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Impact of Supply Chain Coordination for Deteriorating Goods with Stock-Dependent Demand Rate  [PDF]
Chuanxu Wang
Journal of Service Science and Management (JSSM) , 2008, DOI: 10.4236/jssm.2008.12012
Abstract: To analyze effects of supply chain coordination for deteriorating goods with stock-dependent demand rate, this paper presents decision models for order quantity and ordering cycle under two scenarios( decentralized supply chain, cen-tralized supply chain). Numerical study is carried out to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed models, and to analyze the impact of supply chain coordination on supply chain profit. Sensitivity analysis is performed to study the impact of different parameters associated with the model, such as the rate of deterioration, the retailer’s purchase cost, the manufacturer’s production cost, the retailer’s and manufacturer’s holding cost on the supply chain profit increase percentages generated by the supply chain coordination.
An Algorithm of Unsupervised Posture Clustering and Modeling Based on GMM and EM Estimation
Chuanxu Wang
Journal of Software , 2011, DOI: 10.4304/jsw.6.7.1201-1208
Abstract: this paper focuses on human posture clustering and modeling for human action recognition in the field of computer vision. Specifically we mainly talk about posture description with spatial temporal interesting point features rather than traditional posture segmentations; also we give the comparisons of four kinds of unsupervised clustering methods and continue to carry out unsupervised posture classifications based on Weizmann database. In the following we use GMMs based on EM algorithm to model each clustered posture type. Finally we test our method with Weizmann and KTH Action database. These experiments show its effectiveness and robustness.
Face Segmentation Based on Skin Color in Complicated Background and Its Sex Recognition
Chuanxu Wang
Journal of Software , 2011, DOI: 10.4304/jsw.6.7.1209-1216
Abstract: Human skin color distribution is relatively compact in a color space, and it changes from frame to frame following illumination variations, also it is subject to camouflage interruption in complicated background for skin segmentation. This paper mainly talks about face detection based on skin color feature in complicated background. We assume that skin pixels in each frame are closed together as a “dot cloud” in a color space, its shape evolution from frame to frame is modeled as the mixture of translation, scaling and rotation. We introduce linear combination of forecasts to predict these parameters related to the above shape evolutions, so that skin distribution of next frame to be segmented can be predicted and skin segmentation for face detection can be improved against illumination variations. Additionally human skin biological feature is then introduced to remove camouflage noise. For face gender recognition we adopt 2-D Gabor transform for feature extraction and SVM for recognition. Extensive tests prove that this algorithm is quite sensitive to human color, and more accurate for human skin segmentation with Bayes classifier; Good performance of gender classification test is also achieved on a relative large scale and low-resolution video database.
Optimization of Spoken Term Detection System
Chuanxu Wang,Pengyuan Zhang
Journal of Applied Mathematics , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/548341
Abstract: Generally speaking, spoken term detection system will degrade significantly because of mismatch between acoustic model and spontaneous speech. This paper presents an improved spoken term detection strategy, which integrated with a novel phoneme confusion matrix and an improved word-level minimum classification error (MCE) training method. The first technique is presented to improve spoken term detection rate while the second one is adopted to reject false accepts. On mandarin conversational telephone speech (CTS), the proposed methods reduce the equal error rate (EER) by 8.4% in relative.
Unsupervised Posture Modeling and Recognition based on Gaussian Mixture Model and EM Estimation
zhu xijun,Wang Chuanxu
Journal of Software , 2011, DOI: 10.4304/jsw.6.8.1445-1451
Abstract: In this paper, we proposed an unsupervised posture modeling method based on Gaussian Mixture Model (GMM). Specifically, each learning posture is described based on its movement features by a set of spatial-temporal interest points (STIPs), salient postures are then clustered from these training samples by an unsupervised algorithm, here we give the comparison of four candidate classification methods and find the optimal one. Furthermore, each clustered posture type is modeled with GMM according to Expectation Maximization (EM) estimation. The experiment results proved that our method can effectively model postures and can be used for posture recognition in video.
Supply chain cooperative emission reduction considered retailer competition and subsidies to low carbon propaganda

