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Considerations to some issues on vegetation rehabilitation in western China

YU Gui-rui,XIE Gao-di,WANG Qiu-feng,NIU Dong,

自然资源学报 , 2002,
Abstract: Because vegetation rehabilitation in western China centered on returning farmland to forest or grassland is a complicated eco-economic system engineering,we must establish a long-term steady policy and law insurance system while establishing a long-term steady economic compensation mechanism,which should be based on biological zone of vegetation determined by climatic elements such as water and heat,driven by market economic mechanism of regional complementation under national control.To this end,we discussed several scientific issues which include the geographical pattern of natural vegetation in western China,moderate returning size and rehabilitation technology after returning,environmental service function output of vegetation restoration engineering,ecological industry and economic compensation mechanism,and the pro-tection and improvement of natural vegetation as well.At the same time,we pointed out some er-roneous understandings and ill tendencies in the pilot project of returning farmland to forest or grassland.
Ecosystem level water use efficiency: A review

HU Zhong-Min,YU Gui-Rui,WANG Qiu-Feng,ZHAO Feng-Hua,

生态学报 , 2009,
Abstract: Water use efficiency (WUE) is a very important index for understanding the relationship between ecosystem carbon and water cycles. Studies on the spatiotemporal variations in WUE at the ecosystem level are essential for effectively predicting the impact of global climate change on ecosystem functions. At present, several algorithms are used for calculating ecosystem WUE. On the one hand, the different algorithms result in differences in the meanings for the different complexity of water processes involved, and on the other hand, they are closely associated with each other for the similar key processes involved. The traditional techniques for estimating ecosystem WUE are based on the measurements of vegetation biomass and soil hydrological parameters, but these approaches have limitation with estimating ecosystem WUE at finer timescales. Some new methods developed in the past years, especially the eddy covariance technique are the landmarks for studying ecosystem WUE at multiple timescales. Similar to the cases in the leaf level, the main factors affecting ecosystem WUE are vapour pressure deficit (VPD), soil moisture, air CO2 concentration, etc. Besides, the water balance characteristics in ecosystem also play an important role in controlling ecosystem WUE. There are distinct differences in the daily and seasonal dynamics of ecosystem WUE between forest and grassland ecosystems. Meanwhile, the forest and crop ecosystems generally have higher WUE than grassland, desert and tundra ecosystems. Overall, current studies on ecosystem WUE are just at the early stage, and it is fairly needed to make further investigations into the variations in WUE at different spatiotemporal scales and their underlying mechanisms.
The Immunotoxicity Studies on Jatropha curcas Kernel Meal in Young Broilers
Wang Dai-Gang,Ding Xue-Mei,Bai Shi-Ping,Zeng Qiu-Feng,Luo Yu-Heng,Zhang Ke-Ying
Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances , 2012, DOI: 10.3923/javaa.2012.1681.1687
Abstract: Jatropha curcas Kernel Meal (JKM) is used in animal diet as the source of vegetable protein but it is toxic to animal. The aim of this study was to evaluate the toxic effect of JKM on immune functions in young broilers. A total of 875; 1 day old male Arbor Acres chickens were fed diets containing 0, 3, 6, 9 and 12% JKM for 21 days, respectively. In the entire experimental period, the level of serum lysozyme showed no significant difference compared with control (p>0.05). Dietary JKM linearly decreased the contents of serum IgA and IgG (p≤0.05) and markedly increased the contents of serum IgM (p<0.05) and also significantly decreased the percentage of CD3+, CD4+ and CD8+ in blood (p<0.01) on day 7, 14 and 21. Histopathological studies on 21 days old broilers showed that dietary JKM caused the lesions of thymus, spleen and bursa of Fabricius, exhibiting widely diffuse hemorrhages. These results suggest that dietary JKM at 3-12% could result in immunosuppression or immunodepression in young broilers and the responses followed a dose dependent manner.
Application of genetic algorithms in the optimization of sustainable agricultural industrial structure of Heilongjiang Province

