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Growth Inhibitory Effects of Recombinant Granzyme B Containing Different N-terminal Transolocating Peptides

Jing Zhao,Zhi Wang,Cui-Juan Yu,Yun-Xin Cao,Li Zhang,Cheng-Ji Wang,An-Gang Yang,

生物工程学报 , 2004,
Abstract: Translocating protein and translocating peptides have therapeutic potential against tumors by exposing the cytotoxic domains of toxic proteins to the cell cytosol. The aim of this study is to investigate the effect of N terminally fused PE translocating peptides on granzyme B (GrBa) activity. PE II GrBa fusion protein genes were constructed by replacing N terminal signal and acidic dipeptide sequence of human granzyme B gene with two truncated translocating sequences of Pseudomonas exotoxin A (PE II aa 280 364/358) by recombinant PCR, and then cloned into pIND inducible expression vector. The resulting pIND PE II GrBa expression vectors were co transfected with assistant plasmid pVgRXR into HeLa cells through lipofectamine, followed by selection on G418 and zeocin. The resistant cells were collected and induced with ponasterone A. Western blot analysis demonstrated that ponasterone A induction caused the expression of PE II GrBa fusion proteins, and indirect immunofluorescence detected giant sized multinucleated cells, suggesting cytoskeletal and mitotic abnormalities as reported in our previous studies. Western blot, enzymatic activity assay and cell counting analysis indicated that two types of PE II GrBa fusion proteins were capable of cleaving both endogenous and exogenous substrates of granzyme B, and inhibiting the growth of cells. The PE II (aa 280 358) GrBa was shown to have higher serine protease activity and stronger growth inhibitory effect. Such inhibition was presumably associated with G 2 arrest as determined by cell cycle analysis. These data prove that PE II GrBa fusion proteins have cell inhibitory effect similar to GrBa, and that the shorter PE derived peptide exerts less influence on GrBa activity. This study helps to optimize the construction of recombinant protein comprising translocating peptides and cytotoxic molecules for tumor cell killing.
Effects of Sod Cultivation in Orchard on Distributions of Soil Aggregates and Soil Organic Carbon of Aggregates

WANG Yi-xiang,WENG Bo-qi,HUANG Yi-bin,WANG Cheng-ji,YE Jing,

热带亚热带植物学报 , 2012,
Abstract: The effects of sod cultivation in orchard on distribution of organic carbon in soil aggregates were investigated, which located in Yuchi Village, Youxi Xian, Fujian Province. The results showed that compared with downslope and landings clean tillage orchards, the proportion of >0.25 mm water-stable aggregate (R0.25), mean weight diameter (MWD), and geometric mean diameter (GWD) of soil aggregate at 0-20 cm soil layer in sod cultivation orchard increased by 3.78%-5.90%, 16.82%-20.94%, 5.86%-50.31% and 3.81%-13.82%, 13.33%- 19.95%, 7.50%-60.63%, and the fractal dimension decreased by 1.54%-2.35% and 1.09%-9.64%, respectively. The sod cultivation could improve proportion of organic carbon storage in large aggregates (>2 mm) to total organic carbon at 0-20 cm soil layer. Therefore, the sod cultivation was beneficial to improve stability of soil aggregate, and could enhance the protection of organic carbon and carbon sink in soil.

