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The common physical origin of the glass transition, macromolecular entanglement and turbulence  [PDF]
Jia-lin WU
Natural Science (NS) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/ns.2011.37081
Abstract: The interface excitation (IE) on intermolecular interface is a common concept connecting the glass transition (GT), macromolecular entan-glement (ME), and turbulence. IE has an addi-tional repulsion energy and extra vacancy vol-ume that result from the two neighboring molecules with antiparallel delocalization all in, e.g., the z-axial ground state of single-molecule instantaneous polarized dipole at GT. IEs only occur in the 8 orders of 2D IE loop-flows on lo-cal x-y projection plane. Theoretical proof of the 3.4 power law of ME viscosity reveals that (i) the delocalization mode of GT and solid-liquid tran-sition is solitary wave; wave- particle duality of solitary wave is ascribed to the equal probabili-ties between appearing and disappearing of IE loop-flow in inverse cascade and cascade mode; (ii) macromolecular chain-length in ME motion corresponds to Reynolds number in hydrody-namics; both the ME motion and the turbulent flow obey the same scale law. IE is not the ex-citation of dipole energy level at GT. However, when IEs are associated with the energy levels of instantaneous polarized dipole, we predict that the coherent structure formed by multilevel 8 orders of 2D IE loop-flows is the physical ori-gin of turbulence based on the universal ran-dom delocalization transition theory.
Synthesis and Microwave Absorbing Properties of FeCoNi Alloy Particles/Graphite Flaky Composites
WANG Chen,KANG Fei-Yu,GU Jia-Lin
无机材料学报 , 2010, DOI: 10.3724/sp.j.1077.2010.00406
Abstract: Exfoliated graphite was separated into nanosized flakes by ultrasonication and acid treatment, and then FeCoNi alloy particles were deposited uniformly on the surface of flakes by codeposition method and annealing treatment process. Magnetic and microwave absorbing properties of the obtained samples were measured. The results show that the synthesized composites possess good soft magnetic performance and effective microwave absorption. The composite consisting of Fe3Co6Ni/graphite flakes annealed at 600℃ as an absorber has the maximum absorption value of -24dB at 12.6GHz, and the effective absorbing bandwidth (<-5dB) is about 8GHz. The characteristics of microwave absorption can be controlled by adjusting element ratios in alloy and the parameters of heat treatment process. This kind of composite has great potential and investigation value in microwave absorbing fields.
Vortex structures in few-electron quantum dots with spin degree of freedom
Ning Yang,Jia-Lin Zhu,Zhensheng Dai,Yuquan Wang
Physics , 2007,
Abstract: The vortex structures and formations of the few-electron states in quantum dots without the Zeeman splitting are investigated. With spin degree of freedom, it is noticed that both the choices of probe electron and the ways to fix the other electrons in conditional single-particle wave functions affect the display of the vortex structures and behaviors. Then the vortex transitions in magnetic fields for the lowest states with different spins are studied. When the field is not very strong, with the increase of the field, the vortex number is monotone non-decreasing, and there are absent states although their angular momenta are in accordance with transition rules given by the theory of electron molecules. Different behaviors of the vortices with the change of interaction range reveal the respective analogies to the vortices of electrons and quasi-particles in fractional quantum Hall system. The separated vortices keep apart from the electrons even when the interaction is screened and such behavior can give an understanding of the absences of the angular momenta in the transition sequences.
Correlations and entanglements in a few-electron quantum dot without Zeeman splitting
Ning Yang,Jia-Lin Zhu,Zhengsheng Dai,Yuquan Wang
Physics , 2007,
Abstract: We explore the correlations and entanglements of exact-diagonalized few-electron wave functions in a quantum dot in magnetic fields without the Zeeman splitting. With the increase of the field, the lowest states with different spins gradually form a narrow band and the electronic states undergo a transition from liquids to rotating Wigner molecules which are accompanied by different characters of charge correlations. For both the liquid and crystal states, the spin conditional probability densities show magnetic couplings between the particles which depend on the particle numbers, the total spins and the angular momenta of the states. The von Neumann entropies show the spin-dependent entanglements between electrons. The regular magnetic-coupling oscillations and converging entanglement entropies emerge in the rotating Wigner molecular states.
Spin-dependent Rotating Wigner Molecules in Quantum dots
Zhensheng Dai,Jia-Lin Zhu,Ning Yang,Yuquan Wang
Physics , 2007, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.76.085308
Abstract: The spin-dependent trial wave functions with rotational symmetry are introduced to describe rotating Wigner molecular states with spin degree of freedom in four- and five-electron quantum dots under magnetic fields. The functions are constructed with unrestricted Hartree-Fock orbits and projection technique in long-range interaction limit. They highly overlap with the exact-diagonalized ones and give the accurate energies in strong fields. The zero points, i.e. vortices of the functions have straightforward relations to the angular momenta of the states. The functions with different total spins automatically satisfy the angular momentum transition rules with the increase of magnetic fields and explicitly show magnetic couplings and characteristic oscillations with respect to the angular momenta. Based on the functions, it is demonstrated that the entanglement entropies of electrons depend on the z-component of total spin and rise with the increase of angular momenta.
Aharonov-Bohm phase operations on a double-barrier nanoring charge qubit
Yuquan Wang,Ning Yang,Jia-Lin Zhu
Physics , 2006, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.74.035432
Abstract: We present a scheme for charge qubit implementation in a double-barrier nanoring. The logical states of the qubit are encoded in the spatial wavefunctions of the two lowest energy states of the system. The Aharonov-Bohm phase introduced by magnetic flux, instead of tunable tunnelings, along with electric fields can be used for implementing the quantum gate operations. During the operations, the external fields should be switched smoothly enough to avoid the errors caused by the transition to higher-lying states. The structure and field effects on the validity of the qubit are also studied.
Wolbachia-Induced Cytoplasmic Incompatibility Is Associated with Decreased Hira Expression in Male Drosophila
Ya Zheng,Pan-Pan Ren,Jia-Lin Wang,Yu-Feng Wang
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0019512
Abstract: Wolbachia are obligate endosymbiotic bacteria that infect numerous species of arthropods and nematodes. Wolbachia can induce several reproductive phenotypes in their insect hosts including feminization, male-killing, parthenogenesis and cytoplasmic incompatibility (CI). CI is the most common phenotype and occurs when Wolbachia-infected males mate with uninfected females resulting in no or very low numbers of viable offspring. However, matings between males and females infected with the same strain of Wolbachia result in viable progeny. Despite substantial scientific effort, the molecular mechanisms underlying CI are currently unknown.
Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) measurements in the Pearl River Delta (PRD) region, China
Ying Liu, Min Shao, Sihua Lu, Chih-chung Chang, Jia-Lin Wang,Gao Chen
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics (ACP) & Discussions (ACPD) , 2008,
Abstract: We measured levels of ambient volatile organic compounds (VOCs) at seven sites in the Pearl River Delta (PRD) region of China during the Air Quality Monitoring Campaign spanning 4 October to 3 November 2004. Two of the sites, Guangzhou (GZ) and Xinken (XK), were intensive sites at which we collected multiple daily canister samples. The observations reported here provide a look at the VOC distribution, speciation, and photochemical implications in the PRD region. Alkanes constituted the largest percentage (>40%) in mixing ratios of the quantified VOCs at six sites; the exception was one major industrial site that was dominated by aromatics (about 52%). Highly elevated VOC levels occurred at GZ during two pollution episodes; however, the chemical composition of VOCs did not exhibit noticeable changes during these episodes. We calculated the OH loss rate to estimate the chemical reactivity of all VOCs. Of the anthropogenic VOCs, alkenes played a predominant role in VOC reactivity at GZ, whereas the contributions of reactive aromatics were more important at XK. Our preliminary analysis of the VOC correlations suggests that the ambient VOCs at GZ came directly from local sources (i.e., automobiles); those at XK were influenced by both local emissions and transportation of air mass from upwind areas.
The improvement and application of real-coded multiple-population genetic algorithm