WANG Shu-Yan,GE Jia-Qi,WU Qiu-Feng,

中国生态农业学报 , 2007,
Abstract: A sustainable agricultural optimization model that integrates economic,ecological and social sectors was set up based on the agricultural industrial structure of Heilongjiang Province.The application of multi-goal genetic algorithms improves the overall model optimization process.A theoretical foundation for structural adjustment of agricultural industry of Heilongjiang Province and similar areas is advanced.
Responses of water use efficiency of nine plant species to light and CO2 and its modeling

WANG Jian-Lin,YU Gui-Rui,FANG Quan-Xiao,JIANG De-Feng,QI Hua,WANG Qiu-Feng,

生态学报 , 2008,
Abstract: Photosynthesis coupled with transpiration determines water use efficiency (WUE) at leaf level, and the responses of WUE controlled by gas exchanges through stomata to environment were the basis of carbon and water cycle in ecosystem. In this paper, by using Li-6400 Portable Photosynthesis System (LI-COR), WUE at leaf level was analyzed under controlled photosynthetic photons flux density (PPFD) and CO2 concentration conditions across 9 plant species including maize (Zea mays), sorghum (Sorghum vulgare), millet (Setaria italica), soybean (Glycine max), peanut (Arachis phyogaea), sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas), rice (Oryza sativa), masson pine (Pinus massoniana) and Schima superba. We developed a new model to estimate the water use efficiency in response to the combined effects of light and CO2 concentration. Validation by our measured data showed that this model could simulate the changes of water use efficiency very good under combined effect of light and CO2 concentration. And it can estimate contribution of photosynthesis increase and transpiration decline on water use efficiency, owing to the CO2 concentration rising. Great differences in water use efficiency occurred in these different plant species under various CO2 concentration levels. We concluded that plants should be separated into C3 plants and C4 plants, farther, C3 plants should be separated into herbaceous plants and woody plants if based on water use efficiency at regional scale. Our separation criteria would do great help in the evaportranspiration modeling of terrestrial ecosystem carbon and water balance.
Responses of litterfall production in Chinese fir plantation to increased nitrogen deposition

FAN Hou-bao,LIU Wen-fei,QIU Xiu-qun,XU Lei,WANG Qiang,CHEN Qiu-feng,

生态学杂志 , 2007,
Abstract: 通过野外模拟试验,研究了杉木人工林凋落物对氮沉降增加的初期响应。试验设计为4种处理,分别为N0(0kgN.hm-2.a-1,对照)、N1(60kgN.hm-2.a-1)、N2(120kgN.hm-2.a-1)、N3(240kgN.hm-2.a-1),3次重复。通过2年监测发现,对照样地的年凋落量为2427.51kg.hm-2,而经N1、N2、N3处理后,其年凋落物量分别为2238.10、2286.66和2599.50kg.hm-2。表明高氮(N3)处理显著增加了杉木林凋落物量(P<0.05),而中低氮处理(N1、N2)没有显著影响。各处理的总凋落物量表现出明显的季节动态,在2、5和7月出现3个比较明显的峰值。在凋落物的组成中,落叶占总凋落量的70.49%~73.67%,其次分别为落枝(19.38%~20.39%)、碎屑物(4.98%~7.70%)、落果(1.11%~2.16%)和树皮(0.29%~0.33%)。LSD多重比较显示,N3处理对落叶和落果产生显著影响,对其它组分的影响不明显。
The environmental responses and simulation of canopy conductance in a winter wheat field of North China Plain

HUANG Hui,YU Gui-Rui,SUN Xiao-Min,WANG Qiu-Feng,ZHAO Feng-Hua,LI Jun,OUYANG Zhu,

生态学报 , 2007,
Abstract: 通过引入叶面积指数,将叶片水平的气孔导度组合模型扩展到冠层水平,建立了冠层导度环境响应组合模型,组合模型所需参数较少,且均可在冠层水平直接测量,便于应用;模型由潜在气孔导度(PSC)和相对气孔开度(RDO)组成,二者分别由环境变量的日际(inter-day)和日间(intra-day)的值决定。分析表明,冠层导度在日际尺度和日间尺度上对环境变量具有多尺度响应特性,在日际尺度上,温度是影响冠层导度的主要因子,在日间尺度,光是影响气孔开闭的主要因素。利用以温度和光合有效辐射为输入变量构建的组合模型,模拟了华北平原冬小麦农田生态系统的冠层导度,并用Penman-Monteith方程估算的表面导度进行验证。结果显示,在不同天气情况下,二者的日变化均具有较好的一致性;将组合模型与电学类比模型结合,进一步估算了拔节.灌浆期的冠层潜热通量,利用涡度相关系统观测的潜热通量数据进行验证,结果表明对冬小麦冠层潜热通量模拟精度较高,直线回归斜率为0.7054,R^2=0.7894。
Preliminary studies on mustard taxonomy based on pollen morphology