CAO Guo-quan,WANG Zhi-ben,DONG Yi-jie,ZHENG Liang-zhi,ZHANG Cheng-ji,

地球学报 , 1987,
Abstract: The western Shandong mountainous region, situated to the west of the Tancheng-Lujiang fault zone, cover an area of about 40,000 km2. Two meta-volccano-sedimentary series occur in this region. One is the Taishan Group, formed more than 2,450 Ma age, and the other is the Jining Group with an age older than l,753Ma.The Taishan Group in the Yanlingguan area, which was studied elaborately by Cheng Yuqi et al. in 1960's was formerly divided into two formations. The lower one, named the Yanlingguan Formation, is of meta-volcano-sedimentary origin, composed chiefly of amphibolitic rocks intercalated with biotite granulitite and also with conglomeratic hornblende granulitite of detrital origin; besides some ultrabasic intrusives and probably lavas are also present. The thickness of this formation is up to 1400m. The upper one is named the Shancaoyu Formation, which is composed chiefly of biotite-granulitite, with a much less amount of amphibolite and hornblende schist. Their protolith equivalents are mainly siltstones of greywacke character and also some basic- intermediate-acidic volcanic rocks. Rhythmic layering and cross-bedding structures can be seen occasionally. The lithology of the rocks is less variable. The thickness of the formation is greater than 2000m.In addition, sections composed of amphibolitic sequences have been observed in three areas, which have quite different characteristics as compared with each other and could hardly be correlated with the typical Yanling-guan succession. However, this indicates the presence of a rather widespread basic volcanic activity occurring in many parts of this region probably during 2628-2450 Ma.The recently-recognized "Liuhang Formation", which overlies the Shancao-yu Formation, is a volcano-sedimentary sequence varying from basic composition upwards to chiefly acidic, and has a thickness of 450m around Tai'an. It should also belong to the Taishan Group.The Taishan Group, which is usually ascribed to the late Archaean, may be correlated to the upper Anshan Group in Liaoning and the Dengfeng Group in Henan and appears to be similar to the rocks of the Archaean greenstone belt in other parts of the world in some aspects. The U-Pb age of 2628 Ma recently determined on zircon from the tonalite of the Mengshan Mountain, which intrudes into the Taishan Group, indicates a still older age for the Taishan rocks. The chemical composition, mineral assemblenges, and REE pattern of the tonalite suggest its anatectic origin.A series of phillitic rocks with martite and magnetite layers more than 120m thick and lying unconformably on the Archaean metamorphics, were discovered in 1977 by drilling in the Jining-Dongping district. The rocks give a Middle Proterozoic isochron age of 1753 Ma; they were derived from clayey and sandy rocks intercalated with some intermediate to acidic volcanics.
Investigation of apoptosis of the SGC7901 cells induced by the expression of the recombinant gene of anti-HER2 ScFv/tBid
重组抗HER2 ScFv/tBid 基因的表达对SGC7901胃癌细胞的促凋亡作用

WANG Fang,WANG Li-feng,QIU Xiu-chun,XU Yan-ming,BAO Wei,MENG Yan-ling,WANG Cheng-ji,FAN Qing-yu,YANG An-gang,

中国生物工程杂志 , 2006,
Abstract: Objetive: To investigate whether apoptosis of SGC7901 cells can be induced by the expression of the recombinant gene of anti-HER2 ScFv/tBid. Methods: The recombinant anti-HER2 ScFv/tBid gene was cloned into vector pCMV and the recombinant plasmid was transfected into SGC7901 cells. The gene expression was detected by RT-PCR and immunofluorescent staining. Cell counting was carried out to show the effect of the gene transfection on cell growth. At the same time, significant apoptotic peak was detected by flow cytometry in recombinant anti-HER2 ScFv/tBid gene transfected cells. Results: The fusion protein of anti-HER2 ScFv/tBid was observed in the cytoplasm of transfected SGC7901 cells. The transfected cells displayed typical cell growth inhibition and apoptosis. Conclusion: Fusion protein of anti-HER2 ScFv/tBid can induce apoptosis of SGC7901.
Integrability aspects of solitons'''' coupled equation in multi-wavelength system

Li Qi-Liang,Zhu Hai-Dong,Tang Xiang-Hong,Li Cheng-Ji,Wang Xiao-Jun,Lin Li-Bin,

物理学报 , 2004,
Abstract: We have studied the integralility aspects of solitons' coupled equation in a multi-wavelength system with Lax pair, by using Hirota bilinearization, we obtain one-soliton and two-solitons solutions.
Evaluation on the Relationship between Conservation and Utilization of Geological Relics:a Case from Shaanxi Province

