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LI Feng-jie,WANG Duo-yun,

天然气地球科学 , 2006,
Abstract: On the basis of a comprehensive study of core, log well and outcrop profile, taking the the high resolution sequence stratigraphic theory as a direction, the detailed analysis on the subdivision of different orders of the base-level cycles in Yanchang formation has been performed and a corresponding high resolution sequence framework has been established in Xifeng oilfield, Ordos basin. Yanchang formation can be divided one super-long, 5 long, 13 middle and 36 short base-level cycles. The short base-level may be divided two types of cycles that consist of six subtypes. The middle and long base-level cycles are usually of symmetric structures. The authors analyse the relationship between the stacking pattern of different orders of the base-level cycles and the distribution and evolution law of sediment facies.

QIN Hong,WANG Duo-yun,LI Shu-tong,HE Shan-bin,GAO Ming-shu,YANG Li-guo,HUANG Gang,

天然气地球科学 , 2006,
Abstract: Based on the analyses of geneses of reservoir sandstone and the favorable conditions of reservoir of Chang-3 oil formation, the genetic type of the reservoir sandbodies in this area can be divided into underwater distributary channel, combination of underwater distributary channel and mouth bars, mouth bars sandbodies. There are main four favorable conditions of reservior, they are oil-bearing sandbody underlying deepwater mudstone, nose-uplift on the background of monoclinal structure, top stratigraphic of chang-3 incompletement and overlying mudstone. The reservior in this area is main controlled by lithology, and structure secondary. Sandstone updip pinch out reservior and sandstone lens reservoir are main types.
Mathematics Properties of HS Principal Curves

WANG Zhen,MIAO Duo-Qian,ZHANG Hong-Yun,

计算机科学 , 2005,
Abstract: Principal Curves have been defined as'self-consistent' smooth curves passing through the middle of a mul- tidimensional data set. They are nonlinear generalizations of the first principal component, which are optimal linear 1- d generalizations of the data. HS principal curves emphasize on the nonparameteried model, in this paper we discuss and prove the nonparametric property. Besides this, the goal of this paper is to further contribute to the theoretical understanding of principal curves,we analysize the transveriality of the principal curves in the 3-d Eulid space.
Third-order optical nonlinearities and optical limiting of octa-octyloxy metallo-phthalocyanine for ps pulses in toluene

Chen Yu,Li Yun-Jing,Nie Yu-Xin,Wang Duo-Yuan,

物理学报 , 2002,
Abstract: 应用Z扫描技术在甲苯溶液中研究了三种8辛烷氧基金属酞菁(C8H17O)8PcZn(PcZn),(C8H17O)8PcNi(PcNi)和(C8H17O)8PcPb(PcPb)]在532nm对35ps脉冲激光的三阶非线性吸收和折射特性.用多能级模型拟合实验数据,得到三种酞菁的激发单重态吸收截面积σex分别为27×10-17cm2(PcZn),8.2×10-18cm2(PcNi)和3.4×10-18cm2(PcPb),相应的非线性折射率n2=-7.9×10-13,-5.5×10-13和-1.6×10-12esu,三种酞菁都具有自散焦效应.通过入射能流与透射能流的关系,研究了该类分子在甲苯溶液中在532nm对35ps脉冲激光的限幅特性,限幅机理是基于激发单重态的反饱和吸收.在TT0=0.5时,分别测定出它们的限幅阈值为60mJcm2(PcZn),80mJcm2(PcNi)和130mJcm2(PcPb).当入射能流达到500mJcm2时,相应的最高输出能流分别为40,80和150mJcm2,其中锌和镍酞菁的输出能流远低于同样条件下C60的输出能流(140mJcm2).
Rapid isolation and characteristics analysis of microsatellites from Lutjanus russelli

