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Comparison of Partner Choice between Lesbians and Heterosexual Women  [PDF]
Vivianni Veloso, Regina Brito, Cibele Nazaré da Silva Camara
Psychology (PSYCH) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/psych.2014.52021

Studies comparing preferred partner selection between homosexual and heterosexual women have shown that homosexual women exhibit patterns of choice that resemble both the heterosexual men and heterosexual women. This intersection between groups indicates that some characteristics valued by women may be intermediate between homosexual men and heterosexual women. This selection appears to be influenced by the type of relationship of the individual. Heterosexual women emphasize preference for characteristics related to physical health in short-term relationships. In long-term relationships, the emphasis is on the characteristics of good provision of resources and emotional investment. This study aimed to compare the preferences of the two groups of women in partner choice in the types of relationships mentioned. The participants were 100 homosexual and 55 heterosexual women in reproductive period. A questionnaire was used to collect information. The participants were contacted by indication, in LGBT bars or associations. There were similarities between groups with regard to the choices they made. The Macro-category attachment formation was requested more in the long-term and good genes was more appreciated in the short term. However, in both short and long term relationships homosexuals appreciated good genes more than heterosexuals. Heterosexual women valued good provision of resources more in long-term relationships. The reasons for these differences could be several, starting from social aspects all the way up to biological ones.

Life Cycle Comparative Analysis of Sexual Function in Women with Normal and Overweight Body Mass Index  [PDF]
Cibele Nazaré da Silva Camara, Hellen Vivianni Veloso Corrêa, Susanne Cristine Brito e Silva, Caio Santos Alves da Silva, Mauro Silva Junior, Regina S. Brito
Creative Education (CE) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ce.2014.515155

Sexual health is considered of fundamental importance in people’s lives. Since it is determined by physiological, psychological and social factors, the investigations of these aspects are relevant to full comprehension of this phenomenon. Endocrinological conditions, as overweighed and normal body mass indexes were addressed as the main factors in women’ sexual function, which can affect level of sexual hormones; and as a consequence, lead to sexual dysfunction. Body mass index of 370 women were analyzed to indentify the implications in their sexual life, using the Female Sexual Function Index (FSFI) inventory, with six domains that assess different aspects of women’ sexual activity and satisfaction. The main results show no statistical differences between normal and overweighed body mass index. However, there were significant differences between different phases of life as Reproductive, Perimenopause, and Postmenopause women, in which the youngsters showed better FSFI scores, better sexual function, than the older ones. Also, significant differences were found when time of marriage was taken into account, the longer the relationship, the worse the sexual function. We concluded that not only endocrinological variables may explain the sexual function in women, but also psychosocial variables as age, and time and quality of their relationships.