HE Wei-Hui,WANG Jia-Lin,HU Long-Sheng,

地球物理学报 , 2009,
Abstract: 本文首先从分析实数编码的GA理论出发,提出实数编码条件下不需要继续沿用二进制编码条件下常用的传统单点、两点及多点交叉算子,基因选择可采用基因位独立(locus independent)的方式进行.据此研制了相应的交叉算子,并给出了一种实现方式,试验计算验证了该算子的有效性.其次,针对地球物理反演问题的复杂性以及遗传算法参数设置对问题的敏感性,将算法性能调整的灵活性作为方法选择的重要标准,采用了多种群遗传算法作为反演方法,设计了两个种群级的改进策略,并验证了其效能.最后,将改进的实数编码多种群遗传算法应用于重力模型反演,完成了梯形变密度体组合模型和2.5度体多边形棱柱组合模型的反演试算,取得了预期效果,并成功地应用于新疆地区实际资料的处理与解释.
Anomalous of large polar distance dipole-dipole resistivity sounding in tunnel

HUANG Jun-ge,WANG Jia-lin,RUAN Bai-yao,

地球物理学进展 , 2007,
Abstract: The anomalous character of large polar distance dipole-dipole resistivity sounding in tunnel is calculated and discussed in this paper.Firstly,division of region and design of tunnel model in modeling using FEM are introduced.Then,the sounding sections of resistivity in tunnel and full space are calculated and analyzed.The results show,when polar distance is bigger than the size of cross section of tunnel,the difference of anomalous feature between the corner-sections and wall-sections in tunnel is very small.The apparent resistivity is only related to the distance between section and bodies.The shielding effect of the tunnel is not so evident that the character and value of anomalous are similar with those in full space.
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