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The Influence of Laking Iron on Ultrastructure of Cells and Some Morphlology of Cucumber Leaves

Wang Hong-jie,

植物学报 , 1996,
Abstract: We had observed the ultrastructure of cells of cucumber young leaves lacking iron with transmission electron microscopy and had determined changes of some morphology of plant. First the choloroplast structure was broken, and second some mitochondria structure was damaged. The structure of nucleus and endoplasmic reticulum kept intact. After lacking rion for twenty days, most thylakoid of the chloroplast of the young seedlings disintergrated, some cavities appeared in the mitochondrin. Plants were weak. Leaves turned yellow. The contents of chlorophyll were lower.
Effects of Doped Pr6O11 on the Properties of ZnO-Bi2O3 System Varistors

ZHU Jian-Feng,LUO Hong-Jie,WANG Fen,

无机材料学报 , 2006,
Abstract: The ZnO-Bi2O3 system varistors were modified by doping with rare-earth oxide Pr6O11 and their electrical properties and microstructure were investigated. The results of experiment indicate that adding a small scale of Pr6O11 would increase the nonlinear coefficient greatly and decrease the leakage current with no change in threshold voltage. When the Pr6O11 content reaches to 7wt%, the threshold voltage increases by about 60%, whereas the leakage current and nonlinear coefficient are unchangable. The SEM and XRD analyses testify that Pr6O11 makes the microstructure of the materials more uniform and compact.
Adaptive genetic algorithm for multi-peak searching

LIU Hong-jie,WANG Xiu-feng,

控制理论与应用 , 2004,
Abstract: An adaptive multi-peak genetic searching strategy based on optimal subgroup migrating and the functional transformation is proposed. The main idea is, all peaks of multi-peak problems whose peaks are not equally high are transformed into those whose peaks are equally high by functional transformation so as to find all peaks in the same probability; Some genetic operators and near relative excluding strategy are executed in order to maintain the population diversity; The excellent individuals whose fitness are bigger than a threshold are migrated into a subpopulation; Gradient operator in subpopulation is applied to make the individuals evolved subtly. This searching strategy not only can ensure to find all peaks, but it doesnot need any pre-knowledge hypothesis, such as the number and distribution of the peaks. Finally, a comparison test with Spears' s Simple Sub Population strategy is performed.
A Research on the Knowledge-based Neural Network Ensembles

WANG Yong,XING Hong-Jie,

计算机科学 , 2006,
Abstract: This article explores the utility of knowledge discovery in Neural Network Ensembles. A novel neural network ensemble model KBNNE(Knowledge-Based Neural Network Ensembles)integrating KDD(Knowledge Discovery in Database)techniques and neural network ensemble algorithms by parallel operations is proposed. By balancing the relative importance of knowledge learned by induction and deduction, the new model improves the quality of neural network ensembles and has been applied successfully to actual modeling problems.
Fatigue Life Investigation of PZT Ceramics by MSP Method
DENG Qi-Huang, WANG Lian-Jun, XU Hong-Jie, WANG Hong-Zhi, JIANG Wan
无机材料学报 , 2012, DOI: 10.3724/sp.j.1077.2012.11803
Abstract: The cycle fatigue of PZT ceramic under different stress was investigated by modified small punch (MSP) tests. The research results show that residual strength and piezoelectric constant decrease with increasing cycle stress, which is attributed to crack propagation during cyclic stress process. The value of fatigue crack propagation (n) is calculated to be 395 according to the relationship between maximum stress and fatigue life. The fatigue life under series cycle maximum stress can be induce by fatigue crack propagation. Below the maximum strength of 79.1 MPa, the PZT ceramics can be used over 5 years.
Realization of MMI Power Splitter by UV-light Imprinting Technique Using Hybrid Sol-Gel SiO2 Materials

WANG Yue,WU Yuan-Da,LI Jian-Guang,WANG Hong-Jie,HU Xiong-Wei,

中国物理快报 , 2008,
Abstract: An efficient fabrication scheme of buried ridge waveguide devices is demonstrated by UV-light imprinting technique using organic-inorganic hybrid sol-gel Zr-doped SiO2 materials. The refractive indices of a guiding layer and a cladding layer for the buried ridge waveguide structure are 1.537 and 1.492 measured at 1550nm, respectively. The tested results show more circular mode profiles due to existence of the cladding layer. A buried ridge single-mode waveguide operating at 1550nm has a low propagation loss (0.088dB/cm) and the 1×2 MMI power splitter exhibits uniform outputs, with a very low splitting loss of 0.029dB at 1549nm.
Fabrication of SiC Nano-Threads within Carbon Felt

YUAN Feng,WANG Hong-Jie,JIN Zhi-Hao,

无机材料学报 , 2007,
Abstract: 采用国产炭素墨水与少量硅微粉混合的液体充分浸渍聚丙烯腈(PAN)基碳毡并烘干后,在1450℃、真空条件下与硅微粉的气相产物发生碳热还原等反应,在碳毡内部制备出大量SiC纳米线.此纳米线多有弯曲形貌,其线径范围为25~150 nm,可测轴向线长达15μm以上.另有大量SiC的膜、纳米团絮、纳米颗粒等结构体存在.对烧结试样做了XRD、SEM、TEM的表征,初步研究了其组成结构、微观形貌及纳米线的生长机理.

JIANG HONG-JIE,Ding Liang-en,Xia Hui-rong,Wang Zu-geng,

中国物理 B , 1995,
Abstract: We propose new frequency-modulation optical-optical triple-resonance (FM-OOTR) op-tical heterodyne spectroscopy, which can eliminate the Doppler-background in the recently developed optical-optical triple-resonance (OOTR) spectroscopy and provide improved reso-lution and sensitivity. Theoretical considerations and line shape calculations are presented. The potential applications of FM-OOTR technique to laser frequency stabilization with sig-nificant advantages can be expected.
On-Line Mining of Data Cube Gradient

WU Yong-ying,WANG Ping,SI Hong-jie,

计算机应用研究 , 2004,
Abstract: 数据立方梯度是关联规则更富表达能力的扩展,可以通过带约束的数据立方梯度挖掘发现用户关心的各种数据变化趋势。研究了数据立方梯度的联机挖掘问题,并给出了基于BUBST浓缩数据立方的具体实现方案。利用联机分析处理服务中预先计算的数据立方进行数据立方梯度的联机挖掘,不仅可以消除同时保存立方梯度和立方元组而带来的冗余,而且更加符合用户在浏览数据立方过程中自然产生的挖掘兴趣。
Publish-subscribe system built with hypercube-based topology

LI Hong-jie,XUE Xiao-ping,WANG Xiao-ping,

计算机应用 , 2008,
Abstract: Starting from the topology of network, this paper proposed a kind of publish-subscribe system based on hypercube with its related routing algorithm. The hypercube-based topology shares the merits of general structured peer-to-peer network, which can be applied dynamically in large scale. Moreover, due to its own characteristics, the needs of propagating a large number of events can be met. The result of simulation indicates that the system load can be well balanced and bandwidth can be saved, when hypercube...
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