PENG Yong-xiang,WU Cheng-ji,

资源科学 , 2006,
Abstract: 地质遗迹及地质公园旅游近年来得到了很大重视,但随之凸现出保护与利用的协调性问题。应用专家评价法对陕西省25处地质遗迹的保护与利用进行模糊综合评判,得到其所属的五种保护与利用协调性类型。结果表明,保护不好必然带来利用不好。评价将其划分为保护利用偏差型、保护偏好利用偏差型、保护利用一般型、保护偏好利用一般型、保护利用偏好型5种类型,各种类型遗迹点的评价特征值分布显示出各自的聚居范围,建立的几何图法则有助于精确解析问题。在评价因子的选取时兼顾了资源对象、环境对象与组织对象3个方面。结合中国地质遗迹保护和地质公园建设的实际,保护评价选出7个因子,利用评价选取了6个因子,这些因子基本涵盖了协调地质遗迹保护和利用矛盾时应考虑的问题,在全国亦具有典型性。因而,这种方法也适合于全国其它地区的地质遗迹和地质公园的保护与利用协调性评价。
BUTADIENE POLYMERIZATION CATALYZED BY POLYNUCL-EAR Nd-Al BIMETALLIC COMPLEX I. Relationship between Molecular Weight and Microstructure and Discussion of Polymerization Mechanism

SHAN Cheng-ji,SUN Tao,PANG Shu-fen,JI Xian-zhong,YANG Ji-hua,

高分子学报 , 1989,
Abstract: 在从均相稀土催化剂中分离出有聚合活性的Nd-Al双金属配合物的基础上,利用该配合物可单独引发丁二烯聚合的,较详细地研究了活性体浓度,外加烷基铝浓度,单体浓度以及聚合湿度等因素对聚合产物分子量及微观结构的影响,确认二者之间存在着一定的内在联系,即分子量越高,顺式含量也越高;反之,分子量越低,顺式含量也越低。对此,本文提出了增长链对聚合过程起反作用的观点,从聚合机理的角度给予了解释。
A Study of the Karst Valley Landscape and the Evolution Model of Shangnan Jinsixia Geopark in Shaanxi Province

GUO Li-yu,YOU Xiang-zhi,WU Cheng-ji,XUE Bin-rui,GAO Wen-yi,

地球学报 , 2012,
Abstract: 陕西商南金丝峡国家地质公园成立于2009年8月,以岩溶峡谷、多层岩溶溶洞及十三级瀑布群地质遗迹为特色,包括白龙峡景区、黑龙峡景区、青龙峡景区、石燕寨景区及丹江源景区五大景区,是我国著名的岩溶峡谷型地质公园。岩溶峡谷地质遗迹具有多样性,在空间上总体有隘谷-嶂谷-峡谷(狭义)展布的规律。公园位于南秦岭构造带,岩石主要由白云岩、白云质灰岩、石灰岩组成,该岩溶峡谷景观系统的形成在秦岭具有典型性,与公园岩石地层、断裂构造、崩塌作用、新构造运动及溶蚀性径流侵蚀等因素密切相关,其形成机理具有自身的独特性,称之为"金丝峡模式",即岩溶峡谷谷坡崩塌式后退、平面上呈鱼鳞状扩展的峡谷演化模式。
Data caching method for network backup system

KANG Shi-liang,ZHAO Kui,HU Xiao-qin,HUANG Cheng-ji,CHEN Dong-ping,LI Guo-feng,

计算机应用研究 , 2009,
Abstract: This paper proposed a method for caching data in the network backup system. This method could be implemented in the backup system of which the data bandwidth was exceeding the network bandwidth. Especially, the backup system was based on Internet. First of all, a high speed buffer was deployed in the local server to cache the changing data. And then the cached data was sent to the remote server through the backup transmission line.
Research on the Adaptive Machine Learning Algorithm Based on Cognition imulation

WANG Ji cheng,

软件学报 , 2001,
Abstract: In this paper, according to the theory of cognitive science and the research results of neurology and brain science, a kind of adaptive machine learning algorithm is presented by using the methods of computer science , mathematics and engineering science. This algorithm simulates the learning process of man brain from the micro neuron level, middle level and macro level. The developed automatic electro cardiogram classification knowledge acquisition system can well simulate the sensation, cognition and thinking of electro-cardiogram experts.
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