俞 超,汪传旭,王志华
YU Chao
,WANG Chuanxu,WANG Zhihua

- , 2018,
Abstract: 考虑一个制造商主导和两个零售商追随的两级供应链,研究零售商竞争情况下的合作减排及低碳宣传决策.运用Stackelberg博弈理论分别构建了无补贴(NS)、单一补贴(SS)和双重补贴(DS)模式的分散决策博弈模型,得到了减排水平、低碳宣传投入以及低碳宣传成本分摊比例的均衡解.通过比较分析发现:DS模式下制造商利润、零售商利润、减排水平和产品总需求量均高于NS、SS模式;DS、SS模式下低碳宣传投入相同,但高于NS模式;DS、SS模式下低碳宣传成本分摊比例与SS模式相同,与零售商的边际收益、竞争强度系数负相关,与制造商边际收益正相关.最后运用算例验证了模型的有效性.
Sediment Compaction and Pore Pressure Prediction in Deepwater Basin of the South China Sea: Estimation from ODP and IODP Drilling Well Data Sediment Compaction and Pore Pressure Prediction in Deepwater Basin of the South China Sea: Estimation from ODP and IODP Drilling Well Data
XIE Yangbing,WU Tuoyu,SUN Jin,ZHANG Hanyu,WANG Jiliang,GAO Jinwei,CHEN Chuanxu
- , 2018,
Abstract: Overpressure in deepwater basins not only causes serious soft sediment deformation, but also significantly affects the safety of drilling operations. Therefore, prediction of overpressure in sediments has become an important task in deepwater oil exploration and development. In this study, we analyze the drilling data from ODP Leg 184 Sites 1144, 1146, and 1148, and IODP Leg 349 Sites U1431, U1432, U1433, and U1435 to study the sediment compaction and controls in the northern South China Sea. Sedimentation rate, sediment content, distribution area, and buried depth are the factors that influence sediment compaction in the deepwater basin of the South China Sea. Among these factors, the sediment content is the most important. The fitted normal compacted coefficients and mudline porosity for an interval of 50 m shows disciplinary variation versus depth. The pore pressure predicted from different fitted results shows varying overpressure situations. The normal compaction trend from Site 1144 reflects the porosity variation trend in stable deposition basins in the northern South China Sea. The predicted pore pressure shows overpressure at Site 1144, which is attributed to compaction disequilibrium. Nevertheless, the mixed lithology column may influence the predicted overpressure at Site 1148, which is responsible for the confusing result. Above all, we find that sediment compaction should serve as a proxy for pore pressure in the deepwater basin of the South China Sea
Decisions of pricing and emission reduction based on hotelling Model considering supply chain competition

赵俊杰,汪传旭,徐 朗
ZHAO Junjie
,WANG Chuanxu,XU Lang

- , 2018,
Abstract: 考虑异质产品供应链在不同销售渠道下的供应链竞争情况,构建了基于Hotelling模型的产品定价与减排决策模型.研究发现,在无制造商网络直销渠道的情况下,尽管低碳产品零售价格大于普通产品价格,但低碳产品的市场份额大于普通产品的市场份额;但当制造商开通网络直销渠道后,两种产品传统零售渠道的市场份额相同,低碳产品市场份额随着消费者低碳偏好逐渐增大,普通产品市场份额相应减小.同时,低碳产品制造商在双渠道中的碳减排率高于单渠道的碳减排率.
CO2 dissociation activated through electron attachment on reduced rutile TiO2(110)-1x1 surface
Shijing Tan,Yan Zhao,Jin Zhao,Zhuo Wang,Chuanxu Ma,Aidi Zhao,Bing Wang,Yi Luo,Jinlong Yang,Jianguo Hou
Physics , 2011, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.84.155418
Abstract: Converting CO$_2$ to useful compounds through the solar photocatalytic reduction has been one of the most promising strategies for artificial carbon recycling. The highly relevant photocatalytic substrate for CO$_2$ conversion has been the popular TiO$_2$ surfaces. However, the lack of accurate fundamental parameters that determine the CO$_2$ reduction on TiO$_2$ has limited our ability to control these complicated photocatalysis processes. We have systematically studied the reduction of CO2 at specific sites of the rutile TiO$_2$(110)-1x1 surface using scanning tunneling microscopy at 80 K. The dissociation of CO2 molecules is found to be activated by one electron attachment process and its energy threshold, corresponding to the CO$_2^{\dot-}$/CO$_2$ redox potential, is unambiguously determined to be 2.3 eV higher than the onset of the TiO$_2$ conduction band. The dissociation rate as a function of electron injection energy is also provided. Such information can be used as practical guidelines for the design of effective catalysts for CO$_2$ photoreduction.
Pre-Drilling Prediction Techniques on the High-Temperature High-Pressure Hydrocarbon Reservoirs Offshore Hainan Island, China Pre-Drilling Prediction Techniques on the High-Temperature High-Pressure Hydrocarbon Reservoirs Offshore Hainan Island, China
ZHANG Hanyu,LIU Huaishan,WU Shiguo,SUN Jin,YANG Chaoqun,XIE Yangbing,CHEN Chuanxu,GAO Jinwei,WANG Jiliang
- , 2018,
Abstract: Decreasing the risks and geohazards associated with drilling engineering in high-temperature high-pressure(HTHP) geologic settings begins with the implementation of pre-drilling prediction techniques(PPTs). To improve the accuracy of geopressure prediction in HTHP hydrocarbon reservoirs offshore Hainan Island, we made a comprehensive summary of current PPTs to identify existing problems and challenges by analyzing the global distribution of HTHP hydrocarbon reservoirs, the research status of PPTs, and the geologic setting and its HTHP formation mechanism. Our research results indicate that the HTHP formation mechanism in the study area is caused by multiple factors, including rapid loading, diapir intrusions, hydrocarbon generation, and the thermal expansion of pore fluids. Due to this multi-factor interaction, a cloud of HTHP hydrocarbon reservoirs has developed in the Ying-Qiong Basin, but only traditional PPTs have been implemented, based on the assumption of conditions that do not conform to the actual geologic environment, e.g., Bellotti's law and Eaton's law. In this paper, we focus on these issues, identify some challenges and solutions, and call for further PPT research to address the drawbacks of previous works and meet the challenges associated with the deepwater technology gap. In this way, we hope to contribute to the improved accuracy of geopressure prediction prior to drilling and provide support for future HTHP drilling offshore Hainan Island
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