Gramineae in Relation to Systematics

Wang Shi-Jin,Kuo Pen-Chao,

中国科学院研究生院学报 , 1983,
Abstract: Investigations have been made on the mode of development and various characteris- tics of seedling of 203 grass species representing over 76 genera and 22 tribes. The correlation between important characteristics and their main formative conditions in distribution area and habitat were discussed. According to the various developmental forms of the embryo axis and root system, the seedlings of grasses may be divided into three main types: Bambusoid, Festucoid and Panicoid. And according to characteris- tics of seedling leaves and adventitious roots, these types may be further divided into seven subtypes: True Bambusoid, Oryzoid, Arundinoid, Stipoid, Festucoid, Eragrostoid and True Panicoid. in this study, the different types of seedlings have been found to be associated with other characteristics of embryo and adult plant; and on these grounds, the genera of the Gramineae are grouped into seven corresponding subfa- milies: Bambusoideae, Oryzoideae, Arundinoideae, Stipoideae, Festucoideae, Eragros- toideae and Panicoideae.
Design of the sweeping magnet in the space particle detector

ZHANG Shen-Yi,WANG Shi-Jin,

地球物理学报 , 2007,
Abstract: When we detect space particles, electrons from space will damage the detector and reduce its life. The electrons can also be the back ground and reduce sensitivity for detecting of nuclei. To solve this problem, we use the sweeping magnet to deflect the electrons. Through the finite-element analysis, we can design the sweeping magnet and realize the ability of deflecting electrons. To avoid the leakage of the magnetic field, the shielding of the magnet has to be considered. In the article, we compare the simulation results with the experiment test data. Finally, some suggestions have been made for the design of the magnet.
Extraperitoneal exteriorization for treatment of colonic injuries:a report of 24 cases
Lian-yang ZHANG,Shi-jin SUN,Hao TAN,Tao WANG
Medical Journal of Chinese People's Liberation Army , 2011,
Abstract: Objective To investigate the effectiveness and safety of extraperitoneal exteriorization after repair or anastomosis of colonic injuries.Methods The clinical data of 24 cases of colonic injuries from Jan.2001 to Nov.2010 were retrospectively analyzed,including 13 males and 11 females,age from 12 to 77 with a mean of 37.4 years.The causes of colon injury were blunt trauma in 17 cases,penetrating injury in 5 cases,and iatrogenic in 2 cases.Of them 15 were admitted to our hospital directly after the injury,and the rest were transferred from other hospitals after emergency surgical management.Data on colonic injury score,incision infection,intra-abdominal abscess,colonic fistula,pulmonary infection and death rate were recorded.Results The injured region was respectively cecum,ascending colon,decending colon and sigmoid colon.Abbreviated injury scale(AIS) of colonic injuries ranged form 2 to 4(with a mean of 2.57).Multiple injuries in abdominal cavity and pelvic cavity were found in 12 patients.The time from injury to definitive operation ranged from 3 to 26(mean,9.8) hours.Twenty-three patient recovered and 1 patient died of hemorrhagic shock.Complications occurred in 5 cases(20.8%),including incision infection in 3 cases,colonic fistula in 1 case and low small intestine obstruction in 1 case.Conclusion Extra-peritoneal exteriorization of colon following repair of rapture or anastomosis is an effective and safe method in treating colonic injuries,especially in patients with delayed operation,and one-stage operation rate can be increased by this procedure.
Comparison first results of space particle detector of FY2D with GOES

WANG Xin-Yue,WANG Chun-Qin,YANG Xiao-Chao,WANG Shi-Jin,

地球物理学报 , 2008,
Abstract: 风云二号D星(FY2D)搭载的空间粒子探测器可以观测10~300MeV的质子和≥350keV与≥2MeV的电子.卫星在轨测试阶段,空间粒子探测器观测到了空间环境宁静期间地球同步轨道的电子昼夜周期变化的典型特征,并在卫星发射后的12月15日首次观测到了有代表性的2级太阳质子事件(SEP),观测到的较高能量质子比较低能量质子更快地恢复到平静时的状态.通过比较FY2D卫星与GOES卫星的探测结果,既显示了同步轨道区域不同位置高能电子通量扰动时间的一致性,也显示了高能电子通量具强烈的晨昏不对称性.通过对太阳质子事件和地磁平静时期该轨道空间高能粒子环境特征的分析和研究,并与GOES卫星同期的观测结果进行相关性分析,结果表明仪器确实具备了监测空间环境扰动和预警能力,探测结果可以用于研究地球同步轨道粒子空间分布、起源和传输等科学目的.

Ding Shi-jin,Wang Peng-fei,Zhang Wei,Wang Ji-tao,Wei William Lee,

中国物理 B , 2001,
Abstract: The preparation of a-SiOCF films from Si(OC2H5)4, C4F8 and/or Ar using the plasma-enhanced chemical vapour deposition method is reported. The chemical bonding structures of the films are analysed by x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS). In the case of the films deposited from the mixture with and without Ar, the configurations of F-Si-O-Si, Si-OH, Si-O-Si, C-CF and C-F are contained. However, there is also the C-C configuration in the film prepared from the mixture with Ar. Moreover, it is found that the photoelectron peaks of Si 2p, O 1s and F 1s for the film deposited from the feeding gas with Ar show the same shift of about 1eV toward high binding energy in comparison with those for the film prepared from the feeding gas without Ar. No evidence reveals the presence of an Si-C bond in the films.
Optimization of gasoline hydrocarbon compositions for reducing exhaust emissions

SHEN Yi-tao,SHUAI Shi-jin,WANG Jian-xin,XIAO Jian-hua,

环境科学学报(英文版) , 2009,
Abstract: Effects of hydrocarbon compositions on raw exhaust emissions and combustion processes were studied on an engine test bench. The optimization of gasoline hydrocarbon composition was discussed. As olefins content increased from 10.0% to 25.0% in volume, the combustion duration was shortened by about 2 degree crank angle ( CA), and the engine-out THC emission was reduced by about 15%. On the other hand, as aromatics content changed from 35.0% to 45.0%, the engine-out NOx emissions increased by 4%. An increment in olefins content resulted in a slight increase in engine-out CO emission, while the aromatics content had little e ect on engine-out total hydrocarbon (THC) and CO emissions. Over the new European driving cycle (NEDC), the THC, NOx and CO emissions of fuel with 25.0% olefins and 35.0% aromatics were about 45%, 21% and 19% lower than those of fuel with 10.0% olefins and 40.0% aromatics, respectively. The optimized gasoline compositions for new engines and new vehicles have low aromatics and high olefins contents.
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