Soil Seed Bank Phytosociology in No-Tillage Systems in the Southwestern Amazon Region  [PDF]
Lidiane A. Vargas, Alexandre M. A. Passos, Veronice A. Marcílio, Francis A. Brugnera, Vivianni P. D. Leite, Rogério S. C. Costa
American Journal of Plant Sciences (AJPS) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/ajps.2017.813228
Abstract: Understanding the ecological dynamics of weed populations in no-tillage systems is important to establish strategies for integrated weed control capable of increasing agroecosystem sustainability. This study sought to evaluate the effect of succession systems on the seed bank in a no-tillage system. The effects of fifteen succession systems, composed of seven grasses, seven Leguminosae, and a fallow condition, were evaluated on the seed bank at two soil depths (0 to 10 and 10 to 20 cm). The species found in the seed bank were quantified and identified by species and family. The precision of sampling, density, dominance, the indices of diversity of Simpson and Shannon-Weiner; index of sustainability; analysis of groupings of dissimilarities; and the value of importance of each species were calculated. High weed diversity was observed; 29 species were counted, including members of 12 different families. The highest expression of weeds was observed at soil depths of 0 to 10 cm. The Simpson and Shannon-Weiner coefficients indicated high diversity in both systems of succession. The index of sustainability did not indicate significant alterations in the different systems of succession. The coefficients of confenetic correlation were 0.74% and 0.82% for the 0 - 10 and the 10 - 20 cm soil depths respectively. It is concluded that there is a high diversity of weeds in the agroecosystems of Amazonia, and different cover crops promote modifications in the community and expression of the weeds’ seed bank.
Psicose e discurso no contexto da teoria lacaniana
Veloso, Helena;
ágora: Estudos em Teoria Psicanalítica , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-14982009000100005
Abstract: the topic of this article is the relationship between the terms discourse and psychosis in lacanian theory. contrary to the current affirmation that in the jacques lacan theory, psychosis and discourse are excluding terms, the author explores excerpts of lacan's legacy, demonstrating that the bases on which the commentators hinge their work to sustain this affirmation are not so evident.
Evidence for the presence of a kininogen-like species in a case of total deficiency of low and high molecular weight kininogens
Veloso, D.;
Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research , 1998, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-879X1998000700004
Abstract: low and high molecular weight kininogens (lk and hk), containing 409 and 626 amino acids with masses of ~65 and 120 kda after glycosylation, respectively, are coded by a single gene mapped to the human chromosome 3 by alternative splicing of the transcribed mrna. the nh2-termini glu1-thr383 region, identical in lk and hk, contains bradykinin (bk) moieties arg363-arg371. lk, hk and their kinin products lys-bk and bk are involved in several biologic processes. they are evolutionarily conserved and only 7 patients, all apparently normal, have been reported to lack them. in one of these patients (williams' trait), a codon mutation (arg178 ? stop) has been blamed for the absence of lk and hk. however, using western blots with 2 monoclonal anti-hk antibodies, one that recognizes the region common to lk and hk and the other that recognizes only hk, i detected ~110-kda bands in the plasma of this lk/hk-deficient patient vs ~120-kda bands in normal human and ape plasmas. with polyclonal anti-lys-bk antibody, which strongly detects bk cleaved at its cooh-terminus in purified hk, i detected ~110-kda bands in the normal and the deficient plasmas. western blots with a monoclonal anti-prekallikrein (pk) antibody showed that surface activation of pk and distribution of pk activation products, both dependent on hk, were similar in these plasmas. these findings suggest that a mutant gene yielded a kininogen-like species possibly involving aberrant mrna splicing - structurally different from normal hk, but apparently with the capacity to carry out seemingly vital hk functions.
José Martí: modernidade e utopia
Veloso, Mariza;
Sociedade e Estado , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-69922011000200008
Abstract: the article deals with josé martí's intellectual and political trajectory. i aim at analyzing the breakthroughs that brought martí to the latin american cultural field by motivating him not only to redraw the civilization barbarism lines but also to redefine the connections between literature, history and politics. as i attempt to demonstrate, martí deployed the newspaper chronic as a weapon to introduce a new discourse that sought to highlight the existence of an alternative modernity, whereby subaltern and forgotten groups could become social actors and protagonists of latin american history.
Gilberto Freyre e o horizonte do modernismo
Veloso, Mariza;
Sociedade e Estado , 2000, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-69922000000200008
Abstract: the article discusses gilberto freyre's position on the horizon of brazilian modernism and builds its arguments upon the shared ideals of his generation. the main interpretative lines responsible for the renewal of brazilian thoughts can be summarized by the replacement of the concept of race by culture, and by the alterations in the concepts of history, memory, time and tradition.
Fernando Correia Dias, li es de silêncio e sabedoria
Mariza Veloso
Sociedade e Estado , 2012,
Das Abordagens de Desenvolvimento aos Instrumentos de Planejamento e Gest o Urbanos: A Influência de Idéias Exógenas nos Planos Diretores Amaz nicos
Tiago Veloso
Geografares , 2012,
Abstract: Na atualidade das políticas públicas para o espa o urbano no Brasil, tem sido criada uma normatiza o geral acerca da constru o de instrumentos de planejamento e gest o urbana, constituídos especialmente no período pós-Constitui o de 1988. A normatiza o disp e acerca da obrigatoriedade de boa parte dos municípios brasileiros em construir seus instrumentos de planejamento e desenvolvimento urbano, notadamente o plano diretor. Nesse sentido, trata-se de compreender o processo de difus o das principais abordagens de desenvolvimento urbano, no contexto de estrutura o de planos diretores municipais urbanos, analisando as cidades amaz nicas pelo estudo de caso da conforma o metropolitana de Belém a partir de suas duas principais cidades, Belém e Ananindeua. O estudo busca elucidar como a difus o dessas abordagens de desenvolvimento acontece na escala local, especialmente na constru o de instrumentos de planejamento e gest o, como os planos diretores. Este estudo foi fundamentado teoricamente a partir da contribui o acerca das abordagens de desenvolvimento urbano de Souza (1998; 2000; 2002) e, do ponto de vista metodológico, adotou uma abordagem de pesquisa qualitativa, utilizando análise documental e dados primários provenientes de institui es de planejamento envolvidas no processo de difus o da agenda urbana na Amaz nia.
Introducción al Anuario Político de América Latina Introduction to Yearbook of Latin American Politics
Paulina Veloso
Revista de Ciencia Política , 2008,
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