MENG Qiu-feng,WANG Bing-liang,HUANG-FU Wei-guo,WANG Yu-hong,

浙江大学学报(农业与生命科学版) , 2006,
Abstract: Pollen grains of 17 mustard subspecies were examined under scanning electron microscope. The result showed that the pollen shapes were nearly spherical, or spheroidal, or super-spheroidal from the equatorial view, depending on cultivars of mustard. The size of pollen grain showed great variation among subspecies, but it was rather difficult to classify the subspecies according to the pollen grain size. However, by comparison of the sculpture of pollen extine and germinal pore, as well as pollen shapes and pollen size, mustard subspecies used in this experiment could be classified. This classification was comparable to the traditional subspecies classification.

LIU Xin-an,FAN Liao-sheng,WANG Yan-hua,WANG Qiu-feng,REN Chuan-you,LI Zheng-quan,

资源科学 , 2002,
Abstract: 利用东北地区 9个辐射台站 1 96 1年~ 1 980年的辐射资料 ,检验、比较了国内常用的总辐射和光合有效辐射计算方法的误差和精度。结果表明 :采用多因子综合法计算总辐射的通用公式 ,其月值和年值的平均相对误差分别为 4 0 %和 3 7% ,复相关系数为 0 990和 0 787,分别达到 0 0 1和 0 0 5显著水准 ,明显优于其他方法。可用于东北各地的总辐射计算 ;周允华等人建立的总辐射PAR系数经验公式 ,较好地反映了该系数的季节变化及其影响因素 ,与国内外的研究结果极为接近。选择上述适合于辽宁省的辐射计算方法 ,利用 1 96 1年~ 1 990年有关气候资料 ,计算了辽宁省各地的总辐射和光合有效辐射资源 ,并分析其时空分布特征。
Discussion on the key processes of carbon-nitrogen-water coupling cycles and biological regulation mechanisms in terrestrial ecosystem
陆地生态系统碳-氮-水循环的关键耦合过程 及其生物调控机制探讨

YU Gui-Rui,GAO Yang,WANG Qiu-Feng,LIU Shi-Rong,SHEN Wei-Jun,
,高 扬,王秋凤,刘世荣,申卫军

中国生态农业学报 , 2013,
Abstract: Carbon, nitrogen and water cycles in terrestrial ecosystem are three critical subjects in global change science. The coupling modes of these cycles and their biological regulation mechanisms had been frontier issues in global change ecology. At present, lack of knowledge on the processes of carbon-nitrogen-water coupling cycles and the regulation mechanisms had limited assessment of terrestrial carbon sink enhancement and emission reduction. This had become a major problem in predicting the effects of global change on the productivity and carbon sequestration of ecosystems. Based on synthetic analysis of terrestrial ecosystem carbon, nitrogen and water cycles, this paper expounded biogeography mechanisms that limited spatial patterns of coupling cycles. It also discussed biological and physio-ecological mechanisms that limited the coupling cycles and the key biophysical and biochemical processes. The main processes and biological regulation mechanisms of carbon-nitrogen-water coupling cycles discussed included: 1) biological processes of plant leaf canopy/root canopy and its regulation mechanism on carbon-nitrogen-water coupling cycles and the interactions among them; 2) soil microbial functional group network and its effects on carbon, nitrogen and water cycles; 3) spatial and temporal variations in carbon, nitrogen and water fluxes in terrestrial ecosystem along with the theory and practice of ecosystem stoichiometry. Finally, the paper briefly introduced the strategic schemes and main contents of the key programs of National Natural Science Foundation of China-Biological Control Mechanisms of the Coupling Cycles of Carbon, Nitrogen, and Water in Forest Ecosystem. This had the potential to promote the theory and technique of developing related fields.
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