GUO Yu-Song,WANG Zhong-Duo,LIU Chu-Wu,LIU Yun,

遗传 , 2007,
Abstract: The (CA)n DNA sequences in Lutjanus russelli were isolated through PCR arrays, and the characteristics of the microsatellite were analyzed. DNA was extracted from a sample of Lutjanus russelli, and digested with Hae+Dra. The fragments were ligated to pUCm-T vector and transferred into DH5alpha to construct a genomic library. The positive clones were isolated with universal M13 reverse and forward primers, M13 forward primer and the simple sequence repeats (SSRs) probes (CA)15, M13 reverse primer and (CA)15. After twice isolation, 121 positive clones, whose PCR products with M13 forward primer and probes (CA)15 or M13 reverse primer and (CA)15 were smaller than those with universal M13 reverse and forward primers probably contained microsatellites, were obtained. Then, 53 (CA)n(n> or =7) microsatellites were obtained by sequencing. The repeat length mainly distributed in 7-15(80.77%). Besides (CA)n repeats, other repeat motifs, such as An, (CAC)n and (AACA)n, were also obtained. Scorable and constant amplification of DNA fragments were observed with 48 pairs of SSR primers designed from the flank sequences. This research makes a positive contribution to explorating genomes of Lutjanus russelli, offers genetic tools to examine the genetic variations and constructs genetic linkage map.
Off-line Handwritten Character Recognition Based on Hierarchical Classification

WANG Yun-peng,MIAO Duo-qian,YUE Xiao-dong,

计算机科学 , 2009,
Abstract: The paper proposed a method of off-line handwritten character recognition based on hierarchical classification. The method simulates the produce of character recognition of human. When a man wants to recognize a character,he uses different strategy in different situation. If the character has a simple structure, he uses global features; if it looks similar with other character,he uses local features. We divided the classifier into macro layer and micro layer. The macro layer uses gradient feature to represent global feature, it simulates the simple target recognition produce; the micro layer uses principal curve feature to represent local feature, it simulates the similar form character recognition produce. We used confidence value to measure indeterminacy of the produce and result. We gave the definition of similar form character,and rules to telling them. The experimental results indicate that the method can effectively improve the recognition rate of off-line handwritten character, especially well in telling similar form character.
A Biclustering Algorithm Based on Rough K-means

HU Yun,MIAO Duo-Qian,WANG Rui-Zhi,CHEN Min,

计算机科学 , 2007,
Abstract: Biclustering is a new branch of clustering which is proposed to discover the local homogenous pattern. Based on the score scheme which is proposed by Cheng and Church, this paper uses bottom-up strategy, firstly finds the gene data submatrix using Rough K-means algorithm, then adds some conditions and genes to the block, finally deletes some conditions and genes from the block if necessary, the final results are the biclusters. The experiment shows that this algorithm can efficiently find the co-regulation patterns from the exist gene expression data, especially those highly homogenous patterns.
Multiple Periodic Solutions for Difference Equations with Double Resonance at Infinity
Xiaosheng Zhang,Duo Wang
Advances in Difference Equations , 2011, DOI: 10.1155/2011/806458
Multiple Periodic Solutions for Difference Equations with Double Resonance at Infinity
Zhang Xiaosheng,Wang Duo
Advances in Difference Equations , 2011,
Abstract: By using variational methods and Morse theory, we study the multiplicity of the periodic solutions for a class of difference equations with double resonance at infinity. To the best of our knowledge, investigations on double-resonant difference systems have not been seen in the literature.
An Analysis of Pricing Strategies in the Process of Business Acquisition
Duo Feng,Limin Wang
International Journal of Business and Management , 2009, DOI: 10.5539/ijbm.v4n1p37
Abstract: In the process of enterprise merger, how to make transaction price much more rational has become a difficult problem theoretically and practically. This article applies the method of game theory to analyze the equilibrium price between the buyers and the sellers or just the buyers existing in enterprise merger market, and then puts forward the optimal bidding strategies in the merging process. Moreover, it also indicates that Bayesian balance lies in the competition between the buyers, while the best response of every game player is that its quotation should be half of its evaluation of the merged enterprise.
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